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Nintendo Announces The GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii U

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Geoff Keighley to host Smash Invitational, challengers confirmed

It's safe to say that fans of Super Smash Bros. will be looking forward to the live Invitational event at E3. Nintendo has today ramped up the hype for the event by revealing the competitors, hosts and rules, but also an exciting peripheral that will allow players to use GameCube controllers on the Wii U.

Yep, the adapter pictured above will allow up to four GameCube controllers to be plugged in and used on the Wii U, opening up what some regard as the best control-scheme for the iconic fighting series. No release details or pricing have been given yet, but they'll come soon enough — what's also exciting is that Nintendo may produce some new GameCube controllers, if that Smash model is to be believed.

That reveal comes at the end of the video below, which confirms the competitors, announcers and rules for the upcoming tournament. Geoff Keighley is the high-profile host, meanwhile, which represents a positive coup for Nintendo; he's undoubtedly a major name in mainstream video game coverage. If you want to know more about the demo build, playable characters and how it'll all go down, the video answers plenty of questions.

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The GameCube adapter is the big news, however. Looking beyond the obvious benefit for Smash Bros., could this adapter and potentially new controllers on the market open the door for GameCube on the Wii U Virtual Console, skipping past any controller compatibility issues? We're speculating, but like to dream.

Are you excited about this adapter and the Smash Bros. Invitational details? Let us know, as always, in the comments below.

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antdickens said:

Awesome, but what about Wavebird?! Does this mean we'll be getting support for GameCube games soon? I hope so



Morpheel said:

If this thing works with Wii mode then I may consider transferring my digital games from my Wii to my WiiU now.



sinalefa said:

That is what I love about being a Nintendo fan. Sometimes it is a bumpy ride, but it is full of surprises.



dumedum said:

speechless. Such a brilliant move by Nintendo.
The cool thing here is that you can use the USB ports from behind for the Hard Drive and the front for the adapter. Simply brilliant.



Luffymcduck said:

Best. News. Ever!
Not really but AWESOME!!! nonetheless (sorry, just had to caps lock). Now can we have the same treatment for 3DS version?



APHughes said:

I haven't used a wired GC controller in a decade. Does this support Wavebirds?



unrandomsam said:

Why this way not just release a Gamecube controller that works wirelessly like the pro controller does.

Wonder if it works with Mario Kart.



Giygas_95 said:

Great! I'll probably use the Gamepad myself, but if I play with my brother, this will come in handy!



FullbringIchigo said:

oh I hope this means Gamecube games on Wii U either download or maybe disc emulation

I just hope it's at a decent price



FritzFrapp said:

Yeah, this is massive news. Of course, this should support Wavebirds no probs as well.



Garo said:

I can't even describe how happy I am right now. I've tested the Pro Controller with Brawl, but it just doesn't feel right. Now I know I'll be comfortable with Smash 4 from the get-go.



SakuraHaruka said:

Good, I still have my Game Cube controllers and still I had played Game Cube games, then, keep playing!



Jazzer94 said:

Announcement of Gamecube controller support for SSB4 fantastic but the some of the fighters in the tournament are beyond lame.



Vee_Flames said:

@sinafela you got that right! Anyway though, I'm guessing a lot of things to come out of this suprise;

  • Mario Kart 8 update with several other games
  • GameCube VC gearing up
  • Support for GC pads in Wii Mode

But anyway, this is so awesome! LOVE THE PAD!



unrandomsam said:

@dumedum Yeah I have a new white one that has hardly been used. (And a black and a purple that I cannot find). But it is very unusual for them to do something like this. (And I prefer convenience these days).



The_Ninja said:

@Luffymcduck I hope so! But this is great news anyways. Sakurai does care about the veterans! I hope you can play other Wii U games with this! I loved the GC controller, and now I want a Wii U!



WiiLovePeace said:

Awesome! I am so pumped for the Gamecube controller adapter just because it is one giant step closer to playing Super Mario Sunshine etc. on Wii U! Awesome! I was worried about there being no analog shoulder buttons & hence no variable water pressure but now that's not a concern!



accc said:

This plugs in using USB? Then will it be supported on the PC? I'd love it if I didn't have to use an Xbox 360 controller for PC games.



Yellowkoopa said:

This is awesome news. This means the gamecube controller (and maybe the games) will live on! I don't have a Wii U yet, but I am looking to get one in the future. If they now announce VC support for gamecube that would also be awesome.



dumedum said:

@unrandomsam I would agree, but I think they've done their research and the amount of people who'd buy a new GC controller is small. Most of the demand is probably from fans who already have GC controllers (and wavebirds which can also be plugged in).



Williaint said:

I feel like I've just opened a treasure chest that gave me two hearts, instead of just one; and a Mastersword, and a Long shot with a fire-edged tip... and 10000 rupees.
I was going to give my wavebird to my brother,
but now.... I CAN KEEP IT!
@APHughes the Wavebird is detected the same as a wired GCN controller, by the console, so there is no reason it shouldn't work.



Nintendo6400 said:

Are they gonna re sell gamecube controllers? If so I hope they re sell the wave bird. Mine is old and does not work as well anymore.



3MonthBeef said:

That's good news (sort of). At this rate Nintendo will need to produce controllers for every specialize game mechanic. Its getting kind of ridiculous.
GameCube Controller
Wii U Pro Controller
Then you have your third party controllers. They might as well re-release every controller ever made and make adapters. Why short yourself Nintendo? Go the distance. NES, SNES, N64 controllers and adapters. Let's have 'em.



King47 said:

I bought the pro controller for mk yesterday and I don't like it. If the wii u games are compatible with the wii u, then I will return the pro controller.

As excited as I am for the possibility of vc games, I've been buying gamecube games lately and dint want to rebuy them for the wii u, this is Nintendo's fault.

Otherwise, this is great.



PanurgeJr said:

Nintendo found a way to make thousands of people happy by selling them high-profit margin equipment. Brilliant.



NintyMan said:

The GameCube controller is my favorite controller for Smash Bros., so this is just great news. If people still think Nintendo doesn't listen to fans, this is more evidence.



sinalefa said:


Now that you mention it, this means that Slightly Mad Studios could tweak Project CARS so it includes support for Gamecube controllers now! That would be awesome.



SphericalCrusher said:

That is pretty AWESOME! I admit, I used the classic controller pro mostly on Smash Bros Brawl, but I am going to be buying this. All the tournaments I plan for Smash Bros 4 at my house - this will come in handy.



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

Make it the special edition! Game, adapter and limited edition GC controller!

I'm sure Wavebirds still work, Just plug in the receiver and away you go.



sevex said:

It'll be cool if it supports Wavebird, but I wouldn't count on it until it's confirmed. I had a Gamecube adapter for my PC that wouldn't work with Wavebirds.



Funny_Moblin said:

Well, what convenient timing! I was considering buying Wii U Pro controller(s) for Mario kart 8, but I may not have to after all. $50 is just ridiculous. I have three Gamecube controllers, but two of them have very washed-off rubber control sticks, and one of them had to rubber come off, making it sort of a pain to play with. I want an opinion from people who have used the Wii U pro controller; is it worth getting those controllers with the condition my Gamecube ones are in? Is it much most comfortable than the Gamecube controller?



SCAR said:

I'm still not really sure if I care. I'm glad everyone likes it so much, I suppose, but I can play just as well with any other regular controller(except Wii remote and nunchuck).

EDIT: My brother will probably want one.



HumaneBlaze said:

Oh god yes! This so amazing to hear that they are gonna still support the gamecube controller I was really afraid they weren't. Now that they are bringing this they have to bring the gamecube vc and allow us to play wii games that support gamecube controllers. Just thinking about it is getting me more hyped for e3



Gate_Shikimuri said:

Everyone who wants to play with GC controllers might not have them. In essence, even if this was a thing, I'm not paying anything over $60 for both the adapter and controller. I'll just use the U Pro.



smikey said:

got 4 wavebirds & who knows how many gamecube wired controllers I've always been rubbish at smash bros so the controller method is irrelevant to me. just hope gamecube vc & n64 vc hit the wii u before the end of the year. still so many classics out there.



Funny_Moblin said:

@memoryman3 Yeah, haha, good point. Well....they do have the Smash logos on them...but on the other hand, it's kind of a duck move to make it only compatible with Smash. I guess we'll see as more news arrives. And I expect it soon.



IRNBRU115 said:

Is it a software or a hardware issue that means I can't play my GameCube discs on my wii u. Because, if it's a software issue, it can be fixed with a software update and I can play GameCube on my wii u with this bad boy. That aside, an update for mk8 and all sorts of backwards compatibility will be really useful.



Haxonberik said:

Unluckily all my GC controllers have very worn out analogue sticks... Might have to hunt for a pair of relatively new ones



Muyounosuke said:

Hopefully they might start rereleasing controllers again it would be nice to pick a few up.



bstoppel said:

I'd be more excited if it had memory card ports. Maybe they're hidden on back?



Discostew said:

Time to bring back my WaveBird from the dead. Let's hope it is supported, and that Wii U games, new and old, will support the adapter (either at release or via patches).



FJOJR said:

They should just dump the pro controller, make a new Cube pad with an extra Z button, a select button & a home button. Make it wireless & compatible with all GameCube, Wii, Wii U and VC games. That's enough dreams made true right?



Discostew said:

The Wii U is physically incapable of reading GC discs. The hardware that allows that is not present, just like with latter Wii SKUs. It'll still spit them out if inserted, but no reading.



WiiLovePeace said:

@sinalefa Yes! People would be able to use the shoulder buttons on the gamecube controller instead of the right stick of the pro controller. Hopefully Nintendo let/teach them how to code for it.



ModestFan93 said:

Lose it every time I watch that segment. Just what are they trying to imply there?

Thank you Nintendo for listening to fan requests no matter how small they might be. Might take you some time, but you all get there eventually!



Inkling said:

Thank you Nintendo! I wonder if this is coming to games like 3D World and Mario Kart 8 as well?

Better get my Purple controller out!



Sir_JBizzle said:

@3MonthBeef I don't know if you're being serious or not, but I definitely wouldn't mind Nintendo branded adapters for older controllers! Playing VC games don't feel quite right with all the current options.

As for the article, this is awesome news. I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo announces GC VC at E3. As a matter of fact, maybe they will announce the HD remaster of Mario Sunshine!!




dwuuuu said:

WWE is proud to annouce, still the king of undisputed controllers - THE GAME CUBE



JoakimZ said:

Am I the only one in the world who doesn't like the Gamecube controller?
I'd love an adapter for NES and SNES controllers though



MinecraftGreek said:

Sadly cannot support GC disc games even with emulation due to the disc size incompatibility with the Wii U slot loader.



Shy_Guy said:

Yes!! I hope this is a sign that Gamecube games are coming on VC! I would love to play Resident Evil Remake on the Wii U in HD



Shadowflash said:

@unrandomsam Because I'm pretty sure the whole point of this is for tournaments and such, and the competitive community has been clamoring for wired controllers for smash. I'm really glad nintendo is listening to their fans.



HappyHappyist said:

YES! The gamecube controller is one of my favorites nintendo has ever produced, and this just might get me to buy Smash. No way am i playing 4 player with wii controllers!



larry_koopa said:

But I thought the Wii U GamePad was the way of the future?? I love how one of Nintendo's biggest Wii U games is now being marketed with a controller from two generations ago.

I rather like my Pro Controller and will use that for Smash Bros., thank you very much. People act like Smash Bros. is unplayable with anything but a GameCube controller.

I beat Wind Waker HD with my Pro Controller. I can adjust for Smash Bros. as well. I'm not spending any more money on Nintendo controllers this generation. My Wii U already has the pointless GamePad, three Wii-motes, and two Pro Controllers. Enough is enough.

The Pro Controller is great, comfortable, and perfectly suitable for Smash Bros.



adeceku said:

I just hope that Nintendo make new GameCube controllers because the originals are being destroyed by smash players and is hard to come by a controller with a good control stick.



adeceku said:

@Diddy_kong Yeah, but the mayority of the smash players are hardcore that even the slightest change of controls can change the way of playing.



MetaRyan said:

Stop keeping the GameCube controller-only snobs alive, Nintendo! You could have defeated the disease that has plagued Smash Bros local multiplayer matches for 6 years!
Oh well. I guess a Smash Bros get-together wouldn't be a Smash Bros get-together without that one guy that needs to use a GameCube controller.



Knux said:

So this also means that GC games on the VC is at least now a possibility. Either way, this is awesome news.



Nobodyz said:

I wonder what the implications are to a Wii U Pokémon XD/Colosseum remake/remaster. Are we going to be able to connect our old GBA/SP to use them as an old school controller for older VC games? Connections Unlimited!



MinecraftGreek said:

Honestly, the Wii U Gamepad is cool and all, but why shoehorn it into every game-type? It's nice to have different gameplay options for different types of games.



8BitPenguin said:

Hi guys just giving you a heads up that has listed "Zelda HD" for 2014. Just thought you might like to know.



Great_Gonzalez said:

i'm all over this baby!!

The world's greatest controller is back!

But i do wish they just made the wii u pro controller just like the cube pad!



Jllanos22 said:

This is for does cry babies that can't play ssb without looking to the past. This a good news but come on people!!! New consoles, new beginnings, new controllers. Keep up and adapt because technology isn't waiting for u to let go of the game cube.



Liam_Doolan said:

@antdickens Wow, didn't even consider that! Hopefully this indicates some sort of future support for GC titles in general.

Will be great to just jump straight into the new Smash without having to work out the controls. Before this announcement I was obviously going with the Pro Controller option, though I had considered the Wii Remote and Nunchuk setup out of desperation (and familiarity).



CanisWolfred said:

...I can't help but crack a smile at this. I'll probably never get it, but it sounds very neat.



Dr_Corndog said:

Would not have expected this from Nintendo. And, oh, look! I have four Gamecube controllers sitting on my shelf already.



Moose_4 said:

I will buy one asap and hopefully like people are saying, Gamecube games on the way.

Personally i want this to play the N64 VC games. Which need to be updated to Wii U.



ShadowFox254 said:

Nice. Now there is a control scheme for everyone to play with in Smash. Hopefully we get to see the GC controller use in future games, the more options for picking a control scheme for everyone, the better... Oh, and the possibility of Gamecube games in the VC seems to be a no-brainer now.



StarDust4Ever said:

Is this a joke? Do mine eyes decieve me?

Hopefully this device will be backwards compatible with Wii software (Brawl, VC) that supports GC controllers???



Grumblevolcano said:

Please Mario Kart Double Dash!! as one of the first GC games if VC support is added. MK8 looks great but I doubt it'll impress me as much as that game did.

Edit: As for the Smash Bros. debate, I found Brawl to be unplayable without the Gamecube controller.



noctowl said:

@Diddy_kong " People act like Smash Bros. is unplayable with anything but a GameCube controller."

Thank you so much for saying that. Paying money for an adapter to use 13 year old controllers is beyond insane. As much as I love the GameCube controller , the U pro controller is just as good. But heck, I don't mine using my brand new controller vs. someone else's worn down thing they dug out of a closet.



McGruber said:

Honestly the most exciting announcement they have had since they announced this game. That's not saying much but at least we know Nintendo still cares about their hardcore fans, at least when it comes to smash



ultraraichu said:

I'm happy that everyone else is happy about the news. Personally I can play well with any other controllers and I like my fellow gamers to evolve and adopt to new things (not just controllers) instead of being stuck in the past.

But whatever keeps your fans happy I guess



Nintendaholic said:

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! best news the past 6 months!!! Ken, KDJ, PPMD, and HBOX!!!!!!! this is going to be so amazing!



rjejr said:

A Gamecube controller connector? How about making something a little more useful like a 3DS game adaptor or Gamecube Player update?

This thing is ugly and will be overpriced.

I wonder if this has actually been sitting in the wings since the newer Wii lost Gamecube support?

I am happy for everybody here who seem so happy. It's such a small thing.



Mario-Man-Child said:

A testimony to the design brilliance of the Gamecube controller. Cool...
It'd be good if the controller came with the adaptor at a reasonable price. I bought a white one recently, love it.




WHY are people wanting this wireless thing called a wavebird???? THE POINT OF THIS MACHINE IS TO PLEASE THE COMPETITIVE COMMUNITY????? IMBECILES!!!



AzureFashionist said:

The pro controller is nice but but being able to use the wired gamecube controllers for higher levels of Smash is awesome. I will go on the record and say that, for me at least, Smash does indeed play differently when using a GC controller vs. a classic/pro controller. If I feel like playing with a handicap, I'll definitely play with a classic/pro but if I just want to go body my friends for free and be done with it I will use a GC controller.

@noctowl you act like Nintendo isn't still manufacturing official GC controllers.
Look at that glistening white controller... It's beautiful!



justinluey said:

This is fantastic news. I'd buy one just for Smash Bros., but I hope this is a sign that Nintendo is about to get its act together when it comes to the Virtual Console. The first step is to get all the games supported on the Wii into the eShop.

(Can anyone explain why Nintendo 64 aren't available on the eShop?)

The next step is to make even more games available from even more systems. I hope the Wii U is capable of emulating GameCube games, but if not, every other system should be available.

The final step is to release a $99 - $149 streaming box that would compete with Apple TV, Roku, Google, etc. This Nintendo streaming box could offer video services (Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, etc.) with the current Wii U channel interface, but also offer all the classic systems as channels. If Nintendo is really smart, they will allow people to either buy games or pay a subscription fee to rent the games.

They could make more money by selling extra controllers. The base system would come with a multipurpose controller like the Wii Classic controller, but they could sell wireless NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, and GameCube controllers.

This would be the "best of both worlds" for Nintendo. They would be fully embracing digital, but still selling hardware.



Pahvi said:

... so if GCN games that require analog buttons come Wii U VC, we'd also need to buy more hardware... at least the adapter, often also a controller. I have trouble seeing digital GC games selling like hotcakes even for that reason alone. (Any idea how SNES games sold on Wii VC as compared to NES games, since I think they didn't work on Wiimote/Nunchuk combo alone?)



Caryslan said:

Good news for all the Gamecube controller fans! As for me, I'll keep using the Classic Controller Pro like I did in Brawl. For me, the CCP is the best way to play Smash Bros..

On a related note, I'm hopeful this means Nintendo has finally realized they have a fighting game series that is popular with competitive gamers, and will start exploiting that with official tournaments and maybe even being a sponsor of Smash events at tournaments like Evo.

They already host Pokemon events, so maybe Smash will get the same treatment. I'm hoping Nintendo is making a serious push into making officially supporting the competitive Smash scene.



ACK said:

If only future racing games support GCN controllers maybe we won't have to hear about the lack of analog triggers...



WaveBoy said:

It's great that the option is there, but I'd rather experience SSB U on a new controller for once, that being the game pad pro.



CapeSmash said:

>People complain that Nintendo doesn't listens to their fans
>Nintendo listens to their fans
>People are complaining that Nintendo listens to their fans




TreesenHauser said:

So that needs two USB ports to work? sigh

That kinda stinks. I'm already using the two on the back for a USB hard drive, and soon I'll need a LAN adapter to experience the best possible online connection for my Wii U. So I'll already have one of the two on the front used. Oh well, here's to hoping that controller PDP is making utilizes the connection on the Wii Remote. If not, oh well. I'd rather use a Pro Controller I'm thinking, but GameCube would be a great option yet again.

Don't take this like I'm whining or anything though, I think this is a great idea!

Then again, it's not like I'll always be playing Smash Bros online, I've always enjoyed local multiplayer the best.



WanderingPB said:

This is great news im curious to know if this is a sign that GCN VC is coming!!!

@sinalefa wow its like u read my mind in ur first comment! LOL!

@rjejr giving the fans the option of their preferred wired controllers is a great gesture from nintendo especially to those who play competitively and believe sometimes wireless controls could have a delay response especially when money is at stake.

But not everyone will be happy kind of like the challenge offered in Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze…people say games are too easy then when they get a challenging game they complain its too difficult…guess some people will just never be satisfied LOL!



TruenoGT said:

This is great news for particular smash fans, but I'm way more pumped for potential on Gamecube VC opportunities. This blasts the door open for faithful HD ports of some more classics. F-ZERO GX HD w/WaveBird please and thanks!



MajinSoul said:

Oh gawd, the buy is a no brainer for me. I love the Gamecube and the GC controller is my favourite controller ever made. I hope future games are supported by it and as already stated by many others: we need GC VC.



MikeLove said:

There is a sad irony here that Nintendo is releasing an adaptor that accommodates a 12 year old controller, even though their current console is being sold on the merits that the gamepad is the ultimate controller.

It's still cool I guess. As mentioned above, hopefully GC VC games are on the way, or at least some remakes (Mario Sunshine?) that could benefit from being played with the original controls.



LordFamicom said:

I really happy about this accessory! The Gamecube controller is my favorite Nintendo controller! It would be cool if the adapter had a disk drive to play Gamecube games on your Wii U similar to the Game Boy Player but Gamecube VC seems more logical to me.



AzureFashionist said:

@WanderingPB on top of delayed response, wired connections offer more stability to tournament consoles as people in the past have modified controllers to connect to open ports on consoles to sabotage tournament matches. This is why even Brawl was played using wired CG controllers and the reason why all major tournaments (CEO, EVO, APEX, SCR + NCR, UFGT) are played with controllers and sticks with cables.



Phantom_R said:

Oh, great. Now elitest Smash players can continue to adamantly refuse to try new things, even if custom control setups are better than the default Gamecube controls.



Dezsi said:

Any news related to the Gamecube controller is welcome! God, I love that controller.



Shambo said:

Most. Weirdly. Sexy. Gamecube. Introduction. Ever.

YESSSSS! Means both best controllers EVER will be useable! (Wii U pro controller, and Gamecube controller).



AJWolfTill said:

I love how smutty that reveal was XD You just know the people who announced that were having a laugh!



WaveBoy said:


and useless stiff awkward micro sized d-pad. a great controller for platformers and the like, but terrible for anything 2D/retro.



sugarshack said:

True. Large reason I disliked the button layout on the wii remote. buttons weren't large enough for 7 year olds hands and fingers. there must have been on some good drugs designing those buttons. pathetic.



Iggly said:

Someone pinch me now, I must be dreaming. This is probably the best news I could hear on my birthday! Looks like I don't need to buy one of those third-party versions online.



Gerbwmu said:

I still have a few good GameCube controllers but unless this is required to play GC VC titles I doubt I'll pick it up. Personally I like the gamepad.



biglittlejake said:

Pretty cool. Will I be able to use these for classic games even if its only the ones on the Wii Virtual Console? If it is possible I may just go and buy Majoras Mask and OOT for my Wii U.



Bobobiwan said:

This is the ultimate controler for Smash Bros. Period. But I never expected Nintendo to make this move. How full of surprises they are... I guess that they will sell again gamecube (collector ?) controllers... And maybe... Maybe we'll finally get to the point where gamecube games enter the Virtual Console.



Gridatttack said:

I just hope that they continue to make more units, instead of selling the initial batch and then suddenly the units cant be found anymore (like the CPxl, or so ive heard...)



G0dlike said:

Re-issue Wavebirds and I will buy 4 on release day! But include battery packs and make the hub the receiver/s



wariowarewolf said:

Nice! Now, if only I hadn't sold off my Gamecube controllers with my Wii for a Wii U... A cruel irony



jbrewer99 said:

Personally I'm glad so many people are excited about this I guess, but I for one would never go back to using a weird controller. I still have my wavebyrd, but the wii u pro controller has at least the same amount of control buttons and sticks as well as vibration so I see no point in using it for a wii u game. In the other hand, if this is successful, I foresee nintendo either making wavebyrds again for use with this, or, and this I would actually love, a new tech wavebyrd. Take it the rf and batteries and insert bluetooth, radio, and a lithium battery. All the two control a lot of people want, but great Wireless and vibration as well as recharge ability.



HeroOfCybertron said:

Just as long as it's not a online Nintendo store exclusive, I went on that site the other day looking for the High Capacity battery for the Gamepad and saw that it was gone.



andrea987 said:

Yes,I knew my two wavebird would have come in handy, sooner or later. Ebay, you won't get them yet!



Gold said:

GCN is being revived. GameCube 2 confirmed. Same controller, new games, VC support.

On a more serious note, WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!



flummerfelt said:

That video ending, with that music, has to be the sexiest way possible to introduce a controller.



Link506 said:

I won't be using the game cube controller for smash. (The Wii classic controller pro is the way to go for me) But if they announce GameCube VC I will be SO HYPED! I never got a chance to play many GameCube games. And even though I also have a Wii, GameCube games are so rare now-a-days.



2Sang said:

This is good nintendo. Do more of this, and I'll be getting a wii u before Winter.



DarkEdi said:


So a few recomendations:

  • Update Mario Kart 8 to use GC controller.
  • Bring GC VC to Wii U
  • Update Wii mode to use now GC controller.


Funny_Moblin said:

Can somebody please just answer my question? What's more comfortable, the Wii U Pro controller, or Gamecube controller? I'm wondering this because I want to know why so many peopel, despite of having the Wii U Pro controller available, prefer the Gamecube one. I never used a Wii U Pro controller, but I'm guessing it's much more comfortable, plus it's wireless, so I don't get it.



jjmesa16 said:

Awesome!!! I just hope its not too expensive. I'm hoping it will around $20-$30.

@Funny_Moblin Great question. I'm sure what controller is more comfortable but I like the button layout on the Gamecube controller. The Wii U Pro controller is pretty much the same as a XBOX 360 controller so if you have one you could compare it to a Gamecube controller. However the Wii U Pro controller is a little bit lighter and has a flush back.

To answer your previous question I would probably just stick to your Gamecube controllers for now. I have a Wii U Pro controller however I really only use it for Call of Duty Black Ops 2.



Tasuki said:

I hope this means Nintendo will produce the Wavebird again. Best darn controller ever.



milkonmonday said:

I don't get all the excitement for this adaptor. If they want t re-introduce the cube controller, just release a new bluetooth model: wireless with rumble just like the pro controller... I would love to play with the cube controller again, but I don't want extra cluttering around my media setup.



Technosphile said:

Mixed bag here.

On one hand, the controller adapter news is fantastic. The 3DS version of Smash is inferior in literally every aspect now.

On the other hand, this news about the Dewritos Pope likely means no tense, awkward showdown between he and Reggie this year, something that was becoming an E3 tradition.



Darknyht said:

I've not yet held onto the pro controller, but I do miss the layout of the Gamecube Controller sans the directional pad. I sort of wish they would have released a Pro Controller with the Gamecube/wavebird layout instead (and an additional Z button on the top.)



GamerZack87 said:

WOOHOO! Maybe now I'll be able to get some new GCN controllers! That grimy Spice (orange) one I bought on eBay just doesn't Smash the mustard.



Monsti said:

Good job, Nintendo! Really awesome. I hope this will convince more old Smash players to get a WiiU.



ZenTurtle said:

This is weird... It would be like releasing a GBA slot for a 3ds (which would of course be awesome!). I also noticed a strange smash bros logo on the GC controller in the picture- could there be a special edition coming?
So random, Nintendo!



shaneoh said:

Won't need this unless they release GC vc. Could use some controllers for my Wiicube and PC though.



Moshugan said:

Oh man, that reveal in the trailer was so sexy!
This is really great! I have four good condition GC controllers. Like everyone, I just hope for large support for this in other games.

About the GC controller itself...
I love it's form, the button layout and the main stick. So perfect!
The D-pad is too small, and for that, too imprecise. The C-stick is kinda bad for 1st person shooters, but decent in most games. And the Z-button is awkwardly small. If they'd make the C-stick more loose and wide, the D-pad a bit bigger and the Z-button bigger (and add another one), then it would be "the perfect controller".



Hy8ogen said:

I have never seen/had/played a gamecube before so I don't really understand the hype around here. Can someone please enlighten me on why the GC controller is so loved? I find the Wii U pro controller to be the best controller I have ever held. I can't imagine how the GC controller would feel better than the Pro.



Pj1 said:

They will announce more at E3 hopefully! I also can't wait to hear that Game cube games are coming to Wii-U VC and the other big information I'd like is if it will work with Wii-U and the Wii VC, in my opinion playing Mario 64 is easier with the cube controller. Good news from the big N and also I think that adapter will come with a pad! E3 looking forward to all the announcements.



allav866 said:

I sure hope Nintendo starts making controllers. I sold my Wii to someone who I can't even contact anymore, and gave him my GC controller as a bonus, since I thought I wouldn't need it anymore. Stupid me...
If not, I may have to buy one on Amazon.



1wiierdguy said:

@Hy8ogen The Gamecube controller is by far the most comfortable controller I've ever used, period. I really like the Pro controller too but even that doesn't hold a candle to the near perfection of the Cube controller.



Williaint said:

I'm curious about whether or not it needs both those USB cables in, at the same time. In which case, why not make it a plug in, without cords, similar to the 3DS dual control stick.



TwilightOniAngel said:

This is amazing news oh damn i dont have my gamecube controllers well time to buy this one now and nintendo can just see the money coming in now.



allav866 said:

@Hy8ogen The button layout is my reason for loving it. The thumb rests on the enormous A button, and can easily move over to another button, the triggers are curved inward so your index fingers can't slip out of them, the C-Stick and D-Pad are set in a place where you're thumbs can easily move from their normal positions, and the controller fits ever-so-comfortably within your hands. Basically, everything about this controller was designed with comfort in mind.



NintyMan said:

I wonder what other equally big E3 reveals Nintendo will have? I'm wondering how they chose to announce this adapter now instead of at E3. Maybe they're paving the way to GameCube VC, which people have also wanted for a few years?

Regardless, I'm starting to get pretty pumped if Nintendo's letting out surprises like this and the Mercedes-Benz kart in Mario Kart 8 right now.



Lunapplebloom said:

Huzzah, I say! I was figuring on possibly stockpiling some Wii U Pro controllers for this game, but seems I may not need as many as expected. Now to pull out my wave bird when the time comes...

Hopefully, this means GameCube VC is also on the way. Though I'd love to stick my old collection straight into the console's disc reader, according to @Discostew, that isn't going to happen. Still, digital would be nice!



Kirk said:

If neither the GamePad nor Pro Controllers, or even the Classic Controllers, do the job well enough that it's even possible to conceive you'd have to resort to buying ANOTHER controller related thing just to get the proper/full Smash Bros game experience on Wii U, then there is something very very very wrong here.

Why does this thing even exist?

Just think about it for a second...


There's now around 5-6 OFFICIAL main controllers you can use for all the random convoluted options on Wii U at this point (1-2 on both PS4 and Xbox One by comparison).

The situation is f'n ridiculous.



Dauntless said:

If they add Gamecube Mini Disc backwards compatibility in an update I'll buy one of those usb adapters.



Action51 said:

@Kirk - Oh my god, how badly can you not get the point of something?

If neither the GamePad not Pro Controllers do the job good enough that it's even possible to conceive you'd have to resort to buying ANOTHER controller related thing for Wii U just to get the proper/full Smash Bros game experience on Wii U, then there is something very very very wrong here.

Just gonna say this once, and then let you whine about how terrible Nintendo is for listening to the hardcore fans:

1) this is a totally optional accesory and Smash can be played without buying anything more then a basic Wii U system!!!


I'm sure this will not be understood.



JaxonH said:


Let's not go jumping to any conclusions here. It's just a Gamecube controller. Many games could benefit from a GC controller support option, and definitely backward compatible Wii games that offered play with a GC controller



unrandomsam said:

@Action51 I think it is more likely it was required for the Smash Bros invitational. The best players said we are all not doing it without. The PR/Marketing part forced it through.

With a drive in the back and this in the front it is going to be so easy to catch pulling everything off.



Yoshi said:

@JaxonH I'm not jumping to conclusions, just being hopeful.

I'm not sure about the adapter being compatible in Wii Mode. That would be awesome.



JaxonH said:


You're way off the mark on this one. Options are good. Variety is good. More is better. That's like saying "oh, there's more than one game to play on the system- that's convoluted and ridiculous". People want a variety of options- the more the better because then everyone can use what best suits their taste.

It has nothing to do with the Gamepad and Pro Controller having poor performance. It has to do with offering gamers more. Most die-hard competitive Smash Bros gamers play Melee. And guess what, Melee was on the Gamecube. The Gamecube used a Gamecube controller. So most competitive Smash gamers are accustomed to using a Gamecube controller. Even in Brawl, the option was provided.

This was obviously released to appease competitive Smash gamers- people who prefer play on this particular controller. I mean just look at the announcement- this was a result of the Smash Tournament. People take competitive fighting VERY seriously. These are people that prefer using arcade fighting pads and stuff. Melee fans are used to and obviously want this option provided. This is not a bad thing. Options are not bad. Options are not convoluted. Options are good, and more is better. The more controllers supported on the Wii U, the better the system becomes. Doesn't mean you have to use this controller, it just means it's there for those who prefer it. Nintendo is the absolute best in the business when it comes to providing gamers varying controller options. It's why Wii games retained Gamecube controller support, even though there was the Wiimote, Nunchuk, Classic Controller, and Classic Controller Pro. It's why the Wii U has Gamepad support, Pro Controller, Wiimote, Nunchuk, and now (hopefully), Gamecube for those who want it.



absuplendous said:

This was certainly a surprise. It's not something I'll purchase (unless the Pro Controller proves to be insufficient for a GC Virtual Console), but it's surely made a lot of players very happy.

But speaking of Virtual Console, here's what I WOULD purchase: this, but with one GC port, one N64 port, one SNES port and one NES port (and while we're at it, one USB connector). Replace or accompany the Wii U logo with a Virtual Console logo, and you've made that many more 'hardcore' fans happy.

@Action51 Do you know if a Pro Controller connected via USB acts as a "wired" controller? Not looking to tout it as a way to refute the necessity of a wired (GC) controller, just curious.



KingMike said:

Now if you release N64 games, make an adapter to use a real N64 controller.
Because let's face it, nothing is ever going to sufficiently repeat THAT design.



I-U said:

I'm glad that Nintendo has finally decided to reveal a support of the Gamecube controllers on the Wii U, but this is late in my about a year or so. Personally, I'm a little annoyed. I spent most of my time with Mario Kart Wii playing with the GCN controller, and I would have loved to have had that support for Mario Kart 8. It bugs me that the day before Mario Kart 8 releases they finally show a product that should already be on store shelves.



Kirk said:

The whole point you are missing is that NONE of this should even be necessary.

There's offering choices and options and then there's just designing solutions so badly that you basically have no choice but to have such a convoluted range of options.

On Xbox One by comparison, the idea of even needing to consider any additional controllers over the Xbox One controller for standard gaming would be totally and utterly ridiculous because it's basically made so you'd never have to.

That single controller plays ALL Microsoft's games (other than full motion control).

Why would anyone even think it would be necessary to create an official plug in device that would allow you to use old Xbox controllers to play one new Xbox One game for example?

Think about how crazy that is for a second...

On Wii U however, people like you actually consider Nintendo's 5-6 controller "solution", even though much of it is just slightly alternative 'options', perfectly reasonable.

Do you even comprehend how totally and utterly aburd that is?

This is not about having choices and options.


More is not always better.

We shouldn't have to even consider the possibility that we might have to buy separate GC controllers on Wii U just to play GC games perfectly for example, if Nintendo ever actually gets around to supporting GC games, because the Wii U GamePad and/or the Pro Controller should have been even better than the GC controllers by default.

See the Xbox One controller vs. the original Xbox controller if you can't quite grasp what I'm saying here...

Now, not only is it a very real possibility that to play GC games perfectly you'd need to buy additional GC pads, on top o all the other pads you already own for Wii U, but you even have to buy an adaptor just to use those pads too.


Xbox One = ONE main controller for ALL games and it is perfect for ALL those games (excluding full motion control).

Wii U = Endless "options", where one controller is good for one thing but not another and visa versa and so on and on...

It boggles my mind that some of you simply cannot see how absurd this Wii U control(S) "solution" is at this point.



ModernMARVEL said:

Things just get better and better. I'm sure I could've gotten used to the gamepad quickly, but screw it, it'll be my secondary controller.



unrandomsam said:

Just thought of something - Wii U has 4 usb's (I think ?).

Wired lan adapter - 1 usb
This adapter - 2 usb


You need a HDD that connects to only one usb and you cannot use a y cable.



sleepinglion said:

There are some 3rd party adapters that already do this (the Gamecube controller plugs into the Wiimote like a nunchuck) but it's GOOD to see Nintendo getting behind this officially. GC VC please =)



SDDMN said:

I'll definitely get one as long as it's under $30. $10 - 15 would be a sweet deal to me!



Kirk said:

The problem isn't having lots of options. The problem is basically NEEDING lots of "options".

Neither Xbox One nor PS4 have all these controller "options" and I challenge anyone to make a convincing argument that their particular solutions are somehow lacking or coming up short when it comes to playing traditional type games on those consoles...

What you have to consider is why Nintendo now has four totally separate control solutions for playing standard type games on their console when both Sony and Microsoft have managed this miraculous feat with a single default controller design; so much so that to even consider the idea you'd want to use one of the older Sony or Microsoft controllers instead of the default one would be considered absurd...

How has Nintendo managed to turn something like buying a few additional controllers (typically for multi-player gaming), something that should be so simple and elegant (normally as simple as picking up 1-3 additional pads), into another convoluted mess?

Just ponder how ridiculously convoluted the "Controller Options" for Smash Bros Wii U is going to have to be at this point, compared to how simple and elegant it would be for such a game on either PS4 or Xbox One by comparison...



TingLz said:

@Kirk Because they used the same controller design?

Also, Gamecube controller support was heavily requested, so this actually makes sense



absuplendous said:

@Kirk But you don't /need/ these options. Can you name a single Wii U game that requires you to use something other than the Game Pad or Wii Remote?

If you like your Game Pad, you will be able to keep your Game Pad. This is nothing new, by the way; many companies, including Nintendo itself, have long offered alternative controllers for decades. I never needed to buy the NES Max or SNES Advantage, either, but if I wanted them, they were available. I cannot comprehend why you insist this is a bad thing, other than your faulty assertion that adopting these alternate controls is mandatory.



sketchturner said:

Now THIS is how you listen to the hardcore fans! And to those asking about the Wavebird, I'm sure it'll work with this, but the competitive Smash community only uses wired controllers to avoid any lag. To the common player (like me) it doesn't make a difference, but for them it does.



unrandomsam said:

@Kirk For fighting games people either use an SLS Saturn Pad or a Fight Stick.

Even just for Smash Bros cannot imagine it would be more than either of those two options.



Onion said:


To be honest, I'm not really sure I understand what you're complaining about exactly. I can't claim to have played every Wii U game ever made but the ones I have played do not force any control scheme beyond the Gamepad on you. Rather than responding to your "challenge", I would rather you make your argument a bit more clear. It doesn't really make any sense, unless you're able to point out some games that force you to use a Wiimote or something of that nature.

In fact it just seems to me like Nintendo is responding to fan demands, so I don't see the problem. From what I can tell you're complaining that Nintendo offers more than one option for controlling games, which is somehow a bad thing? That defies logic. Why is it bad to have an option, especially considering Nintendo has been doing this sort of thing since the NES? Remember the NES Advantage? The Zapper? The SNES Mouse and Keyboard? The Super Scope? The Rumble Pak? Most of these were just accessories/alternate controllers and very few games forced you to use them. The ones that did force you to use them had no choice. The NES Advantage is basically the same as the Wii U Gamepad Pro in the sense that no game really forced either on you but they were both designed to enhance old-school gaming experiences. In the case of the Advantage, it was meant for arcade style games. You really have no argument and your response to absuplendous proves that.



ryanator008 said:

I'd be happy to buy some new GC controllers only because all the ones I have have worn out analog sticks. Since I hated the face-buttons on them, I'm not too interested in using one for any Wii U games



absuplendous said:

@Kirk I'm not familiar with the game, so I don't know if you mean the second player can ONLY use the Pro controller (not the Wii Remote), but I haven't found anything to confirm or support that notion.



Socar said:

Wow!!!!! I never expected this to happen. I'll definitely get a Gamecube controller to play this game for sure! But does this now mean that we can expect VC for GameCube????? I sure hope so cause the Gamecube had a great library!!!!!!!!



triforcepower73 said:

Meh. Never had a gamecube and so therefore never grew up with the controller. Still great for all the people who grew up with this control scheme for smash, but the Wii remote suits me just fine. It's great that about everyone can enjoy the same game with pretty much any control scheme they want now!



Forgael said:

Those Gamecube controllers from so long ago are turning out to be quite a value.



UnseatingKDawg said:


Now they have NO EXCUSE whatsoever to NOT offer GameCube games! We'll still have to wait forever and a day, but they can still release them now!



retro_player_22 said:

At this point Nintendo could pretty much just restore the GameCube backwards compatibility on Wii Mode (via update) so we can play our GameCube games on the Wii U in Wii Mode again. Also some GameCube VC in HD would be great.



unrandomsam said:

@retro_player_22 They could. It would need some well made converter for mini dvd to dvd though. And something for the memory cards. (But it isn't going to happen if they didn't allow the gamepad to be a wii classic controller).



jjmesa16 said:

@absuplendous To answer your question, I don't believe so. The Wii U just charges the pro controller while playing and doesn't provide faster responsiveness as far as I know.

I preferred the Gamecube controller on the Wii because for me the responsiveness of the wired GameCube controllers is better than the responsiveness of the Wii Remote controller (and it was easier to control Mario Kart with the Gamecube controller). We'll see how the Wii U Pro controller compares to the Gamecube controller when this awesome piece of hardware comes out.



bofis said:

I'd way rather they release more colors of the WiiU Pro Controller, which I happen to really like.



retro_player_22 said:


Well, there are other adapters that served those purpose already, this adapter is made only for those that still wants to use their GameCube controller for the upcoming Super Smash Bros. 4 and/or to play those upcoming GameCube games on Wii U VC.







shinesprite said:

Hmm, I wonder if this will also enable GameCube controller support when playing games in Wii mode.

My thoughts exactly!
With an update like this, I might seriously consider transferring my Wii library.



Funny_Moblin said:

@jjmesa16 Thank you for finally being one to respond to me. I'll think about it. First of all, I will need to know if GC will support other games such as Mario Kart. Then, I will decide if it's worth playing with the poor Gamecube control sticks. Do you know if the Wii U Pro controller control sticks are durable and good quality?



Action51 said:

@absuplendous - I don't think so, I think the USB out to the pro-controller is just the power supply. I could be wrong.

@Kirk - I can't believe you're doing anything but spewing hot air to refuse to admit you jumped to conclusions at this point.

I can only assume you have absolutely no knowledge whatsoever regarding the nature of the Smash Bros competitive community. They take this very seriously, and they have been begging for a wired controller on Wii U smash because they had a wired controller on the N64, the Gamecube, and of course the Gamecube controller ports on the Wii.

I'm sorry dude, but the world doesn't revolve around you, and this is a specific controller option created for a specific and loyal audience who will have pre-ordered this game and buy this adapter the day it's released. Nintendo would be stupid not to listen to that demand.

For all the criticism Nintendo gets for not listening to their hardcore fans, this is the ultimate example of them listening very clearly and responding by providing exactly what they wanted.

To the avergae Joe Schmoe consumer out there buying Mario Kart and Smash at Wal-Mart, they will probably never even be made aware of the existence of this adapter. If you don't like the idea, then you aren't part of the audience this is targeted at.

Finally, options are good when they are optional and not mandatory.

Going back to the 8-bit NES, Nintendo has always provided multiple controller options! At launch, the NES has a control pad, a Zapper, and ROB the robot. Later they created the N.E.S MAX and the N.E.S ADVANTAGE to provide a "pro turbo controller" and "arcade stick" option.

Again, I'm mostly typing this here for my own sanity because I highly doubt any of this will sink in.



jjmesa16 said:

@Funny_Moblin The pro controller sticks seem pretty good to me but the problem is haven't really used it that much. You'd have to ask someone else for their opinion. Sorry.

I'd also really like to find out if other games are supported. Mario Kart would be great as well as Super Mario 3D World. It's still a must buy for me when smash comes out.



Andremario said:

Guys and gals! I think nintendo is trying to tell us something! There will probably be virtual console gamecube games coming to the wii u! YAAY! POP the CHAMPAGNE YALL!!



Action51 said:

@Funny_Moblin - Tend to take really good care of my video game accessories, but I also have big fat hands, so I guess that makes me be the sort of person who puts typical strain on their controller.

I use mine a lot since I play a lot of Need for Speed Most Wanted U and Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze. I have to say, the whoie controller is very well made and could probably survive a more frantic gamer then myself.

Never had a problem with the analog sticks, they seem to provide nice resistance too...I didn't like the Wii Nunchuck analog stick because I found it had two modes on platformers and third person games: barely moving and full on run. Wii Pro controller gives you a smoother acceleration from a dead stop to full pressure.

My only complaint is the position of the front shoulder buttons, they are a little too close to the analog sticks. The rear shoulder buttons are nicely positioned.



Funny_Moblin said:

@jjmesa16 No worries at all, I appreciate your help. Something just came to me; if Nintendo is going to produce new GC controllers, they will probably improve the quality of the control stick, especially if they are aware of complaints about it, which I'm sure there are.



GuardianKing said:

Wait... Wait... That's clearly a newly made GameCube controller (judging by the decal sticker anyway), so why not just make new wireless GameCube controllers that are compatible with the Wii U?



Funny_Moblin said:

@Action51 Ah, thanks a lot, much appreciated. Hm. The Wii U Pro controller does seem of good quality and well designed, I think I will go with that. I do have a question, if you don't mind. I hear the Wii U Pro controllers a rechargeable, but the problem with that is over the years, it will charge less and less. Is there an option for actual battery replacement?



WaxxyOne said:

OMG Nintendo just made me a fan boy all over again. I LOVE the Gamecube controller, it's really the only way I've ever been comfortable playing Smash Bros. so this is perfect that the new game is being released will full support right off the bat. I would also assume that other games, notably Gamecube VC titles (whenever Nintendo gets around to releasing those) would support the adapter as well. Can't wait!



WaxxyOne said:

@Funny_Moblin The Wii U Pro Controller comes with a built in rechargeable battery, but it does have a clearly removable cover secured with a standard (if smallish) Phillips screw, so I would imagine it could be replaced with relative ease. The cover's appearance is very close to the cover on the back of the Wii U gamepad but is obviously much smaller as I'm sure the battery is as well since it doesn't need the capacity to drive a large screen and speakers.

I have not so far noticed any degradation in battery life, and I seriously doubt you could use standard batteries even if you wanted to, but I haven't opened my controller up to check exactly what's in there.



Manaphy2007 said:

i think people kept whining about why wii u has no gcn controller support, especially for smash and nintendo had enough of all that moaning and decided to do something about it to keep people from complaining. i guess bickering can sometimes work.



Manaphy2007 said:

why do some people think that the gcn controller either sucks or is not an innovative controller or both? my answer is that they are jealous that sont and microsoft are not that innovative with their controllers during the ps2/xb/gcn era aka 6th gen or they just hate nintendo or both



gohanrage said:

I've been playing The Wind Waker for GCN on my Wii using the Wave Bird. The HD one does look beautiful but I prefer the colours of the original. I have three Gamecube Controllers. I know some sites I've read have complained about the Wii U controllers have the Right Joystick above the buttons. This will make them happy if they can use it for games other than Super Smash Bros. The only thing is the gamecube controller doesn't have Two Z buttons like the Wii U controllers gamepad and Wii U pro Controller

The gamecube Controllers + pad or D-pad isn't big enough in my opinion I prefer the D-pad on the gamepad and pro controller its big like the N64, SNES and NES before it.



KeeperBvK said:

There's no technical reason it wouldn't support the Wavebird. The adpater wouldn't even know whether you've plugged in a standard controller or a Wavebird. It still receives the same signals.



Action51 said:

@Funny_Moblin - As far as I know the pro controller does not have a battery option, but perhaps a third party will make one.

However: the Pro controller has like a 70 hour charge life and you just plug it right into the Wii U for a few hours. So even if the charge degrades over the years, we're talking almost three consecutive days of charge!



therealmario101 said:

The Holy Grail of controllers makes its glorious return. Nintendo, you never cease to amaze me. Today couldn't be better!



Marshi said:

Ah nintendo,never has one company filled me with so much excitement yet so much frustration in equal measure!
Okay so the bad news: This could be ONLY for smash bros. This would be both stupid,and a waste, not to mention expensive. But I wouldnt put it past old ninty to do exactly that.
But the good news: This could mean nintendo are iminent in their announcement of gc vc! Or the gc hd range. Or gc pad compatability with future games like project cars (analogue acceleration!).
To pull this off nintendo need to say at e3 exactly what this thing is to stop any potential frustration or (please please please!) start building the hype for all the awesome things the best joypad in the world is going to bring to wiiu



millarrp said:

I will probably get the gamecube controller adapter. Got 4 wavebirds that I hope to use with it.



millarrp said:

I will probably get the gamecube controller adapter. Got 4 wavebirds that I hope to use with it.



Marshi said:

@Kirk Theres 1 glaring thing that YOU are missing my friend. Both sony and microsoft DO have multiple controller options. The only difference between them and nintendo is that nintendo's paripheral's (sp) are popular.
So with sony you have: ps eye, ps move, ps navigation controller and a whole range of fighting sticks and steering wheels for fighting and racing games.
M$: Kinect, xbox 360 pad wired, xbox 360 pad wireless, xbox 360 pad with a dpad that isnt awful and the above range of sticks and wheels. And yes,ofcourse the different 360 pads count because just like nintendo they are an OPTIONAL extra.
So as you can see,all game companies will have multiple controller options if there is demand for it. And trust me dude,demand for a gc controller is high,even if it turns out only to be for smash



Ryu_Niiyama said:

Well I suppose I can transfer more of my wii games to the wiiu now. I'll be using the gamepad or a pro controller for smash though.



mikeyman64 said:

I really want the controller in the pic... So help me if they make a Smash Bros Wavebird!



Reverandjames said:

I can't beleive that people are getting excited at the prospect of playing 10 year old games. This is a step backwards, bascically adding something 5hat the Wii could do before.



Dezsi said:

What I hope for is an overall support for the Gamecube controller for games that could utilize it well, say, for the Wind Waker HD (I would love that), Mario Kart 8, and anything else that the developers think it would work well with.



LasermasterA said:

Yes! I have been waiting for this. I was hoping for a new controller with analog triggers to resolve the problem of gamecube vc and Nintendo just announced support for its gamecube controller! I really hope that they just make new gamecube controllers and then add gamecube virtual console Can't wait to play all those masterpieces!



Paperluigi said:

If Nintendo doesnt roll out the GC virtual console I'llbe shocked. Nintendo if you are listening, you can have my wallet with the Gamecube virtual console. Thousand year door please and then Twighlight princess.



Kirk said:

No, the difference is that with something like the Xbox One, once you have the system with a controller and Kinect the only thing you'd have to buy additionally to be able to play every single game on the system with up to 4 players would be 3 more Xbox One controllers.

1 Kinect and 4 Xbox One Controllers.

On Wii U you might buy 3 additional Wiimotes hoping this would be all you'd need, that seems reasonable to presume and it's the most likely choice given how many Wii U asymmetric multiplayer games require this setup, but what if you wanted to play Street Fighter II (VC) in multiplayer on Wii U for example? You'd need maybe a Pro Controller or Classic Controller for that additional player. If you wanted to play Call of Duty in 4 player local multiplayer with those Wimmotes you'd have to buy 3 additional Nunchucks too.

You simply cannot play every game on Wii U with just 1 GamePad and 3 of whatever other controller you decide pick alone. It is an impossibility.

I guess you could do a sort of mix and match by only picking one or two of each type, say two additional Wiimotes (with additional Nunchucks) and one additional Pro Controller, and try to cover most circumstances, but that's still a bit of a mess too and doesn't cover every multiplayer situation.

Now consider even the likes of the "Controller Options" screen on a game like Smash Bros Wii U...

It's going to have to list control options for (as far as I'm aware): GamePad, Wimmote only, Wimmote plus Nunchuck, Pro Controller and now GC controller too.

Consider what a similar fighting game on Xbox One would likely show on it's "Controller Options" screen: Xbon One controller...that's it.

Can you see how one solution all-round is nice, simple and elegant and the other is a convoluted mess?

Or am I just talking to a bunch of Nintendo worshipping nuts who can't see the blatant issues with the church of Nintendo?



ScorpionMG said:

@Marshi he basically complains about everything nintendo does, just ignore him. On my view, having all these controller options is an advantage for a lot of gamers out there.



Kirk said:

No; my argument is that on Wii U those "choices" are actually sometimes forced necessities and that overall the multiple controller "solution(s)" and "choices" on Wii U is a convoluted mess compared to the competition.

See my post above this one for further details if you're still confused as to why I am making this assertion...



Marshi said:

@Kirk Ive read what youve said, still sounds to me like you dont like having choice and would rather only have one control method in a game. Do you frequent forza forums and moan that the game "makes" you consider a steering wheel controller? How dare they!



Marshi said:

@ScorpionMG Oh I know. Weve had our little "debates" once or twice before. They are fun! Its his opinion at the end of the day I supose



Kirk said:

This is really not about choice.

For example; it's not a "choice" that to play any multiplayer SNES game on Wii U I have no choice but to get an additional Pro Controller or Classic Controller even though I might already have bought three additional Wiimotes quite reasonably presuming that would surely be enough for all my multiplayer needs.

What if I want to play Injustice: Gods Among Us in multiplayer on Wii U and I've got my GamePad and already went out and bought my three additional Wiimotes...?

This is not about choice.

This is about a convoluted mess.

The fact you guys still aren't comprehending this is pretty sad.



Marshi said:

@Kirk Now now lets not get testy. I being perfectly civilised so far.
Okay 1: you want to play streetfighter on wiiu? Use the gamepad
2: dont want to use a gc controller for smash? Use a gamepad
3: dont like wiimote control for pikmin 3? Use a gamepad
4: hate motion control for mario kart? Use a gamepad
5: dont want to buy a pro controller for most wii u games? Fine. USE A GAMEPAD!
In case your unsure,you get a gamepad with every wiiu.



Starwolf_UK said:

I'm guessing 2USB ports is required to power the rumble, wonder if it will work without rumble if you leave one unplugged. Which reminds me of a little known N64 fact. You can modify rumble paks to work without needing a AAA battery. The reason this is not officially supported is trying to use 4 controllers like that causes problems (the N64 controller ports end up drawing too much power).



Kirk said:

How do I play Street Fighter II multiplayer with a single GamePad (or any SNES multiplayer game for that matter)?

What about playing Injustice: Gods Among Us multiplayer?

Should I have bought a Pro Controller (maybe a few for any local 4 player multiplayer fps games for example)?

What if I bought that Pro Controller(s) but want to player multiplayer Wii U Party?

Should I have bought 3 Wimmotes instead of 1-3 Pro Controllers?

What if I want to play Call of Duty 4 player?

Should I have bought 3 Wiimotes and 3 additional Nunchucks?

Or should I have just bought 3 Pro Controllers?

Wait...what if I bought 3 Pro Controllers but want to play some awesome Wii games, like Skyward Sword?

Maybe I would have been better getting 3 Wiimotes.

But what if I want to play any SNES games?

Should I get Pro Controllers?

Or maybe Classic Controllers...but then those would require Wiimotes just to work?

In Call of Duty Ghosts, who gets the GamePad and who gets one of the 3 Pro Controllers or Wiimotes/Nunchucks and is that an unfair advantage or disadvantage for them?

Should I maybe have bought FOUR additional Pro Controllers or Wiimotes/Nunchucks just to make sure it's all fair and even in such situations?


Am I being as ridiculous as Nintendo's ridiculously convoluted controller "solution(s)" yet?



Marshi said:

@Kirk Dude at this point your arguing semantics. If you wish to play multiplayer on ANY system you would need to buy an extra controller. Thats where the pro controller comes in. Every other thing you mentioned here uses the gamepad



SmoochyTea said:

While the idea is very nice, Nintendo giving lots of love to people like this, I fringe upon seeing the need of two usb ports for a peripheral. My external usb drive also needed the extra port. They just could have made the USB output current a bit higher so this wouldn't be necessary... Now if I want this GameCube hub-thingey, there is no room for the Disney Infinity base at all (unless I maybe use usb hubs that are externally powered, but that defeats the purpose I guess). But heck what does it even matter, because I'll be too busy using Mario Kart or the upcoming NFP to bother about silly old Disney Infinity anyway.



Kirk said:

So; let's say I decide to buy three additional Pro Controllers on Wii U for any multiplayer gaming...?

Sounds like a reasonable enough solution. Nice and simple.

How would I play Wii U Party in multiplayer (as a random example), given that it requires motion controls?


On Xbox One I buy three additional Xbox One control pads and I'm sorted for all contingencies.



Marshi said:

@Kirk Then ofcourse you buy a wiimote instead of a pro controller. Im actually starting to think you are trolling at this point. Look Kirk. You clearly are not a fan of nintendo and would rather play an xbox one. Why dont you go do that rather than making an argument that gains you nothing?



Kirk said:


So, I buy three Wiimotes then instead of three Pro Controllers for my multiplayer gaming on Wii U.

Sounds simple enough and very reasonable.

How would I play Injustice: Gods Among Us in multiplayer (as an example), given that I can't use Wiimotes in this game?


On Xbox One I buy three additional Xbox One controllers and I'm sorted for all contingencies.



Kirk said:

So, I have my GamePad and my free Wiimote that came with Wii Party U, great for two player Wii Play U, but now I want to play Injustice: Gods Amog Us in multiplayer...

So, I'll buy an additional Pro Controller I guess because Wiimotes are not compatible with that game, right?

So, I have a GamePad, my lovely free Wiimote and a Pro Controlller.

Now I want to to play Call of Duty Ghosts in 4 player multiplayer.

What controllers would you recommend?


On Xbox One I buy three additional Xbox One controllers and I'm sorted for all contingencies.



Kirk said:


Can you see how you've been kinda just avoinding the point for the last couple of responses?

Says it all really.

I get called a hater but what's really going on here is that we have a bunch of FANS who don't like to hear the cold hard truth.

Why not continue the example if it's all totally fine and dandy and perfectly reasonable as you like to pretend to yourself?

Are you scared it's going to lead to the inevitable conclusion that my assertion about the Wii U controller solution being a convoluted mess is correct?

On Xbox One I buy three additional Xbox One controllers and I'm sorted for all contingencies.



Marshi said:

@Kirk Okay kirk,youve made your point. You are as always 100% correct and how dare I insinuate otherwise. Clearly I am a fool for liking nintendo. You are right on everything you have said today and in the past. I will promptly tell anyone who ever dares to have any choice in gaming to shut the hell up and use a standard joypad. Im so so sorry. Maybe I should go and think my life over



Kirk said:

When did I EVER even suggest/imply that anyone is a fool for liking Nintendo?

That's not why you are wrong and I am right.



Marshi said:

@Kirk Sorry,you didnt. Sorry im in the wrong again! Im so sorry for thinking this was about liking nintendo. It wasnt im sorry...sorry



Kirk said:


You're clearly not sorry enough.


To continue our previous conversation:

What if I did want to play Call of Duty: Ghosts in multiplayer...

What controllers would you recommend?

I so far have a GamePad, a lovely free Wiimote and a Pro Controller.


On Xbox One I buy three additional Xbox One controllers and I'm sorted for all contingencies.



Marshi said:

@Kirk Lol. Okay seriously though dude what do you want? You are right,there are alot of options open to you with the wii u,i fail to see how thats a bad thing but you do so...fair enough?



Kirk said:


As I've said a few times now; this isn't about having options and choices. I have absolutely nothing against choices and options when it makes sense and when you actually do have full freedom over those choices and options.

The only REAL choice you have is whether you decide to play multiplayer games on Wii U or not but once you decide you are going to play multiplayer games on Wii U the rest is just a minefield of convolution.

It's not a real "choice" when you can't play all Wii U's multiplayer games UNLESS you have AT LEAST one GamePad, three Wiimotes, three Nunchucks and One Pro Controller.

That's what you'd need BARE MINIMUM to be able to play just Wii Party U, Injustice: Gods Among Us and Call of Duty: Ghosts in full multiplayer, up to four players where available, on Wii U.

Just think about it for a second if you think I'm exaggerating...

That's not a reasonable example of having "choices" and "options".

That's a convoluted mess.


On Xbox One I buy three additional Xbox One controllers and I'm sorted for all contingencies.



Marshi said:

@Kirk I see what your saying my friend. Yes,there are alot of things needed if you want 4 players on all those games. But again im sorry,i dont see a problem with that. We are just going to have to agree to disagree dude. Im wanting to play mariokart!



Kirk said:


You don't see a problem because you clearly can't look at it objectively and you have somehow convinced yourself that what Nintendo is offering is actually a reasonable solution.

Even in the face of a MUCH simpler and MUCH more elegant solution*.

You can say "Let's just agree to disagree" but what that really translates into IMO is "I really don't want to admit it's actually pretty sh*t (convoluted, messy, clumsy, potentially very expesive...), which is NOT a good thing, because that would make me look like a bit of a defensive FAN tool up to this point".

No probs though. I get it.

I'm just a sucker for calling spades spades.


*On Xbox One I buy three additional Xbox One controllers and I'm sorted for all contingencies.



Marshi said:

@Kirk Okay,ive been nice but now im guna have to be honest. Why are you here? Why are you on a nintendo website when all you do is moan? You look an absolute trolling tool.
But its okay,i just cant help calling a spade a spade. Have a nice day Kirk oldboy



Kirk said:


You can't differentiate between trolling and having totally and utterly legitimate complaints that I'm simply willing to vigorously defend against overly defensive FANS like you.

Nintendo is making a lot of moronic decisions of late and just because I'm a fan, admittedly less and less every single day, that doesn't mean I have to bury my head in the sand and ignore all these things, or worse, pretend like everything is great when it's not and that Nintendo couldn't do any better a job when clearly it can.

I'm not going to sit here and claim "more options is a good thing" in this situation when CLEARLY that's a f'n totally and utterly ridiculous assertion (given what I've TRIED to explain across of few of my posts now).

Someone needs to keep calling Nintendo out for all this crap and for whatever reason(s) I've decided I'm that guy (one of many mind you).

I think the only REAL issue here is that most of you simply can't comprehend why I would be so adamant and "passionate" about defending my assertions, which gets you all worked up because you just want to be left in your bubbles and can't understand why I'd want to rock the boat, and to you guys it's simply easier to put the "hater" label on it and leave it at that.

Well, I'll rock the boat and I'll happily topple it over if it even in a small way gets Nintendo to finally figure out it needs to patch the holes before the ship sinks OR BETTER STILL, stop building boats with so many gaping holes in the first place.



blaa6 said:

Now all we need are Gamecube VC games that can use these and Gamepad(optionally of course).



Azooooz said:

@Kirk The thing is, the only primary controller for Wii U is the Wii U Gamepad, which is essential. The other controllers like Wiimotes, Pro Controllers, GameCube controllers are icings on the cake. They are options that add variety to the games. You DON'T have to use them all.



Kirk said:


But once you do choose to go multiplayer...

On Xbox One (my current example for comparison sake) I can buy three additional Xbox One controllers and be able to play ALL games on that system.

That's it. Job done. Multiplayer now sorted for all contingencies. It's REALLY that simple.

On Wii U it REEEALLY isn't (as I have went over a few times now in my various posts above).

One is simple and elegant and one is a convoluted mess and that is not a good thing; no matter what some people might want to imagine.



Azooooz said:

@Kirk If you had a Wii, then this problem would be solved with the extra Wii Remotes you have. Wii Remotes, even pro controllers, are cheaper than XBone controllers. Clearly you haven't thought about the price when you opened this argument, have you?



Kirk said:

Yes; IF IF IF.

I'm not hear to debate perfect theoretical scenarios.

I'm just calling it like it is.

Also, buying three extra Xbox One controllers is cheaper than buying three Wiimotes, three Nunchucks and say one Pro Controller, which is the bare minimum you would need to play all multiplayer games on Wii U (see my previous posts above if you think that assertion is inaccurate) vs the three additional controllers you would need on Xbox One to play all multiplayer games.

Of course, playing devils advocate for a second; if you consider the Kinect as being one of the necessary controllers on Xbox One (since it's required for all motion controlled games) then a Kinect plus four Xbox One Controllers is possibly more expensive than a GamePad plus three Wiimotes, three Nunchucks and one Pro controller, possibly but I'd have to do the full maths, but not by much and it's still a far simpler and and more elegant solution.

If however it turns out that a GamePad, three Wiimotes, three Nunchucks and one Pro Controller is actually more expensive than a Kinect plus four Xbox One controllers then it just makes my argument even stronger...

Either way; the Wii U controller "solution(s)" is still a convoluted mess.



jackson15 said:

Nintendo is introducing some very cool games lately.. nd these kind of products are very exciting too..



heyzeus002 said:

One of my main hopes for e3 is gcn vc for wii u and this makes me hopeful..and then I realise it's nintendo so it's probably not happening soon.guessing they'll focus on ds vc for this e3 but like any nintendo fan I feel obligated to keep the dream alive!



TheLordAndrew said:

We'll this would be pointless for people without GCN controllers, hopefully Nintendo will release wave bird remakes, I love the GCN controller design.



SetupDisk said:

Who the **** has a Wii U that didn't already have a wii? Unlike the Xbox one it can use controllers from the previous system.

Get over it, you are wrong.



Azooooz said:

@Kirk First, you don't have to buy a gamepad. It already comes with the Wii U. Second, like I said, if you have a Wii and extra Wii Remotes+Nunchucks, then they are usable on Wii U, you aren't required to pay a penny or cent to buy extra. Third, Wii U supports up to five players (One is Gamepad, other four are controls you'd like to use). Fourth, Kinect won't be necessary after June 9th, because there will be xbox one Kinect-free edition, thus making Xbox One Controller a necessary controller to navigate menus. Finally, Wii/Wii U controllers still cheaper than Xbox One.

Consider it what you want, but those controllers add something that neither Xbox or PlayStation do.



LtAldoRaine said:

I'm a bit late, but...HELL. YEAH. Great news, the GameCube controller is absolute perfection for Smash.



Luffymcduck said:

Now they only need to make Gamepad optional so you don't have to charge it's worst batteries ever every 3 hours while playing Smash Bros with GC-controllers.



Rod64 said:

I usually don't comment news, and even less on my silly android phone, but OMG, I simply can't believe this!!! This is why I support Nintendo, this is the best news they could deliver about Smash Bros. I live in south America, and I will buy the adapter as soon as it releases!!! I'm excited as hell



absuplendous said:

@Kirk You have a point for games that require certain controllers/cannot use certain others, but you lose me when you complain that a game that supports all options (such as Smash) is convoluted and messy. So they're bad when they're limiting, AND they're bad when they're open? Is your ultimate conclusion that the Wii U should have one controller and one controller only? Because I'm not sure the Wii U would have enjoyed the limited success it has if the /only/ thing we could use/had to buy is a monolithic slab.



ReigningSemtex said:

I already have a mayflash adapter but would rather have a official adapter with 4 control ports hopefully it will have rumble as well.

I bet there are people on gbatemp who are pretty excited about this



Kirk said:

Well Smash Bros Wii U is only convoluted and messy in the sense that when compared to a similar fighting game on say Xbox One or PS4, where you'd have a nice simple "Controller Options" screen that basically just showed the Xbox One or PS4 controller (I would presume); on Smash Bros Wii U that "Controller Options" screen is now basically going to show control setups for GamePad, Wiimote only (I presume), Wiimote plus Nunchuck, Pro Controller, maybe even Classic Controller and now GameCube controller too.

Some people would call that "having more options" but I just call that unnecessarily "messy and convoluted".

Having legitimate alternative controller options that are not really essential but give people choice is generally a good thing but in the case of the Wii U it's not really that simple. It's not good just to have more and more and more options simply for the sake of having more and more and more options; some necessary, some not, others a bit in between the two etc.

More is not always better.

This goes for the overall Wii U controller(s) "solution" imo.

If I go out and buy a few extra Wiimotes for for example, probably the most likely scenario for most people if they want any kind of multiplayer, well I can't even use those to play any SNES/Genesis/N64/NeoGeo multiplayer Virtual Console games or even a game like Injustice: Gods Among Us. There's also the Nunchucks on top of that which would be required if I wanted to play a four player local game of Call of Duty: Ghosts for example.

Having a few extra Wiimotes is probably the solution which covers the most bases but there's still some crazy omissions imo.

If I decide to buy a few Pro Controllers instead of Wiimotes, because I maybe want to play those games mentioned above, well I can't actually use those for ANY Wii Virtual Console games because you can only use Wii controllers for those and I certainly can't play a large chunk of Wii games and quite a few Wii U games either with them because many of those games require motion controls.

If I decide to mix and match and potentially have to have up to four Wiimotes, four Nunchucks and Four Pro Controllers to cover all bases you'd more than likely actually want to cover on Wii U...well that's just absurd imo. At the very least you'd be looking at a few extra Wiimotes, a few extra Nunchucks and one extra Pro Controller to cover most bases and even that is a bit mental.

There's just no simple, clean and elegant control solution for that full multipayer gaming experience on Wii U as I see it.

Even with the PS4, which comes closest to Wii U with all it's extra controllers and stuff, can still be played almost entirely with a few Dual Shock 4s and the tiny handful of motion control games you can play are they types of games that 99% of gamers wouldn't miss in the slightest anyway.

99% of Xbox One and PS4 gamers at this point could just pickup four extra standard controllers (if they want full local multiplayer) and be totally content without ever feeling like they're missing out on any important part of that console experience (99% of them don't give a sh*t about the couple of crap motion controlled games on each of those systems).

If you tried that with the Wii U you be lose a massive chunk of the experience one way or another, depending on what controllers you pick, that I know 99% of gamers would not want to miss out on that system.

It's just a bit crazy and not at all an ideal solution imo is all.



Funny_Moblin said:

@Action51 Yeah, I guess you're right, but when you charge it on the Wii U, is the cable long enough to play with it as a wired controller? I'm just wondering just in case.



absuplendous said:

@Kirk There has always been, and likely always will be, certain games that only work with certain peripherals. I understand your concern with having to cover all the bases, but all I can recommend there is reviewing the back of the game box or eShop description to ensure you're properly equipped before you buy. I wouldn't expect a motion control game to work with Pro Controllers, and we've known since 2006 that the Wii Remote won't cover all the bases.

I've already conceded that the situation isn't ideal for games that require specific controllers, but I still don't see how multiple control options is "mental." But since you decided to retread the former rather than the latter, I'm not sure there is much more to it; at this point I think we'll just have to agree to disagree.



Kirk said:


Well I'm not on about very specific games like those that require a Balance Board or whatever, every system has very specific situations like that but those are so insignificant that they can basically be ignored in this conversation, but just a huge chunk of games that most owners of any of these consoles would basically consider essential to getting a satisfactorily complete experience of that system.

On Xbox One and PS4 99% of owners could skip any motion controlled gaming entirely without any real sense of loss whatever, if they just went with four standard control pads for example (which would basically be them sorted in terms of buying extra controllers), but on Wii U that simply cannot be done.

Four Pro controllers means losing a massively important part of the Wi U experience. Four Wiimotes however (let's say without Nunchucks or else that's four more extra attachments too) also means missing out on a massive part of the Wii U experience.

99% of gamers could realistically buy an Xbox One and four additional control pads (and NOTHING ELSE), let's say even without Kinect for arguments sake, and basically never have a single moment where they would bemoan the lack of being able to play this game or that game this way or that way with this many players or that many players...UNLESS they seriously gave one sh* t about a couple of full motion control efforts on the system (but we're allowed to be honest with ourselves here).

Try that on Wii U...

One solution is simple and elegant in 99% of scenarios that are likely to come up for the average gamer and the other is simply not (whichever way you go).



ZiggyZane said:

This is awesome BUT wouldn't a pro controller with the GameCube controller design be better as in a completely wireless WiiU edition GameCube controller



dkxcalibur said:

This is most likely good news.....I think. I'm wondering how much this will retail for. I'm questioning what players who never owned a Cube are going to do. I'm also wondering why the Pro controller wasn't designed with Smash in mind.



Uberchu said:

@unrandomsam Because GC VC games would have to be updated to use a Wireless controller then, too much effort for Big N.

I have 2 GCN controller and one is broken. D:



3MonthBeef said:

@retro_player_22 No gamer left behind I suppose. What bothers me is if Ninty ever decides to change to inputs for the latest console iteration you have to buy adapters all over again. I'm not saying they will but its a possibility.

It also further suggests Nintendo should have sold the Gamepad separately. and perhaps focused on either a more powerful console or fixed their whole online operation/strategy. People are already customizing their play style with different controllers, why single the Gamepad out especially if its severely under utilized?

As it stands the Gamepad is largely a forced upon yet rarely used special item. I feel the Wiimote is perfect. Offers truly unique gameplay and all Nintendo had to do was ride on that and slap HD or improved online experience on the box. In that case then a proper name change would have worked, like Super Wii just to make sure people knew it was a new console.

And I'm starting to see something with all of this:
Gamepad: Super casual games (i.e Wii Sports Club)
Wii U Pro Controller: Action/Games
Wiimote: Platformers
Wii Fit: Exercise/aerobic sport games
And now you have other peripherals (i.e nostalgic games, remakes or sequels with unchanged formulas; like SSMB4)

It would save Nintendo much headache to try to add support for 4-5 different controllers for one game rather than just stating which controller to get that is compatible with game "X." It also levels the playing field in cases where you're playing online like CoD Black Ops 2. Some people might have advantage depending on the type of controller their using, and that's unfair.

Any new player to SSMB will likely use the (rather large) gamepad and get his a$$ handed to him because his opponent is a veteran who knows the GC controller is the better form-factor for that game. That sucks and is unfair.



Ristar42 said:

I remeber the the old days when I could plug my Atari 2600 joystick into my C64, or a Megadrive pad into either... I kind of agree Wii U options are getting a bit messy, I really doubt this will result in GC VC, even if it did, be one game every six months knowing Nintendo...



absuplendous said:

@PS4 That doesn't make any sense. ALL Wii U Virtual Console games work with wireless controllers. Why would GC VC games be any different?



Moshugan said:

Well, I for one have had the same kinda frustration with Wii/Wii U's controller options as @Kirk
It's clear that few things are "mandatory" but simple convenience and vanity has made me buy a lot of Wii equipment.
I have three regular Wiimotes, two Motionplus dongles, one official Motionplus mote and a third party motionplus mote, and of course three nunchucks. Then I have one original classic controller and one classic controller pro. (I also have four Cube controllers since the previous gen) I've managed to avoid the new Pro Controller.
That's a lot of money!
I love having different kinda ways to play but it's not always practical or economical.

It's great if you're given an option to use either motion or buttons, motes or pads, but some games do require a few additions controllers.
For example, it's impossible to play many VC games in Wii mode without a mote and classic controller.
It's great that on Wii U, even a single Wiimote can be used for SNES VC etc. so they're going in the right direction imo.
If only Wii U equipment could be used in Wii mode...



Henmii said:

I'll probably don't buy it, unless its cheap AND there will be support for it (other then Smash). Gamecube controller was Nintendo's best controller!

A pity that it uses 2 usb-ports though.



retro_player_22 said:


"It would save Nintendo much headache to try to add support for 4-5 different controllers for one game rather than just stating which controller to get that is compatible with game "X." It also levels the playing field in cases where you're playing online like CoD Black Ops 2. Some people might have advantage depending on the type of controller their using, and that's unfair."

Yeah it would be great if Nintendo give us more controller options by our own preference but then we also had to realize to play the most unique feature of that game will the force use of the Game Pad be better or worst? Here's another history lesson, the Wii and Wii U were not the first Nintendo consoles to required force accessories in able to play a game, here's a list of past games that also required an accessory or special controller to play:

  • Duck Hunt (required the zapper for shooting)
  • Stadium Events/World Class Track Meet (required the Fitness Control Mat to play)
  • Battle Clash (required the SNES SuperScope)
  • Secret of Mana, Street Racer, Saturday Night Slam Masters, and the many Bomberman games (required the SNES multi-tap adapters in able to fully enjoy those game's multiplayer modes with more than two players).
  • Mario Paint (required the SNES Mouse Pad)
  • Pikachu: Genki Dechu a.k.a. Hey You, Pikachu! (required the N64 microphone included with the game)
  • Donkey Kong 64 (required the Expansion Pak)
  • Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles and Legends of Zelda: the Four Swords Adventure (required you and your friends to each own a GBA and their own GBA-to-GCN cable in able to play multiplayer on those games, yet another Wii U feature we still haven't seen on Wii U).
  • Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (required Wii Motion Plus)


3MonthBeef said:

@retro_player_22 I agree with what you said in earlier posts about the controller. There certainly a place for some specialized games (I played Duck Hunt) but as you said before something is definitely wrong when controllers are being pumped out of the factory more as solutions than anything else.

My point was stating from a development, and also marketing standpoint to a degree, Nintendo should have made it clear the Wii U machine would be a hub for different play styles. Somehow get the message across that for certain games you can only play it with one type of controller. Forget multi-controller support all together. It would save them the headache of having to adapt game to handle different configurations and level the overall playing experience for all gamers.

What makes me say this is I have Iwata's blue ocean QoL strategy jargon in my head and to me having these multiple controllers can at least be spun as a QoL type of direction. It would show me these pumped controller options were at least somehow apart of a grandeur scheme. But the reality is Nintendo made a mess and is trying to clean up and streamline everything. Its not huge, but it is unseemly of them.

They need to make games that scream out what controller is needed for what game. Battle Clash (required the SNES SuperScope) is a great example. If I saw in the store a game that had on the box "only for Wii U Gamepad" or "[Game title] only for Wiimote" with pictures of the controller right there on the box I wouldn't feel surprised.

Now there are icons on the back but that now has become to mean that the game also works with such and such controller and I think the best way to break away from that trend is to have a small yet noticeable picture of ONE controller on the front of the box. Clear as day. No fuss. No muss. When SSMB4 comes out on Wii U it should ideally be the GC controller on the front of the box.

The Wii U is a fan service made system at this point.



Kirk said:


Thank God at least one person gets it.

I also wonder if we did a survey to see how many different controllers all the people in here had for use with their Wii U if the situation would be similar...

I'm pretty confident it would be.

I guarantee you that 99% of Xbox One and PS4 owners on the other hand would only have up to three additional standard controllers for use with those systems and basically nothing else.



Moshugan said:

@Kirk As a disclaimer I should say that I'm all for options!
But forcing additional accessory is a bad idea, of course.



Kirk said:


I'm all for legitimate options too, as long as those "options" aren't really just additional convoluted substitutes for slightly gimped Wii U controller "solutions" in the first place, which I think is absolutely the case here.

For example; the fact that you actually need to have/buy additional Wiimotes and Classic Controllers just to be able to play any of the Wii specific Virtual Console games is a joke.

That's not a legitimate "choice" or additional "option". It's an entirely unnecessary inconvenience and extra expense that simply should not have existed.

First of all; ALL those games should be accessible directly in Wii U Mode anyway, there shouldn't even be a Wii Mode, and secondly; you should be able to play ALL of those games with/on the GamePad. Additionally; for any of those games that have multi-player you should be able to use the Pro Controller, without ever having to buy Wiimotes or Classic Controllers if you do not want to.

Here's my kind of idealistic controller solution on Wii U:

You can buy/use either GamePads (and one set of the triggers would actually be analog) or Wiimotes/Nunchucks and that's it. You would be able to buy and use up to four GamePads at once, for some truly amazing multiplayer experiences, and in case you can't afford three extra GamePads or you just want to play Wii specific games, the full motion/pointer stuff, then in most cases you could just substitute GamePads with a few Wiimotes instead. You'd also be able play GameCube games with/on the GamePad too (because in my ideal scenario Nintendo would have GC games on the Wii U Virtual Console by now). Oh, and you'd actually PROPERLY be able to use the GamePad anywhere in the house in my ideal scenario.

Now how much nicer, simpler and in fact superior would that be...given that being able to use up to four GamePads opens also up so many exciting additional gameplay possibilities that simply can't exist on Wii U right now when you can only use a single GamePad at any time.

Nintendo tried to cut too many corners imo: Not including a set of analog triggers on the GamePad. Not figuring out how to allow us to use up to four GamePads at once. Not allowing us to play Wii VC games with/on the GamePad. Not allowing us to properly use the GamePad anywhere in the house...and if it hadn't then I genuinely believe the Wii U could have been something TRULY TRULY special and I GENUINELY believe the Wii U would likely be winning the console war right now. Especially if it also hadn't cut additional corners in terms of the console's technical prowess and things like having proper CD/DVD/Blu-Ray/MP4/AVI playback too.

Note: There could still even exist the options of buying additional Pro Controllers or using legacy Classic Controllers etc but now they would at least be actual genuine optional extras and additional choices rather than forced necessities in some cases.



Meaty-cheeky said:

@Diddy_kong I completely agree with you, I'm in the same scenario, I have 3 Wii remotes + nun-chucks 2 Wii U pro controllers and the Wii U gamepad.

The Wii U pro controllers is the best controllers since the gamecube controller, and I don't see the need for this unless you really really need to have the melee experience. For myself I will save some money and stick with the Wii U pro controllers that I already own.

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