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Wed 10th July, 2013

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King47 commented on Poll: Which Current Generation Nintendo Soundt...:

I voted for smash, but I feel like it's cheating.
Tropical Freeze (windmill hills) and Xenoblade (gaur plains) soundtracks are amazing.
I even love the 3D World and mk8 soundtracks as incidental music, but I wouldn't listen to them.



King47 commented on Feature: 20 Wii Games We'd Love To Download Fr...:

FE:RD is the only game I have that I would buy again. I can't play it on my wii u because it doesn't use the pro controller/game cube controller. But if they allow me to play it on the game pad, I would cry tears of joy.



King47 commented on Club Nintendo to Close, With Replacement Loyal...:

This is sad. Though the rewards are awful at times. The program was good.

Hope whatever loyalty program they start will have the Nintendo network account, rather than a dedicated account, and to have better rewards.



King47 commented on The Bomber's Notebook Will Be Revamped in The ...:

I've never played MM, so I don't really know what this whole thing means.
But to me whatever changes they do to make the game better are welcome.

Games being difficult and tedious are two different things to me. So if they take away anything tedious (which is common to Zelda games) without dumbing down the game, I'm fine.

OoT3D and WWHD had very good changes from the originals.



King47 commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Confirms Playable Star Fox fo...:

I want F-Zero so much. But if Miyamoto waters it down, then no thanks. I don't want any gimmicks or controller shenanigans. The GC controller worked perfectly for GX, there's no reason to change that.
F-Zero must be precise and fast.



King47 commented on Reminder: The Nintendo Network Premium Promoti...:

This was a cool program. I have about 60 bucks on my account and a few games I want to buy from the eshop. I'm debating just spending all that money and the games I know I'll eventually get to use the promotion one last time, or just let it go.
My backlog is huge though.



King47 commented on Talking Point: The Time Is Right For A Nintend...:

I would only consider it if their flagship phones competes with other android flagship phones.

The problem with them making their own phone is that it can't be a new operating system, and if they went android, then they will lose all third party mobile support. Because the developed games would be developed for that system, and the publishers will not block the enormous android install base. I don't want touch screen controlled professor Layton, bravely default, and so on.



King47 commented on Video: Let's Play Bayonetta 2 With Lydia:

@Damo thanks a lot.

@Platoonleaderg I was planning in doing that, but I've been waiting for 2 and don't want to hold it till I play 1. Besides, I tend to not like to play two similar games in a very small window. So if I play 1, I'll have to wait a while before I want to play 2.
I'm not complaining though.



King47 commented on The New Nintendo 3DS Web Filter Does Successfu...:

@Kaze_Memaryu don't forget that Nintendo also wants to protect itself. Some patents well assume these things are safe for their kids when they buy them. And if lots of kids watch porn on the 3ds it'll be an annoyance to deal with the press and the bad image. This way they can say the parent was at fault, and they'll be right.