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Feel the more in-game reading of text I have to do, the better the game usually is (as long as it's well written and stylized as such.) The best games (or literature, movies, television, etc. for that matter) are those playing with self-reflexiveness/awareness of their craft.

Mon 20th June, 2011

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FubumblR commented on Nintendo Provides Some Context to 2013's Tomod...:

While this is a complex issue in real life, it becomes practically simple in a sim game like this:

If you don't want to get 'gay married' in the the game, the by all means don't; no one is forcing you.

However, the removal of such an option as explained by @theblackdragon limits the authenticity of a type of game genre that's supposed to imitate real life as best it can.

Say what you will, but games do not exist in a vacuum separate from society like some of you seem to wish to believe.

Much like (OH! SHOCKER!) there are millions of LGBTQ folk all over the world, so let's just pretend they don't exist or have meaningful, healthy, loving relationships, either. :P



FubumblR commented on Nintendo Provides Some Context to 2013's Tomod...:


I can understand your position, honestly. But, fostering disrespect never begets respect. You're just fanning flames, so please try to be the better human being. Such an attitude only confirms your opponent's (albeit limited) beliefs. Hate is real and pervasive in our society, no argument here, but it's never good to throw gasoline on a house's conflagration.



FubumblR commented on Nintendo Provides Some Context to 2013's Tomod...:


This is one aspect where I disagree. Any form of entertainment media has an effect (whether consciously or unconsciously) on the society where it exists. Yes, such games are meant to be fun, but they also impact modes of thought in a butterfly effect sort of way.

To me, it's like saying we shouldn't examine children's books or cartoons because, 'oh, they're just meant to be harmless fun.'

Just saying as members of society it's our duty to examine the cultural markers and normative influence that any media instills on those who imbibe in them.



FubumblR commented on Nintendo Provides Some Context to 2013's Tomod...:


The queer aspect is a movement that kinda if came out of an expansion of feminist theory. It's more about the questioning of the roles in society of a binary gendered system. Moreover, those who identify as queer see gender as a continuum and the assignment of gender (which is a function of nuture, not nature) as a limiter to one's identity.

I hope I got that right, been awhile since I studied queer theory in lit classes.



FubumblR commented on Wii U and 3DS Nintendo Direct Confirmed for 13...:

For this direct, in addition to detailing DS VC, Iwata will announce GC VC with the first downloadable title being 'Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean.'

Ok, so that second part won't happen, but I had a dream a few nights ago that it did. Since then, I've had this yearning that won't quit. Might have to break out that GameCube here soon.



FubumblR commented on Interview: TT Fusion On Building LEGO City: Un...:

This game looks like it's going to be fantastic!

I think in light of them just not being able to work out any local multiplayer element shouldn't have stopped them from doing some sort of online multiplayer.

Just think of it, if your gamepad acts like a police device in the game, a friend could call you while they were online too somewhere else in the city so you could coordinate to complete a mission! Even if you could only connect to one other person at a time...

Now THAT would be phenomenal.



FubumblR commented on Masahiro Sakurai: Stories in Video Games Can b...:

I can see what he means, even though I love FFXIII I often was irked by the frequency of interruptions while you're still on Cocoon. I swear, it felt like every 5-10 minutes there was an interruption in gameplay.

I don't think I've sighed that much while playing a game in my life.



FubumblR commented on Miiverse Friend Requests Restricted For Gamers...:

LOL @MrGawain !

Definitely see this as a good thing.

Confused, though, isn't the NNID listed on everyone's Miiverse profile anyway, or have the 12 and under users had it removed from their profiles? Haven't checked myself...but then again, I don't know any users 12 or younger.

If they are still shown, it would seem working around this would be simple.



FubumblR commented on Rayman Legends No Longer a Wii U Exclusive, De...:

I have no issue with this becoming multi-platform.
I'm just curious why they can't just release the WiiU version on schedule and release the other two platforms when they're ready.

Because, no doubt the WiiU version is practically ready to go?

Why wait?



FubumblR commented on Amazon Lists The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker H...:

Guess it just depends on what they do with the remake.

If they say, add the Greatfish Isle dungeon which was removed before and flesh out the fire/ice islands like they were apparently supposed to be like, along with other tweaks, it potentially might make that price tag worth it.

However, I personally HIGHLY doubt WW:HD will ACTUALLY cost that much; it's only because Amazon has no clue and is pricing only based on the limited history of full retail WiiU releases.

I'm going to guess given Nintendo's propensity for balance: in this case balancing the people who've never played WW and those fans who love it to death, that this release will be around $40, if not less.

Of course, perhaps I'm just being overly optimistic...



FubumblR commented on ZombiU Developer Announces A Patch Is On The Way:

I would hope they'll fix the nursery glitch; if you obtain the quest item and then blow yourself to smithereens with one of those oxygen tank zombies, then there's no way to get the item back since your body is gone after that...apparently. Luckily, I avoided such a fate and made it through relatively unscathed.

I've also experienced zombies that get stuck in random places (makes it nice for an easy kill, haha!) and once a zombie fell through the floor on to a lower level...I had to go downstairs and club its bloody head off (I had to make sure it wouldn't follow me, duh!)

Oh, and I definitely hope they fix the loading issues despite the fact I always wait to open a door until I'm sure the disc drive is done making all its noises, because this game turns me into a big 'ol scaredy cat!



FubumblR commented on TiVo And Google Maps Functionality For Wii U H...:

I'd certainly like to see them flesh out the TiVo portion until it's ready, I can wait. Been waiting to use my TiVo with my WiiU, as the gamepad doesn't work with the receiver I have everything plugged in to, so, it will at least be nice to have TiVo support. I'm never home during primetime broadcasting (work) and I never watch any sports so it'll be a plus!

Your next task, Nintendo, add gamepad support for my Denon receiver!
Make it so!



FubumblR commented on Disney Infinity Pricing Emerges:

Nevermind, I'm an idiot. But, still, I just don't get it. To each their own, regardless! Just feel like this sort of model is akin to Facebook "pay to play" games. To quote the horse character in Ren & Stimpy, "no, sir! I don't like it!"



FubumblR commented on Disney Infinity Pricing Emerges:

$12.99 for one figurine? What a rip! Honestly, if you plan on charging that much for extras then perhaps you should consider lowering the price of the actual software, like say $0-$10. Greedy much?



FubumblR commented on What's New in Mario Party 9? This Trailer Knows:

I really do hope there's a "classic" mode option available either from the start or an unlock. Please, Nintendo, PLEASE! I appreciate what they're trying to do here but at least give the option. There still seems to be some competition since you have to time your dice block hits to land on certain spaces and obtain the mini-stars, but, there still is nothing like four separate players moving SEPARATELY on a game board. Really don't know how I feel about this installment. :-(



FubumblR commented on See, Kids? Sonic and Mario Weren't Always Friends:

Could I get one of those Sonic 2 hoodies? Oh, early 90's television graphics, how you make me chuckle. The "16-bit wars" even struck close to home; I remember friends fiercely arguing with each other. It got even worse once Sony entered the console market, imo.



FubumblR commented on Skyward Sword's Music Sounds Even Better When ...:

I very much like the sound of it, however, the overall tone with the 16-bit effects doesn't match the scene tone of the ancient harbor. The 16-bit effect makes it seem very much dark worldly instead of simply an ancient dried up sandy ocean. Though, I still want to play SS again with all the music 16-bit-afied.



FubumblR commented on The 3DS Circle Pad Expansion Comes in This Box:

Now if the right circle pad could have somehow clipped on a bit below and askew the B,A,Y,X buttons that would have been nice, even if it meant I would have to detach it so I could close the 3DS. Now that I think about it though, the right circle pad would be raised quite a bit.

I got it! Take a jig to my 3DS and cut out the proper depth, length and width so it will sit flush! I'm in the mood to void a warranty today!



FubumblR commented on The 3DS Circle Pad Expansion Comes in This Box:

I assume this attachment feels pretty solid once hooked on? If it feels in the least jiggly, I'm not really for this. Still not sure about the placement of the second cycle pad, but, what else could they do?