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Thu 18th July, 2013

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shaneoh commented on Video: Watch the Original Master Sword and Hyl...:

I'm not going to bother watching the video, I'll just assume that they took some sort of shortcut with the shield like they did with the blade of the sword (cutting it out of sheet metal rather than using the layering process)



shaneoh commented on Weirdness: EB Games Opens Nintendo 'NX' Pre-Or...:

That's the awesome thing, as soon as a new series of amiibo gets announced, EB aus sticks them up for pre order straight away. My local store was taking preorders for the special edition of Majoras Mask before Aus even knew it was getting it (and it sold out so quickly that it didn't get a website listing).



shaneoh commented on Rumour: Warner Bros. is Working on Building a ...:

I'd imagine that they would tie the game in with the minifigures line. LEGO already gets plenty of my money, why must they take more?

You have misspelled LEGO throughout your entire article, it's spelt completely in capitals (everyone else commenting has too).



shaneoh commented on Unity 5 Development Engine Launches, Includes ...:

Yeah I personally wouldn't touch mobiles, because unless you've got the next fad (which won't likely happen if you haven't got the money to saturate the market with advertisements) then you are going to have a hard time being recognized.

You should be able to claim the cost of license fees and the like back at tax time, even if you are making a loss. Might be worth talking to your tax person about, hopefully you can get something back.



shaneoh commented on Sneaky Ninja Infiltrates Kickstarter:

Yeah none of the larger ones I've thought of have been done, but some of the smaller ones have been (if not EXACTLY how I imagined them). Got a heap of unity books the other day, should get into reading them.



shaneoh commented on This Is What Happened When A Kid Pitched Super...:

"I've been a fan of Nintendo and its games for a long while, and this letter (partly) shows why. "

That's right, they could have been complete b@#$%^&s about it, but at the cost of a stamp and an hour of someone's time they (probably) secured a life long customer and made a kid feel special while they were at it.