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Thu 24th January, 2013

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Jake_homs commented on Nintendo Goes Download-Only With The 2014 Club...:

@Garuu-Popka That reward would have been awesome! I too am disappointed at these choices. Don't get me wrong, a free gift is a free gift, but it feels like a let-down from the past offerings. Not to mention, I have most of these, which is how I got to be Platinum this year! Seems silly to have these be the only options. I guess there's always next year...



Jake_homs commented on Talking Point: The Nintendo Figurine Platform ...:

I'm an adult, and I am excited to collect these. They're not for everyone, clearly, but having been a youth in the mid-80s, I grew up on these items and when I can't be playing a game (which is more often than not!) it's fun to see the collectibles in my den. I have a great framed poster of Earthbound and another of all the Zelda weapons and items right above my computer. Again, not for everyone, but for those like me this move by Nintendo could be quite intriguing!