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Thu 11th Oct 2012

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blinder2 commented on Shin'en Multimedia Defends The Wii U Hardware:

I am getting so sick of this,me got so much more power than you crap,im a gamer for over 40 plus years,one of the reasons why I love NINTENDO is it takes HUGE RISKS it never takes the so called copout way ,the other two are about more power and a wait and see policy to see what Nintendo does then nick there idears I use my common sence and judgment,and NOT TO GO THE WAY OF THE XBOX ONE if you no what I mean



blinder2 commented on Rayman Legends No Longer a Wii U Exclusive, De...:

Im sorry Unisoft I can understand why you want to put it on the PS3 and 360, but what is absolutely Not acceptable is the Wii Us delay, if this was an 360 or Ps3 game then it was said it was coming out on the Wii U you would not have delayed the other version release date nearly 6 months later, does Wii U owners deserve less I think not.I not buying your title's again and im selling ZombieU as a protest.



blinder2 commented on Wii U Review Score Average Is Modest, At Best:

nintendo life will you please go away there is absulutly nothing wrong with the Wii U its amazing,nothing is perfect but a slow operating system ect,this and others can be fixed with system updates , i no some of the ported games could be better but hay there ports,you only have to read the Miiveres comments on the games that are being played to no this,in my opoin thats all that counts NOT YOU NINTENDO LIFE,i suggest calling yourself something els.And there are plenty of games coming,i love the new rayman legands DEMO is so good,and better stil a new twist to the series.Enjoy all



blinder2 commented on Hacker Claims To Have Deciphered Wii U CPU and...:

MY god who cares thats the problem with games industry its so consumed by G.P.U and C.P.U,its also the fault of the gamers themselfs XBOX 360 and PS3 players for thinking its not next gen if the graphics and specs are not a huge leap,i play on all 3, anybody can put a huge amount of power into any device sell, it fo a lotr less than there cost to make then copy someone els and then say theres is the best and NINTENDO is crap.GROW UP you have to look with better eyes than that.I have done for ocer 40 years



blinder2 commented on Call of Duty Black Ops II Suffers From Reduced...:

Here we go again just saying this one last time the Wii U is displaying two images at the sametime and as you all no there independant of each other the gamepad is at 720p at 60fps or there abouts the main screen is 720p ect at near ect fps,PLUS in architecture is very differnt also nintendo were always changing the dev kits most didnt get the up to minute DEVS my god you all no this.I like to see the xbox360 or ps3s framerate after having a gamepad to deal with to,Its just its first pass poeple go look at xbox360s first game c.o.d 2 then see for yourself NINTENDOLIFE should do the same,when these sort of articals come up DONT read them just PLAY.




blinder2 commented on Guide: Using USB Storage with the Wii U:

@Sun if you read the artical he tells you, usb flashdrive have a limited read and wright data,the Wii U needs to access this all the time its dats always going back and forth,what i need to no is can you use a 7200rpm harddrive



blinder2 commented on Guide: Using USB Storage with the Wii U:

Well i bought a PS3 and xbox on luanch days, i have had 6 XBOXs since then im not going to go to why you should no,[also got a NINTENDO Wii icant remember what size SD card ive got in that i have many downloaded games on it] and i have had 2 PS3s,why XBOX has 250HDD and my PS3 has 320HDD i can tell you im not even halfway,but it depends on YOU i have paid for somthing im not going to really use,so NINTENDO is saying you buy what you feel is wright for you,and not what they say you need and then charge you for it,i can get a 3TG harddrive fot under £100 if you but it inside unless they bring down the price of the concole you pay the same for it if you no what i mean,some people may never download games ect just buy the games it in the shops.ALL have a great time playing and i do mean all



blinder2 commented on THQ Adds Clarity To The Wii U "Horrible, Slow ...:

as many developers say not so good things about the CPU there are also many saying differnt TRINE 2 was asked why was it that the new dungon levell was not avalible on other formats he said it would take a huge amound of tweaking ect but look it up for yourself,the new alien game coming out the developer says he has no problems with wii u power also the game nano assault again has nothing but praise for the WII U POWER there is another developer i cant remember the developer name who said the WII U has plenty of power for every one saying its bad there one telling differnt,but at the end of the day its what you play and how you play thats counts not just whats under the hood,i just dont care my advice just play



blinder2 commented on Analysts Believe Wii U Will Be Put To The Test...:

Look dont bother about what they say those so called analyst say as in my opion they scare munger,they can creat panic,if you no what i mean JUST play and injoy it,i hope every age plays the WII U but i just hope the developers dont stop creating new games just because it does not have as much power as the new ones from you now who but at the same time the publice must try the demos and if they like it buy the game not just site on the fence,after all dont buy a WII U for just one game USE IT.



blinder2 commented on MCV: Wii U Is A Stopgap System, Real Successor...:

Anybody who read the Iwata ask Wii u interview,on the hardware and the one on the Gamepad would No MVC Pacific are talking a load of rubbish,there just in it to get some press coverage,the care and love they put into this is and the way they talk about its ups and downs,in my opoin they should be comended



blinder2 commented on Call Of Duty Elite Isn't Coming to Wii U at La...:

My god who cares its just the same game as the last one,and the one before that ect,i cant understand why the pre orders are the biggest ever,im sorry there are far better games with better gameplay that dont ask you to do the very same thing over and over again i stoped laying itsometime ago im in no way saying dont but it its a well made game but come on,but with this game not much if any are you useing your brains.its differnt maps doing the same old thing in the same old way.