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Wed 5th September, 2012

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burninmylight commented on Fire Emblem Looks Set to Arrive on the North A...:

I won't be buying because I'm actually in the middle of a playthrough of the GBA cart now, but I'm glad it's now available for those who want it.

Warning to those who have only played Awakening: Not only is this a bit archaic compared to Awakening, but you'll probably also find a much harder as well. Fun, but unforgivable and frustrating. The way Fire Emblem should be. :)



burninmylight commented on Guide: Training The Ultimate Pokémon In Omega...:

I'm surprised no one has mentioned the EASIEST method of adding EVs: Vitamins!

I don't know how accessible they are in ORAS, but in X/Y, you can get them from the Battle Maison and some Pokemarts easily. Each one adds 10 EVs to a stat, no work involved. The only caveat is that they can only be used to get a Pokemon's stat up to 100; after that, they can't be used.

So when I want to EV train a mon, I go buy a bunch of Vitamins in the stats I want it in, and give it 10 to get it to 100 EVs in that stat in less than a minute. With that headstart, EV training is ridiculously fast.



burninmylight commented on Review: Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow (Wii U eSh...:


Nah, the plots in the GBA games are completely independent of each other and are entirely self contained (CotM has officially been erased from canon, even). You can play them in any order and it won't make any difference. The only thing you would possibly worry about missing in series in-jokes or references that long-time Castlevania players would get, but those are pretty rare and minor.



burninmylight commented on Feature: What We Want to See in the November N...:

I'm surprised an extension of the DDP is leading the poll. That is the biggest thing for me. Downloading both retail and indy games has become a regular thing for me this generation, and the DDP has played a big part of that. Right now, it and Club Nintendo are the only incentives to purchase digital games on the eShop over competing digital game stores. Nintendo would be wise to extend it.



burninmylight commented on Retro City Rampage Gets Beefed Up on WiiWare W...:

I have the WiiWare version, but haven't really started playing it yet. Nice to know I'll be playing the updated version on par with the others when I do. It's also nice to see developers who take so much pride in their work that they updated a game on a dead service that is making them practically no money. Thank you, Vblank. :D



burninmylight commented on Nintendo 64x64: Jet Force Gemini:

This mention of this game makes me sad and angry. Not because of the story or because I don't like it. No, I loved the crap out of it and I miss it. I get sad and angry because some jackass who used to be my mom's friend asked to "borrow" it one day, and I knew it would never be coming back. It really needs to get a remake or release on someone's (Nintendo or MS) digital store sometime. More people need to play it. This was from smack dab in Rare's glory days.



burninmylight commented on Use a 'Platinum Code' to Unlock Bayonetta and ...:

Awesome. I've been going back through each level with a guide to collect every single item and get a Platinum or Pure Platinum for almost every stage medal. I already planned to give up on PPing the boss fights on Hard, but now I can at least put in a code for the characters I've missed.

Also, I wonder if you can use the credit card to buy these characters instead of having to come up with the cash.



burninmylight commented on Mega Man Felyne Armour Makes Monster Hunter 4 ...:

Wii U owners: "Third party publishers are cutting content and not bringing DLC to the Wii U versions of games, this is an outrage! I no longer have any interest in the game!"

3DS owners: "A third party publisher is including extra free content and DLC in the 3DS version of a game, this is an outrage! I no longer have any interest in the game!"



burninmylight commented on Nintendo Download: 9th October (North America):


Thanks for the heads up! I went and checked, and found that the other games are indeed coming next week. I am so glad I didn't spend $70 on that double pack like I was close to doing. Reminds me of when I was a day away from spending a ton of money on the GameCube version of Pikmin 2 before the port got announced for Wii. ~_~



burninmylight commented on Nintendo Download: 9th October (North America):


Definitely Metroidvania style. Tons of backtracking and power-up collecting. There's even RPG elements with a leveling system, plus a brand new thing to the series in the form of the DSS card system that basically gives you new weapons, powers and summons.



burninmylight commented on Nintendo 64x64: Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon:

chiefeagle02 sums up this game perfectly!

Ocarina of Time was the best and worst thing to happen to me. Because after experiencing the master piece that was, 3-D platformers just could not compare, and I found myself unable to have fun in the same way. Mystical Ninja fixed that rut! I only rented it twice, but enjoyed ever minute of it (except the part where you have to button mash your way up a waterfall...), and it is probably my most wished for VC game. Please, Konami, PLEASE.



burninmylight commented on First Image Of Wii U Wipeout-Beater FAST Racin...:

I normally have a policy of not buying games for the sake of them, but I might have to make an exception. Even though I have all the racing I need between Need For Speed and MK8, I may go ahead and squeeze this one in. The enthusiasm and charisma of this developer in refreshing!



burninmylight commented on Nintendo Confirms Details of Its Super Smashin...:

YES! I would have been so pissed if NA didn't get these discounts like Europe.

"In terms of future weeks, price details will no doubt be published every Thursday, but below are the characters represented and some of the games that will be reduced."

I hope there will be more games. They really should throw in Star Fox 64 3D, because that one is NOT worth $40, no matter how much I love it and want to replay it.



burninmylight commented on Super Smash Bros. For 3DS Will Feature A Music...:

Awesome feature, but not as impactful in these days wherever everyone already has an mp3 player or smartphone. I sometimes play a track from any of the three SSBs in public just to see if anyone will recognize it. :)

A decade ago though, I would have read that headline and been blown out of the window.



burninmylight commented on Nintendo Download: 14th August (North America):

I really should stop reading the Nintendo Download for Europe. All it's doing is setting me up for disappointment later in the week. At least I get to save money!

I did get Scram Kitty with a free $5 voucher from the DDP though.



burninmylight commented on Nintendo Download: 14th August (Europe):


As long as the console sees that you have enough space somewhere, you can buy and then download later. So if you wanted, you can plug in your SSD, buy the games, cancel the downloads, and then download them to your console or another storage device at your own convenience.