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Hi Hi! I Like Videogames, but my "passion" is the Music; Style's coordinator is my not so new interest; Anime, Reading and drawing are my other hobbies, and Travel, well, is some that prefer very much, and of course, along with my favorite hobbies! ^^

Fri 31st January, 2014

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SakuraHaruka commented on Mario History: Super Mario 3D World - 2013:

Well, In reviews is not all about, true, sorry, but in comments online, as I say, I see most about: "better galaxy that world; It is a throwback in Mario games; only is good for multiplayer (and should have online multiplayer)", that: "great game, is beautiful, masterpiece", then, for this, I think that say that it is "most overrated" is almost say that is "not good game", sorry...

Edit: but the good is that, if you see positive comments, well, at least, the game has good support people! ^^



SakuraHaruka commented on Mario History: Super Mario 3D World - 2013:

My first Wii U game and the game that made me retakes the saga of Super Mario since Mario 64 (well, include Mario remakes in GBC and GBA) and Super Princess Peach.
Recalling the cast of Mario 2 (+1 cute character, XD); gameplay similar to the classic 2D Marios; excellent soundtrack (world 3 theme is very beautiful and calm) and more; It is for me one of the best games that have come and I hope there is a good sequel.



SakuraHaruka commented on Review: Hatsune Miku: Project MIRAI DX (3DS):

..., sorry for my comment, but, well...

I had already noticed the negativity of people in some comments, but well, Sega (and other companies) doing the effort to bring a game that thought was not going to achieve success and it is seen that was not so wrong ...,

I hope to achieve sales for that more games like this come west, oh well...



SakuraHaruka commented on Poll: Which Is The Best Super Mario Platformer...:

Hard decision!..., ..., ..., Super Mario 3D World, Super Mario Bros 3, Super Mario Bros 2 (USA), Super Mario Land, and more,..., ..., ok, my vote goes for: Super Mario Land:
First Mario in Handhelds, First Apperar of Daisy, and specially, exceptional Soundtrack!



SakuraHaruka commented on Mario History: Mario Kart: Double Dash!! - 2003:

One of my favorites Mario Kart versions, 2 characters at once and more; it's a shame that this formula no longer reused, especially for the poor review..., but well, anyway, this game is awesome!

Sorry, but no; this is the only Mario Kart that the karts don't "hop", the jump botton doesn't exist here, only press "that" botton and the kart "will draw sparks", turn and (if go fast) start to drift!



SakuraHaruka commented on Mario History: Super Smash Bros. Melee - 2001:

If any of this Great game I can remember memorably is the "Masterly" Intro and it melody; and ever since this version, many, many songs, remixes have appeared, generating the wonderful soundtrack that accompanied this saga.



SakuraHaruka commented on Rumour: Fresh Sources Suggest Shovel Knight Is...:

Well, it sound good, but, ""In my opinion"", Shovel Knight only has one game and is "very recent", and well, It would be much better that will appear in the next installment of smash bros; furthermore, more classic characters deserve appear first.



SakuraHaruka commented on Pokémon Brawler Pokkén Tournament Coming To ...:

Me too. But is it worth being stressed, angry, sad and arguing for nothing just because the company which enjoy their games is not doing well?.

I repeat, there is nothing wrong to talk about it, but why sacrifice your fun and even your optimism, then video games really are not entertainment, otherwise hassles.

In my opinion, patience, optimism and above all, yes, but patience is the key to everything is okay, and if something goes wrong, well, there will be something more that can improve and move forward; and if we want to support a business, in this case, Nintendo, besides being criticized for disagreement, for that there is something called "Feedback", is not it?



SakuraHaruka commented on Pokémon Brawler Pokkén Tournament Coming To ...:

XD, Any "fan" can display an annoying attitude when something is not to their taste, but really all we can get to that point.
And yes, recently I see more dislikes that: "Wii U doesn't have games", "Nintendo don't support", and when there is some positive about: "I don't like it", "it's a kidding?", "that should appear in another console", etc. but well.
I understand some of those situaction, but well, I prefer to enjoy the games that have come out, that worry much about the situation of the companies or news, that I should not leave out of my knowledge, but it is no big deal, but hey, for that and for that there are "discussions "(and the Internet), XD

Ok, well, still to wait for more info about of this great game!
-"Praying for Meloetta in Pokken Tournament"-



SakuraHaruka commented on Mario History: Super Mario Bros. 2 - 1988:

The closest to a "new" "Super Mario Bros 2" was 'Super Mario 3D World', remembering that is the same in relation to the 4 characters and their skills in-game and the spin-off of 'Captain Toad: Treasure Trackers', where Captain Toad picks vegetables from the ground and he throws those ones to enemies.



SakuraHaruka commented on Core Console Market Bigger Than Ever, Despite ...:

mil = million? I guess, sorry.
Well, If check you said: 3 mil and less Star Fox, 2 mil Wave Race, almost 1 mil F Zero; you believe that Nintendo would risk for another new version (with a budget for a real AAA game) that would have sales of less of 1 mil?, sad not.
The new Star Fox show exactly like they expect if that game don't sell enough, the game look more cheap that a real AAA, and if miss in sales, they don't lose many money; unfortunately, companies take rare measures to try not to lose money, and that, well, is hard, both they as us.

True, Star Fox had shown a strange evolution in lastest versions, some who were disliked by the audience; the new "Metroid" that seems it was a new IP but used the name of Metroid only to sell, I guess; but well, here I don't options for a opinion.

And also, is very true that lately, Nintendo Marketing is very awful, here don't need for explain, It need improve, and much.



SakuraHaruka commented on Core Console Market Bigger Than Ever, Despite ...:

There are two things for dumping "core" games:
"Low Sales" and "Low Audience" for these games; We know that games like Star Fox, F-Zero and Metroid are very good and have audience, but the results recently (last versions known) are the same, don't sell enough and remembering; sales and profits are priority in a business (even if they say anything or disguise); and Now, developing new games need more budget (if we want great games, with good gameplay and cool graphics), but sales not are the enough for profits. and worse, that few people buy games and more and more expensive are.

Sony and Microsoft boast that many consoles have been sold, but how many AAA games have sold?, They have risked to sell many games of that "model/class", but this can't be for ever if lose and lose for each game; Konami, Sega and Capcom have shown the example of when the business no longer works if they are not prepared.



SakuraHaruka commented on Review: Mario Tennis (Wii U eShop / N64):

Mario Tennis was (and is) a of the first games that I buy and enjoy for the N64, and nowadays, I still have the cartdrige (and box, and manual), and also, the Mario Tennis for GBC, really is/are great games, and especially, the music.

and, yes, and a some sad that the options for connect N64 and GBC and unlock the extras is not possible...



SakuraHaruka commented on Reminder: Grab a Mythical Diancie in Pokémon...:

I have AlphaRuby and OmegaSapphire, and only one 3DS and I was able download Diance in both games, and also, I have X & Y, and the same.

And that I know, there is not problem when fail the connection; on one occasion, I could not download a Pokemon in an attempt because the Wi-Fi signal was lost in that moment, but when it returns, I could already downloaded it; The "only" risk is when is by "code download", there, yes, you receive a message that once given the code to the Wi-Fi, if it fails to download, you can not use it again.



SakuraHaruka commented on Sonic Dash Passes 100 Million Smart Device Dow...:

+1 with Ninty4thewin
Not all mobile games are bad, there great games; yeah, somewhat overshadowed by many who are not worthwhile or some very simple but attract many people; but there are good games, there is.

The detail is that if we want that will be more great games for mobile that poor or low games, should be supported as seen the support of the people for the Sonic mobile game; and that ""should"" have been done when the games were on consoles.

Yeah, there are cases that support something is not easy when the game in the end is not welcomed (last Sonic games in consoles), but if that game is not well received, it is when we notice that the support is not given and see how the game is abandoned, and well, this is what would be called "vicious circle"; And unfortunately Sega and Konami suffered from this



SakuraHaruka commented on Mobile Is Konami's Future, According To Presid...:

Yes and No, Konami, like anothers ones (Sega, Namco, Capcom), they see the mobile games like "quick money", because, as I mentioned, they get more profits in that that in consoles games, you have seen, many AAA games appear, but very few sell it "necessary" to give the company that invested money + the extra to make new games; this causes what has happened, delayed games, canceled games, leaving games with bugs, abuse DLC's and etc, etc, etc; then, as company, which is better: to please the "loyal players" but sometimes those games ending in lost or go where the games will leave millions with little investment and with many potential players (leaving aside whether games are good or bad).

As they develop games, as they are organized, how they attract consumers, the success or failure will be given.

by the way, it is not good to catalog all the games for mobiles as bad.



SakuraHaruka commented on Mobile Is Konami's Future, According To Presid...:

Yeah, the future of videogames are the mobiles, because:

-Many people have smartphones/tablets, more that consoles.
-Videogames are more ""cheap"", both for people and game company/developers that consoles nowadays
-The profits are more positive that consoles ones

Sad but true, business is business, and that means sacrifices that sometimes does not appeal to everyone.

However, there more problems that only profits, and are:

-Lack interest for videogames.
-Lack of games with new ideas
-Problems between workers and managers in the companies

And that means that although many companies that make games for consoles, mobiles go to, they could have the same result. This if it really is a serious case.



SakuraHaruka commented on Talking Point: Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Br...:

If each new game, much money is invested and ultimately rather low profits or losses are received; If the use and development "constant" of DLC and free-to-play is to "lower" losses (and, why not, gain more and more money), then, The future will be better not already invested in new versions of existing games and use DLC (which are cheaper than a full game), so would obtain more profits; however, a game like FIFA, for example, it would be good to use that instead of a new version every year, but every year, this game generates more money for each new version, here is where ideas and opinions are divided...

Here, is when, also, Enter the famous vicious circle, "if it is a good DLC or not, if abused or not the extra content, if the company wins or loses money, or if consumers spend or not spend"; in any case, nowadays, as is the situation for new games, that will continue for a long time...



SakuraHaruka commented on Poll: Which Characters Do You Want to Win the ...:

Well, I voted for Shantae, however, in addition to Isaac, Snake and Bayonetta, also I would add these "contestants", XD:
-Valkyrie (Valkyrie no Bouken, The Legend of valkyrie)
-Someone of Castlevania series
-Sayo (Kikikaikai/Pocky and Rocky series)
-Athena (Athena game/King of Fighter)
-Meloetta Piruette forme
Well, I have hope but I know that I do not decide who stays in the game.

Well, to wait who the winners, XD



SakuraHaruka commented on Talking Point: The Legend of Zelda on Wii U Ma...:

Yes, a delay is not very good point, especially for players who have been waiting since the official announcement, but we must understand that a game like this requires development time and Nintendo ought not to have made that proposal dated knowing how the game had shown up date. In this level/generation de videogames, games like this are very expensive, need whole developent time and may times, perform poorly (talk about of profits), then, We both players and companies must understand that it is important to set a good game, no matter how long it takes, but of course this, not be much.

Now, the plan B?, it's difficult, because, if they had a "secret" game in developent, and is an attractive game, then, good for all; but, if not; well, to my idea, we should be content with what we will have at the moment; or receive bad made games to cover the delay of a greta game and keep us "as happy".
I'd rather wait a little more and see what else there will, in the end, the game will come! ^.^



SakuraHaruka commented on Rumour: Metal Gear Creator Hideo Kojima Is Lea...:

Konami really doesn't have a good time, key people have been leaving the company in less of 1 Year(Castlevania's creator; One of the great musical composers for Dance Dance Revolution and Beatmania; and the Director with Character Designer Tokimeki Memorial and Love Plus), and many of it's and many of its franchises (including Hudson Soft) are in the "freezer" since years; Well, to see how it goes, but it is likely the sad ending to this company...