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Thu 3rd October, 2013

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ModernMARVEL commented on Official Hyrule Warriors Screens Show Ocarina ...:

Ruto looks great to use, and the Deku Sprout? As a weapon? Sweet! Makes total sense for Darunia to use the Megaton Hammer. Sheik looks totally awesome! And what? Evil Zelda? OOT3D costumes, yay! Now to see something Wind Waker related. Hype level at 10+



ModernMARVEL commented on First Impressions: Taking Sonic Boom for a Spi...:

I'm starting to be a bit iffy with Rise of Lyric. I understand that this a different take, but no bottomless pits? Raging has always made a Sonic game for me. I'll still give this a try though, no chance of me not attempting to get hooked.