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Fri 6th Apr 2012

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AzureFashionist commented on The Link Outfit and Gear in Monster Hunter 4 U...:

Found some stats thanks to Kogath of MH Wiki
Hero’s Sword
182 Raw
Awakens to 300 Fire
5% Affinity
3 slots
Big Blue sharpness, Huge Blue with +1

upgrades to;
Master Sword
196 Raw
Awakens to 400 Fire
10% Affinity
3 slots
Huge Blue sharpness, little bit of White with +1

Bows info;
Hero’s Bow
180 Raw
Awakens to 120 Thunder
10% Affinity

Upgrades to;
Sacred Bow
204 Raw
Awakens to 160 Thunder
10% Affinity

All weapons take the Flames of the Goddess event item

Armor info;
Base def: 52 per piece
+2 to all Resists per piece
3 slots (1 torso, 1 arm, 1 legs)


Armor takes the Triforce event item



AzureFashionist commented on Captain Falcon, Lucina and Robin All Join The ...:

I'm honestly shocked people think Lucina will get her own character slot. She looked to be exactly Marth from his normals and specials to the properties of the moves themselves. Most likely just a model swap (ie: male wii fit trainer) and Chrom only looks to be part of Robin's final smash. Only time will tell from events, reveals, and JP getting the game first.



AzureFashionist commented on Nintendo Announces The GameCube Controller Ada...:

@WanderingPB on top of delayed response, wired connections offer more stability to tournament consoles as people in the past have modified controllers to connect to open ports on consoles to sabotage tournament matches. This is why even Brawl was played using wired CG controllers and the reason why all major tournaments (CEO, EVO, APEX, SCR + NCR, UFGT) are played with controllers and sticks with cables.



AzureFashionist commented on Nintendo Announces The GameCube Controller Ada...:

The pro controller is nice but but being able to use the wired gamecube controllers for higher levels of Smash is awesome. I will go on the record and say that, for me at least, Smash does indeed play differently when using a GC controller vs. a classic/pro controller. If I feel like playing with a handicap, I'll definitely play with a classic/pro but if I just want to go body my friends for free and be done with it I will use a GC controller.

@noctowl you act like Nintendo isn't still manufacturing official GC controllers.
Look at that glistening white controller... It's beautiful!



AzureFashionist commented on Nintendo Reveals Flipnote Studio For The 3DS e...:

Best of both worlds. 3DS users crying out in triumph and DSi users suddenly developing suicidal tendencies over the termination of the current Flipnote Hatena... I only wish I was kidding about that second statement. Just went to the site to see how its doing and... Its not pretty...



AzureFashionist commented on Here's A Special Edition 3DS XL And First Trai...:

So it looks like the series for this SRW is...
Gundam Seed Destiny
Macross Frontier
Linebarrels of Iron
Dancouga Nova
Fafner in the Azure
Fafner Heaven and Earth
SD Gundam Battle Brave Warriors (... Whoa...)
Mazinkaiser SKL
Cyber Troopers Virtual... On... Is that a Miku version of Fei?????
Gundam 00 Awakening of the Trailblazer

Couldn't identify anyone else... This line up looks pretty slick! Need to get cash to import a 3DS and this game now!!



AzureFashionist commented on Bizarre Games Related Wedding Stories Emerge:

This intrigued me enough to look into it and the stories of the man (Sal9000) marrying Nene and the smashed DS while similar might not be linked. Sal9000 has a red DS (original model) and the smashed DS story has no mention of a name. So while that other otaku may have gotten his DS smashed, Sal9000 seems to be still very much in love with Nene.

Still pretty funny though!