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Mon 4th November, 2013

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Action51 commented on Wii U Sales Continue to Rise with the Release ...:

@IceClimbers - So you think the Playstation and Xbox brands let the Mega publishers name their prices and essentially start calling the shots across all platforms to the point where they now determine the fate of consoles instead of the other way around?

I might not be so conspiratorial, but I think that is the basic essence of what has happened, especially in the west as video games became more mainstream and bigger dollars were at stake.



Action51 commented on Wii U Sales Continue to Rise with the Release ...:

My theory on third party development is this:

1) Nintendo has always played hardball with third parties, and they took way too long to change, and still haven't changed. Also, there is the fact that Nintendo first party games are hard to compete with.

2) Sony and Microsoft are bitter competitors, but more as global tech companies then video game console developers. In their desire to crush one another, they have been throwing money at the mega publishers while essentially building consoles around the whims of Ubisoft, Activision, and EA. This strategy is not really sustainable for a company that is primarily a video games company.

I think we're going to see Microsoft throw more gobs of cash at developers like they did with Crystal Dynamics to get the next Tomb Raider. Microsoft can afford to soak up a few dozen subsidized major software failures before they even flinch.



Action51 commented on Fire Emblem Bringing The Battle to the Wii U i...:

@BensonUii - Get it!

I bought my copy of Radiant Dawn used a few years ago and it's actually scratched, but I couldn't trade it back because I put it on my backlog at first and then the random crashing that occurs didn't happen until I was well into the campaign.

However, even with disc read errors that occasionally crashed the game, I still fought and played through and beat the's that good!



Action51 commented on Nintendo Offers Condolences to Robin Williams'...:

@shaneoh - I really should not address the trolling and the stupid, but I'm a sucker so here goes...

Remember the guy who worked at the coffee shop down the street from me?

  • no because you did not know who he was

Remember those decades of comedy, and movies, and TV shows, and commercials, and awards won by Robin Williams?

  • yeah, most of us do

You know how you honor people that you knew or were aware of in your life in a way that you feel appropriate?

You know how you don't honor people who pass on that you didn't know and there is no shame or failure on your part because you simply did now know them? any of this getting through?



Action51 commented on The Pokémon Trading Card Game Is Coming To iP...:

Well, that's it...Nintendo is over.

lol j/k...but next year they will be....and if not, then the year after that or the year after that...sometime within the next decade...and if not by then, within 25 years...and I can still claim my prediction came true if Nintendo isn't doomed by 2135.



Action51 commented on Nintendo Offers Condolences to Robin Williams'...:

This was the correct decision for the time being.

It's good that they acknowledge the petition, but they are wise to wait until a little time has passed before making an official decision because whatever decision they make is sure to upset some people.

Best use this time to remember a great actor, not fight about his inclusion in a future game.



Action51 commented on Super Smash Bros. Seizes Gamescom Most Wanted ...:

I'm honestly not a big Smash Bros fan.

The first and only Smash I ever played was Brawl...and I ended up liking the platform "Embassy mission" segments the most and finding the actual fighting game kinda boring.



Action51 commented on Super Smash Bros. Seizes Gamescom Most Wanted ...:

Amazing how this humble little site has these great Nintendo related scoops, and the big game media sites like IGN are either slow to report them or just flat out skip the stories altogether.

Kudos Nintendo Life team...for providing solid Nintendo coverage.



Action51 commented on Video: The Demon Legion Look Fiendish In This ...:


When I talk about indie games needing a strong, consistent, visually cohesive art style THIS is what I'm talking about!

You don't need ultra real, 3D high polygon graphics to make a beautiful game. I often prefer stylish, well animated art like we see in that demo.

I'm also glad to see them switch up the civilizations and add new units and gameplay elements.



Action51 commented on Ubisoft Clarifies Reasoning For The Crew Skipp...:

@DarkKirby - Not really, not anymore.

If you invest a little more up front, you can get yourself a PC that is on par or better then a PS4 or XB1...and it will also run all your online and media related apps and programs and can be just as much or more of an entertainment center as the new consoles.

Over time, adding up the online pay-walls, backwards compatibility issues, and higher software costs of the new consoles, it's cheaper to game on PC in the long run.



Action51 commented on Ubisoft Clarifies Reasoning For The Crew Skipp...:

So Ubisoft isn't porting to any system that requires additional work or investment?

So Lazy...

I guess it's hard like modeling female characters?

Sounds like the Ubisoft we've come to know of recent years.

While EA is still pretty bad, they've been at least making small attempts to improve their image, Ubisoft is actually getting worse then EA.



Action51 commented on Nintendo Unleashes An Awesome Trailer Showing ...:

@zool - we are getting some third party games, but the problem is they are too few, and too predictable.

I love Lego games, but I have been spoiled since Lego City Undercover...knowing they can put out a game that big and loaded with stuff to do. I'm still looking forward to Lego Batman 3.

The final problem is the half-assing of ports. We're seeing this with Ubisoft and Watchdogs, and now namco is screwing over Wii U owners who deserve a Project CARS release that is on-time and optimized as well as possible for the Wii U for meeting the crowdfunding goals. Instead we are getting more delays and likely a rushed port.

Then after all that nonsense, we'll have to hear more condemnations of Nintendo fans rejecting third party games.



Action51 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Ambitious amiibo Pla...:

@Hy8ogen - pre-order bonus, day one DLC, season passes, piecemeal content packs...yes, you are correct that this has become the norm.

For those like us who support Nintendo, we are just being realistic. Nintendo is slow to adopt new concepts, and that comes with the good and the bad. In this case, they've taken longer then most to adopt the DLC model.

So those complaining about Nintendo adopting these monetization schemes need to take a look at the rest of the industry where this has long been the norm and to a much greater extent before pointing the finger at Nintendo.



Action51 commented on Nintendo Unleashes An Awesome Trailer Showing ...:

Really cool to see all the big exclusives laid out like that.

Now remember all my pouty people...this trailer wasn't made for people like us that visit gaming websites everyday, watched hours of E3 and all the major conferences, and speculate about what Reggie's lapel pins might mean.

This trailer was made for less obsessive people who might be curious about buying a console in the upcoming relax. You have to admit this trailer had a lot of sizzle and pretty accurately showed off what the Wii U is all about.



Action51 commented on Nintendo Hardware and Exclusives Hold Firm at ...:

To the people spelling doom and gloom for PS4...just no.

Remember that the Wii U dealt with many sales slumps like this. The PS4 is just in a rough spot right now. I constantly hear gamers disappointed in the constant delays and lack of games for the much hyped system. That's the key.

The main difference in attitude being that the PS4 sold like gangbusters out of the gate, and also because the gaming media tends to judge each hardware manufacturer with a completely different set of rules.

  • So we don't really hear about the "game droughts" or slumps with the same level of apocalyptic glee and condescending snark. The truth is that the WIi U was not as big an epic failure of a system as the gaming media wanted everyone to think, and the PS4 is not the second coming of sliced bread that the gaming media constantly gush over...the simple truth is that when the great games are released, people buy the consoles.


Action51 commented on Poll: Is Online Co-Op a Major Miss in Hyrule W...:

@Ralek85 - Just wanted to bring up one minor point.

You remarked that you wanted Pokemon Y for nostalgic reasons, and that you hadn't played one since red/blue...but the grinding was a turn off? about rose colored nostalgia glasses! The grinding in X/Y is a tiny fraction of the chore it was in red/blue...In fact, I'm almost disappointed in how easy it is to level up an entire team from egg to high level, as I too hadn't played a Pokemon game since Fire Red on GBA.



Action51 commented on Poll: Is Online Co-Op a Major Miss in Hyrule W...:

I understand the lack of online co-op in certain franchises and it's not a must-have for me in most games...

But this is just getting stupid now. Honestly, I don't want or need online co-op in Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, but to remove it from a series that already has online multiplayer?

Usually I don't join the chorus of people who whine over every decision Nintendo makes, but holy crap...this is a really dumb decision and reeks of laziness and lack of faith in their product.



Action51 commented on Shovel Knight is Burying Sales Expectations:

@zip - Honestly, I think it's amazing on Wii U.

Looks great on the gamepad or on the big screen, and the gamepad functioning as an inventory screen is always a useful bonus.

I can also see this being great on Vita and 3DS...ironically this is one of the few occasions where the PC version has no inherent advantages.



Action51 commented on Review: Wooden Sen'SeY (Wii U eShop):

Usually I can spot these sorts of games: The kind that appear to have potential but end up being fairly flat in delivering a solid experience.

I saw the bland character design, the overused silhouette asthetic, and the completely generic enemies and I figured this one would probably end up in the "forgettable" bin.



Action51 commented on Adam West Dusts Off His Bat-Vocals for LEGO Ba...:

@Dauntless - I would love just a regular Justice league unlimited game done by a solid developer without any ridiculous time restrictions or lame movie tie-ins.

I don't want it dark like Arkham series...I love Arkham series but we already have one...and not too light-hearted like the Lego games...again, great games but we have them already.



Action51 commented on Tomodachi Life Sneaks Past Watch Dogs in Singl...:

I can't believe how slow the summer release schedule is for gaming across all the platforms.

I just picked up Pushmo World finally, so between that, Shovel Knight, and some VC titles, at least there are some interesting things to play.



Action51 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Continues to Evolve It...:

I just wanted to add that part of what is fueling Nintendo's success right now is how the gaming media from the big mainstream sites were so eager to fawn over the other "next gen" consoles and bought right into their hype... fueling fanboys and public perception.

Of course now that the release hype has died down we see the PS4 and X1 facing similar game droughts, weak launch windows, and more "safe" sequels, while they are largely getting a free pass for the "sins" they crucified Nintendo for a year ago.



Action51 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Continues to Evolve It...:

My only hope is that they don't abandon the idea of periodical Nintendo Directs. I'm okay with having fewer of them, as long as they do more events and release more videos.

One thing for everyone to keep in mind is that at this time last year, the mainstream of gaming media was requiring a minimum of three "Is Nintendo dead? Here's where to buy the best shoes to dance on the grave of Nintendo!" articles per week, and look where things are now.



Action51 commented on Ice Cream Surfer Rides The Waves to the Wii U ...:

I love shmups. I'm about moderately skilled at them, but I have been a fan of these types of games since Gradius, Twin Cobra, R-Type, U.N. Squadron, Pulstar, Raiden...etc...

This game looks crappy from the video. The movement looks choppy and it seems to focus on big sloppy copy-paste sprites instead of a solid economical design and visual presentation.

It's a shame, because I don't mind wacky themed shooters like Twinbee, Cotton, or Dino Riki either.



Action51 commented on UK Government Effectively Decriminalises Downl...:

@FuseBlues - I still don't buy that, and my original point's ridiculous to think that because it's easier to steal something, that we should expect the developers to sell their product at or near losses to avoid the inevitable theft and be happy they can squeak out a few pennies from honest folks.

Again, take the idea of a patent...the reason we don't have rampant theft of patents is because we have proper enforcement capability and avenues. It's not a perfect system (AKA Phillips vs Nintendo) but otherwise we'd would expect any idea or process to be ripped off immediately as it went to market, and by your logic the only recourse is: "oh well, shouldn't have made such a great idea that people would want to copy"...