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Mon 18th February, 2008

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Mqblank commented on Review: New Super Luigi U (Wii U):

@james_squared I think you can only play as Nabbit in multiplayer. Playing the game with my nephew who is not used to these games makes it even harder still as he can just run through enemies and race ahead, leaving you behind or get in your way forcing you to an unfortunate death. Still, great fun!



Mqblank commented on Poll: Which Wii U E3 Game Has Impressed You th...:

My fave reveal, much to my own disbelief, has been the WiiFit Trainer in SSB as it is just hilarious and so out of leftfield, closely followed by the Mega Man reveal. The game I chose in the poll though was Super Mario 3D World as it is the game I KNOW I will enjoy playing most, especially in multi player.



Mqblank commented on Masahiro Sakurai Demonstrates Super Smash Bros...:

Nintendo just announced that Super Smash Bros will be free to play with the only character being available at start, the Wii Fit Trainer. All other characters you can then purchase through the eShop. Just kidding, there can't be any company stupid enough to do that can there ... cough, cough ... Micro$oft ... cough, cough ... Rare ... cough, cough ... Killer Instinct ... cough, cough



Mqblank commented on Ubisoft Posts Beyond Good & Evil Image On Its ...:

As much as I want to see this at E3, I suspect it will be for the PS4 and Xbone (or whatever derogatory term the internet is calling it today). I would love a WiiU version and hope to be proved wrong though...



Mqblank commented on Developer Interview: Next Level Games And Nint...:

NLG made Spider-Man: Friend or Foe a few years back and while it was quite a brief little game, it did have some excellent fight & combo design so I would love for them to make Smash Bros in a 3D world (like Power Stone on Dreamcast). No chance of it happening though...



Mqblank commented on Poll: Do You Follow and Watch Rival Console Re...:

@Unit_DTH Oh yeah, I know they will have some awesome stuff lined up for E3, it's just that when Ninty announced they were not putting on a Press Conference some people believed they were admitting defeat to the 2 new offerings from MS & Sony whereas I think they will show off some spectacular games compared to the other systems 'Features' (TV shows, All-In-One Entertainment solutions etc). E3 will be very interesting this year...



Mqblank commented on Poll: Do You Follow and Watch Rival Console Re...:

Microsoft & Sony better have something special planned for E3 as at the minute Nintendo will 'Win' E3 without even having a presentation. If they have playable Smash Bros, Mario Kart, New 3D Mario and a few other surprises it is theirs for the taking.



Mqblank commented on Best Buy Will Showcase Playable Demos of Ninte...:

Downloadable demos on E3 week would be amazing. Can you imagine Mario Kart, new 3D Mario, Sonic Lost World, Zelda 3DS and more (Bayonetta 2!) all having demos in one week. Mind blowing! What about instead of 30 plays per demo, they are all available for just 1 month?



Mqblank commented on Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies ...:

@Tasuki I prefer cart but Code of Princess is download only in UK so I had to buy in that way. If I only bought carts I would not have experienced Pullblox, Hana Samurai, PicrossE not to mention all the WiiU and X360 download games I have purchased over the years.

I think the only way for Capcom to release cartridge versions of Ace Attorney in the future is for this to be a success.



Mqblank commented on Feature: Ten Smartphone and Tablet Games We'd ...:

It was always my wish for the Wii to have a Best of LucasArts Adventure disc (Day of the Tentacle, Sam & Max, Full Throttle, Monkey Islands, The Dig, Indiana Jones, the list goes on). This wish has now transferred to WiiU even though there is ZERO chance of it ever happening.



Mqblank commented on Wii U Owners Shunned Again As Warner Refuses T...:

Didn't know that WiiU doesn't link to ios devices (not that bothered as don't own one) but I was hoping that they release the costumes only available through the ios game somewhere down the line. Poor, WB, very poor.



Mqblank commented on Yuke's Has A Pacific Rim Game In Development:

"If you ask us, the voice of the computer sounds a lot like GLaDOS from Portal."
That's because it is. Director Guillermo del Toro personally asked Valve if he could hire actress Ellen McLain (voice of GLaDOS) to appear in the film. Seeing this trailer in IMAX and hearing her voice sent a shiver down my spine. Awesome. I am looking forward to the game (Hopefully a download title) as Yuke's is a fantastic wrestling game developer.



Mqblank commented on Rayman Legends No Longer a Wii U Exclusive, De...:

I did hear this once about a Xbox Live Arcade Game so not sure it applys to retail but Micro$oft refuse to have any game on their system unless it is as good as or better than any other version. Also if released on another platform first, the version that does get released on their must have extra features exclusive to their console (see Joe Danger). At worst this means their version won't be better than WiiU