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Male, 29, United States

Pαrτ Time Vidεσ Gαмε Arτisτ...Fυll τiмε βadaαss™… my New Leaf Dream Address 5500-4892-3763 I'm A video Game Artist ♥Manga&Anime.Im Just α Fαn σf Great Unique VideoGαmεs!I Also create MANGA in my spare time. RYOHD.CARBONMADE.COM

Tue 5th Feb 2013

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Ryo_Hazuki-san commented on Nintendo Sending Out amiibo Surveys to Select ...:

I got the survey and was honest, i said that i really love the quality of these figures and their functionality, but its down right disrespectful how they are going about under shipping the figures it is not fair to fans of the certain franchises. I wish it was more like skylanders and infinity figures, never have a issue finding the ones i want. Sad... but true...