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United Kingdom

Sun 23rd Jan 2011

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NintendoLee commented on Lucas and Next Wave of Animal Crossing amiibo ...:

Good to see some Amiibo again, I feel like the AC set hasn't sold well as the price is pretty low everywhere.

It's also good that the official Nintendo store has the £10.99 prices once again instead of increasing the RRP like they did with Shovel Knight.

GAME need a big look at themselves, charging £4 more and traditionally have mucked up so often, why do people bother with them?



NintendoLee commented on Sales for Dementium Remastered Have Been Much ...:

Jools Waltham is a whiny so so, The game has had poor reviews, why would we buy it?

He also has no idea about marketing. I remember his hissy fit on Twitter about Europeans not buying Xeodrifter. A game that's basically reskinned Mutant Mudds that was announced as being out in Europe (after countless delays) during the Nintendo E3 conference when no one was paying attention to it. We were looking at puppets and Zelda!

I've seen the guy personally attack people on Twitter for criticising his games and it makes me want to never buy a Renegade Kid game again.



NintendoLee commented on Toad's Funhouse!:

This is a fun level but if I was designing it I would make the P blocks reappear (through a pie for example) as if you miss the runs that's it you have to restart the level and it can be frustrating.

The rest though was fantastic. It was a really fun level, lots of effort has gone into this. Great work.



NintendoLee commented on Mega Man Underground:

Good level, I'd replace the mushrooms later on with Mega Man again to keep with the theme but a simple non difficult level is a breath of fresh air.



NintendoLee commented on Land Down Under:

I liked this level, good mix of variance, simplicity and fun. Add in a bit of peril and it's great.



NintendoLee commented on Nintendo UK's Summer Tour Kicks Off This Month...:

@andyg1971 I read somewhere else that:

People are eligible to receive a Super Mario Bros. 30th Anniversary pin upon production of an original receipt or other proof of purchase for any official Mario-related Nintendo product (video game, game system or item of merchandise) purchased between 12th August and 13th September 2015. One pin per receipt, while stocks last.



NintendoLee commented on Nintendo's Official UK Store Restocks on Some ...:

I actually managed to get Robin from eBay for £14. Cheaper than Game and cheaper than the alternative of buying the Steam combo from Nintendo (£45 there, £25 for STEAM other places and £14 for Robin is a £6 saving).

Still Shulk and Lucina to go.