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Wed 18th April, 2012

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Dauntless commented on Nintendo Force Magazine Secures Second Year Wi...:

With Nintendo not doing so well, little game news to report because of a lack of third & first parties titles, and how printed game magazines become irrelevant with game web sites like this one, I don't think there is a bright future for this magazine. But, I wish the backers the best.



Dauntless commented on Club Nintendo Adds Some Awesome Premium Mario ...:

Very similar to the NA 2012 platinum reward. From what I can tell the cards are identical except for the stars. The platinum version doesn't have the circle border around the stars. The box for the platinum version is also red and gold, not black and gold. Other than that, the platinum version is labeled "Platinum Playing Cards", not "Premium Mario Playing Cards". There isn't much reason for club members who already got the platinum cards to get this. For everyone else this is one of the nicest card decks I have seen.



Dauntless commented on Hacking Group Claims To Have Discovered Wii U ...:

Those of you who are complaining about the poor devs that are going to skip the system because of piracy, wake up. They already skipped the Wii U (without a piracy problem). Even with piracy the Wii had more third party support than the Wii U does without piracy.



Dauntless commented on Best Buy's 20% eShop Card Discount is Back:

@SirQuincealot I'm not trying to mislead. I can't seem to find any listing for eShop cards on, but have no trouble finding it on Without an official listing on their Canadian web site its anyones guess which retail stores across the nation will actually have them.



Dauntless commented on Famicom Remix 1 + 2 Coming to Retail in Japan:

When they announced the remix part 2 so soon I had a feeling it was 1 game split into 2 parts. Possible to make the digital price seem lower. Well since I haven't picked up the first one yet, I'll wait for the combo disc to make it over to NA.



Dauntless commented on Nintendo UK Launches a New "Nintendo Girls Clu...:

@Senario, I don't consider my self sexist. I know a lot of Nintendo's games are multi age and gender. But if you look at Nintendo's past commercials they have been focused on advertising their games to little kids, and now they're are creating a girls club? There is nothing wrong with catering to those audiences except that I don't fit into those categories.

I have a Wii U. So all I'm interested in hearing from Nintendo is the amazing content that is coming to the Wii U. That is where they're lacking. Their focus tends to be on the 3DS. I don't care about the 3DS. The kid & girl advertisements also don't help to persuade me.

It is what it is. If Nintendo thinks thats their prime audience thats fine. If I don't invest in their systems I won't care what they do because it won't affect me. But, I have a Wii U and for the remainder of this gen all I want to hear about is the amazing content they're bringing to the Wii U. Instead they come up with this bright idea of a 3DS girls club.



Dauntless commented on Nintendo UK Launches a New "Nintendo Girls Clu...:

The Wii U is my last console. Instead of Nintendo showing me their commitment for their console and boosting my faith in them, they do even more 3DS handheld stuff. It was bad enough for the adult males that their focus is on little kids but now they are more interested in the young lady demographic? This is a company that doesn't consider me a customer.



Dauntless commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Direct Pointed to Anot...:

This isn't shocking. Nintendo is famous for droughts. This will be my last console though. I don't care for the micro transaction direction that Xbox or Playstation is going and Nintendo always misses out on a lot of third party titles. I'll pick up what ever good first party titles come out and consider the Wii U my new Dreamcast. Despite the Dreamcast being a commercial failure I really like a lot of the games on the system. The same will be true for me of the Wii U. But I'm done with consoles. I'll be gaming on the PC only, and picking up a few Wii U titles while it still is supported until its end in 2017.



Dauntless commented on Nintendo Download: 23rd January (North America):

It looks like its going to take the Wii U's life span to get half of the Wii VC Library. Why can't they freakin release ExciteBike 64? I just can't get excited about VC releases when a lot of games will never be released, even those that don't have licensing issues.



Dauntless commented on Mario And Zelda On Mobile Could Bring New Play...:

Nintendo needs to make a cheap fun mario game for smart phones that is designed for the touch only experience. They have to practically give it away for free. The whole idea is to advetise Mario to the younger generation that didn't grow up with it. If Nintendo can get them hooked on Mario for the smart phone, than they will start to notice Mario on the big screen. But I really don't see Nintendo doing something like that.



Dauntless commented on Two Tribes Development Studio Shuts Down and N...:

Toki Tori was the best WiiWare title I ever bought for the Wii back then. It was a big surprise because the level of quality wasn't common in downloadable titles at the time. Than I got it on steam, andriod, and the Wii U remake. Naturally when Toki Tori 2 came out that was a day one purchase. And when the devs couldn't add the extra features to the Wii U version they were nice enough to give me a free steam key so I could still play it on the PC. I wish them the best. This is one of my favorite franchises and I would hate to see it end. (I'm still waiting for the Linux version of Toki Tori 2. Linux gaming is where my attention/interest is going)



Dauntless commented on Tantalus Media Seeking Staff With Wii U Experi...:

Funky barn is a fun game. The problem with it is lack of content & polish. It needs a lot more polish. It also needs a lot more content. The game has only 3 maps. There were even some bugs that needed squashing. Funky Barn had the potential to be a great RTS micro management game if it had more TLC. If funky barn 2 fixes everything wrong with the first game and really expands upon it, I would definitely go for it.



Dauntless commented on GamePad High Capacity Battery Now Available in...:

@JaxonH - USPS did something a while ago where they put a ban on lithium batteries and any device with lithium batteries. I don't know if they are still having a fit about batteries exploding in mail bags or catching on fire. I was selling a used laptop on ebay Canada, and I ended up delisting the US shipping option from my auction because i didn't want to deal with US customs seizing batteries.



Dauntless commented on Soapbox: Nintendo's Appearance at VGX Underwhe...:

Joel is what ruined the show. He made everyone feel uncomfortable. Instead of developers passionately talking about their games they all just wanted to go home after talking to him. Reggie was the best at getting back at Joel. Joel retreated a little when Reggie raised his voice.



Dauntless commented on Nintendo UK Joins Japan By Calling Time On Wii...:

Because the Wii Mini is stuck on composite it is useless to me. Nintendo really stripped it down. 480p component was bad enough and now those who use a mini are stuck on 480i. Because the WiiU is 100% backwards compatible and works with HDMI cables I really don't care that the wii is being discontinued. As long as the WiiU retains its backwards compatibility the Wii will live on. The only reason why GameCube compatibility was lost is because the cube ports are missing, and Nintendo doesn't want to bother emulating the controller.



Dauntless commented on Batman: Arkham Origins Will Be Cheaper on Wii U:

I'll wait for the game of the year edition. I don't know why online is such a big deal. This isn't a game I would buy for online. This is a single player game to me. But charging the same price as the 360/ps3 would be unfair because of the missing feature. This is a better offer but, I'm still waiting for the game of the year edition for $30. It will happen eventually sooner rather then later. I don't need to play this right away.



Dauntless commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Reiterates That There's "Noth...:

I made my own ambassador program when I bought mine locally off ebay new for $50 less retail. All those eBay sellers expecting to mark up the console were stuck with machines that weren't moving and had to get rid of them back in the drought. I registered the serial number with Nintendo, got my points, and everything works great. Nintendo builds reliable systems.



Dauntless commented on GameStop Defends Xenoblade Chronicles Pricing,...:

You can hate Gamestop all you want but its Nintendo's fault. You wouldn't have the game if it wasn't for Gamestop financially backing it up because NOA didn't want to bring it over. And we all knew this was going to be a limited release that would only go up in price. Just about everyone had a Wii when it was released thus there is very little reason not to have gotten it at regular price at release unless you were actually flat broke and couldn't spare 50 for anything. Gamespot can sell this at whatever they want and I'm not going to complain about it because if it wasn't for them this game wouldn't even be available to begin with.



Dauntless commented on Rumour: Best Buy Beginning Return of Wii U Bas...:

They should just keep one model to reduce confusion, available in white and or black, to keep it simple

They probably should have just discounted the basic by $50 or more and let the stock run out. I imagine it will cost more to have everything shipped back and repackaged to send it out again. Then what do they do with all the 8GB chips? Garbage?

Once you hook up a usb hard drive 32gb or 8gb becomes irrelevant. I don't see how you can argue you are getting more value with 32gb when 500gb is standard for laptops. The value is only there if you want NintendoLand and a black system. If you're serious about storage space you'll get a usb hard drive because 32gb is pathetic.



Dauntless commented on Rumour: Nintendo Is Recalling Wii U Basic Bundle:

I got my white 8gb new off ebay for $250 locally (no shipping cost) so I don't feel ripped off. Thats what the Wii Cost me when I got it back in 2007.

I had an extra 500gb laptop hard drive I hooked up and now I have more space then the 32gb models.

I don't see the point of 8gb or 32gb. 8 will make 32 look bigger, but 32 is nothing by todays standards. Anybody who is going to download stuff will need a usb hard drive eventually.

I'm happy to have the white model because it matches all my wiimotes and other accessories.



Dauntless commented on 32GB White Wii U, Rechargeable Wii Remote Batt...:

The gamepad battery is something we all need. I don't really care about the wii mote batteries because rechargeable AA work fine. A white 32GB WiiU is cool, I have the 8GB, but it doesn't matter once you get a 500GB USB Hard Drive or larger.



Dauntless commented on Nintendo Download: 23rd May (North America):

I can confirm that the deal does work for upgrade purchases. I upgraded 2 of the 3 games and got the 3rd for free. I'm glad I'm in no rush to upgrade my vc games. Maybe there will be deals for other games I have previously purchased.