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Female, 27, Mexico

Hi Hi! I Like Videogames, but my "passion" is the Music; Style's coordinator is my not so new interest; Anime, Reading and drawing are my other hobbies, and Travel, well, is some that prefer very much, and of course, along with my favorite hobbies! ^^

Fri 31st January, 2014

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SakuraHaruka commented on Play: It's The Second Nintendo Life Community ...:

Very good Races, I didn't participe from the start, but with the races I had the opportunity to participate, I give me pleased and it was fun, Thank You very much
And I wanted to continue, but my modem (as always) did not allow me to play more races (connection error, "yeah sure (sarcasm)"), ok, see you in another tournament, and again, Thank You very much.



SakuraHaruka commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Should Beware the Slip...:

Yes, Sponsors can support enough to a company to get excellent earnings, well, in the 'company's point to view'; and well, Really, some as this, is very neccesary if they want to go on in this bussiness that in this moment is not very easy keep it.

But for us, the consumers, depends on as they apply the sponsorship, if that turns into something beneficial and fun or something annoying and pointless.

Meanwhile, everything seems to be something funny and really nothing to worry about, we hope that all goes well, both for us and for the company



SakuraHaruka commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's E3?:

Although they have changed to digital emissions, the main point remains the same, showing the following games for the rest of the year and the next one.
In this year, they really showed something more than that, and for many people, was the best.
For me, this was very funny, and there were games and news that caught my attention, and then, well, just left is to wait those games and extras.



SakuraHaruka commented on Mario Kart Month: Expanding the Universe of Ma...:

Hmmm, Yes and No, Because some characters don't fit for this kind of game, will sound "rare" characters like Captain Falcon o Ganondorf driving a Kart o a Bike; but, in others characters, like Kirby, some Pokemon, Animal Crossing characters have a chance of fit in this.
However, although Nintendo promotes and develops this "game", how difficult is the "suspense" of companies: the acceptance and good sales from the public.



SakuraHaruka commented on Reminder: Nintendo's Wi-Fi Service on Wii and ...:

Well, Today I played many races in Mario Kart Wii Online and Yay!!!, many, many racers, but well, for me, because is night here in Mexico, it's all done for Mario Kart Wii Online, Thanks Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, see you in any next time, "hasta la vista", XD



SakuraHaruka commented on Round Table: Let's Discuss Our Hopes and Dream...:

What I want about this game:
-Return Pokemon contests and show improved 3D; and if is possible, online competitions of Pokemon Contests.
-More dresses and more hairstyles.
-More fun with the Pokemon for Pokemon-amie, if this return, of course.

Well, If I remember more of this, I will write, XD



SakuraHaruka commented on Reaction: Mario Kart 8 Accused Of Poor Sales P...:

I respect journalism, but for some time that the judgments of journalists (and with all due respect to you Nintendo Life, without eagerness to offend) sometimes reaches levels of loving too much or hate nonsense what they criticize, ie criticize without sense and demonstrates the lack of "objectivity" and for this, I only see the information of the game, but I'm not interested the opinion of "those" journalists.



SakuraHaruka commented on Ubisoft and EA Lock In Their E3 Presentation D...:

Well, about EA, the only IPs that I like are: Need For Speed, Sim City, MySims (The Sims) and Burnout, but, well, EA and Nintendo still don't..., and EA nowadays is..., oh well...

about Ubisoft, only The Crew, but, this game isn't coming for Wii U...

ok, to wait that news there will are in that day.



SakuraHaruka commented on Super Smash Bros. Online Code of Conduct to La...:

@Stomatopod17 Same here, I don't deny that sometimes I am a Kamikaze, oh well, some careless in battles, but if for have the bad luck of explode you your bomb, next, get hit and fall in a your motion bomb/mine and finally, destroying your crate and end up being a bomb that explode, well, I wish that the system can recognize these details in battles.



SakuraHaruka commented on Feature: A Round-Up of the Best Nintendo-Relat...:

I almost always let me fool by the jokes, upsi..., but this year, I was ready (well, the Google one was my warning, XD), and, Ok, about the jokes for Nintendo, the Google-Pokemon one is very interesting and very funny (and as Some people said out there, it can be good idea for a future game), but, the EA-Frostbite one, well, is a Joke, Good Joke, but it was a joke, very, very "heavy" (I still believe that this was a little hit of revenge of EA with Nintendo, jiji, well, upsi...)