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blaa6 commented on Feature: Nintendo Franchises We Want to See at...:

I wouldn't mind change to the PM formula...except they threw out 90% for Super and 1000000000000% for Sticker Star.

I hope it's cut down to 5-10% if there is a new one coming.
I want Level Ups that matter.
I want Badges that are fun to experiment with, easy to use and cost not much BP.
I want a story that's funny from Prologue to Epilogue.
I want relatable characters and witty dialogue.
I want battles that are properly easy early on and get tougher at a regular pace. The mustard of doom isn't the first boss. You cannot simply expect people to be very beefy at the start.
Tutorials...keep them BUT have the option to ignore them if you are a veteran or on a second playthrough. THAT IS CRUCIAL AND MUST BE APPLIED TO EVERY TUTORIAL! YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO SKIP EVERY TUTORIAL IF YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO!
I want a prominent Bowser that's actually funny.
How about a sarcastic Princess Peach? Genius!
An expressive Mario? Sure!
New additions? Like I said, 5-10% can be tossed.



blaa6 commented on Nintendo Announces a Special Video Presentatio...:

I see one of three possibilities...though I'm hoping for all three at once:
-Wave 2 DLC costumes
-Veteran DLC either Wolf or Snake
-N64 Dream Land Stage DLC for 3DS and another stage for Wii U (Dr. Mario maybe?)
Also, I believe King K Rool will be announced near the third DLC fighter's release date. (checks character voting) 10.50% as of now...Shovel Knight has no chance...sorry. I'd like him in...I really would...but I want the king in more.



blaa6 commented on Review: Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure (3DS eShop):

All I ask is an update to add back the option to change the music. Then and only then, this would be a masterpiece of Dr. Mario greatness. It's still awesome, don't misunderstand, but it would be the best of them all if it added it back.



blaa6 commented on Talking Point: That Paper Mario: The Thousand-...:

I only want the original Paper Mario to be remade on 3DS with TTYD elements and graphics. PM64, TTYD and SPM should be remade on Wii U in HD and all problems like backtracking in Ch 4 in TTYD and gameplay improvements to the original.
Also want Mario Party 1-3 in HD or 3D.



blaa6 commented on Nintendo Celebrates Its 125th Anniversary:

@Shiryu Thanks.
To Nintendo:
I began my video game experience with Super Mario World, Somecallmejohnny's favorite Mario game and I must admit, it was a blast. Maybe it was why I enjoyed ProtonJon's Romhack videos so much. But anyway, what really started my journey was a game called Pokemon Emerald. Thanks for remaking Gen 3 btw!
It introduced me to Pokemon in a way many have been before: in conjunction with the anime. And since then, I have found new favorites in every catagory including Paper Mario 2, Pokemon White 2 and Mario Kart 8 (thanks for the DLC and I hope I can race on SNES Rainbow Road in HD soon).
As for Smash Bros...what can I say? Brawl was by far the most anticapated game of See, we all make mistakes. You learned to not be so confident in release dates. So now, SSB for 3DS is coming Oct. 3 and Wii U for later this year... I hope.
The bottom line is Thank You.
Thank You, Sakurai for Kirby, Smash Bros(Please let Ridley and Mewtwo in and change Dedede's FS to Masked Dedede) and Kid Icarus Uprising(the dialog was hilarious).
Thank You, Reggie for all the E3 reveals and memories(2014 was the best one ever...keep doing it like this years was, please).
Thank You, Pokemon Company and Game Freak for Pokemon(please bring back the PWT so more remixes can come back).
And Thank You, Mr. Miyamoto for DK, Zelda and Mario & Luigi.
Thank You all.
Here's to another 125!



blaa6 commented on Satoru Iwata Confirms That DS Games Are Coming...:

First: Where are the GBA games? Sonic Battle? Super Mario Advance series? Mario Sports games? Mario vs DK? Sonic Advance Trilogy? Minish Cap? Four Swords? Pokemon Firered? Emerald?
Second: Phoenix Wright Trilogy for VC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



blaa6 commented on Round Table: Looking Ahead to Nintendo in 2012:

I'd say......have Majora's Mask 3D on standby. When a drought of 3DS Games comes, release that....after all other remakes first.
Paper Mario is a mixed bag. Graphics look superb. After Super Paper Mario(not too bad, just okay), it's nice to see more RPG and less Platformer, though it's not bad to mix them(needs to be a balance; this game has it). I need more...things about it to help me decide; I've seen all trailers from E3 and all others.
And Mario Tennis looks good (like Mario Power Tennis which isn't a bad thing).
Other honerable mentions are Roller Coaster Tycoon 3D and Order Up!!(The !! means 2).
Something that's been bothering me: NO MAIN SERIES POKEMON TITLES. (I said main series, so Rumble Blast doesn't count). Lay down the DS and look to the 3DS, Pokemon Company!
I'm pleasantly surprised that Luigi's Mansion 2 is getting so much praise. LUIGI FOREVER!
Overall looks good. One last thing. (Quoted by Sonic Shorts) Mario - "Why the hell are we in a car?" And that's why Mario Party 9 will suck.