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Mon 28th Jan 2013

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Kamalisk commented on Review: PictoParty (Wii U eShop):

This sounds exactly like the drawing game in Wario (which is by far the best thing about that game). We have played that tons, but it is nice to have a proper version with better word lists and options. I don't like the ability to use colors (so many things are so easy to draw just by using color) but I guess we can just agree to just use black.



Kamalisk commented on The Current State Of Virtual Reality Just Isn'...:

VR hasn't taken off. People are talking about it, but how long was occulus rift out there and bought by facebook and nothing has happend? I think the hololens stuff from microsoft is much more where we should be headed in terms of "VR".

VR is still the kind of thing you try for a bit, and then take off and relax and play normally because it is still mostly giant and clunky.



Kamalisk commented on Get Messy in Splatoon's Latest Free Stage, Kel...:

I think slowly unlocking the game content is brilliant. If it was all thrown at us at once, the people who played it tons would get bored just as quickly anyway. What it does (which is especially important in an online 4v4 game) is to keep interest going in players to keep playing week after week for those who just play now and then, keeping the numbers up so you can always find players.

It also means you get to learn and play on the levels quicker, getting better instead of being overwhelmed with too much at once. Not as if the extra content costs money or anything.

I look forward to the splatfest.



Kamalisk commented on Interview: Splatoon Producer Hisashi Nogami on...:

I am happy it has no voice chat. This is similar to the fact that you cant talk to your opponents in hearthstone. Emotes are bad enough I love that I can join games with other people and just enjoy myself, even if sometimes the other players do stupid things.



Kamalisk commented on YouTube Stars Aren't Happy With Nintendo's Rev...:

Having defined rules is much better than the vague rules about whether a random company will shut you down or not. Many companies will simply turn a blind eye to it, but without predefined rules you cant really tell when someone will jump on you.

I would liken this situation to reading a book out loud on youtube. If I sat and watched someone read an entire book, It certainly wouldnt lead me to go and buy that book.

Games are a bit different since the act of playing a game is part of the enjoyment, but Nintendo allowing people to make money off their games at all is better than simply shutting them down. And yes if youtubers are making money off showing Nintendos games, then, Nintendo has a right to revenue.

Youtubers whining about it are just doing so for attention really. (with articles like this)



Kamalisk commented on Xenoblade Chronicles X is so Sizeable That It ...:

@DefHalan Yeah, I agree this game is going to have a install to hard disk option for key data files. They imply that people with the disc version should choose to use the optimisation, which suggests it has to be something the user can do, which means saying yes when it asks to install to the HD. Installing key resource files which are used often to disk would speed it up reads a lot.

Which also means download users will be fine. (I plan to get digital and a boxed version though, which I hope comes with something awesome)



Kamalisk commented on Xenoblade Chronicles X Hits Japan on 29th April:

wow, I didn't think the game was that far along. They haven't really showed much of anything (which I guess is good for spoilery reasons). If Zelda is aimed at christmas, I would prefer to see this in the summer!



Kamalisk commented on Hyrule Warriors Battles Its Way to Number 3 in...:

At least for me Curtain Call is the perfect game for downloading since it is the kind of thing you want to randomly play along with a regular game.
I expect the digital sales to be pretty decent.

Surprised hyrule warriors managed number 3. It is actually a really fun game, definitely not Zelda, but a lot of stuff Zelda fans will enjoy. I love playing as Shiek..



Kamalisk commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Sells Over ...:

remember the WiiU version will have Amiibo support, and I presume a different single player experience. I will get both versions, but I want the WiiU version much more (after playing the demo, I want a proper controller)



Kamalisk commented on Weirdness: There Are Super Smash Bros. for Nin...:

wow. Wish I had clicked on this article sooner, didn't expect to see codes being given away =) Would love an EU one if anyone cares =)

Some people will do anything for money, and the codes will be useless in a week. Sort of good publicity for nintendo though.



Kamalisk commented on Captain Falcon, Lucina and Robin All Join The ...:

Robin is ok, but if we had to have more Fire Emblem characters, then more variety would be nice, such as a pegasus rider or something. Not just another swordsperson with blue hair. I can barely tell them all apart as it is.

I still hold out hope for Shulk. Not sure how many characters we will get in total.



Kamalisk commented on The Legend of Korra Turn-Based SRPG Bending it...:

Is a shame about the WiiU. If the main console version is on 360/ps3, there is no reason it should not be on the WiiU also. There are more WiiU users than Xbox One (I cant imagine many people getting this on Xbox one), and plenty of more people getting WiiUs because of mario kart 8.

Dunno how far along the game is, but not releasing this on WiiU seems just like a bad business decision. It seems entirely Activisions fault. It doesn't even need to be a good game, just a random licensed game on a console where skylanders/disney infinity exist will make you money.



Kamalisk commented on Wii Owners Are Upgrading To PlayStation 4, Cla...:

Where did these numbers come from? It must have been some sort of survey I guess? The Wii sold so many, so it is highly likely that someone buying a console owned a Wii.

The statistic is more like "people who filled out this form, who bought a ps4, also had a wii"



Kamalisk commented on E3 2014: Hands On With Nintendo's New Online S...:

It might be possible this could be one of the first games to use 2 gamepads. Also perhaps it might support wii-mote+nunchuck instead of the game pad for other players (can use the motion sensor in the wii-remote). I suspect it will also support normal dual analog controls.

If playing local co-op, I can easily see the guy with the gamepad being the "commander" and teleporting people and giving out status reports of the map.



Kamalisk commented on Video: What Could Xenoblade Chronicles Look Li...:

Xenoblade needs to be upscaled. There was a fan project to actually update the textures and such for HD in the dolphin emulator. What I played of it, it looked amazing. I really hope they are working on updating it for HD, I would buy 10 copies



Kamalisk commented on Watch_Dogs Delayed Again on Wii U, Will Arrive...:

With the ps3 and 360 versions not delayed, it makes no sense to delay the WiiU version, it would certainly require hardly any more effort to port than those. The content of the game has nothing to do with console specific programming. I am pretty confident the game is cancelled.



Kamalisk commented on Nintendo of America Issues Refunds After Warne...:


If the engine is working on the WiiU already, then there is still very little effort involved in making more content work, unless the DLC requires changes to the engine.

If I create a new unity game, then that game will work on platforms that support Unity. (there is of course the chance of platform bugs and such in the engine). If I then add a new level to that game, it certainly should work on the platforms it worked before with almost no effort.



Kamalisk commented on Review: The Mysterious Cities of Gold: Secret ...:

The english version of the TV show is supposed to be coming out next year. I started playing this and reasonably enjoyed it, but am unsure if I want to continue since I would like to see the new series. The cut scenes are really short and confusing, but I guess they are spoilers for the show. I was kind of hoping it was just an original side story rather than just following the plot of the new series.



Kamalisk commented on New Wii U System Update Goes Live Across Europ...:

They added an option to let people disable using their nintendo network ID outside of Nintendo hardware. It could be something they might do if they added a unified account system.

I mean if they added a unified account system, nothing on the WiiU would change in the system update, it would just need website support and a 3ds update.

I think that a unified account system will come next year though.



Kamalisk commented on Rayman Legends Sells More Copies In The UK On ...:

Don't forget Rayman is available digitally through the eshop and those sales don't show up here (I don't believe they are released in the xbox and ps3 stores at the same time as retail).
I know many are against digital downloads because of the account system thing but I buy all my games through the eshop, so the WiiU would have definitely sold the most by far if you include that.



Kamalisk commented on Virtue's Last Reward Glitch Resolved in eShop ...:

I quite liked the japanese voices, felt like everyone was japanese and I just ad the translations. Such a great game though, I had no idea what to expect when I started playing but I couldn't stop playing after a few hours into it.



Kamalisk commented on Hardware Review: Hauppauge HD PVR2 Gaming Edit...:

You do realise that the WiiU essentially creates video in real time already? That is what is sent to the gamepad. It would certainly be feasible to also store this to internal storage with a system update, if they really wanted to.So I don't think it needs the oomph of the ps4 or xboxone to be able to do store the last 15 of a game. (if the game isn't using the gamepad for other things)



Kamalisk commented on Iwata: We Are To Blame For Poor Wii U Sales:

If they are planning a price cut, they can't tell anyone about it too far in advance. This is true for any product, and they will deny price cuts until the time they appear, otherwise sales until the price cut will vanish.

I would not be surprised to see some sort of price cut or new bundle around the launch of the new consoles.