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Thu 18th Jul 2013

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shaneoh commented on Shovel Knight is Now Playable on Wii U Emulato...:

While we allow discussion of past gen emulation, we do not allow links to obtain emulators or emulation material

Edit: Still need to make my point, there are games made in 2015 for machines 30 years old and the creators distribute them for free, ergo:
Emulating a game =/= illegal



shaneoh commented on Video: Learn a Little More About Chrono Trigger:

Yes those dictionary sites are listing the correct pronunciation, the same pronunciation I use, I'll use the first link to explain my point:
mey-guh s = correct
Narrator saying "MAG-uh s" = ears bleeding

Also, Mage, Mages, Magus, and Magi are akin to Hippo, Hippos, Hippopotamus and Hippopotami, we have a shortened singular, shortened plural, regular single, and regular plural respectively. The second half of the word doesn't change how the first half is pronounced, it's still Mey.