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Thu 29th May, 2014

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ModestFan93 commented on Nintendo Download: 24th July (Europe):

@Desy64 Waste time creating an HD edition on a worthless game like that? That's a good one. They're are loads of N64 and Gamecube games that need that treatment beforehand anyway. And if any Wii game gets remastered it should be the Galaxy Games and Zelda.

So where is our good week huh?



ModestFan93 commented on Golden Sun: The Lost Age Hitting Japanese Wii ...:

@King47 Well you bought the gane might as well complete it to the very end. It does have a rocky start but it sorta gets better after that. And you are playing the 3rd entry so the hands is going focus more on setting the plot up rather then throwing you straight into the action more or less.
@Emblem You could play them out of order but you'd be confused as to what's going on exactly. But I'd suggest going with the first one first due to being able to transfer gane completion data to this one.



ModestFan93 commented on Latest CoroCoro Magazine Scan Shows Mega Dianc...:

Diancie also gets her own episode in the Anime too. The last time they lead with that teasing title we got a boat load of information rehashing Mega Evos. Are they teasing a new kind of Mega Evolving or new ways to use them? :D Oh man can't wait to hear this.



ModestFan93 commented on New Official Hyrule Warriors Screens Show Off ...:

@AlexOlney I knew it I knew I recognized that item! Did you see that Fi using the powers of the Goddess!?
@Tsurii897 I have no idea what you're talking about but I've been excited for this game since Day 1. No sane person would judge this game based off its reveal when at the end you're told that it's heavily in the first stages of development. People like you need to learn how to patiently wait for a game to show progress.
@2Sang Well characters could be unlocked after Story Mode.