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burninmylight commented on Exclusive: Check Out Runbow's Complete Cast of...:

I too thought the game was pretty "meh" until I played it with someone else. We ended up having a blast! The game went from a definite pass to a chance at a Day 1 purchase, but definite buy if a sale comes up. If you can find at least one other competitive person to play with, it becomes a whole different game, where you're constantly running, jumping and beating the crap out of each other to try to get to the goal first. It was almost as fun and just as frantic as Smash, and that's a great feeling from an Indie game.

Also, does anyone else feel like that song in the video was obviously lifted from the Ren & Stimpy intro? You can't tell me it's not.



burninmylight commented on Talking Point: Fatal Frame's Trial Version and...:

@akaDv8R Thanks, man. I can say many of these things because I speak from personal experience. When I got my Wii and 3DS back from being repaired, I lost absolutely nothing, and when Donkey Kong Country disappeared from the Virtual Console, I was able to download it again because I already purchased it before, not to mention it transferred over to my Wii U just fine. I'm sick and tired of people spreading false information about consoles without verifying things themselves.

However, to be fair to the other guy, he clarified that he's in Brazil. Nintendo treats Brazil like absolute crap, so his experiences with Nintendo are understandably not as great as yours or mine.



burninmylight commented on Talking Point: Fatal Frame's Trial Version and...:

@rushiosan It all starting making sense as soon as I read Brazil. Sorry that Nintendo quit on your territory, but the sad truth is that not everyone has it so bad. If you're a Brazilian Nintendo fan, you're the hardest of the hardcore, because Ninty isn't giving you a single reason to remain loyal. It's like it wants to be hated there or something.

However, just as you asked if I think every Nintendo customer lives in the US, UK or Japan, I could ask you if you think every Nintendo customer lives in South America. Your original post made it sound like you were speaking about Nintendo's practices from a worldwide standpoint.

You didn't mention cloud saves in your original post either. Don't try to move the goalposts now. You made it sound as if sending your console to Washington for repairs means that you'll never get your saved data back. Again, that simply isn't true.



burninmylight commented on Talking Point: Fatal Frame's Trial Version and...:


"You don't have a proper account system"
Actually, you do. It's called the Nintendo Network ID

"they simply start shutting all the servers down when the console is outdated,"
The Wii and DS servers went down because the company that ran them, GameSpy, shut them down due to its financial troubles. Nintendo wasn't the only one affected by this. Games like Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto IV, and Borderlands all used the service to one extent or another. So if you're going to disparage Nintendo for this, then you should be including Rockstar and 2K Games in your disparaging as well. Also, can I go online and play someone in Madden 2011 right now? What about Call of Duty: Black Ops (1)? No, I can't. Servers for old games get shut down all the time.

they remove games from catalog for weird reasons, and poof, time to move on. If your console is defective and you need a replacement, say bye to saves and pray the customer support is comprehensive enough to let you link your NNID to a new system and get your purchases back."

"they remove games from catalog for weird reasons,"
It removes games from the digital shop for LEGAL reasons. Ownership and/or licensing rights of IPs change hands, and Nintendo responds accordingly when that happens. And if you're talking about the DKC trilogy being removed from Wii, anyone who bought any of those games from the Wii VC could go back and redownload any of those games at any time to their console. I bought DKC1, I know firsthand. By the way, those games are back.

"If your console is defective and you need a replacement, say bye to saves"
Are you stating this based on personal experience, or are you just making this up? I have sent both my Wii and my 3DS to NIntendo for repairs, and both had game saves and downloaded games saved to them (the 3DS was sent with an SD card, obviously). I got back everything intact. Seriously, where do people get this stuff? It's like spreading urban legends to scare kids or something.

"pray the customer support is comprehensive enough to let you link your NNID to a new system and get your purchases back."
In a world where every company seems to be outsourcing tech support to countries where the help barely speaks your language and can't do anything other than read unhelpful answers from a tired old script, Nintendo's customer support is quite refreshing, and you would know that if you actually dealt with it instead of making things up and spreading urban legends. The last time I talked to Nintendo's customer support was during the Super Bowl last year. I called during a commercial break, and was able to speak to an actual human that was fluent in English (they are based in Washington) and get my order placed before the game was even back on. Coincidentally, this was the repair order for my 3DS. We spent just as much time talking about the game as we did actually placing my order. I doubt that the customer service is perfect, but I've called a lot of help lines and tech support numbers in my day, and Nintendo's is consistently one of the best. Hewlett Packard, on the other hand...

Maybe your experiences with Nintendo's customer support haven't gone as smoothly as mine, but there are still so many holes in your post that call your credibility into question. Learning why certain things happen before chastising a company, especially when the same thing happens with other publishers besides Nintendo, would be to your benefit.



burninmylight commented on Ubisoft Launches Its eShop Summer Sale in Nort...:

I was about to pull the trigger on finally getting Watch_Dogs, but then I thought to look on Amazon. It's still cheaper there., and it may be the kind of game I never want to touch again after finishing it, so it would be better to have the disc version.



burninmylight commented on Obituary: Satoru Iwata:

Hadn't checked video game news all weekend. Woke up expecting to see the weekly new downloads from Europe, but got this news instead. Still not over the shock.

Thank you for bringing Nintendo directly into our hearts, Iwata-san. May you rest in peace, for we understand.



burninmylight commented on Mario Tennis is Smashing Its Way to the Wii U ...:


That will sadly never happen, but I would buy both versions in a heartbeat if it did. Or they could just go back to that idea with current versions of Mario Tennis on 3DS and Wii U, but let's not give consumers a great reason to want these games again,Nintendo.



burninmylight commented on 3D Gunstar Heroes Brings New Modes And Local C...:


I had no idea that was the case, but it makes perfect sense.

I had hoped that if the upcoming Star Fox wasn't being developed by EAD, then Nintendo would hand it to Treasure to take care of (although I don't mind it being in Platinum's capable hands at all). Treasure would have done it justice.

But on the subject of Gunstar Heroes, I'm buying the crap out of this. The original is my favorite game from that era.



burninmylight commented on Video: Star Fox Zero - What We Know So Far:


My bad. I should get better about picking up sarcasm. I figure that no matter how much everyone should loathe a character, there's always going to be that one person in the fanbase who white knights the guy. I'm just glad it's not you.



burninmylight commented on Street Fighter Legend Ryu And Fire Emblem's Ro...:

I can guarantee you we're not getting a new Earthbound anytime soon, so should the Lucas DLC get canceled as well? Should the Duck Hunt duo, R.O.B., Pacman and Mega Man be taken out of the game too?

@Everyone whining about spoilers: Here's a thought... If you want some surprises for E3 or official reveals, then AVOID GAMING SITES AND CLICKING ON LINKS! Gosh, it's not rocket science!



burninmylight commented on Cool It, Conspiracy Theorists - Sakurai Didn't...:

We're lucky Sakurai even came back to make another Smash. I wouldn't blame him or be upset if he decided to never touch this franchise again. He wants to move on to different projects, but he's an unfortunate victim of his own success.

People complain about anything and everything. I'd like to meet the person who can make a game with 54 fighters perfectly balanced.



burninmylight commented on Humble Nindie Bundle Adds Three New Games:

Welp, I suppose I have the justification to contribute now. I own most of the games that debuted in the promotion last week, but with the addition of these last three games, I can now donate an amount above the average while acquiring a few new games for myself and giving some to my friends.



burninmylight commented on Capcom's Spring Sale Offers Up Six eShop Disco...:


I'd like to add onto what @ThomasBW84 said and mention that the Wii U version also has some extra content that can be unlocked after a playthrough (albeit trivial things like costumes or guns, nothing major), and a few bug and anti-frustration fixes (again, nothing major). It also features a type of enemy not present in the 3DS version at all.

If it turns out that you like the game, I would recommend getting a copy of RE4: Wii Edition as well. Gameplay wise, they are highly similar, but I enjoyed RE4 much more. REvelations isn't bad, but it's so obviously a game designed for a handheld. I feel like RE4 has the better action and set pieces, and the superior control option thanks to the Wii remote, but that's just my opinion.



burninmylight commented on A Dragonite Distribution is Flying Into GameSt...:

You aren't missing anything. Extreme Speed is the only move this Dragonite has that it doesn't learn naturally, it won't have perfect IVs, you'd have to keep resetting to give it the nature you want it to have, and it won't be shiny. You can go get a much better one through a trade request on a message board in less time than it would take you to head to GameStop and back. I've gotten better Dratinis through Wonder Trade.



burninmylight commented on Nintendo Download: 7th May (Europe):


If it's not that, then it's Code of Princess or three other Atlus games. I love Atlus' games and I love sales, but with the way it puts everything on sale quickly and constantly, I don't know why I'd buy anything Day 1 from it.



burninmylight commented on Streets Of Rage 2, Gunstar Heroes And Sonic Th...:

I'm going to go ahead and ask an extremely obvious question here: are these "3D Classics" essentially VC games, but with 3D functionality added?

I rarely buy VC releases of games I still own the cartridge of, but I might splurge on Gunstar Heroes just for the convenience factor. I find myself thinking about it and wanting to play it whenever I'm away from home, then it never crosses my mind once I get home, or I'm too lazy to dig out the Genesis.



burninmylight commented on Sega Producer Explains Exactly What Went Wron...:


Amen to that! Not only that, but it's hard to maintain a fanbase when you won't stick to a consistent formula, like ever. Like, instead of improving on critical successes like Generations and Colors, they try and go reinvent the wheel with each new game. Each new Sonic game ends up becoming the "Mario Sunshine" of the franchise, where they try to add something new to freshen things up, but people just want a good game that sticks to what they enjoy about it.



burninmylight commented on Video: Did You Know That Gunstar Heroes Shippe...:

I waited til I got home and started playing to eat mine! I remember earning a game for being good all summer, so my mom showed me a shopping catalog full of games, and I picked out this one because it looked the most interesting. I thought it would be a cowboy-themed shooter like Sunset Riders, so I went with it. Waiting to get to the store at the end of day was the longest day of my life!

I was initially disappointed that it wasn't just like Sunset Riders, but little did I know that it would go on to be my favorite 16-bit game ever and one of my top 10 games of all time.



burninmylight commented on Nintendo Set To License All IP to Mobile Publi...:


I never said Nintendo hasn't said such things. I just asked if Iwata ever explicitly said that Nintendo would not be making games for mobile devices. Someone showed me a source that he did (that you and I both acknowledged). I'm not arguing whether it's true or not, so your reply to me is a bit redundant at this point. What are you trying to tell me that hasn't been said already or that I'm not acknowledging? Perhaps you should read my posts again.

Nintendo just invested 22 billion yen into DeNA. I think its mind is made up on what its doing. Screw double-talk, backpedaling or whatever else you want to hang Iwata for. Because at the end of the day, he doesn't answer to us nobodies on message boards; the board he answers to is full of presidents, chiefs, directors and investors. And like Selfridge said in Avatar, "Killing the indigenous looks bad, but there's one thing shareholders hate more than bad press — and that's a bad quarterly statement."



burninmylight commented on Nintendo Set To License All IP to Mobile Publi...:


Awesome, thanks for showing me.

I still stand by my point, though. We could name dozens of instances of all three console manufacturers (along with several large publishers and studios) contradicting themselves with public statements, not to mention companies in other industries. If they were more concerned about standing by something they said months or years ago instead of growing or fixing an issue, they'd be digging their own graves.



burninmylight commented on Nintendo Set To License All IP to Mobile Publi...:

Well said

Name me one corporation as large as Nintendo and that has been around just as long that has always delivered on exactly what it said without ever changing course. The business and economics world would be a much different place if every company, firm and corporation was more concerned about following through on every public statement to save face instead of shifting gears when obvious change or progress must be made.

Also, when did Iwata or someone from Nintendo specifically say that Nintendo would not make games for mobile devices? I remember Iwata saying that Nintendo was looking into ways to use mobile to draw people toward its own devices. Not the same thing. Either way, if Nintendo is now "untrustworthy" for not revealing its internal plans sooner than it was ready to, then who can we trust, ever?



burninmylight commented on Nintendo Set To License All IP to Mobile Publi...:

"Mario Maker could have been a title that made this work perfectly. You can design levels anywhere with a massive variety of devices, but you still need the console/handheld to actually play them properly"

This, ladies and gentleman, is a guy who gets it. Imagine a Fire Emblem demo and app that lets you play a few levels and then design your own stages, but points you to the proprietary handheld/console in order to play the full game and use your (and other's) created levels. Or WarioWare.



burninmylight commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Right to Take Its Ti...:

The day Nintendo goes all digital is the day it signs its own death warrant. The vast majority of its software sales still come from retail (If I had to guess, I'd say about 85-90 percent).

There are still millions of consumers out there without stable and 100 percent reliable access to high speed Internet, not to mention those that are still not comfortable buying games digitally, especially full retail games. The day Nintendo or any console manufacturer even thinks about going digital-only better be the day they know every single consumer they plan to reach has stable, reliable Internet service. Even still, that's not even covering the fact that the first console manufacturer to do this will take a tremendous PR beatdown. See: Microsoft's original policy with used discs.

Also, you have to consider other factors that retail provides: visibility for one. Of the millions of copies of games sold with Mario on the cover, do you think all of them were premeditated purchases? No, often times a mom, dad, aunt, uncle or grandparent will wander into a Wal-Mart, decide they need a gift for Billy who just got all As on his report card or has a b-day coming up, see a game with Mario on the cover and go for it. Nintendo loses millions of sales if it takes away the ability for casual consumers to gift retail games. My mom can walk into a store and get Mario Kart or SSB for my nieces and nephews no problem, but try telling her she needs to buy an eShop card so they can go online and do it themselves, and she'll say "Screw this, I'll just get them a goldfish."



burninmylight commented on Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power Announced for ...:


I feel the same way, although I acknowledge that in my case much of it was do to my obsessive-compulsive need to collect every single one of those crystals in the game, no matter how mind-bendingly frustrating they were to get to. If I would have just played a bit more casually, I would have had a lot more fun.

I also wasn't a fan of the controls. For me to even consider buying another Trine game, the controls have to be improved.



burninmylight commented on Reaction: Xenoblade Chronicles 3D is an Impres...:


It's nothing like Bravely Default at all, if that's good news to you. It's much closer to TLS in style, but still has plenty of differences to make them two completely different games.

Similarities to TLS:
-All battles take place in real-time, and drawing/deflecting aggro is a major strategy.
-You have a weak auto attack. It's weaker and less used for damage in XBC: you mostly use it to draw aggro and build meters while waiting for cooldown periods to end. Speaking of:
-There are no magic points, only cool down periods between spells/techniques. There are also no in-battle items to use like potions.
-You and your allies can and will faint, but you can revive them on the spot and vice-versa. In tough battles, you'll be trading revives back and forth.
-Similar to FF7, you can deck out your characters with gems to give them buffs or in-battle effects like Defense+, Evasion+, 10% chance of paralysis on auto-attack, and so on.
-You can "pause" the action mid-battle for a team attack and command your teammates to use specific spells/techniques for big combos.
-You will often be facing massive enemies, and many small enemies in groups.
-Giant freaking spiders. If you have arachnaphobia like me, I strongly recommend you find a spider spoiler guide online.

-In TLS, you faint three times, you automatically lose the battle or that character. In XBC, you have an unlimited amount so long as someone is standing up to do it. It's like freeze tag.
-You can play as any character in your party, instead of just the main guy. This is important, because the AI doesn't always play up to some characters' full potential.
-In TLS, your teammates keep using a spell/technique until you tell them to use something else. In XBC, your teammates are much more dynamic, exhausting all of their available skills. Many S/Ts are highly dependent for use in combos, and your AI teammates are "mostly" good about working with you on it. For instance, Shulk and Reyn. Shulk has a move that "breaks" an enemy, which does nothing on its own. Reyn has a move that topples over an enemy, which only works if the enemy is has the "break" status. If you're controlling Shulk, Reyn will often wait to use his toppling move until you break the enemy. If you're Reyn, Shulk will use his breaking move so you can topple the enemy. Shulk then has a move that inflicts the "daze" status, but it only works if the enemy is toppled, so the AI will use it then. See how that works?

That's just the tip of the iceberg too. The intricacies of the battle system is highly complex, and allows for several different playstyles. Monolith was aware that it would be a ton to take in, so it included tutorials on EVERYTHING, thankfully. It's a long game with a ton to do, so you'll have plenty of time to master it all if you decide to give it a try.



burninmylight commented on Nintendo Download: 19th February (Europe):


Arkham City is an absolute steal at that price, especially if you've never played it. The Wii U version comes with free DLC as well (extra skins for playable characters, an extra story mission where you play as Robin, Robin and Nightwing as playable characters with their own missions in the other modes).



burninmylight commented on Review: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (3DS):


As badly as I want to play this game, I'm going to hold out for a Wii U version announcement for a year. I just took a one-year break from MH3U, so I'm getting back into that, plus I can get MH4 on sale in another year if no Wii U version ever comes. Maybe even a New 3DS too.