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Thu 23rd June, 2011

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Nintendo6400 commented on Upcoming Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Pa...:

I think the only nerf little mac needs is his neutral a combo. You can gI've at least 20 damage on that. Needs to be easier to esacape. I want the suicide attacks to get fixed so that bowser or Ganondorf die first and not the victim. Also I want the item lag cancel to get fixed as well.



Nintendo6400 commented on One Piece Unlimited World Red DLC Arrives, Wit...:

Hy8ogen ya one piece had its perverted moments at the beginning of the series, but when the 2 year skip happened that's when it really got pervy. They ended up super sizing all the female characters breasts. Even characters whose breasts started out small such as Tagashi.

I still love One Piece it's my favorite show.