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burninmylight commented on Mega Man Felyne Armour Makes Monster Hunter 4 ...:

Wii U owners: "Third party publishers are cutting content and not bringing DLC to the Wii U versions of games, this is an outrage! I no longer have any interest in the game!"

3DS owners: "A third party publisher is including extra free content and DLC in the 3DS version of a game, this is an outrage! I no longer have any interest in the game!"



burninmylight commented on Nintendo Download: 9th October (North America):


Thanks for the heads up! I went and checked, and found that the other games are indeed coming next week. I am so glad I didn't spend $70 on that double pack like I was close to doing. Reminds me of when I was a day away from spending a ton of money on the GameCube version of Pikmin 2 before the port got announced for Wii. ~_~



burninmylight commented on Nintendo Download: 9th October (North America):


Definitely Metroidvania style. Tons of backtracking and power-up collecting. There's even RPG elements with a leveling system, plus a brand new thing to the series in the form of the DSS card system that basically gives you new weapons, powers and summons.



burninmylight commented on Nintendo 64x64: Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon:

chiefeagle02 sums up this game perfectly!

Ocarina of Time was the best and worst thing to happen to me. Because after experiencing the master piece that was, 3-D platformers just could not compare, and I found myself unable to have fun in the same way. Mystical Ninja fixed that rut! I only rented it twice, but enjoyed ever minute of it (except the part where you have to button mash your way up a waterfall...), and it is probably my most wished for VC game. Please, Konami, PLEASE.



burninmylight commented on First Image Of Wii U Wipeout-Beater FAST Racin...:

I normally have a policy of not buying games for the sake of them, but I might have to make an exception. Even though I have all the racing I need between Need For Speed and MK8, I may go ahead and squeeze this one in. The enthusiasm and charisma of this developer in refreshing!



burninmylight commented on Nintendo Confirms Details of Its Super Smashin...:

YES! I would have been so pissed if NA didn't get these discounts like Europe.

"In terms of future weeks, price details will no doubt be published every Thursday, but below are the characters represented and some of the games that will be reduced."

I hope there will be more games. They really should throw in Star Fox 64 3D, because that one is NOT worth $40, no matter how much I love it and want to replay it.



burninmylight commented on Super Smash Bros. For 3DS Will Feature A Music...:

Awesome feature, but not as impactful in these days wherever everyone already has an mp3 player or smartphone. I sometimes play a track from any of the three SSBs in public just to see if anyone will recognize it. :)

A decade ago though, I would have read that headline and been blown out of the window.



burninmylight commented on Nintendo Download: 14th August (North America):

I really should stop reading the Nintendo Download for Europe. All it's doing is setting me up for disappointment later in the week. At least I get to save money!

I did get Scram Kitty with a free $5 voucher from the DDP though.



burninmylight commented on Nintendo Download: 14th August (Europe):


As long as the console sees that you have enough space somewhere, you can buy and then download later. So if you wanted, you can plug in your SSD, buy the games, cancel the downloads, and then download them to your console or another storage device at your own convenience.



burninmylight commented on Timespinner Looks Like an Awesome Pixel-Based ...:

It helps that the developers kept their Kickstarter goal at a reasonable number. Some of these other projects are getting ridiculous with what they're asking for, being in the hundreds of thousands of dollars for games that really don't look much better than this, if at all.



burninmylight commented on Nintendo Download: 17th July (North America):


I've been wanting Steamworld Dig to come to the Wii U, then I get a 3DS as soon as that gets announced. Now I'm debating on which console to buy it for (crossbuy NIntendo, CROSSBUY!). Is it one of those games that is really meant for a handheld, or would I appreciate it more playing on an HDTV? I'm also wondering if the developer plans to add new content to the WIi U version.



burninmylight commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Be Promoting Th...:


1) I never said you were wrong about this. Never. I said that one can overcome the short battery life of the GamePad by plugging it in or buying a longer lasting one. You also pointed out time and again that it's not portable: if it's not going anywhere, then that means you'll always be close to an outlet.

If you stop seeing everything as either being right or wrong, we can end this petty argument. You presented a problem; I present a solution. Neither of us are incorrect, and I remind you again that I never said you were regarding this.

3) Then why did it take three or four responses for you to make yourself more clear? Why didn't you explain in your very first response that you were referring to the screen's resolution, not the quality of the touch controls? Because get this: you keep saying touch screen. You even referenced the screen's sensitivity earlier. What does sensitivity have to do with resolution? That sounds more like a touch sort of thing.

Therefore, it sounds to me like you were backpedaling from your original comment and trying to change the meaning into something else entirely. Maybe you're being honest, maybe not. I have no way of knowing.

As far as the sharpness and resolution of the screen being of lower quality than top-of-the-line tablets, you won't get an argument from me on this either. I have never disputed this.

4) Again, I'm not saying you're wrong, and I never have. I'm saying that it's a moot point for the majority of people using tablets. I hope you don't go through life basing everything on a binary philosophy, thinking everything is all about being either right or wrong.

5) It matters because you can't have the controller without the console. That's like asking what does a PC mean to a monitor. The GamePad is not a tablet, but it serves several functions that a tablet can, and you need a Wii U console to make all of that happen. The console has internal memory, and it holds your history, preferences, favorites and downloads, and it streams them to the controller in the necessary fashion. The fact that the GamePad doesn't do any of the processing itself is only relevant to Point 2.

6) You said a game can't be bought for $1. I just simply said that one can. So one moment, you're all about binary reasoning and the absolute truth, only concerning with being completely right and wrong, and when that doesn't serve you any more, you switch to a more practical and inclusive mode of thinking? Talk about moving the goalposts.

I'm well aware of the thousands of cheap apps and games on the various app stores. My point is that there are a few apps available on the Wii U (Netflix, Hulu+, TVii), there is a plethora of indie and retail games, and most of all, there are Nintendo games (something those other app stores do not have).

Am I saying it trumps an Android or Apple tablet? Not at all, although I'd personally take Wii U's eShop over those. But the point is, and has always been, it offers something of value as an alternative, enough for Nintendo to market and get people to consider.

It doesn't have to be of equal ability to a bona fide tablet, in my opinion, because it's not a tablet. It's a gaming console that happens to have a controller that can serve many tablet purposes. Do you expect your tablet games to give you the same quality of gameplay and immersion as all of your console games?

"Also, you can't "buy" a game on the gamepad unless you are linked to the Wii-U. You can't take the gamepad outside and play a game on it. The game is not "inside" the gamepad. If you have a game on a tablet, you can play it anywhere, anytime."

I'm still trying to understand why you keep repeating this. I've said from the beginning that this is correct. I guess it makes you feel better or something.

"Hopefully that cleared things up, and helped you understand why I was so confused with why you even bothered to respond in the first place."

I told you why I responded. Likewise, I hope I cleared some things up as well, but I'm not counting on it.

"Now why don't you go read the six comments posted before this one and try to pick a fight with those guys instead?


Nah, they aren't needlessly being buttholes with undercooked opinions. Nothing to argue there.

Talk to you in a couple of hours.



burninmylight commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Be Promoting Th...:


By your logic, if you don't agree with something, that automatically makes it terrible. You base the quality of an article on how many people in the comment section wholeheartedly agree with the writer. By that logic, Call of Duty is the best game series ever made and Bieber is the greatest singer in the world.

"And where did I say the Wii-U is a useless device?? i said its controller is not the equivalent of a tablet! Now who is the one that's not reading things??"

I said you dismissed it as a device that is useless when it comes to tablet-like functions. In other words, you aren't acknowledging that it can be used in the same manner of a tablet in the right environment. If it couldn't, then we wouldn't have an article in the first place.

I have to emphasize semantics with you if you're going to constantly misquote me.

"And what did you say that disproved what I wrote??"

Perfect example. Please go back and show me where I said anything about disproving something. I said what you typed in your first post is either an opinion (screen sucks), can be remedied (battery life) or is just plain wrong (no apps).

I haven't disproved anything you've said, and haven't claimed to. And quite frankly, I'm still waiting for you to "put me in my place." All you've managed to do is get us typing in circles. Again, I implore you to please read things carefully before responding.

"I said the battery sucks (it lasts like 4 hrs) and you responded that it can be plugged in...does that change the fact that the battery life is horrible? No!"

And I said that can be remedied with a better battery pack.

"I said the touch screen is of low quality, and you responded by saying it has buttons and thumbsticks....what does that have to do with the sensitivity and resolution of the touch screen? Nothing!"

So three or four responses later, and you're just now claiming that you were talking about the screen's resolution. Look, I know you think I'm an idiot, but please don't think that I'm so gullible that I can't see when you're reaching for straws.

But you know you answered your own question, right? I made it easy by leaving you hints. Consider it like a game of Blue's Clues or something, it'll be fun.

"I said you can't download movies, tv shows or music to the gamepad, and you reply that most people with tablets stream media....does that change the fact that the gamepad can't do any of the things I mentioned? No!"

I acknowledged that and continue to do so. Why you feel the need to repeat it is baffling. I still contend that the majority of people using media on a tablet use streaming services though.

"I think you are the one with the reading comprehension issues. All you did was twist what I said and act like a rapscallion. Now heed my warning and be gone with you!"

I didn't twist anything. I only responded to your points. If you don't want responses, don't visit a comment section. I see you either discovered a dictionary, a thesaurus or a Shakespearean script. Why don't you take some time to enjoy your new hobby? I think that would be a better use of your time than constantly repeating the same thing over and over, hoping it somehow sounds more intelligible than the last time. Reading the same old tired defensive and insecure drivel from you over and over has run its course.



burninmylight commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Be Promoting Th...:


"Then why are you nitpicking statements I made if you too feel that the gamepad is not a tablet??"

Because it was a poorly written post. You failed to acknowledge any points the writer made and dismissed the entire article as mere clickbait, as if he had no basis to stand on. And several of your claims in it are either opinion, can be remedied or just plain wrong. You also completely ignored what the Wii U can do, dismissing it as a device that is completely useless as a device that can serve tablet-like functions. Worst of all, you were being a jackass. If you have the right to nitpick the article, I have the right to nitpick your post. Otherwise, there would be no reply button.

I keep saying over and over again that the GamePad isn't portable like a tablet. Nintendolife doesn't support HTML in the comment section, so I can't make it more obvious. You're the only one who refuses to acknowledge anything. I'm not the one who looks like a fool in this.

"I can't even bother arguing with you about the rest of this stuff. It's so ridiculous! And you used the word 'charlatan'?! In 2014!? Are you 70 years old?,"

No, but I am an adult; something I not quite sure you can claim regardless of your age. I apologize if I made you go through all the work of learning a brand new word. You say you can't bother arguing, yet you keep on doing it. More hypocrisy.

"Again, you are the only person in this comment section to have a problem with my statements, while everyone else here has posted basically the same thing, or replied to me and agreed with what I said."

Two people said they agree with some of your points. Would you like an award now?

Let me sum up how I feel about the GamePad by quoting @TheRealThanos:

"People complaining about it not being a tablet by comparing it's screen to an actual tablet are a bit off course: since it is NOT a tablet, but simply a touch screen, it cannot be compared to a tablet and can therefore not be judged to be inferior to one. It is a giant DS touch screen and as such, the quality of the screen is more than adequate. I've never heard anyone complain about the quality of the DS touch screen or call it a "tablet handheld" so why should we treat the GamePad any different? Everything it does is displayed with more than enough clarity for anyone to be able to see and use it, which is it's intended purpose, NOT to be a full HD tablet/second screen."


However, it can serve many of the functions a tablet does: browsing the Web, watching movies and videos, and checking mail. For many folks, including myself, that's all I would ever need from a tablet. It should not be promoted as a "tablet-killer" but rather as a must-own gaming device that comes with a controller that can take care of many tablet functions as a sweetener.



burninmylight commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Be Promoting Th...:


But I never said the GamePad is a tablet, did I? Nor did I say that I agree with the article. I just didn't care for your thoughtless post. Thanks for putting words in my mouth and trying to turn me into a strawman though. I enjoy an occasional banter with a charlatan though, so we can keep playing this game.

1/2) You claim Damien has no proof, yet you provide only anecdotal evidence. That's not hypocritical at all. I already acknowledged the rest of it. Please go back and read.

3) I never said the GamePad is a tablet. That's why it has buttons and a stylus to make up for the poor touch screen, and they work well. Go back and read.

4) I said most people using tablets have streaming services; I never said digital purchases were not available. But somehow, I've never heard of digital purchases, despite Point 6. Go back and read.

5) Yes, the GamePad is not a tablet. Care to show me where I said as much?

6) The Wii U has a few apps, like YouTube (although it's better to go to YT from the browser) Netflix and Hulu Plus. It'll never compete with a real tablet, but you go ahead and keep pretending like it can only play retail games.

Also, going through your post history reveals what seems to be a very unhealthy dislike for Damien. You should go talk to someone about this: it can't be good for your mental well-being.



burninmylight commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Be Promoting Th...:


1) "Battery life sucks" - You missed the part where the writer said a great many tablets never leave the house. Which is true: a lot of people don't have data plans on them and rely on home WiFi, and a tablet loses a lot of it's use without a connection. So if you're mostly using it at home, how hard is it to use it while plugged in? You do it with every other device that relies on batteries: phones, laptops and tablets. And if it's that big of a deal, buy a battery with a longer life.

2) "It's not portable" - No argument there

3) "The touch screen sucks" - Good thing it has buttons, a D-pad and analog sticks then. And a stylus. It's quite accurate with the stylus.

4) "You can't download and save music or movies on it" - Most people don't do that with tablets. That's why they have streaming services. People actually downloading stuff usually have laptops and PCs.

5) "It has no internal memory" - It doesn't, but the Wii U does.

6) "Can't buy games for $1" - That's funny, Blok Drop U happens to be on sale for about a dollar now. But can you buy Nintendo games and other Wii U exclusives on a conventional tablet?

The only thing that was poorly thought out was your post.



burninmylight commented on Vblank Entertainment Provides Sales Threshold ...:

With that sales threshold on WiiWare, I don't see why any dev would ever bother. No help advertising, very limited audience (a ton of people who bought the Wii didn't even know about the Wii shop!), a 40MB size limit on your game, and you have to reach an unrealistic sales number before you ever see a dime? Yeah right.

Nintendo, you've been getting a lot of good PR and positive vibes from indies lately, but you'd get even more if you agreed to allow every dev who published a WiiWare game free licensing to port that game over to your current eShop, so long as it is QC tested and receives necessary graphical and control enhancements. I'm sure a lot of folks were burned by WiiWare.



burninmylight commented on Nintendo Download: 26th June (Europe):


Well that's a darn shame! I'll have to go ahead and download the trial tonight to see for myself, but thanks for preparing me for massive disappointment. Double WiiMotion+ controls are what I've been dreaming about for years, so I can't believe they botched it. I hope there's still the option to use Wiimote and nunchuk.



burninmylight commented on Nintendo Download: 26th June (Europe):


That's a challenge I can't ignore, buddy. See you in the ring!

NNID: burninmylight

Disclaimer: I'm actually in the USA, but assuming we get the same two-for-one deal as Europe, which brings the digital package in line with the retail, I have to debate on which version to get (and wait until my allowance allows me to acquire it in the first place!). So, it could be a while. :(