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Wed 19th Oct 2011

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Wintendo commented on Classic Retro Titles Coming To North American ...:

Seriously Nintendo, no wonder you're doing less than stellar right now. How about releasing the games that essentially defined the Game Boy? Hmmm, whatever could it be?? We've only been asking ever since the 3DS launched. Instead, you give us games that have already been 'released' 5 or so times. Oh boy.



Wintendo commented on Review: Kokuga (3DS eShop):

Why the hell is this coming out in the US but not Canada? Not that it really matters much to me, as I'm not interested in it... but still, why? Don't they share the same eshop?



Wintendo commented on Harmonix Co-founder - Rock Band ‘Something W...:

Rock Band is one of those things I'd love to see back in a few years. I don't need it right now, but if we could get a new one eventually, it would feel fresh and it definitely bring me back to when I used to play Lego Rock Band/Beatles Rock Band/Rock Band 3 all the time.



Wintendo commented on Talking Point: The Next-Gen Console War is Wii...:

I don't want to make any major assumptions yet. If Nintendo can get their act together, I believe the Wii U will succeed.

I don't have an opinion on the Nextbox and PS4. All I know so far is that I don't want a Nextbox.



Wintendo commented on Interview: Michael Pachter On Wii U, 3DS And T...:

@Chriiis Read my comment again, and explain to me where I said "Everyone who disagrees lacks intelligence". It's fine to disagree, but showing extreme fanboyism is not. And you know what? Most of the comments are showing this. And I have been around here for awhile, thank you.

Now now, I don't hate Nintendo either. But there's no denying they're in a rough spot now. But it's Nintendo we're talking about. Another Pokemon will come around or something, and save the company.



Wintendo commented on Interview: Michael Pachter On Wii U, 3DS And T...:

Wow. I honestly expected a better response from the users of this site, especially considering the completely fair and intelligent Pachter just provided. I guess he summed it up best in this quote:

"People who have an affinity for brands — or a political party, or a religion, or an alma mater — tend to be less rational and more emotional."

In my opinion, Pachter is correct. While of course not everything he predicts will end up happening, but I believe he has a good guess on the future. This guy is intelligent, and I respect him for that.



Wintendo commented on LucasArts Shut Down By Disney:

Nintendo will buy the rights to Battlefront. They will make Battlefront 3 exclusive on the Wii U.

A man can dream... but seriously, Nintendo, wake up and buy some of these titles.



Wintendo commented on Android-based Ouya Console Will Have NES and S...:

Hey, you know, maybe if Nintendo's Virtual Console service on Wii U and 3DS (3DS especially, it's had more than enough time) wasn't such a joke, we wouldn't have to resort to emulation.

As well, you guys saying the Ouya will be discontinued because of this... you're oh so wrong, it's almost sad. PCs can emulate Nintendo games. They are still on the market. Android phones can emulate Nintendo games. They are still on the market. Hell, my calculator can emulate Nintendo games. They are st- You get the point.

The actual console itself won't be affected, and I'm looking forward to seeing what developers can do with it. Maybe it'll send a wake up call to Nintendo.



Wintendo commented on Review: Need for Speed: Most Wanted U (Wii U):

"Helping to set the atmosphere for your high-speed antics, Most Wanted U sports a genre-hopping soundtrack with songs from deadmou5"

There's a small typo in that sentence, should be deadmau5, not deadmou5



Wintendo commented on Interview: Wiggy Design On Breathing Life Into...:

@ToddGack I'm sorry, but why do you care? Are you being harmed in any way by this? Does this involve you? Unless you work for Nintendo, this does not affect you. Therefore, you should leave it alone. If Nintendo wants to take legal action, they will. Otherwise, the issue really doesn't apply to you.