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Sat 15th October, 2011

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PinkSpider commented on Talking Point: What's Next For amiibo?:

I'm incredibly happy these are selling well I was one of the people that said these would probably flop. However Nintendo news to make a skylanders style game it would be amazing Smash Bros juat isn't enough. I'm collecting them as I love the quality of them and I'm a Nintendo fan but I want a really meaty game to use them in and play with my boy. Make Nintendo land 2 and make it a 3D world game dropping characters in and out. Please Nintendo!



PinkSpider commented on Rumour: Villager, Marth & Wii Fit Trainer amii...:

Wrong, so wrong. Its not fair on people who want to buy them. I hate greedy dealers who hike up the prices. And the fact that the shops are doing it to discusts me. I would like to hope that they haven't been discontinued being barely 3 weeks out in the shops. Terrible marketing by Nintendo if true...



PinkSpider commented on Interview: Shin'en Multimedia on FAST Racing N...:

Please Martin show me some footage this is my most anticipated game of 2015 (and Zelda) ;)
Nano Assault Neo was my first e shop purchase and its amazing I cannot express ny excitement enough for this game. I only wish I could acess the Wii shopping channel so I could redownload the original fast racing but it doesn't ever open. :(



PinkSpider commented on Research Firm's Black Friday Data Shows Wii U ...:

Did Microsoft pay GAME off to sell the xbox for such a low price with 5 games £299.99!
I didn't see any Wii U sales in my local game but to be fair where I live they have pretty much stopped stocking Wi U stuff in most shops that sell video games. It's really quite sad to see.
HMV stopped selling Nintendo because they don't sell enough to make a profit, GAME has a tiny section and the Amiibos are behind the counter out of site,
Smyths have a tiny section and no big display of Amiibos like the skylanders and disney infinity just on a bottom shelf out of site. It's such a shame how the mighty have fallen, I can't imagine a gaming world without Nintendo but it's happening very slowly in the U.K it seems.



PinkSpider commented on Video: How Does Watch Dogs Wii U Compare To Th...:

The Wii u version is awful it drops to 16fps at some points that is truly shocking. Makes you wonder why they spent an extra 6 months to release it, clearly UBISOFT did jack sh#t with this version. The gamepad use is no better than Mario Kart 8s infact Mario Kart 8 does more lol!!
They could have done so much more. Once again its down to Nintendo to prove that big open world games can look beautiful and run at an excellent frame rate, when Zelda U gets released next year. Ubisoft are a joke company that shouldnt be aloud to release the games they do. Why people buy there buggy games is beyond me.



PinkSpider commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Emphasizes the Nintendo Diffe...:

I like reggie you can tell he clearly loves his company. It really saddens me that Nintendo aernt the highly regarded company they once were considering how generally consistant they have been with the quality of there games releases over the last 30 years and probably the only company that is these this consistent these days but I will always continue to support them. Long live Nintendo



PinkSpider commented on Feature: The Wii U is Two Years Old, But How's...:

I enjoy my Wii U it's the only console I play at the moment and I don't plan on buying a ps4 or xbox one any time soon. What I love about it is the fact that I actually get to finish games on Wii U and I think that comes down to the fact that there is no real support for the system. It definetly isn't a shovel ware console like the original Wii and that's a good thing, yes it has its share of dog turd games but what console doesn't.
But come on it has some amazing titles
Suoer mario 3D World, Pikmin 3, Bayonetta 2, Mario Kart 8, Zelda Wind Waker, Lego City, The Wonderful 101, Hyrule Warriors, ZombiU, New Super Mario and Luigi, Donkey Kong Country and many more and an amazing 2015 line up. Then there's the indie titles some truly impressive titles. Yes the VC needs some work but I still have a pretty wicked collection of Nes and Snes titles.
And the one thing I love about my Wii U is that it's a games console not a blu ray player or a media system it's a games console with some decent integrated free network features, and come on MiiVerse is probably the nicest place to actually discuss and talk about games. And I have got some pretty amazing wallpapers off of it to. I don't know how log it will last and I doubt any of my friends will ever by one I'm a loner when it comes to Nintendo with my friends but I'm enjoying every minute of it. I will stick with it till the end and if Nintendo release another games console then I'll do the same again.



PinkSpider commented on Nintendo Download: 20th November (Europe):

@Mega719 cool!!! Ha ha ha ha
They really aernt cool if they were a lesser known company doing the things they do like releasing assassins creed unity the way it is, they would be dead in the water. They are a joke company. How can you release a game in 3 days and have no trailer or gameplay avalible for it. Hope there conpany go bust



PinkSpider commented on Feature: Our Predictions For The Animal Crossi...:

I really really hope the animal crossing track takes advantage off the internal clock and changes depending on the time of day and has random weather, that would be incredible. Imagine playing it in the winter and it being snowy or at night time and its dark or during the day and having random times when it rains or is cloudy or during special events like on halloween the characters in the stands have halloween costumes etc. Please make it a reality Nintendo..



PinkSpider commented on Mario Kart 8 Software Update and DLC Available...:

Thats a shame I got home from work hoping the DLC would have automatically downloaded but I have to download it manually. Am I missing something or is it just UPDATE data that downloads automatically. If so maybe something nintendo will fix in the future.