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Wed 5th Sep 2012

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burninmylight commented on The North American eShop Winter Warm-Up Sale C...:

Welp, time to finally get Virtue's Last Reward and Xeodrifter. Might as well get Affordable Space Adventures, since this is probably the cheapest it'll get, barring a future Humble Bundle. Maybe even splurge for OctoDad and Elliot Quest.

Yeah, these discounts are disappointing compared to other services, but I'm not as disappointed as most. I feel like most games that are good are either worth their asking price, or become worth it once they get discounted, and I want to support the developers.

I also remember the Wii days, where digital games never went on sale, and if you missed a game with a limited print run at retail, you had to pay a pretty penny for it years later.



burninmylight commented on Nintendo Download: 21st January (Europe):

@GLA Even after you upgrade to the Wii U VC version of a Wii VC game you already have, you can still keep and play your Wii VC version. It's useful for if you find that some games are preferable with a Gamecube controller or have a little input lag with wireless controllers.



burninmylight commented on 17 Games Get North American eShop Discounts in...:


SF643D's graphics weren't redone from scratch. Q-games took code and assets from the N64 version and jazzed them up. Still a lot of work, but not nearly as much as making a game from scratch. And adding things like time attack and leaderboards are easy, and any half-decent developer can throw that in, in his or her sleep. Like I said, that's the bare minimum expected of any game of this ilk.

I'm not underselling the work done on the game. I'm just struggling to comprehend why this game, a remake no matter how you spin it, is still $40 when not on sale and has never been close to scratching $20 when other titles, both new titles and remakes, have no problem doing so when on sale. And those other titles launched later as well. If this game didn't launch with the 3DS, it came shortly afterward.



burninmylight commented on 17 Games Get North American eShop Discounts in...:


Yes, I realize that, as I have made sure to look over every feature to see what justifies the price. Do you realize that all of those new things you mentioned don't take millions of dollars in development time to add, and are pretty much the bare minimum features expected of an update and of arcade shooters and games of SF64's ilk? Furthermore, can you explain to me why another remake that came out around the same time, OoT3D, can go on sale in the eShop for $20, but this is the cheapest SF64 has ever been?



burninmylight commented on 17 Games Get North American eShop Discounts in...:


You'll like it if you like shmups and/or arcade shooters on rails, because that's essentially what it is. It's basically Star Fox with a unique control scheme, some melee combat and a very Japaneesy, anime-inspired presentation with English voice acting and Japanese subtitles.

The sequel is came out for Wii and is also on the VC.



burninmylight commented on 17 Games Get North American eShop Discounts in...:


I am so with you on that one. SF64 was THE game I had to have an N64 for back in the day, and I can probably say because of that, it is the reason I am such a staunch Nintendo fan now. However, I can't justify paying that much for a 20-year-old game with a slight graphical touch-up, especially when my original cart still works fine. How that game is still $40 in the eShop about five years after its launch on the 3DS just baffles me.

I was hoping we'd see a big discount for it right before the release of Star Fox Zero, but if there is one, I doubt it'll be any better than this one.



burninmylight commented on You Can Now Register For A New Nintendo Accoun...:

Well I was going to download Mario 64 today, but now I want to hold off to see if it launches in the West soon. We need to all tell ourselves that all of our digital purchases in the gap between Club Nintendo and this won't have counted for anything, because that is likely going to be the reality.



burninmylight commented on Review: Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash (Wii U):

@Einherjar If they would quit being lazy with these games and put the RPG mode back in, I would have preordered this game with extreme indignation. It's like the dev is all out of ideas on how to improve the series and add new features, but can't see the elephant staring it right in the face. I'd take Mario Tennis on GBC over this game simply because the former gives me something to do on my own.



burninmylight commented on Pokémon Hoopa Distribution Confirmed for McDo...:


Well why not? I'm not ashamed of my hobby, but it's a little embarrassing for a grown man to walk into McDonalds by himself and ask for a Pokemon card. Especially since I don't dare eat from that place. Gamestop is one thing, because it gets people to walk into a store that sells Nintendo products, but what is Nintendo getting out of people to go to McDonalds? There aren't any Happy Meal toy promotions for its IPs right now. Is McDonald paying for this or something?



burninmylight commented on Poll: The Tricky Issue of Retail Games as Down...:

In the case of this latest Fatal Frame/Project Zero, people outside of Japan should just be glad that they are getting the game at all, in ANY fashion. If this was still the Wii days, then an import would never happen. The series is the nichest of niche. Captain Falcon of F-Zero thinks Fatal Frame is unheard of. Starfie thinks its niche. Chibi Robo thinks it doesn't sell at all.



burninmylight commented on Exclusive: Check Out Runbow's Complete Cast of...:

I too thought the game was pretty "meh" until I played it with someone else. We ended up having a blast! The game went from a definite pass to a chance at a Day 1 purchase, but definite buy if a sale comes up. If you can find at least one other competitive person to play with, it becomes a whole different game, where you're constantly running, jumping and beating the crap out of each other to try to get to the goal first. It was almost as fun and just as frantic as Smash, and that's a great feeling from an Indie game.

Also, does anyone else feel like that song in the video was obviously lifted from the Ren & Stimpy intro? You can't tell me it's not.



burninmylight commented on Talking Point: Fatal Frame's Trial Version and...:

@akaDv8R Thanks, man. I can say many of these things because I speak from personal experience. When I got my Wii and 3DS back from being repaired, I lost absolutely nothing, and when Donkey Kong Country disappeared from the Virtual Console, I was able to download it again because I already purchased it before, not to mention it transferred over to my Wii U just fine. I'm sick and tired of people spreading false information about consoles without verifying things themselves.

However, to be fair to the other guy, he clarified that he's in Brazil. Nintendo treats Brazil like absolute crap, so his experiences with Nintendo are understandably not as great as yours or mine.



burninmylight commented on Talking Point: Fatal Frame's Trial Version and...:

@rushiosan It all starting making sense as soon as I read Brazil. Sorry that Nintendo quit on your territory, but the sad truth is that not everyone has it so bad. If you're a Brazilian Nintendo fan, you're the hardest of the hardcore, because Ninty isn't giving you a single reason to remain loyal. It's like it wants to be hated there or something.

However, just as you asked if I think every Nintendo customer lives in the US, UK or Japan, I could ask you if you think every Nintendo customer lives in South America. Your original post made it sound like you were speaking about Nintendo's practices from a worldwide standpoint.

You didn't mention cloud saves in your original post either. Don't try to move the goalposts now. You made it sound as if sending your console to Washington for repairs means that you'll never get your saved data back. Again, that simply isn't true.



burninmylight commented on Talking Point: Fatal Frame's Trial Version and...:


"You don't have a proper account system"
Actually, you do. It's called the Nintendo Network ID

"they simply start shutting all the servers down when the console is outdated,"
The Wii and DS servers went down because the company that ran them, GameSpy, shut them down due to its financial troubles. Nintendo wasn't the only one affected by this. Games like Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto IV, and Borderlands all used the service to one extent or another. So if you're going to disparage Nintendo for this, then you should be including Rockstar and 2K Games in your disparaging as well. Also, can I go online and play someone in Madden 2011 right now? What about Call of Duty: Black Ops (1)? No, I can't. Servers for old games get shut down all the time.

they remove games from catalog for weird reasons, and poof, time to move on. If your console is defective and you need a replacement, say bye to saves and pray the customer support is comprehensive enough to let you link your NNID to a new system and get your purchases back."

"they remove games from catalog for weird reasons,"
It removes games from the digital shop for LEGAL reasons. Ownership and/or licensing rights of IPs change hands, and Nintendo responds accordingly when that happens. And if you're talking about the DKC trilogy being removed from Wii, anyone who bought any of those games from the Wii VC could go back and redownload any of those games at any time to their console. I bought DKC1, I know firsthand. By the way, those games are back.

"If your console is defective and you need a replacement, say bye to saves"
Are you stating this based on personal experience, or are you just making this up? I have sent both my Wii and my 3DS to NIntendo for repairs, and both had game saves and downloaded games saved to them (the 3DS was sent with an SD card, obviously). I got back everything intact. Seriously, where do people get this stuff? It's like spreading urban legends to scare kids or something.

"pray the customer support is comprehensive enough to let you link your NNID to a new system and get your purchases back."
In a world where every company seems to be outsourcing tech support to countries where the help barely speaks your language and can't do anything other than read unhelpful answers from a tired old script, Nintendo's customer support is quite refreshing, and you would know that if you actually dealt with it instead of making things up and spreading urban legends. The last time I talked to Nintendo's customer support was during the Super Bowl last year. I called during a commercial break, and was able to speak to an actual human that was fluent in English (they are based in Washington) and get my order placed before the game was even back on. Coincidentally, this was the repair order for my 3DS. We spent just as much time talking about the game as we did actually placing my order. I doubt that the customer service is perfect, but I've called a lot of help lines and tech support numbers in my day, and Nintendo's is consistently one of the best. Hewlett Packard, on the other hand...

Maybe your experiences with Nintendo's customer support haven't gone as smoothly as mine, but there are still so many holes in your post that call your credibility into question. Learning why certain things happen before chastising a company, especially when the same thing happens with other publishers besides Nintendo, would be to your benefit.



burninmylight commented on Ubisoft Launches Its eShop Summer Sale in Nort...:

I was about to pull the trigger on finally getting Watch_Dogs, but then I thought to look on Amazon. It's still cheaper there., and it may be the kind of game I never want to touch again after finishing it, so it would be better to have the disc version.



burninmylight commented on Obituary: Satoru Iwata:

Hadn't checked video game news all weekend. Woke up expecting to see the weekly new downloads from Europe, but got this news instead. Still not over the shock.

Thank you for bringing Nintendo directly into our hearts, Iwata-san. May you rest in peace, for we understand.



burninmylight commented on Mario Tennis is Smashing Its Way to the Wii U ...:


That will sadly never happen, but I would buy both versions in a heartbeat if it did. Or they could just go back to that idea with current versions of Mario Tennis on 3DS and Wii U, but let's not give consumers a great reason to want these games again,Nintendo.