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Onion commented on Bravely Second "Tomahawk" Costume Change Confi...:

As always, @Plywood Stick is making sense, they could have made it into something respectful if they put forth the effort.

That said, I find it hilarious there are people saying they won't buy the game now. Over what, a costume? Er, right. Sure. Whatever. That'll teach 'em! eyeroll



Onion commented on Review: Final Fantasy Explorers (3DS):

The review seems pretty fair, I have no complaints.

I do wish people would stop comparing this to Monster Hunter though. I think a world meeting needs to be held to explain that just because you have a 4 player co op game with large monsters, doesn't mean it's Monster Hunter. I'd say the game has a lot more in common with Phantasy Star Online than Monster Hunter, but that's just me. I think it creates an unfair perception of the game in gamers minds because they go in expecting Monster Hunter but get Final Fantasy. It's a more original game than what the media portrays it to be, and as I said it definitely has more in common with PSO.

EDIT: Huh... Looks like @ECM and @Windy already beat me to the punch on that. Well, good to know someone else agrees then!



Onion commented on Unseen64 Digs Up Development Insights Into Met...:


Quorthon tends to cherry pick what he responds to and what he doesn't, so if you persist in this argument with him, prepare to see a lot of valid points go un-addressed. He takes only what he can make an argument out of and twists it around and ignores anything that that he can't. Most of his points have been shot down already anyway so I wouldn't expect much more than that from him at this rate. Besides, there's only so long someone can argue on a subject before they get bored of it and I believe he's reached that point and moved on to the next thing to bicker about.

On the topic of Zero Mission for example, there's not much more that can be said. Only hardcore Metroid fans would recommend the original over Zero Mission, because Zero Mission is more playable and has the original game included anyway. In the words of James Rolfe "There's a difference between something that's old school and something that's outdated. Old school is like the Atari 2600, the games are primitive but they're still fun to play. You can always go back to them. Outdated is something you never want to go back to." This describes the original NES Metroid perfectly. The game is badly dated, every room looks exactly the same except minor variations in color, the fact dying means restarting with only 30 energy means you have to grind more energy before tackling Norfair again and completely defeats the point of energy tanks if they aren't even going to be filled when you die, there was no means of switching beams so if you needed the ice beam you had to go back for it, the bosses were beyond pathetic, there was no map so you had to either follow a guide, play the game so much you had it all memorized, or draw your own map (which I actually did), you can only shoot straight forward, up, or down (down only while jumping), and the overall game design was archaic and messy. Zero Mission came through, cleaned the game up, streamlined it, and made it no longer suck. The only people who would recommend the original over the remake are people still stuck in 1986 and hardcore elitists who think everything has to be hard or else it sucks. Zero Mission's difficulty hits most of the right notes and can be made harder because Metroid games are flexible. This isn't even mentioning the hardware limitations of the original such as the terrible slowdown and such. I grew up with Metroid on NES and even I can't recommend it because you just had to be growing up in that time to really enjoy it. Play it today and it will just piss you off and kill your faith in the NES library. Zelda at least aged gracefully for the most part.

Regardless, I think it's best to simply give both games the credit they deserve rather than bash one and love the other. I've always been of the mind that one game isn't better than another, they're just different. That philosophy applies here too. Metroid was good for it's time and Zero Mission was good for it's time. There's no need for all the hating on one and loving on the other, appreciate both for what they are.

As for the idea that there is "nothing left to be done" that is simply not true and others have already addressed this. There's still loose ends to tie up, there's still ideas left to use, etc.. For example, wouldn't it be interesting to see a Metroid game done in a style similar to the Etrian games where the player fills out their map on the bottom screen or the Gamepad? The Etrian games turned the tedious map making from the 80's that most of us had to do into a fun experience within the game itself that feels immersive and adds to that sense of discovery. There's also no reason the Metroid series can't attempt something entirely new (and no I don't mean Federation Farce, that game undermines the entire series). For example, an open world Metroid game. Open world games are all the rage these days. Why not bring Metroid into the open world? Create a Metroid game with an expansive landscape that can be explored from the top or from within. Implement Samus's Gunship in ways similar to what Metroid Prime 3 started, but expand upon it, allowing to to serve as a fast travel function or mobile base. There's a ton of ideas still left for the series. The problem is that Nintendo is stuck on what to do with it. The fact they resorted to something like Federation Force shows they just don't know what to do with it. Personally, I'd be happy with just a Metroid II remake in the same vein as Zero Mission. Metroid II is one of my favorites but like the first game, it's a little bit outdated. Retro themselves toyed with the idea if I recall.

As for remakes being pointless, again I'm just rehashing what others have said but, no. They aren't. They introduce a new generation of gamers to the older games but do so in a way that makes them more accessible, and change things up just enough that those who had played the game already can enjoy the new features. For example, Majora's Mask 3D introduced things that made the game so much more convenient to play, including a save system that is sensible. There is nothing wrong with remakes or remasters, they have plenty of uses and should be appreciated just as much as brand new games. The problem stems from companies like Capcom whom if you look at their list of recent or upcoming games, most of them are remasters or ports. And they aren't even done particularly well, with Mega Man Legacy basically being a laughing-stock among the Mega Man fans and the port of Street Fighter IV on the PS4 being so undercooked that Capcom has to roll out patches to fix the colossal mess they've created.



Onion commented on Review: Yoshi's Woolly World (Wii U):


I've been playing Arkham Knight as well, but I already got 100% on it so now I'm stuck waiting for this game to come out. Living in the US sucks sometimes, October is so far away...

As for the game itself, I was one of the people who just couldn't get into Epic Yarn. I almost never say this, but it was way too easy. Good cure for insomnia though. This game however looks like it could be fun.



Onion commented on Hands On: Blast Ball Brings Crude Button Mashi...:


You seem to be conveniently forgetting all the things Metroid II did to advance the series. It introduced growth cycles for Metroids, introduced the baby metroid which would later be used for the basic storyline in Super Metroid, gave us insight on what SR388 was like, introduced the Spider-Ball which later returned in Metroid Prime, and is the first game to give Samus her iconic Varia Suit armor design which was necessary because of the graphical limitations of the Gameboy hardware. Also that was the longest sentence I ever typed. (Also worth noting it was the first handheld Metroid so it deserves some credit for that as well.)

Anyway it doesn't deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as Other M because the only thing Other M did to advance the series was fix the inconsistencies from Metroid Fusion, gave Samus PTSD and a Daddy Complex, and gave Samus high heels.

As for this game, I won't say too much because I think I made my case very plain before in other discussions so I will keep it short. If the treehouse videos and this are any indication, this game is going to be very meh and will probably not do all that well, which will give Nintendo more reason to not give a damn about Samus or Metroid. The only other thing I will point out is as usual, the defenders of this game can't formulate a better argument than randomly insulting those of us who think this game is a stain on Metroid than accusing us of being crybabies without actually going through the trouble to try and convince us otherwise. Nothing new to see here. I'm going back to sleep. Wake me up when Mario Maker and Xenoblade X get here!



Onion commented on Talking Point: Metroid Prime: Federation Force...:


I actually did the same thing. I've been watching and researching as much about Federation Force as possible, hoping to find a trace of Metroid somewhere in there. The more I looked, the less I found.


"Speak for yourself, not for me or anyone else. Sentences like this gives you no sympathy points."

Sorry, you must be aware of a sequel to Metroid that occurred after Other M that I'm not. And.. why would I want sympathy points?

"Fanfic? Really? For me, Other M is a good game and not a "fanfic". Sakamoto developed the game with Nintendo and therefore, he has a right to change the story to a direction he things it should go. What I hate to hear, are fans who say "they ruined our game series". What do they owe? They owe nothing. They merely supported the games with their money, but that is all. People forget that this game is not their property. If they don't like the course of action in the Metroid games, then they should not buy it. That simply. It makes me mad because I know what it means to write a story and later hear from fans that "Person A should be with C together and not with B and should not act like this but this". The story is not theirs to command how to it will go, it is the right of the creators, who started and working on it. This is why the whole lamenting about Other M and Federation Force just makes me mad."

That's fair, but it doesn't change the fact that Other M didn't feel anything like a Metroid game. The story, the gameplay, nothing felt remotely Metroid. The story itself was childishly written, with shallow usage of symbolism that even a 14 year old could figure out. The writing got such a backlash because it made no sense, it didn't follow any sort of logic, and it completely disrespected Samus as a character. I respect your opinion on the plot though so I will just leave it at that for now. it's the right of the writers to write it as they see fit, true, but it's also the right of the fans rather or not they accept it. To me, your whole argument seems to be "Sakamoto wrote it so we have to like it!" and I simply can't agree with that. I'm welcome to disagree with and hate anything I damn well please. While I don't HATE Other M I strongly dislike the direction the game went in. By your argument, myself and the others who feel the same way are not allowed that? Oh please.

Other M pushed the fans too far in terms of story and they rejected it, as they were right to do. From your point of view fans are supposed to just choke down everything the writers and developers do and not complain? I don't think so. Also Other M feels more like Metroid than anything I've seen from Federation Force, so it has that much going for it. As far as gameplay goes, I agree, it's not that bad of a game but it's the story most people rejected and for good reason.

"And speaking of Federation Force, there are new developments and infos about the game, so please, don't jump to conclusion and inform yourself before you call something bad, because this does not give the game any justice at all."

I never called the game bad. I just said it has little to do with Metroid. My problem with the game stems mainly from the fact it does not use the brand it's supposed to represent very well. That and the fact I got too much of a Monster Hunter vibe from it, but that's not really bad. As far as the new info goes, yes I am aware of it but as far as I know, this is all just claims by NIntendo. Single player, Samus, and Metroids are supposed to be appear, but I've seen no trace of either of those things. As I detailed with my 5 (I know it's technically 6 but two of the points are actually the same and I'm just too lazy to go back and delete or rewirte one) things wrong with Federation Farce, one of the two points against this game was no Samus and no real usage of source material. If those two things are revealed, then yes I will remove those two points against the game. Until I see a video of these traits though, the points stay and the game has only passing resemblance to Metroid. The fact you're not arguing that means you agree with me or at the very least, aren't really in disagreement too much about it

As I've said numerous times, I think the game SHOULD be judged on it's own merits but this is impossible when it insists on calling itself Metroid and sucking on the franchise. As long as it bears the Metroid name it will continue to be compared to Metroid and will continue to be hated. It's perfectly reasonable for fans to hate something that no longer resembles what they recognize it as. Look at the Final Fantasy series as a good example. Having never played it myself, I can only say that fans rejected the more recent games because it didn't feel like Final Fantasy to them. Which is fair and I agree with them on that. If you're not going to use the brand, there's no reason for the game to exist within the brand. it's better off going the New IP route (which Nintendo needs anyway) rather than continue to damage itself by pretending to belong to a franchise it has little to do with. The single player campaign would have to really Metroid itself up to make up for the failings thus far. As far to my knowledge Samus has only been stated to appear in ONE mission, same with the Metroids. I swear you people will do anything to defend this game. So Samus appears IN ONE MISSION and suddenly that's okay? Sorry but no. Samus getting a cameo in her own series actually adds to the insult. Samus represents Metroid, to only have her in the game as a mere cameo really does not help (it's almost like Nintendo didn't learn from Konami's mistake with Metal Gear Solid 2). Now if they make her the main character of the single player mode, then I believe that would be a step in the right direction.

Even if we ignore the lack of source material though and no Samus, that still leaves 3 major points against the game. Lack of Metroid tech (I've only seen a Missile and read about a Super Missile thus far), a lack of anything Metroid (a few monsters seem to be from Prime but that's about it), and the fact they chose a really bad genre and graphic style to represent a series known for being a bit more adult than the others. I find it funny people defend the graphic style when they don't seem to be aware of the fact that Metroid was one of the few "adult" games in the Nintendo lineup. Now they're taking away even that? it leaves a lot of people feeling alienated.

I personally don't mind the graphics too much but they do undermine the core of the series and any time you do something like that, you're not doing anything good for the series or the fanbase. Like if Halo suddenly went chibi, do you think the fanbase would react well? probably not.



Onion commented on Talking Point: Metroid Prime: Federation Force...:


Oh... Well I did try at least. I did a comparison between Hunters and Federation Force once already and it didn't hold up very well.


Other M has that effect on almost everyone. Even people who like it, because they get angry thinking about the backlash it got. Personally, I didn't think it was that bad, but the Metal Gear Solid style drama and cutscenes came off as childish and I think people didn't care much for them. It's kinda funny how Solid Snake/Naked Snake can cry in their games and no one bats an eye, but Samus overreacts a few times in a game for the sake of dramatic effect and suddenly her character is assassinated.

Either way I think we can all agree that Other M didn't advance the series very much. It seemed mostly like the game only existed for 3 reasons.

1. To fix all the canon breaking and inconsistency from Metroid Fusion.

2. To try and give us a sequel to Super Metroid.

3. Sakamoto wanted to publish his Metroid fanfic.

Update: Well I watched the 3rd treehouse for this game but I couldn't go on anymore. After the 7 minute mark i just turned it off. "Melee Trooper", really? It actually resembles a Space Pirate but jeez, these lame placeholder names are not helping the situation. It's like if a Mario game called a goomba a "Stompy thing" and a Koopa "Kicking thing". Sure, call it Metroid, just don't use any of the Metroid terminology. Do they think we're idiots?



Onion commented on Talking Point: Metroid Prime: Federation Force...:

So I feel kinda bad that so few people can actually give a convincing argument that this game has anything at all to do with Metroid. I'm going to play devil's advocate here and after looking really hard, I managed to find two screenshots that may actually make this look like a Metroid game. If you squint. And use a lot of imagination. This was like trying to find a turd that looks like a cupcake but I think i've done it!

Change the "ice beast" from Federation Farce into the Sheegoth, change the Lost World map to Phendrana Drifts, squint, and throw sand in your eyes, and it may look...Sorta like a Metroid game? It's like one of those 3D posters where if you stare long enough you see something.

There we go. I've done what Nintendo and the people defending this game couldn't do. I made it seem like a Metroid game. Hire me to be the CEO.

Now let's analyze this in depth so I can beat this dead horse a bit further.

First, the arm cannon. It sucks. It looks like a baby's version of Samus's arm cannon. if you've seen how the Federation fights in every game except Corruption, that comparison is probably pretty accurate. The HUD itself is an absolute joke. I already know they moved a lot down to the bottom screen which is a good thing, but the only thing Metroid about this screenshot is that it has a lifebar and the outline of a visor. Wow. How totally Metroid. Lasstly, the graphics are pretty bad. I know this is a 3DS game but if they can run a Wii game on the hardware, they can run a GC game. This game in terms of graphics alone looks nothing like Metroid, but it doesn't even play like Metroid if the videos are anything to go by. Unless of course I missed the Metroid game that played like a lamer version of Monster hunter.

Also I need to address the constant argument about Metroid Prime Pinball and Hunters. The difference here is that those games had flagship Metroid games in between. Here we have no Metroid game in sight. So obviously fans feel a bit shafted that after 7 years, we get Baby's First Metroid instead of a new 2D entry or a Prime 4.

When I come back later I'll use a nuclear bomb on the horse to kill it further. Just wait.

Note: Edited out the map reference. That wasn't a map, that was one of the players on the corner of the screen. >_>

Note 2: The 2nd picture is from Metroid Prime. Yeah I know I'm stating the obvious but sometimes it helps to clarify.



Onion commented on Talking Point: Metroid Prime: Federation Force...:

Anyone else noticed yet that the people who support this game are insulting us (as the post above so bluntly does) but yet don't actually make any real arguments? I think that says enough by itself. As @Yorumi pointed out, this whole "entitled _" insult is getting old and doesn't raise or address any points. People who are for this game can't seem to make any real argument on the games behalf. Why should it exist? How is it a Metroid game? None of these points are ever raised. Instead it's just insults. Those of us who are either against it (I'm not against it personally, just the title) or dislike it raise valid points while most of the people who are in support out it can't quite seem to raise their heads out of their own backsides long enough to articulate their own point of view or side of things. (This is a generalization I know but it's one hard not to make.)

Nintendo fans are doing more harm than good by justifying every single thing they do. Releasing a game that isn't Metroid and calling it Metroid after they have bluntly ignored the existing fanbase for 7 years is a bad move, and by defending it people are actually enabling Nintendo. When people learn that not everything Nintendo does is okay, I think the company as a whole will start to straighten up and maybe the community that surrounds it will be taken more seriously.

Also @Plywoodstick raises a very good point it's something I've been saying as well. This game does not need to exist as a Metroid game. It obviously never was a Metroid game. Splatoon started off as a Mario game but was later switched to a new IP, so why in the name of the Onion Overlord was this game not a new IP? It has about as much to do with Metroid as Halo. Imagine Codename Steam as a friggin' Fire Emblem game. Nintendo are just leeching off the Metroid name and it's an insult to those of us who were waiting for a game that was never being made. It's soul crushing and insulting. Oh and before anyone says you can tell it's a Metroid game because of the hUD (I see this argument a lot), bear in mind there are other games with a similar HUD as well. Look up Star Wars: Republic Commando and you'll see what I mean. Take away the Metroid title and there is only a passing resemblance to Metroid Prime here. They couldn't even be bothered to use weapons or enemies from Prime (as far as I can tell) and instead just use enemies that sorta look like they're from Prime and weapons that sorta could be from Prime. Like the missile weapon I saw in the 12 minute video. Okay it's... A missile. It could be from Metroid. I guess? Who knows.

Change it to a new IP and I think everyone will be happy.



Onion commented on Talking Point: Metroid Prime: Federation Force...:

Just as a friendly reminder, those of you using the S word (you know who you are) should probably redact that before the admins do so for you. Just giving a friendly little warning to you guys. I know there's a lot of passion here but I've seen like 4 different people use some stronger words than what's allowed.



Onion commented on Metroid Prime Producer Wants to Make Another S...:


I'm not all that interested in the new Star Fox (it looks pretty meh to me so far) but you're right to say it's a good sign to see us getting a Star Fox game at all.

Have fun with Other M though! I recommend taking the cutscenes with a grain of salt. Or aspirin.



Onion commented on Metroid Prime: Federation Force Is The Metroid...:


I meant the comments section, sorry for not clarifying that. I made a rather large post on the subject near the bottom and I don't really want to spam it here since it's a little lengthy. I detailed 6 reasons why I felt it had little to do with Metroid, I just don't want to repost here. It's a little buried by this point but it's down there. Somewhere.

I obviously don't know what went down when the game was made but based on the research I did, this game has about as much to do with Metroid as Halo does.



Onion commented on Talking Point: Metroid Prime: Federation Force...:


Thanks for telling us how we should feel, it makes life a lot easier on us when we have superior life forms such as yourself explain to us how we should think, feel, or what opinions we are entitled to.

I recommend you scroll up at my post if you truly want to debate Metroid qualities of this game instead of just randomly yelling and bold texting at everyone, telling them how they should feel. But then you would have to use an actual argument instead of buzzwords about entitlement, so I don't expect much in the way of actual logic or reasoning from you.

Remember folks, opinions are a thing. There's no need to try and invalidate them by abusing buzzwords that don't have anything to do with the subject. This is not about entitlement, this is about Nintendo delivering something no one asked for while blatantly ignoring what fans have been begging about for 7+ years. I don't know about the rest of the fanbase, but I never once said "Gee, we really need a Metroid game without Samus where you play as a bunch of nameless and faceless Federation Marines who run around on a planet shooting generically named monsters who bear little to no resemblance to Metroid and has a weird version of soccer where 3 people take turns shooting a ball into a hole in a wall."

Maybe I'm just weird.



Onion commented on Metroid Prime: Federation Force Is The Metroid...:


For reasons why I don't think this is a Metroid game (and why I don't believe they even had Metroid in mind when developing it) go to the article here: and scroll down. It's not a Metroid game to me at all.

As for Street Fighter 2010, as far as I know it still had Street Fighter in the name in Japan, so unless you can prove otherwise, you're incorrect. The only major change the localization team made was changing Kevin Striker to Ken.



Onion commented on Metroid Prime Producer Wants to Make Another S...:


Join the club dude. My world was crushed too. We were all waiting for something that wasn't happening, like waiting for a comet that only passes every 100 years. Except this time the comet passed us by.

Here's hoping future generations will get a Metroid game.



Onion commented on Talking Point: Metroid Prime: Federation Force...:


By 4vs4 I actually meant the blastball part, which was 3vs3, so I was definitely incorrect about that part no matter how you look at it. This game began as Blastball when it was first unveiled and at no point did they ever say it was Metroid (to my knowledge) until yesterday. All they did was slap Metroid Prime into the title.

That aside I've seen just as much of the game as you or anyone else has. I never acually claimed there were no Metroids in the game, but that there was a lack of source material, which is something that is undeniable as of right now. But since you mention it, there are no traces of Metroids so far, so that actually does more to strengthen my argument than deter it.

Unfortunately you fell for the whole thing hook, line, and sinker. Just because a game bears a title doesn't mean it is actually part of the series. Many games have incorrect titles, such as Final Fantasy Adventure, Final Fantasy Legend, etc.. And believe me those are not Final Fantasy games.

I do agree there is no way to say if the game is good or bad and I mentioned before that the game should be judged by it's own merits. Which is impossible to do when it's named after a series it has so far proven to have little relation to. Take out the Metroid name and there you go.

I don't really want to get into this because I'm just rehashing what I'm sure thousands have already said on twitter and such, but here goes... 6 reasons why this is not a Metroid game, let alone a Prime game.

1. The graphic style. Graphics don't matter but Metroid has always had 2 distinct styles. The anime style from Super Metroid and most of the 2D games (although darker in tone), and the Prime games, which feature semi-realistic 3D graphics and again a darker tone. This sudden change to cutesy chibi graphics completely undermines the series. Metroid has always been viewed as the more mature of the Nintendo lineup, having been loosely based on an R rated sci-fi slasher film. The Chibi style, while cute and fine by itself, has about as much to do with Metroid as a bowl of Fruit Loops. Sure, if you squint that green fruitloop may resemble a Metroid. But it's just a green fruitloop. It's easy to dismiss this as "just graphics" but it's more than that, it's an overall tone. You know what else would be a great idea? A Great Theft Auto game where all the characters have a super deformed artstyle. It'd go over about as well.

2. The weaponry only barely resembles Metroid technology. The arm cannons and beams are incredibly weak looking and are, in all honesty, embarassing compared to the terrawatts of power the beams Samus uses contain. They even sound weak. It's like comparing the massive, colorful charge shots from the X Buster to Mega Man's little pea shooting lemon gun. Even the lock on seems weak. Have you seen a Plasma Beam? A morph ball? A power bomb? A grapple beam? How about anything that resembles a Metroid weapon? Other than a basic charge beam, I haven't seen a damn thing that resembles anything like Metroid weaponry. Even the Marines from Prime 2 and 3 had more fitting weapons than they do here. See an ice beam? Nope.. A missile? Well, I didn't see one except once, so I am not entirely sure about that. A super missile? Nope. Screwattack? Negative. What do we get? Generic weaponry with names like "Repair Capsule" and "Slow Beam." Yawn.

3. The monsters are generic. It could very easily have used the Sheegoth or other monsters, but instead we get what appears to be generic monsters with generic names. This is a point raised by others but if this is a Metroid game, why is the ice monster called "ice beast" and not a Sheegoth? Nintendo and the fans defending them lose the right to call this a Metroid game when they can't even bother to use the monster names. That's lazy. "Goliath beetle"? Really? The "Trooper" doesn't even have "Pirate" in the name. It's almost as if it was never intended to be a Metroid game and the name was slapped on! Oh wait...

4. Wrong genre. People who know nothing of Metroid are probably quick to label the games as shooters, but this is inaccurate. Metroid games are exploration based adventure games where isolation plays a major role in the game. This has none of those qualities. It's an action/sports game. How can anyone look at this and possibly see Metroid? The only thing it has in common with Metroid are the arm canons, the armor design, and the HUD. Can you imagine if Xcom became a FPS? How about Civilisation becoming a life sim? The only thing this has in common with Metroid or Prime (besides the things I already listed) is the first person view. This is a generic first person shooter, Metroid Prime is not. That's a first person adventure (at least that was how it was marketed). That's like trying to claim that Resident Evil 4 is in the same genre as Resident Evil 2 even though the two games are night and day. How does an intense exploration based series suddenly transform into a multiplayer game seemingly overnight? If nothing else they could have simply called it Metroid Hunters: Federation Force. Even the Lego games do a better job of using the source material than the 12 minute of footage I saw from this game.

5. No trace of source material. Can you find a Metroid anywhere there? No? Can you show me anything from a Metroid game in there? No? Then I believe we're done here. And don't tell me the ice stage is Phendrana Drifts. It's called The Lost World.

6. No Samus. How can you have a Metroid game without Samus? Not even including her in the game at all (from what we've seen) is not a good sign at all. It makes the game appear as if it had a big name like Metroid shoe-horned in. Oh wait...

In conclusion, I actually agree with you about it probably being a good game and I said before in another article that it DOES look fun. But it's not Metroid. It can pretend to be Metroid all it wants, it isn't. And there's simply no way to convince me or anyone else who feels the same that this game has anything to do with Metroid other than the title it bears and having armored guys in arm cannons. And if that's all it takes for a game to pass off as Metroid, then I guess Microsoft also has a Metroid series called Halo.



Onion commented on Talking Point: Metroid Prime: Federation Force...:


Sorry, was not aware it was a joke, I'm a bit tone deaf over the Internet.

As for your point, I think you're in the minority here or have not played a Metroid Prime game. It has nothing in common with Metroid except for the multiplayer element and even that is stretching it fiercely. It has less to do with the lack of Samus and more to do with the lack of Metroid in the game. You know, the source material the game is named after and supposed to be representing? If you can't tell this isn't a Metroid game then I doubt you're a terribly serious Metroid fan. This a 4vs4 Splatoon type game that doesn't have any business bearing the Metroid name. Had it been left simply as Blastball or something else, no one would care. There's a big difference between a new IP and simply sucking on a franchise like Metroid for monetary gain. Dismissing it as "Metroid without the hot blonde" (who has a name, fyi) shows not only how little you know (or care) about the franchise but also works more to prove my point than anything else.

Also as a disclaimer I'm not trying to use the "UR NOT A TRU FAN" argument, but rather pointing out that even non-metroid fans can recognize that this is not a Metroid game. It's a game bearing the Metroid title but is not Metroid. Scroll up through the sea of comments to see arguments as to why, I'm not about to recycle them for you.



Onion commented on Talking Point: Metroid Prime: Federation Force...:


Exactly. Imagine if Splatoon used Mario characters the way it originally intended. Blastball is fine as a new IP but not fine as a Metroid game. This kind of crap is something from the friggin 90's where game designers thought it was cute to take a game like SaGa and call it Final Fantasy Legend. It was frustrating then and it's frustrating now. You can't treat us like we're idiots anymore, we're grown up now and we can see through the BS!

@skjia You're completely missing the point...



Onion commented on Talking Point: Metroid Prime: Federation Force...:


The jet heels in Smash I thought was fun, but now I'm wondering if they were actually mocking Samus and Metroid fans. Or maybe just mocking Other M.


You sir win the internet for today. I'm usually quite good at putting my thoughts into words so I was sitting here thinking the very same things: The Federation are complete idiots. They can't even handle bugs that die in one shot from Samus's MOST BASIC GUN in Metroid Prime 2. However I've been holding my tongue because I feared once I started, I'd be unable to stop.

Thank you for expressing what I've been wanting to express. However from what I understand the Federation did apparently study her weapons somewhat. They seemed to have adopted her Power Suit design and weaponry into their forces. Just a lot weaker.


I disagree strongly. There is more than enough for Nintendo to work with. A sequel to fusion for example, detailing Samus and the consequence of what happened aboard the BSL, Prime 3 ended with a nod to a sequel, etc. The series isn't played out like Mega Man, there's really only been about 10 or so games. Lastly, you're just dismissing everyone's arguments as whining because you can't be bothered to argue intelligently about it. Metroid fans have a reason to be upset.

Nintendo almost comes off as spiteful with this whole thing. You don't show METROID PRIME and then have it be this. It's intentionally teabagging an already suffering fanbase. My only other explanation is Nintendo is so out of touch they honestly did not know their fans were dying for a new Prime or 2D metroid.



Onion commented on First Impressions: Our Maiden Flight In Star F...:


Yeah same here, at least until Xenoblade X comes out. Wake me up on December 4th. I'm hibernating.

That said, the new Starfox is not impressing. I get that Nintendolife has been pretty negative lately but let's face it... There's good reason for it. I agree that people should at least TRY to be positive but at the same time there is not much to be positive about here. Starfox failed to impress even at E3. The crowd response was very meh.

A lot of the negativity will blow over once E3 is over (Nintendo performed badly thus far) and then we can go back to the usual doom and gloom.



Onion commented on Sony Is Assisting With The Creation Of Shenmue...:


The huge reception this game is getting says contrary to your opinion.

Anyway this is the big elephant in the room for NIntendo fans, and I think sooner or later Wii U owners will need to switch to Xbone, PS4, or a high end gaming PC. For me, it'll be PS4. Sony has shown they are serious about stepping up their game and are buying exclusives left and right.



Onion commented on Metroid Prime Producer Wants to Make Another S...:

@Kaze_Memaryu pretty much sums it all up. This is nothing like the Wind Waker debacle, so people need to cut that out right now. Don't use hyperbole and fallacies to prove a point.

The reason the game has over 31K of dislikes on Youtube is because unlike Wind Waker, this is NOT a Metroid game. It's Blastball from the NWC with Metroid slapped on. This is not what fans were expecting, and unlike the Zelda fanbase, the Metroid fanbase is starved. Other M was a disaster and ended the series on a bad note. Nintendo doesn't even live on the same planet as it's fans right now. Sony stole the show with E3 this time around because they're listening to people (and buying up exclusives left and right. Clever) while Nintendo seems to be staring at the clouds. Fans want a Metroid game. Not a spin off. I'm sure the game is fine on it's own merits (it looks fun to me) but pulling this will not do it or Nintendo any favors. Unless Nintendo fixes the title back, this game is going to bomb. We're looking at ET on Atari levels of hate here.

And yes, I hate to agree with @Quorthon but keep Sakamoto as far away from Metroid as possible. Sakamoto has no respect (or interest) in the Metroid series. Retro is our only hope.

On the bright side, this basically confirms it was Sylux all along.



Onion commented on Metroid Prime: Federation Force Is The Metroid...:

This is sorta the reason why Street Fighter 2010 was scorned by gamers. On it's own merits, it was a pretty good game in my opinion, but it had the Street Fighter name. That ruined it in the eyes of most. Bad idea. This game is going to flop hard. When the game was announced, all the cheers that came when the Metroid logo came up were met with dead silence. You could hear a pin drop.



Onion commented on Bloodstained Is Officially Kickstarter's Most ...:

Guys, ease up on all the arguing against Kirk. Just respectfully disagree with him and move on. It's the Internet and you're bound to run into extreme point of views from time to time. He doesn't have to like the art style if he doesn't want to. It looks fine to me too but, whatever. I'm all for open debates and discussions but this is quickly entering into a gamefaqs level opinion war.



Onion commented on Capcom Reveals E3 Plans and Mega Man Legacy Co...:

One thing I want to point out is that as someone who owns all 6 original cartridges, the screenshots provided ARE of the NES game, but look a little nicer than their original counterparts. I can especially notice the difference with the screenshot of Airman's stage with the Air Tikis. It looks more or less like all they did was use the bright, HD-ish colors of Mega Man 9 and 10 and apply them to an NES game to give the graphics more of a "sheen" to them.

Also I 2nd what @RegalSin mentioned. Considering Capcom completely screwed us over on the Mega Mania Collection for GBC, they could have easily taken the Legacy games and left it on PS4 and PC, while giving NIntendo 3DS owners something exclusive, like the GB games with the full color scheme and everything.

Also unless the 3DS version of this game has a nice 3D effect like the 3D Classics games, there's not much hope of this being a worthwhile game unless it's literally like 10$. And knowing Capcom they'll probably charge like 20.



Onion commented on Capcom Reveals E3 Plans and Mega Man Legacy Co...:

How surprising. People complaining on Nintendolife! Though I have to say there is a reason for it this time. It's kind of a cheap cash grab. Not having Mega Man 7, 8, 9, and 10 however really hurts it. As it stands now, it looks like it's just an HD port of the classics, probably lacking any of the features from Rockman: The Complete Works in Japan too at that. Not having it on Wii U is the final nail in the coffin for this game.



Onion commented on Mighty No. 9 Signature Edition Will Not Be Ava...:

I'm still trying to figure out why all of a sudden there's so much hate for Mighty No.9 here. I'm a little confused. The game looks like it's fun and I'm trying to understand why some are saying he hasn't delivered his promises. The only clearly defined criticism I've seen (for a game not even out yet no less) is that it's graphically not Splatoon or Smash Bros. Okay... So what? I thought Nintendo fans of all people would understand that graphics aren't the end all or be all of games, considering that Nintendo games have been graphically underwhelming since the N64 days (but made up for by being visually appealing.) If graphics are the only reason people are suddenly hating on this game, then perhaps I was mistaken when I assumed the general Nintendo community didn't care that much about graphics, especially given that's the usual response when someone bashes the Wii U and 3DS for being weaker than the PS4 and Vita. (Which I agree, the systems being weaker doesn't make them any lesser.) Honestly the magnitude of negative comments for this game caught me off guard, weren't people excited for it? What suddenly changed? Why is NOW a "meh game" and other such things? I'm confused. I'm going to assume that the hate is just the result of jaded Nintendo fans lashing out against something that I'm fairly certain Inafune isn't really responsible for anyway.

The other criticism I saw was someone mentioning that the game didn't meet expectations... Whose expectations exactly? What were people expecting? I was under the impression it was merely meant to be a successor to Mega Man. Looking at the videos, it seems that expectation was met in spades. Also why is Azure Striker Gunvolt "better", aside from it supposedly being visually more appealing? How do people know NO.9 is going to be bad when it's not out yet?

As for the issue itself, It sucks that we aren't getting the special edition but to be quite honest, is there really anyone here that bothered by it? It looks like the kind of thing you'd get for a pre-order. Backers I can understand, but everyone else who is annoyed by this should ask themselves honestly if an unnecessary trinket really worth that much outrage. It doesn't seem worth it to me.

TLDR version: Meh. A bit disappointed in the Nintendo community (or Nintendolife community) right now if the comments here are any indication of what the community is like right now.

Note: I didn't use the @ function to respond to specific people because in this case I'm not responding to specific people but rather what seems to be a consensus. At least in this discussion. Also note i'm not defending the game because I haven't played it, it just seems to me like there's a lot of venom here towards this game.



Onion commented on Splatoon Producer Inks Out Reasons For Lack Of...:

Not really bothered by the lack of voice chat since in every game I've played that used it, it never offered much real use and was just a way to engage in pointless small-talk. There's also the usual screaming, arguing,profanity, etc..

However as others have pointed out it really would not make any difference one way or another. Having played the game with a few friends over Skype, I can confirm it does NOT help you win at all. Splatoon is too fast paced, too much is going on. A planned strategy quickly falls apart and becomes a desperate struggle near the last 30 seconds. The game isn't really designed for that sort of coordinated gameplay. It's too chaotic.

There's also the fact we knew well ahead of time the game won't have voice chat. Don't like it? Don't buy it. Being standard or not isn't relevant because Splatoon is not a standard shooter.

I would think people would complain more about the random match-making feature. It's nearly impossible to play with a friend or two online because they randomly mix and match everyone up. There's also a deplorable lack of options for online play. Why are people complaining about something that doesn't matter (and wouldnt work anyway due to what I said above) when these two flaws are much more serious? So if I have a friend and want to play online, I can't? I'll get mixed and matched randomly between teams? Why did Mario Kart 8 roll out with more online features than Splatoon? These are the questions people should be asking, rather than babble on endlessly about a feature that doesn't add or remove very much from the overall gameplay. There are much more serious flaws with the online component than not being able to hear 8 year olds screaming the F word at each other (and by F word I mean more than just the first one that comes to mind.)



Onion commented on Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories Heading to Wii...:

Eh. I was not fond of New Beginning (which I recall was promised to return more to a classic style). The game spoon-fed you it's own content and it bored me to tears. Never made it beyond the first year because my days quickly ended with me just going to sleep because I had nothing to do.



Onion commented on Video: A Guide to Splatoon's New Weapon & Map:

Yeah I'm not sure I like the whole "feeding us content slowly" thing, since in the US it's a fully priced 60$ game. Seems a bit shady for us to pay that much for a game that doesn't seem to be quite complete in terms of online play. In fact, the offline campaign feels much more robust at the moment.

My (admittedly minor) complaint is that the squid news keeps spamming me. Not only do they run this every time I boot the game up, but they sometimes kick me off the online lobby just to tell me the same crap I've heard 10 times now. This seems pointless and all they do is talk about the stages. At least talk about the weapons or something. Some variety would make this needless intrusion a lot less annoying.

But that's just me griping.



Onion commented on ​Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Confirmed...:


Pretty sure you're exaggerating that. As I said to someone else, what do you expect Wii U owners to do? Throw the developers a parade for skipping out their system? Give me a break. You're just making a generalization of the entire site based on the fact Wii U owners were (rightfully so) unhappy that a game was (seemingly) skipping their system. Where is the hypocrisy in that? Why would Wii U owners support a game skipping their system? More importantly why are you assuming the people who made positive comments in this discussion are the same ones who were unhappy with the decision before?
I took the time to look, and I saw @Shinryu saying he was happy to hear this, where before he was clearly unhappy. How is that being a hypocrite? Hypocrisy is when someone directly contradicts themselves. He said they weren't getting his money, the game is revealed to come out for Wii U, now they are. If anything he was being completely consistent with what he said previously. He'd have been a hypocrite if he still didn't want to buy it even after it was revealed for Wii U. (Just using Shinryu as an example, not calling him out or anything.) Far as I can tell very few of the people from the other articles have commented yet, so what are you talking about? You also said "you" in regards to Legromancer, as if he had even posted in the initial article. I never saw @Legromancer say anything negative about the game. You need to grow up a little.

" "Yeah, I´m gonna back it, knew Igarashi-San was only kidding when the Wii U wasn´t announced to have the game, yeah, I´m fully suporting it, never ever would I attack such wonderful thing"." <<<Using this as an example, where did anyone in this discussion say anything like this? You're just being a drama queen and using hyperbole. No one said that or anything remotely close to it, you're making it up.

Honestly it looks like you have no idea what "hypocrisy" means and are just raging for no apparent reason. Calm down, breathe, and stop raging.



Onion commented on Konami Not Turning Its Back On Consoles After ...:


Don't forget Bloody Roar and Lost in Blue/Survival Kids.

Not really sure if Jackal and Sunset Riders count, as they were kinda one-shot deals anyway. Also, we can forget about Konami returning to any of the TMNT games since Ubisoft has been doing their part to completely ruin the series.



Onion commented on Final Fantasy Wasn't Named For The Reason You ...:

What's with the headline? I feel like i just stepped into one of those scummy news feed sites that use clickbaiting headlines like "10 Crazy Secrets to Weight Loss".

Annyway this kinda takes out the whole fun of the "Final" part of the name, and I'm not even really sure I understand this at all. It just spoils the fun. Like finding out the name Samus Aran came from some soccer player.



Onion commented on Review: Rival Turf! (Wii Virtual Console / Sup...:

Yeah this game is a bit infamous for what it is.

As far as the "lukewarm sequels" to Final Fight go, I still disagree pretty strongly with the reviews Final Fight 2 and 3 got on this site. Given the fact that they were sequels to Final Fight on SNES (which didn't even have co-op, and lacked Guy), they are automatically superior to the first game, so why they are described as "lukewarm" is beyond me. If anything, they're better just for having more than 2 characters and co-op.



Onion commented on Weirdness: Luigi Defeats All Level 9 Opponents...:

This isn't really a case of bad AI so much as it is the stages being evil, as usual. I know people are being quick to say "the AI must be bad" but who knows how many attempts it took the video uploader to make these happen. In fact, some of these (such as Ganondorf suiciding on Gaur Plain) are the same kind of mistakes actual players make. Little Mac in particular has probably led to a lot of player suicides. Ironically, I've rarely seen the AI launch itself off the stage with Little Mac the way players do.

That said it's still pretty funny to watch.