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I'm a digital artist, wannabe game designer, and all around nice person. I love Nintendo and most video games.

Mon 4th November, 2013

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Action51 commented on Video: Let's Play Bayonetta 2 With Lydia:

I had to stop watching because I'm so hyped up to buy this on Friday, and I don't want to see too much!

Like the video though! It's fun hearing Lydia try to keep up and describe the sheer insanity that's going on in the game, hahaha.



Action51 commented on Talking Point: Platinum Games Has Secured a Go...:

@Ralek85 - Right!

I saw it on Steam for $15(US) and I thought it was a mistake.

You have to give a game some slack when it's released at a fraction of the price of full retail. Not being a fan of the series, I'm passing, but at the same time...licensed property games are most often "meh"...



Action51 commented on Talking Point: Platinum Games Has Secured a Go...:

It's funny how people are trying to still say the Wii U has fewer games and that because of that they get rated higher by the industry.

Really? Are we talking about the same industry that loves to predict the doom of Nintendo and has been writing click bait articles (very successfully) for over two decades now? anything, the companies that do massive ad-buys on the same sites that review and hype their games might be the recipients of better scores, but in the end we really have no proof that these "game journalism" sites are on the take for anyone.

Thankfully Nintendo Life has been honest and up front with their scoring. I give their reviews much more weight then the big industry gaming sites.



Action51 commented on I Had No Idea If I Was Fighting Demons, Dragon...:

Enlightening interview...It's always interesting to hear he process that goes on with voice over work. Especially since I'm such a nerd and aficionado of animation, video games, anime, etc...

I liked Bayonetta's line delivery in the demo, so looking forward to this game!



Action51 commented on Nintendo Releases Drop in UK Charts in Face of...:

Yup the main diff between the USA and that we spread our sports games out over four main sports.

Football being the biggest, and Basketball being a close second, especially for video games because of the nature of the sport allowing an individual to control one of five players (instead of 11) and the fast back and forth.

Then there is baseball, but baseball season lasts like half the year and it's a slow paced game, so even though it's really popular and the sport most likely to be played by amateur athletes, it just doesn't have the fast paced action of football or basketball.

Finally, there is Hockey, which we share a love with alongside Canada. Hockey is traditionally a cold weather sport, and half the USA is cold while half is while in states like New Jersey and Michigan you have a huge Hockey fanbase...Arizona and Oklahoma not so much.



Action51 commented on Gallery: Enjoy a Cuteness Overload in These Ca...:

My big two games for the holiday season this year are Bayonetta 2 for Halloween and Captain Toad for Christmas!

Yes, this is looking really nice, even more refined then SM3DW!

@sinalefa - you nailed it. these small worlds and the characters themselves feel like they are so detailed and lovingly constructed with fluid animation and lively expressions.



Action51 commented on Square Enix's Latest 3DS RPG Final Fantasy Exp...:

For those claiming there is only going to be 5 games coming out in 2015:

Did we even know about Fantasy Life a year out?

Most 3DS games aren't hyped up over a year in advance, some are...but many are not. This trend of hyping games for years is a product of the Playstation/Xbox AAA gluttonous development cycle where enormous budgets meet unrealistic expectations, endless hype and delays.



Action51 commented on Square Enix's Latest 3DS RPG Final Fantasy Exp...:

Okay, here's the thing people....

I love the stereoscopic 3D feature, but if a developer feels they can't pull it off and make the game they want to make...then it's not the end of the world.

This is real, genuine, third party support for Nintendo that is not slapdash, delayed, missing feature ports.

I'm excited to see more adventure/rpg type games coming to 3DS, and this one looks like it could be pretty cool.



Action51 commented on Video: Aqua Moto Racing Utopia Footage Breaks ...:

oohh...a stunt racer!

I need something to scratch that itch after Excite Truck and Excite Bots.

This game looks like it's shaping up pretty well. I almost wish Nintendo would send some people to work with this team to give it that extra bit of polish and secure it as a Nintendo exclusive.



Action51 commented on Super Smash Bros. Continues Chart Domination i...:

@Saizo Hmm, Seems like Bayonetta 2 sales are sadly in proportion right alongside install bases for the consoles they release on...

Edit: Are your sales numbers for Japan only? America? Worldwide?

I highly doubt ANYTHING released to 60k or above on the X360 in Japan.

I think you need to source those numbers or double check them yourself.



Action51 commented on Nintendo Rolling Out New In-Store Digital Dist...:

@Pigeon - Is the physical game available at the same place?

A lot of stores don't want to stock Nintendo games, and Nintendo must pay retailers for prime store retail. This might also be good for large cities where stores have very little room for physical inventory. A stack of cards in a display case VS a bunch of shelves and boxes in the back of the store as well might entice more small shops to carry these...who knows?

I personally prefer to buy physical retail over digital download, and I'll grab an e-shop $20-$50 card if I want to get something, but this allows them to raise awareness of specific titles (games like Pushmo, Shovel Knight, Teslagrad etc) in a public space.

May not be for you or me, but I can see the reasons and uses for this.



Action51 commented on Hyrule Warriors Battles Its Way to Number 3 in...:

I wouldn't mind seeing a Fire Emblem game co-developed with Tecmo Koei using the beautiful armor and character design aesthetics from the mainstream Warriors franchise, but with gameplay and battlefield design by Intelligent Systems...that would be a dream game!



Action51 commented on Sonic Boom: Rise Of Lyric Speeds To Earlier Re...:

@Ryno - It has too many things working against it.

1) It's a Sonic game
2) It's a tie-in for a TV show
3) It's a Sonic game

I always wait for a bunch of reviews and more information, the gaming media are pretty pathetic these days...look at all the hype and fawning over Destiny and Watchdogs...and then look at the result.



Action51 commented on Sonic Boom: Rise Of Lyric Speeds To Earlier Re...:

@GamecubeComplex @PleaseUnderstan

Good god....I had a friend growing up who had an old Sega Master system...and Alex Kidd in Miracle World was the toughest, most unfair, most hair pulling game...but it was actually a decent game with nice design and play mechanics, so you would punish yourself and keep playing thinking you would eventually get good at it.

But playing it later on emulators with save states out of pure curiosity, one realizes that this game is literally impossible to beat...I wonder if anyone has actually beaten Alex Kidd in Miracle World legit?



Action51 commented on Review: Hyrule Warriors (Wii U):

Too much like the Warriors games.

I totally expected this to be a 7/10 game from fair and honest review sites like Nintendo Life, but what surprises me is that it's getting reviews like this from around the web. I thought for sure most of the big pay-2-play gaming sites would dump a 5-6 on this game sight unseen.



Action51 commented on Image & Form Teams Up With Zoink In Self-Publi...:


After the purge of all midsize companies in the late 7th gen game industry crash that no one ever speaks about, we were left with mostly giant mega-publishers and small indie developers.

I'm happy to see solid and creative small developers bond together to form alternatives to the big, bloated, lazy third party structure.



Action51 commented on Nintendo Confirms Week Two Details for Super S...:

UnEpic on sale...zoink

Maybe grab discounted Kid Icarus even though I have the enhanced version for 3DS...It's one of my all time favorite games.

Nice! I have something new to play this backlog was really starting to shrink over the summer.



Action51 commented on Talking Point: The Growing Role of The Treehou...:

The Treehouse events from this years E3 were great, and that is when I was really aware of them as more then just some PR outfit for NoA.

I'd like to see them do that kind of programming on a seasonal basis, maybe a weekend around winter holiday time, and a few smaller events throughout the year with a big E3 presence like they had this year.

It did wonders for their public image too...alongside the success of Mario Kart 8, the amount of Nintendoom and haters sharply dropped after this year's E3 and all the Treehouse hype.



Action51 commented on Impending Japanese Launch Of Super Smash Bros....:

Oh my god...Nostalgia overload on so many levels...

I'm kind of new to the series with Brawl being my only real entry that I own and have played I was reluctant to pick up the Wii U entry (especially with Bayonetta 2 and Captain Toad on the way)...but damn!

So many characters, so much nostalgia...I may have to buy it!



Action51 commented on Watch Dogs Wii U Release Dates Confirmed:

@Salamihawk - It's not that:

"Ubisoft wants the Wii U to fail and wants an excuse to not have to do actual work when porting to another console."

It's that Ubisoft and a handful of Mega-publishers (EA, Activision) get treated like kings by Sony and Microsoft who funnel money and free promotion to them because they NEED that content on their systems to survive...unlike Nintendo they can't survive on first party.

Ubisoft wants Nintendo to succeed and they want to make money from Nintendo console owners...however, they don't want to bother to market to, or respect Nintendo console owners. The one size-fits-all approach they take with Sony and Microsoft doesn't work, and it's less profitable for them.



Action51 commented on Watch Dogs Wii U Release Dates Confirmed:

@Laxeybobby - Faked!

Nice job with the graphic layout on the discs. Notice he doesn't show the boxes? Discs are super easy to mock up and print out a fake but very pretty label.

For the footage? They didn't even bother to show him playing with a Wii-mote...because he probably didn't have the blu-tooth adapters and stuff set up to fake it, Wii motes are a little trickier to get to run as a PC controller then most standard controllers.

What about the footage itself?

Obviously it's low setting PC footage captured and compressed down to a standard def file and played back at a low framerate.




Action51 commented on Watch Dogs Wii U Release Dates Confirmed:

  • An over-hyped, over-promised, under-delivering game
  • Released half a year earlier across all other platforms
  • Pawned off to a B-team for porting
  • Released during the heavily competitive Christmas shopping rush
  • Lacking most of the cool "special features" that were used as an excuse for the delay in the first place
  • From a publisher that's been openly condescending to Nintendo fans

When it absolutely bombs, Ubisoft will whine once again about how mean and childish Nintendo console owners are for not buying their overpriced mediocrity.



Action51 commented on LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham DLC Season Pass i...:

@Nik-Davies - The biggest with that people WILL go out and buy the PS3/Xbox/PS4/PC versions now...and that will further reinforce the idea that these games "don't sell" on the Wii U.

So I'm going to skip this game 100% altogether and not get it on PC. I would prefer this type of game on my Wii U where I could do off-screen multi-player. So if I can't get the version that lets me play the way I prefer, WB can keep their game and their season pass.

Sorry - no Wii U or Steam purchase from me lost a sale.



Action51 commented on LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham DLC Season Pass i...:

@santaglause - Yup...when the Wii U didn't sell a hundred million out of the gate like the Wii did and many gamers were slow to adopt the system, they put unrealistic expectations on the small, early adopters and then started to run away before even a full year had passed.



Action51 commented on LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham DLC Season Pass i...:

@TreonsRealm - I Agree!

Lego Batman was a great game with lots of content and puzzles and the villain missions were really a nice way to extend the playtime, if it were released today, the villain missions would be DLC.

Lego Indiana Jones was pretty brilliant, and the sequel added some nice things to the series like split screen 2 player and deeper collect-a-thon elements.

I think I started to notice the decline with Lego Batman 2...while still a good game, the open world Gotham felt dead and sloppy. Once you unlocked Superman pretty early on, there wasn't much in the way of tricky puzzles and the whole second half of the game was fighting that Joker robot.

Lego City Undercover was a nice bright spot, but it sadly didn't perform to expectations and I think that angered the developers.

Oh well...sad to see Lego games with "Season Passes" and day one DLC, and even more sad to see it deliberately skip the Wii U. The problem now, is all of the people that may skip the Wii U version because it's already being announced as an "inferior version"...which they will claim as justification for not including the extra features.

Self-fulfilling prophecy.



Action51 commented on Video: Watch These Teenagers As They're Expose...:

@jedisquidward - Holy crap, you literally just raged at every aspect of this video. How you managed to pull this off is extraordinary:

  • You attack the FIne bros. for making the video and "exploiting" the kids
  • You then attack the kids who are being "exploited"
  • Next you attack the people who thought the kids were obnoxious for being lame old hypocrites
  • Then you go ahead and attack the kids for being obnoxious

It is truly remarkable to see a post to laden with misdirected hostlity and flailing anger. Kudos to you, sir!



Action51 commented on Video: Watch These Teenagers As They're Expose...:

When that girl with the hat said like: "I'm still a kid, I sound so patronizing"

That made me lol.

I've seen a bunch of these videos before, they even have "elders react" where they put 60-70 year olds in front of stuff like Eminem videos and Hatsune Miku and get their take.



Action51 commented on Rejoice, Little Orbit's Penguins Of Madagascar...:

Little Orbit are like a licensed movie, toy, and TV show tie video game sweatshop.

I am somewhat interested in their upcoming "Falling Skies" game if it gets some polish and turns out to be a decent tactical strategy game.



Action51 commented on Project CARS Wii U Delay Was To Ensure It's As...:

@TheRealThanos - I understand that you're in communication with some of the dev team, and I have no reason to doubt your word that they are good people and want to make a great game, etc.

On the other clockwork, a big name third party publisher steps in and we hear the same old talk of delays and missing release dates for Wii U. It's kind of like hearing the same joke from five different people, then expecting the punchline to change on the sixth telling.

I really do believe you that your contacts at Slightly Mad Studios are good people, and while I congratulate them on being picked up by a big publisher, but there appears to be pressure from that publisher based on the timing of the announcements and past experiences with other big third party publishers.



Action51 commented on Project CARS Wii U Delay Was To Ensure It's As...:

I'm glad most here aren't taking the attitude that we should "just be grateful" that a game is even coming to Wii U.

Now ultimately, when the game releases, we will all have to decide for ourselves if it's worth the money. If it is a solid port without any content cut...I would encourage people not to "boycott" it on release. At the same time, I would discourage anyone from buying this "just to support 3rd party" games. Buy a Lego game or a Platinum developed game if you want to support loyal 3rd parties.