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Mon 18th February, 2008

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Mqblank commented on ​Parent Trap: Lego Dimensions Could Be A Gam...:

That price is very difficult to accept. I have shown it to my nephew who says he would rather have the Lego one than another Infinity but naturally still wants all the amiibo's I can get my hands on as well.



Mqblank commented on Wii U Horror Title Fatal Frame Confirmed For W...:

Horror films rarely scare me. Horror games on the other hand usually have me crapping myself. Lone Survivor, ZombiU, Eternal Darkness, Resident Evil 4 are the ones that get me the most. Silent Hill on Wii also deserves special mention. Really looking forward to this game.



Mqblank commented on Nintendo to Present a Xenoblade Chronicles X S...:

@Kirby_Fan_DL3 @Hy8ogen Well said Hy8ogen. Why these people click into the article of a game they have no interest in to leave a comment saying that they have no interest in is fascinating. Although if they do it to get attention, we of course are giving them that attention.
Onto the game, this looks incredible. The WiiU really needs a game like this. It will never sell as well as a Mario game but I hope NoE gives it a big publicity campaign. A x-promotion deal with the 3DS one would be great.



Mqblank commented on Hyrule Warriors Limited Edition Sparks Huge Nu...:

It would have cost me £18 more to get the Scarf edition than the regular and I have never paid £18 for a scarf and even then I would never have worn it, so if you pay $1000 for this then you have way more money than sense. Even $100 is a bit steep.



Mqblank commented on Immediate DLC Reinforcements Arriving Soon On ...:

If I can just get a word in while everybody argues .....
Wii U owners are getting dlc.

Ya know, downloadable content.

You may have heard of it, every other platform in the world gets it.

If this dlc is successful then we may get more. I personally will freak out if we don't get the Lego Batman 3 dlc.

You can go back to arguing now.



Mqblank commented on Mercedes DLC Confirmed for Mario Kart 8 in the...:

@Daisaku36 I would sell mine but I'm waiting for that one special game I really hate so I can complain about it on here and threaten (to no one in particular) to sell it.

Honestly though, who here would complain if it was announced that we WEREN'T getting this dlc. I imagine a lot of the people that are complaing we are getting it...



Mqblank commented on E3 2014: Hands On With Nintendo's New Online S...:

@Zyph Nice, would prefer it with a single player campaign. Marketed well, Nintendo should have a winner on their hands. Only problem they will have is the COD crowd saying that games like this should have real guns and shooting people in ... they can have them sort of gamers though.



Mqblank commented on E3 2014: Hyrule Warriors Not Part of Zelda Tim...:

@OorWullie Too right. Although, I do know a way to make it fit in the timeline ... at the end of the game, it was all a dream! Nah, they wouldn't do that, would they! wink wink

@MinecraftGreek So you would buy a game that you don't like the look of just because it fits into timeline that doesn't really have any consequence (yet)? I'm going to buy it because I'm a massive Zelda fan and am going to enjoy smashing the crap out of stuff. It's your opinion, I just think you will miss out on a fun pick up and play bash about in a Zelda universe.



Mqblank commented on E3 2014: Code Name: S.T.E.A.M., A Brand New IP...:

@Morph Yeah, all these people complaining that its not Majora or Metroid or F-Zero etc don't really know Nintendo that well. They very rarely do what people expect. Just like before the presentation, Starfox leaked and everyone thought it was going to be a major part of the show ... and then wasn't even on it! I think a person above said it best :-
NintendoFan "Where are the new IP's?"
Nintendo "Here is a new IP"
NintendoFan "Where is remake of old game?"



Mqblank commented on E3 2014: Code Name: S.T.E.A.M., A Brand New IP...:

@justlink Hmmm, ability to play game (albeit a classic) that I can already play or a brand new game from a brand by IP from Nintendo and Intelligent Systems. The choice is clear! I do want Majora's, and it will eventually turn up, but for now this is great news.



Mqblank commented on Review: New Super Luigi U (Wii U):

@james_squared I think you can only play as Nabbit in multiplayer. Playing the game with my nephew who is not used to these games makes it even harder still as he can just run through enemies and race ahead, leaving you behind or get in your way forcing you to an unfortunate death. Still, great fun!



Mqblank commented on Poll: Which Wii U E3 Game Has Impressed You th...:

My fave reveal, much to my own disbelief, has been the WiiFit Trainer in SSB as it is just hilarious and so out of leftfield, closely followed by the Mega Man reveal. The game I chose in the poll though was Super Mario 3D World as it is the game I KNOW I will enjoy playing most, especially in multi player.