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Mon 23rd April, 2012

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Sherman commented on Donkey Kong Grabs a Place in List of Highest-G...:

Maybe arcades had a built-in counter for all credits given. At the end you just need to check those to get the numbers (not totally accurate, but couldn¿t be that far off either). It doesn't surprise me at all seeing Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter up there. Remember it was two player arcades where one could lost within one to three minutes. And there was always another guy waiting to battle the winner. Those are a lot more quarters than a lot of other arcades where you could play for about 15 to 30 minuntes.

I miss those times so much. A few days ago me and my friends were talking about that. I think there's still a place around here, Remember? All those smells you didn't even know what was? The sticky floors? The cigarette burns obove the Start button? Those where the days, the good old days. And my kids will only know about it by stories.

Pac-Man #1? Not surprised at all :)



Sherman commented on Rosalina & Luma amiibo Exclusive to Target in ...:

So, here's the Dual Cannon Samus' missing arm :P


People are just getting into this defective Amiibo selling thing very hard. They are selling Amiibos that are just broken. That's stupid, but The tmost ridiculous are people selling Marth with bent sword as rare... Almost every Marth has a bent sword!



Sherman commented on Hardware Classics: Nintendo 64:

I was scrolling down just to see the mandatory @MegaWatts comment on the matter XD

You are right, man. I love my N64 and I will pass down that love to my (future) children as this is one of the greatest consoles with one of the finest libraries ever made 'til this very day <3



Sherman commented on The 3DS Proves to Be a Popular Music Player in...:

"Tell us your controversial opinions with a comment below."... why "controversial"?
Anyways, my little sister uses her 3DS as a music player all the time. She uses YouTube a lot too. She uses it even more than her computer as her multimedia platform of choice, actually. So, this is not weird to me at all.



Sherman commented on Loot Crate amiibo Details and Pricing are Conf...:

You know what is worse about this?

Since he's the Amiibo everyone wants, they know you are gonna get it anyways and spend even more money. They should've made an 8 original characters kit and that's it.



Sherman commented on Amazon amiibo Pre-Orders Hint at Three More Re...:

I think exclusivity is good when you give an extra, like "Buy Shulk here and get a free weapon for the Xenoblade Chronicles port". That's awesome, a plus. But to limit the figure to only one retail store? That's plain stupid.

P.S.: @ThomasBW84, the subtitle says "Rosalina and Luma, Lucario and Meta Knight", but the news is about Rosalina and Luma, King Dedede and Meta Knight. Also, King Dedede IS available at Amazon.



Sherman commented on Our Nintendo Life Begins...:

So, this is where all started :D
A lot of new faces... or old... I don't know! People I haven't seen before. I guess they went away.
A nice piece of history.
The road's been long, but the reward far more greater. I'm happy to be part of this community... this family.



Sherman commented on Nintendo Aiming To Create A Stronger Bond With...:

"... if consumers were able to create their profile icons on social media using Mii, we believe consumers would be happy."
Then why the hell did you shut the Mii creator page down, huh? Only because you weren't getting any money from it? Then it is not because you want your consumers to be "happy".



Sherman commented on The Man Behind Sega's Wonder Boy Series Hates ...:

Super Mario Bros. controls are far from perfect. They are... barely fine. If they were perfect they would've left them the way they were in Super Mario Bros. 3. Can you imagine playing Super Mario Bros. 3's worlds/stages with the original controls? The horror!!



Sherman commented on Video: Son Of A Glitch Takes Apart The Wind Wa...:

I love bugs and glitches, but I just use them for fun, to see if I can do them and get a few laughs and then reset the game. Like in Mario 64, man, that game had tons of bugs! And it was so fun flying around with your cap in your hand. Carrying MIPS (the rabbit) around all the castle. Gettin a 1-up each time you die... those where the days.

I do remember using the glitch for jumping rooms in the original Link's Awakening though. I was just a kid back then and didn't know any English at all (not our main language in México) and I could not read the instructions to make this stairs in the second dungeon to appear by getting rid of the Pols Voice, then the Keese and the Stalfos last in that order. I beat the game the fair way a few years later though.



Sherman commented on Book Review: Hardcore Gaming 101 Presents: Cas...:

I love stuff like this. Something you can pick in your hands and really feel it, smell it. There's nothing like it. I like to have physical games and I love the booklets they come with. Sadly, all that is disappearing very quickly. Soon there won't be anything but digital stuff. I hate that idea so much.