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Sun 9th Oct 2011

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Vampire-Jekyll commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

I am going to be playing mostly Pokemon X. I will also be checking out Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. I have had the game since launch and told myself I would play it as soon as I finished Partners in time. I never got around to finishing Partners in Time and I have already jumped into Dream Team, skipping Bowser's Inside Story. WIth all the Club Nintendo surveys expiring soon, I figure I better at least try it before submitting a post play survey.



Vampire-Jekyll commented on Preview: Mario Kart 8:

Honestly, I have not been hyped for a Mario Kart title since Double Dash and maybe a little for the DS title, since it had online functionality. I have been bored with the series since then. While this game looks pretty it needs to have more features and, no, defying gravity is not a new feature. We have been doing that since F-Zero X days.

Though the games have been consistently good, my interest in them has been the opposite.



Vampire-Jekyll commented on CNN Money: Nintendo Is "Tone Deaf" To Industry...:

"Some new Wii U features, like the touchscreen-equipped controller feel convoluted, and less innovative compared to technologies like Microsoft's Kinect camera."

No. Using your full body to control a game/console, especially when the controller is right there, is convoluted. On top of that the Wii U's controller actually works as advertised and isn't a broken mess in 90% of the software that utilizes it.

"Nobody is going to buy a Nintendo 3DS just to download that from the eStore."

Well duh. We bought it for all the other kickass games that are exclusive to it. Since we have it already, why not download Super Mario Bros. Besides, Smartphones lack the responsive control schemes that many of these game require.



Vampire-Jekyll commented on Talking Point: Review Scores and Unwinnable Ar...:

If you're worried about giving a game an unfair review score but don't want to stop giving scores entirely, why not give the game a range instead? For example:

"I feel Resident Evil 6 scores in the range of 2.5-8, 2.5 being the given rating at the lowest of points in the game, and 8 being the given rating at the highest of points in the game."

Of course you could just as easily average these numbers out to produce a singular number, but a game rated with less of a spread may offer more of a consistent experience.



Vampire-Jekyll commented on Talking Point: This Fan's Tragic Tale Highligh...:

Although I'm in support of a change in Nintendo's policy, it is up to the CONSUMER to inform themselves before making purchases. The policy is online and has been since launch day; he should have looked into it before he even purchased a Wii U.



Vampire-Jekyll commented on Wii U To Get An "Exclusive" Rayman Legends Dem...:

I just want to re-post this from yesterday:

So Rayman Legends is getting delayed until September and releasing across all platforms. This really bugs me.

Reasons this is bad: 1) Rayman Legends was shaping up to be the Wii U's killer app. 2) Rayman Legends was set to release within a month. Many Wii U owners, some of whom bought a Wii U specifically for this game, are being forced to wait even longer and may not purchase the game anymore. 3) September is the same month GTA V comes out, which means Rayman Legends will be buried beneath the hype. On top of that, Rayman Legends will have to compete with other Autumn/Holiday titles too.

Reasons this is good: 1) The delay may help improve the final product. 2) More platforms means a bigger install base. To be fair, the game would probably sell just as many units if the Wii U version wasn't delayed, unless the developers really feel the game isn't ready to be released yet.

It seems the most obvious reason for the delay is to make sure the game is the best it can possibly be. If the game isn't up to snuff and it releases on Wii U in a few weeks, the fans and critics will pan it. If the game is no good, nobody will want to purchase it in September on the other consoles.

If this is the case, I am absolutely fine with the decision.



Vampire-Jekyll commented on Rayman Legends No Longer a Wii U Exclusive, De...:

I can understand the delay if the game just is not ready yet, but if we now have to wait longer simply because they want to release the game across all consoles at the same time then this is simply madness. If this is the case, Ubisoft is only hurting their sales here.



Vampire-Jekyll commented on Oliver Twins Admit Dizzy Returns Kickstarter H...:

Holy crap! I've been trying to figure out what that strange game Humpty Dumpty NES game I rented when I was a kid was for years! I remember it came in like a 5 in 1 cartridge along with Super Robin Hood. Now that I have more info (both games were done by Codemasters), I might be able to actually track the cartridge down.



Vampire-Jekyll commented on Pachter: "I think Nintendo becomes completely ...:

He is right about something. Not many CoD fans are going to convert to a different platform to play. But you know who will convert? Mario fans. Wii fans. Mario Kart, Zelda, and Donkey Kong fans. Kirby fans, Mario Party fans, Super Smash Bros., Metroid, and Animal Crossing fans. Heck, probably even Pokemon fans. Regardless of whether the 3rd party support continues, the Wii U (and 3DS) will continue to be the only destination for many of these hot franchises.



Vampire-Jekyll commented on Nintendo Power Magazine Looks Set to Shut Down:

My first issue was the white one with Link's face featuring Ocarina of Time. I've been a dedicated follower since then, taking game suggestions to heart and picking up valuable gems I would have otherwise missed. With me starting college next week I surely won't have the same disposable income that has allowed me to try out many of these games. What I'm trying to get at is that I've used NP as a sort of Nintendo gaming Bible over the years but if these rumors are true it may be for the best, at least personally, because my funds have to be allocated elsewhere.



Vampire-Jekyll commented on Wii U Power Lacks a 'Generational Leap':

I haven't really experienced 'horrid' graphics since the 5th generation of console gaming (N64/PS/Saturn). Ever since the Dreamcast launched I've been perfectly content with the state of things. In fact, I actually found the graphical power of the Xbox360 to be repulsive, granted that was due to a lot of games at the time trying to look realistic, thus lacking color and being dull shades of brown or black. As long as the Wii U finally makes the HD jump, allowing me to play on my HDTV without any lag, I'll be satisfied, as graphics have never really been a game breaker and haven't really mattered for years.



Vampire-Jekyll commented on Nintendo to Offer Triple Layer of Miiverse Mod...:

@L4DYK0M1C My sentiments exactly. I actually like the idea that Nintendo has going here though. Too many times I've been annoyed by players (usually of the younger variety) that either swear way too much, use ignorant hate speech, or just spam the crap out of xbox live. I know that's what the mute and block communications features are for but wouldn't it be nice if that kind of stuff didn't happen in the first place? When it comes to people I actually know though there shouldn't be any sort of moderating.



Vampire-Jekyll commented on 3DS Ambassador Game Boy Advance Games Revealed:

I was really hoping Golden Sun would be in the batch but that's okay because, with the exception of Metroid Fusion, I never owned a single one of these titles when they originally released. This is a much better bunch of games compared to the 10 we recieved from the NES.