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I like chocolate milk!

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Feel the more in-game reading of text I have to do, the better the game usually is (as long as it's well written and stylized as such.) The best games (or literature, movies, television, etc. for that matter) are those playing with self-reflexiveness/awareness of their craft.

Mon 20th Jun 2011

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FubumblR commented on Preview: Looking for the Light in The Legend o...:

Well, after pre-ordering the TP/amiibo bundle on Amazon for $48 dollars last week I can't wait for this to arrive! Don't really care about the amiibo functionality but at that price it was a no brainer. Am curious about the Cave of Trials pt. 2 so will eventually break it open.

It's cool they added the Miiverse stamps, definitely looking forward to collecting all those.

Still wish they would utilize the gamepad so that you could draw notes on your map like in the DS Zelda games. At the least be able to place pins like in ALBW, but, sigh one can dream...



FubumblR commented on LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer Leak...:

Yay...another Lego game...I can hardly contain my excitement...I never saw this coming...I can't wait to get a character that has the ability to unlock stuff...and then back track through the same tired level gameplay...hooray...



FubumblR commented on Video: Hyrule Warriors Legends Demonstration S...:


I'm guessing not as the WiiU version did not offer any co-op online mode, depressingly. This was a bit of a missed chance I think considering the other game to grace WiiU, Dynasty Warriors 3 Orochi: Hyper, did offer this.

I had hoped they would resolve this lack with a future update, but given how long the game has been out now I doubt it will ever happen.

The extent of online in the WiiU Hyrule Warriors is asynchronous. "Network Links" appear in random tiles in the adventure map via friends or random people with a set level difficulty dependant on how high a level their Link character was at last they played. Completing these "Links" scenarios usually gives you a higher level weapon and 50,000 rupees, but that's the extent of it.



FubumblR commented on Video: Hyrule Warriors Legends Demonstration S...:


The adventure map is another mode in addition to story mode. Each tile is its own battle scenario with specific conditions for victory. Some limit the use of a particular character or weapon type, defeat X enemies in X minutes, etc. There are items that can be obtained in a tile (such as a water bomb to use on underwater rocks in other tiles on the overworld map) that unlock certain gold rewards for beating a tile's scenario with a gold ranking.

This mode is for unlocking characters that aren't unlocked through story mode, retrieving heart containers or heart pieces for particular characters increasing their health limit, finding additional gold skulltulas, and unlocking higher level weapons for the various characters.

Yes, this mode is in the WiiU version along with several DLC maps: master quest, twilight princess, etc.

If you're into trying for 100% completion, these maps pretty much add a couple hundred more hours of play.

Hope I explained that well enough.



FubumblR commented on Editorial: Xenoblade Chronicles X Has Tiny Tex...:

I'm playing it on a 50" plasma sitting about 2 meters away, don't have any problems reading any text, but my eyesight is excellent so.

I totally support an update to text size and sound options though, but given (as far as I know) the game was never updated in Japan with these in mind, I wouldn't hold my breath.



FubumblR commented on Zelda Fans Vent Anger At Nintendo of America O...:

Being ignorant of such a meme (I had to look it up) I can only think remembering this sort of word play ("So ancient. Such ruin") is nothing new, people have made dumb reiterative puns (if you could call it that) since forever.

Not knowing what the insiders knew reading this line, I found it funny. A-because I enjoy stupid humor like this, B-this sort of joke language has been around before the advent of the internet meme, and, C-clearly this game is not meant to be taken seriously; why not just chalk it up to that?

I'd rather know how the writing/translation is overall, not some random one instance nit-picked comedy line gone "viral."



FubumblR commented on Takashi Tezuka Gives His Opinion on Hard Level...:

Yeah, I think what people may tend to do is design challenging/outrageous stages for their friends who give more than two cents' of concern to actually finish a more challenging stage made by their friend. Inevitably these types of stages get thrown into the mix of 100 Mario Challenge and frustrate most, myself included.

I'm a type of person who will instant skip a course when I encounter a situation of bad design, usually:

-the leap of faith levels that give no hints where a safe landing spot may be.
-the doors/pipes that lead to instant death/injury situations, usually there is no way to avoid the trap once engaged, which is awful design; I don't know you personally, so I've no reason to care and try your course again in these instances.
-any course that begins and I die w/i half a second w/o even moving is very terrible design imho, these pretty much get insta-skipped. The idea is to give others playing a fair chance, not instantly batter them to death.

I have nothing against a difficult course as long as as it's got fair design no cheap tricks, and it's important to know people aren't psychic about what may be coming next, so as a designer you need to at least give ample warning or hints of oncoming danger.

Usually playing 100 Mario Challenge if I encounter a difficult yet fairly designed level I will still give it a star so I can come back to it later outside of the 100 Mario setup.

Let's be honest here, at the moment I'm only playing 100 Mario to unlock the 8-bit costumes, so if your course impedes this process unfairly, no star for you and instant skip. If it is a fairly designed course I will generally give a star and give myself 3 chances to pass then move on to try another course.



FubumblR commented on Nintendo Attempts to Show the Fun Side of Anim...:

I'm an Animal Crossing fan, looks like it could be fun if playing with other fans.

Looks as if customizing your board/town makes for a dynamic experience.

Not saying I'm going to buy it, always good to wait for reviews. If the cards are cheap enough, I guess.



FubumblR commented on Mario Memories: Mastering Super Mario World Ac...:

Bwahaha! Thanks for a great laugh and read. Totally, had to save enough birthday money for a game. I actually ended up buying my own SNES years later because my older brother had already convinced my parents to get a Genesis.

At least some friends had it and Super Mario World a few houses up the street. They sucked, I had to do practically everything for them in the game.

Pfft, I'll take you AND your cousin Vinny on anytime, anywhere!

Just kidding, I'm sure I'd get a flogging.



FubumblR commented on Chieftain Bob Meets Gunman Clive, You Won't Be...:


Sorry, just had to say, "That's hilarious."

Nice way to cut to the quick! Sanity is all relative, of course; personally, I (might) stop at the Cancerian position, but only if it was between people of differing races! Bwahahaha! Just kidding, miscegenation is awesome; and so is more visibility for marginalized groups, whether that be in print or via e-media.

People talk about freedom of speech and the press, etc...what's the point of having ideals to strive for if you aren't going to at least give an honest go of it?

I's like, totally hard to, like, treat others the way Jesus would want, mmkai?

Well, that certainly went in a direction I had not anticipated...or had I?

In any case, I say try and treat (as best as possible) everyone (at least those not trying to murder you, etc.) like you would family. I often find once you strip down the layers of reality that supposedly defines who we are regarding the collective society the world is increasingly becoming: [SPOILER ALERT!] No man (or woman or /other) is an island; there is no such thing as living in a bubble.

Unless of course you live in the Mushroom Kingdom! XP

If you say love for your fellow person is your mandate; then by golly-gee-wilikers, you better mean it! Heeheehee!



FubumblR commented on Nintendo Life Weekly: F-Zero Wii U, Octolings,...:

Hooray for Nintendo! Them being more inclusive just makes them a smidge more awesome in my book!

Once FE starts allowing you to divorce characters, then, and only then will it be truly representative of the diverse range of relationship types available to us! ;P



FubumblR commented on This GameStop Advert May Have Revealed Next Mo...:

@Kaze_Memaryu @Volmun @DrVollKornBrot

I can say that for certain that at least playing as a male character that you can craft and wear both the Varia and Zero Suits. I already have the Varia Suit and am in the process of making the Zero Suit. One of my online friends I play with regularly has the full Zero Suit and he is a male character.

It's funny, the the male headpiece for the Zero Suit almost looks like a Ken doll head.

Additionally, both sets of armor each have blademaster/gunner versions, and don't come with waist component, so you have to fill in a waist part that's compatible skill wise.

So I'm just saying, unless there's been some major change from the Japanese dlc in the West, both sexes can craft both Metroid themed sets.



FubumblR commented on Video: So, How Fast Is 200cc In Mario Kart 8?:

@rjejr The brake button is 'B.'

While I'm still getting used to this, I find that for the majority of turns you actually need to brake for, you just need to hold the the brake button for maybe a quarter of a second. For the the tighter turns a tad longer; all awhile still keeping the accelerator engaged and drifting. You don't want to brake too long as you'll lose too much speed and negate your drifting.

I never thought I'd say this but I often feel relieved getting lightning bolted in 200cc, which gives you a sec to breathe and cruise along at what seems like 150cc, lmao!

If you're a glutton for punishment go ahead and get into a 200cc worldwide or regional room. I tried it, but I really need to improve much more lest I lose all my VR Trooper points. ;P



FubumblR commented on Feature: Why We're Still Playing... Monster H...:

MH3U was the first one in this series for me, and I'm a bit embarrassed to admit this, but, I logged in just over 1,000 hrs. in the WiiU version before I finally decided to shelve it for good.

Such good times, it's the online community, really, even if you don't find a regular crew to hunt with people are generally more than friendly and willing to help out.

And now I am already hooked on MH4U; and I've barely even gone online yet in it. Is there a MH Anonymous meeting somewhere? I think I might have a problem.



FubumblR commented on Former Sega of America CEO Talks Out on the Co...:

Definitely agree that some limited amounts of older VC type games could help to boost awareness across generations; nostalgia for the older that may have stopped gaming altogether, and help push awareness for those younger that may only game on non-Nintendo devices. Include adverts pushing what's available on current Nintendo hardware in terms of modern software, I'd say it couldn't hurt.

Of course companion apps are well and great as well, but these types of apps are geared toward people who already own modern Nintendo hardware and aren't necessarily going to push new sales.

Of course the key is a balanced practice.



FubumblR commented on Video: You NEED To Play Metroid Prime Trilogy:


No, actually, the games themselves look relatively crisp still, I was surprised since I've been playing it on a 50." The only thing that looks muddy/blurry is the startup menus before you actually load up one of the trilogy games.

All in all, these games still look pretty darn great despite not being in HD.



FubumblR commented on Review: Chariot (Wii U eShop):

I would love to try this game, but the apparent bias towards co-op play leaves me quite hesitant. It's quite rare I'd actually be able to get together with another "competent" gamer to play with beside me on the couch.

Can anyone give more info about the single player experience, would it still be worth picking this up?



FubumblR commented on Lucky New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Gamers Jump ...:

I have no issue with people doing this, as it is their right and prerogative. I do have slight issues with price gouging for stuff like this, however, if these people are lucky enough to find others desperate or dumb enough to pay exorbitant prices, then more power to them. As a buyer, you make a purchasing decision between you and your wallet.

The choice is simple, you want something bad enough you will pay for it; if not, well then like [spoiler alert OMG!] don't buy it. It's not that hard, people.



FubumblR commented on Talking Point: The Legend of Zelda on Wii U St...:

Indeed, 2015 will be a great year for Nintendo fans.

The biggest hit being a game with endless seas of grass ripe for the cutting.

Side quest: locate and purchase Link's legendary riding mower, the 'Sheikah Shaver!'



FubumblR commented on Wii U System Update 5.3.2 Promises Stability, ...:

What happened with mine is there was a special golden pants notification Mii that showed up in my Wara Wara Plaza. When I went to click on it and explore it further, it indicated I needed a system update.

Don't know if this is related as I've never seen a mii like that in my plaza before.



FubumblR commented on Inflated Prices and Limited Stock Cause Frustr...:

As much as I love the gamecube controller and all its awesomeness, I've got to say the Pro controller is slightly better.

But I do feel bad for those having to wait to get their hands on their preferred controller input.

However, I will say that people should learn to use a proper forum for venting their frustration; a product's reviews and ratings board should be reserved for, oh I dunno, reviewing and rating the actual physical product...?...not the sideshow hokum that are the inevitable products of botched supply and demand.



FubumblR commented on Peculiar Outfits and Details Revealed for Twil...:

Wow, it all looks pretty sweet to me! But I've barely even touched the last DLC adventure map, looks like I'll have plenty to do when I finally decide to start catching up!

It's also kinda unfair Postman Link doesn't get a bigger bulge when pretty much all the women are these busty babes. Someone needs to teach him that wadded up sock in the crotch trick...

...or maybe this is why Link has the sole right to wield the Master Sword...compensating... ;P