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Wed 21st May 2014

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MASAHIROSAKURI commented on Video: This Live Action Street Fighter Web Ser...:

This is was just BAD! Who even likes street fighter? There is no story and the games are the same thing with one new character and a new map! PEOPLE need to stop showing that they support a horrible series like this. THIS just makes capcom want to continue to make garbage games like this! WHATEVER though hopefully capcom will continue to make street fighter games and run themselves into the ground! THREE CHEERS FOR THE END OF CAPCOM!!



MASAHIROSAKURI commented on Fans Plan a Revival of Mega Man Legends 3:

WOW if a bunch of little kids can make this then we really know how lazy and incompetent Capcom is! UNBELIEVABLE!!!! I"M glad that they may go bankrupt I mean who spends 80 million on two useless buildings when you have a total of 150 in the bank. Who is going to use these buildings? THE POINTLESS STREET FIGHTER TEAM???? I'm sick of this company and happy to see that they will fail harder than sega!



MASAHIROSAKURI commented on PDP Confirms the GameCube-Inspired Wired Fight...:

This product will be an utter commercial failure... like the Wii U!
WHY Would I purchase a "wired" controller that only plugs into a wireless remote? WHAT is the point of calling it wireless. HOW hard is it to make a controller that plugs into one of the Wii U's two USB ports? I mean really this is a horrible idea that will fail!