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Wed 15th Feb 2012

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Moose_4 commented on Shovel Knight amiibo Pre-Orders Open in the UK...:

Il wait for the Nintendo UK store to pre-order.

Like everyone knows the increase in price is ridiculous and i always have a problem with a pre-order item getting delayed or not receiving it (Super Mario 3D World sleeve)

Only use GAME as a last resort.



Moose_4 commented on Talking Point: Assessing the Odds of Super Mar...:

I have the Amiibo bundle on pre-order with Nintendo UK store.

Bowser JR is in the picture at the top!
Thats the first i have seen of him in NES graphics. I didn't know he had been shown in Super Mario Maker and iv watched loads of videos and nearly all the e3 coverage.



Moose_4 commented on Nintendo Download: 16th July (Europe):

I played Super Street Fighter II: Turbo Revival so much on my GBA.

For some reason its the only Street Fighter that you can use Guile's Sonic Boom and Flashkick without having to charge them. So i would use him all the time. When i normally never play as Guile as i can't get on with the charging of his moves.



Moose_4 commented on Nintendo's Official UK Store Restocks on Some ...:

What a joke.
I had Shulk in my basket on GAME and was on the confirm order page then it was taken off my order.

(they must have found a Shulk behind a chair or something)
as i repeatedly went back on it and kept trying to add it to my basket again and iv actually got the order.



Moose_4 commented on Iwata Vows To Listen To E3 2015 Digital Event ...:

I know by the way most people have reacted in the last 24 hours i am in the minority.

But i liked the show, and it has some games i want and some i don't.

I much prefer having a Nintendo Direct every couple of months with surprises throughout the year instead of having one big event then its done.

I have such a backlog of games i am happy that some titles haven't been announced.



Moose_4 commented on Poll: How Excited Are You About Nintendo's E3 ...:

Super Mario Maker looks amazing, but i'm not that big a fan of creating my own levels in games, but i think this could be an exception. And i will have fun playing other peoples.

Iv got to get on with Fire Emblem Awakening, i got about half way through then just stopped playing. Such a great game though.

I want to see more info on Devils Third!



Moose_4 commented on Playtonic Wants Yooka-Laylee To Eclipse Banjo-...:

@RupeeClock I completely agree with you.

I just couldn't get into Banjo Tooie as much because it felt so HUGE and i hardly played it on the N64 due to that reason. But i did download both Banjo games on the xbox 360 to replay again about 2 years ago and i still haven't touched Banjo Tooie because i know how i felt playing it years ago.

I am really looking forward to Yooka-Laylee. Hope its closer to Kazooie and not Tooie.



Moose_4 commented on Exclusive: Behind The Scenes On Playtonic's Yo...:

Would like to buy his Banjo-Kazooie teddy lol.

I have backed it for £70. I really want all the physical items, its a shame you can't choose physical Wii U game.

I was really tempted by the N64 Box version, but you don't get a physical game with it (unless you add on another £35) so i can't justify nearly £300 more for a box, even though it would be a great collectable.



Moose_4 commented on Official Nintendo UK Store Announces Pre-Order...:

Anyone else have an e-mail from Nintendo cancelling amiibo from yesterday?

I had pre-ordered a Jigglypuff yesterday because Greninja was out of stock when i went on at 3pm.
Now Nintendo said they can't fulfill my order of 1 Jigglypuff.

So i e-mailed asking how can Nintendo not manage to stock Nintendo merchandise? And why wern't they actually put on at 3pm like the e-mail said.

I also said there should be some sort of loyalty scheme to purchase first.

Its ridiculous having Jigglypuff and Greninja on ebay for £80 EACH.



Moose_4 commented on Official Nintendo UK Store Announces Pre-Order...:

I wish with all this buying and selling on ebay for people that aren't obviously Nintendo fans or collectors would stop.

There should be something to do with your Club Nintendo account.
(i know it is on its way out) With who can buy them to begin with, abit like the Ambassador New 3DS, i know some people did sell there 3DS on ebay, but it wouldn't be as many as it seems to be now with all the amiibos.



Moose_4 commented on Review: Super Mario 64 (Wii U eShop / Nintendo...:

I have just completed this with 120 stars. Something i never did 19 years ago.

Now being 26 i really enjoyed going through the whole game to find everything.

I think it deserves the 10/10. Obviously it would be better with an HD version and updated controls but i doubt that would happen as they have already remade this on DS.



Moose_4 commented on Video: Super Mario 64 Leaps Onto Wii U Virtual...:

I am so happy playing through this now, i'm 26.
Like everyone else i remember playing this when i was 9 or 10, I used to think its such a massive game and feel overwhelmed.
Now i know most of it like the back of my hand i'm just enjoying the memories.
Now bring on more N64 games, Wave Race, 1080, would be a great follow up in the next few weeks!

Also people moaning about the black borders, the game looks great as that was the ratio, why would you want it stretched and distorted?



Moose_4 commented on The Legend of Zelda New Nintendo 3DS Cover Pla...:


I agree, the Monado plates look good on either colour 3DS.

But i have only just started the game on wii/wiiu in the last few weeks. I bought it years ago and never had time to play it. Only 10 hours in.

So i doubt i will be buying the Game/plate combo. Might buy the plates if released separately later.



Moose_4 commented on Super Mario amiibo Series Can Now Be Preordere...:

I decided i wouldn't buy all the SMASH amiibo. As some of them i just didn't want even though they are rare. I couldn't get over Marths dodgy face and the leg cast of wii fit trainer.

But i was planning on getting all of the Super Mario set as there wouldn't be a character i wouldn't want.

Now iv got to be on the look out for peach to be back in stock.



Moose_4 commented on Nintendo Europe Shipping Ambassador Edition Ne...:

I am really happy with Nintendo. (i know not everyone that wanted an email got one)

I didn't know this version existed 11am 6th January.
Now under 24 hours later it was delivered and i have it. Didn't pay extra for delivery either.

Looks great. Going to use it and i want to be careful with the faceplates as they are one of a kind.



Moose_4 commented on Lucky New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Gamers Jump ...:

It is a shame. I have ordered one and going to keep it and use it.

Is it really worth the hassle for selling it for, say £50 more than retail?
Ebay take 10%, paypal then take 3.2 or something.

Might pocket £20 after the hassle.



Moose_4 commented on UK Retailer GAME Is Selling Captain Toad: Trea...:

My girlfriend wanted to know what i wanted for Christmas. I said this but its out in January.

I have just ordered from GAME. If it doesn't ship before Christmas i will cancel as its a few quid cheaper everywhere else.



Moose_4 commented on Rare Donkey Kong Delights to Grace the Wii U a...:

Finally woke up abit and committed to some classic games on VC.

Still wish it was like this EVERY week, instead of nothing/waiting on good games.

Hurry with the N64 games!!!! I want to upgrade my Mario 64, Wave Race, 1080, and Majoras mask,