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Thu 29th May, 2014

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ModestFan93 commented on Mewtwo Returns to Super Smash Bros., Ridley an...:

@Nimious No they don't have a right to complain. Fighters come and go and Project M is garage trash please don't try using that in an actual argument. Regarding Pokemon characters Sakurai is at the whims of Gamefreak and The Pokemon Company take it to them that they didn't feel like Mewtwo was important enough to bring back in Brawl.
@Ryno Them be fighting words 'round these parts. =w=



ModestFan93 commented on Video: Début Footage of UCraft Aims to Show M...:

@gage_wolf Did you just challenge yourself to think "Hm how much bullcrap can I shovel and fill my sentences until people reading this get so annoyed they stop responding and I win?"

Please leave your comments are a disgrace the moment you brought Bayonetta 2's sales data into here disregarding the fact it hasn't even launched WorldWide yet.



ModestFan93 commented on Developer Profile: Masahiro Sakurai:

@Senario Time and time again he has stated that Smash is not like a Fighting game it's an action fighting game. Which means all those mechanics you have stated are pointless and beyond stupid. You mention that Melee was one of his most successful games and that he shouldn't bash the fanbase of the game? Please they are the most toxic of the fanbase and need to go along with that mockery of a "game" Project M. Compared to his work with Kirby and Kid Icarus, Melee is a joke.
@minotaurgamer Powerwise Kirby wipes the floor with Donkey Kong. Gamewise Donkey Kong is only slightly better due to gameplay and visuals. Musicwise Kirby beats Donkey Kong hands down. Both games are godly in their own right but based on character alone Kirby is better.



ModestFan93 commented on Pokkén Tournament's Concept Even Shocked The ...:

@Shambo Feebas or bust. Hope Magikarp is nothing but a backdrop prop. All hail Feebas!
@Rafie Wii U is A must!
@TeeJay It explosion in popularity even surprised me. I love the Pokémon and the Generation it represents.

Just realized that Water-types have serious destructive material here since we know they can battle on land. What if they included water stages?