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Tue 29th April, 2014

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ZenTurtle commented on SmileBASIC Releases on the North American 3DS ...:

That was when BASIC was a lot like FORTRAN: difficult to learn, and difficult to maintain code. Thankfully BASIC has changed, and so has FORTRAN. They're much more usable now and more like other languages.
Although Python is certainly a better choice for teaching beginners!



ZenTurtle commented on Rumour: Nintendo and DeNA Will Be Revealing th...:

There's that phrase again: 'IP'. What does 'intellectual property' actaully mean? It is just some meaningless soundbite used to link copyright, trademark and patents together, as if they are some tangible physical object. All governed by the sinister 'World Intellectual Property Organisation'. Seems like these corporations just want to supress creativity. Stop using this meaningless phrase! Instead of saying "bringing IP to mobile devices", say they are "bringing Nintendo games to mobile devices".



ZenTurtle commented on The Pokémon Company Sues Fan for Copyright In...:

'Intellectual property': what does it actually mean? There's copyright of works, but the term 'IP' is so vague that it is only loosely related. It suggests a relationship between patents, copyright and trademarks as something comparable to a physical object. Patents, copyright and trademarks are all designed for different things. At the end of the day, 'IP' is just a term used by big corporations to suppress creativity, all governed by the sinister and dubious 'World Intellectual Property Organisation'.



ZenTurtle commented on Feature: The Wild And Wacky World Of WarioWare:

I love Warioware! The micro-games are pretty fun. However, my favourite game is Warioware DIY for sure! I spent hours churning out wacky, wonderful games, usually involving some sort of silly premise. I also loved making the odd homage to various arcade games (none of which I ever managed to play in actual arcades, though)! Then, I discovered the online competition that was held monthly. I was selected about 5 times. which made me quite impressed with my game-making skills. It's part of what got me interested in programming more advanced programs on my computer. It's simply satisfying to make a program (here, a game), and have it work how one designed it. That's the simple joy of games like this!
It's just a pity the competitions are no more after the servers were abandoned. I live in hope for a new Warioware DIY!



ZenTurtle commented on The Piracy of amiibo Now Seems Possible With t...:

There will always be dubious plastic figurines. This makes little difference in terms of fakes, except maybe they can work with consoles. I doubt the people who manufacturer the fakes would put any effort into putting the NFC chip in their products, let alone putting data on the chips



ZenTurtle commented on Talking Point: Raw Power Isn't Vital to Ninten...:

Power is not everything, but for what you pay for a Nintendo console, some people expect a little bit... more? They make good games, but if nobody buys the consoles, there won't be as much support from other developers, I think. Part of the reason high-end PCs are so overpowered is Windows' bloat. Some Windows programs run faster on emulators on GNU-Linux than on actual Windows! Optimisation is everything here, although more raw power tends to make some things a little bit faster, that's the good thing about games consoles.



ZenTurtle commented on Talking Point: The Pros, Cons and Questionable...:

Make games for the next Nintendo console, for crying out loud! It needs to launch with several high-quality (i.e 5-10) Nintendo-made games, and the same again, even more, games from other developers. There needs to be a commitment from the big development studios, and a proper online service, with a brilliant download store, full of many original Nintendo games as well as all their classic systems. They probably can't do this for 2016, but they need to get to work, so they can deliver such a system. Most importantly, it must be fun, and of course, abandon the 'Wii' name. It is not suitable for a console that is a clean break.



ZenTurtle commented on The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Director...:

Adding a female player character would have no impact on gameplay or story, so why can't there be an option? Link has practically no characterisation, communication is just gestures and facial expressions, so it would take very little work to add this as an option, and would please the people who want to play as a female character.



ZenTurtle commented on Reaction: The Concept of eShop 'Early Access' ...:

I'm all for it! Being more open with who can develop will bring in new talent and a greater variety of games! Most early-access games are great, and allowing feedback from people who play the games results in better games overall.



ZenTurtle commented on Nintendo Isn't Talking About NX Because It Doe...:

Wii U is dead, clearly. The new Legend of Zelda game will probably be a launch title of their next console, hence the various delays. Nintendo tried to innovate with the Wii U controller - it just made the console more expensive, and people just thought it was an add-on for the Wii. They need to drop the 'Wii' branding, and innovate with software. Who knows what ideas they have for the next console (Nintendo probably don't either), but so long as the games have enough support from other publishers, and are of a very high quality, then I think they could do well. Basically, Nintendo need to be seen as the software and hardware-maker to beat.



ZenTurtle commented on Pokémon Jukebox Arrives For Free on Android D...:

On Android, pre-installed apps, such as the Google Apps and other things the manufacturer or mobile network installs (like the Galaxy Apps store on Samsung devices) usually cannot be uninstalled. If you use ADB from a PC, the device says 'permission denied'. It is extremely frustrating. You can 'disable' the apps in settings, so that they supposedly don't run, but they still take up storage space, which is really bad for devices with less than 16GB of storage.

Google can, and do remotely uninstall apps. For example, if an app is found to be malicious, they sometimes remove it. That is good for users, but it shows they can do it as they please. There are plenty of privacy issues with Google, and the Play store is no different. For me, I use F-Droid for apps. It's full of free and open-source apps, so it is most secure. I tried the Amazon app store but it needs an Amazon account with a real address. There is no problem with using Google Play if people want to, but there should be an effort to publish apps outside of it, at the very minimum by releasing the .APK file to install it wherever.



ZenTurtle commented on Pokémon Jukebox Arrives For Free on Android D...:

@Sgt_Ludby @Uberchu
Google Play is malware because you cannot uninstall it (without root permission, which stupidly voids the warranty), and it sends private information off to Google such as what apps a user has installed, with or without their permission, and allows Google to install and uninstall apps remotely.



ZenTurtle commented on Feature: Five Key Moments from Nintendo's E3:

The lack of a proper Animal Crossing game was really bad. Happy Home Designer and the party game seem to be things that would be extras in a full game, as if they canned a full release for... some reason. Other than that, it was OK. I'm really happy we are finally getting a multiplayer Legend of Zelda game with online play! That is something that will be loads of fun!



ZenTurtle commented on Nintendo Is A Slave To Its Past Success, Says...:

Splatoon is an example of a new game that could attract new audiences. To create more such games, they need lots of new talent. Making games that nobody has thought of yet will attract people that hadn't thought of buying Nintendo games.



ZenTurtle commented on First Impressions: Our Maiden Flight In Star F...:

They can redeem themselves by giving us another presentation with the games we wanted to see, or at least something about Zelda! Anything! We want to see the games they are working on, concept art, some early footage of games!



ZenTurtle commented on Triforce Heroes Resurrects Zelda Co-Op On Nint...:

Well, at least it will be widely available, unlike Anniversary Edition. However, I think that Four Swords (and Adventures) had a much superior game engine to A Link Between Worlds. Anniversary Edition should have had online play, but this does, which means it will be pretty good for me!



ZenTurtle commented on Triforce Heroes Resurrects Zelda Co-Op On Nint...:

It should be at least 4 player. I love hectic online battles! Will this be a true successor to Four Swords Adventures, I wonder?! Perhaps, if it was the same scope (and I wish it had the same game engine, FSA had the best 2D game engine in my opinion), I would like it more! Maybe they'll improve it somewhat before launch?



ZenTurtle commented on Feature: What We Expect from Nintendo's E3 Dig...:

Want a Fire Emblem anthology to complement FE 'If'. Also new Paper Mario game. New 2D Metroid could be good. A new Animal Crossing game would be fun too. Loved it on the DS, lost the 3DS copy somewhere maybe I will have to find it again!



ZenTurtle commented on Blast Ball Unveiled For Nintendo 3DS During Ni...:

Looks very Metroid-like to me. I would not be surprised if the two are related in some way. Perhaps, if they were to reveal some new Metroid game, they would communicate in some manner. Still, it's all speculation! This game could be fun.