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Male, 34, United States

I love everything Mario and/or nintendo related. Nintendo products have been with me since I was abt 5 or 6. I am an old school gamer. Gaming4life!

Thu 2nd May, 2013

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Andremario commented on Review: Fairune (3DS eShop):

@Prof_Clayton I agree. Just to find the secret stairwell by moving the stone I had to look it up on a walkthrough. I'm not so sure what they considered easy at Nintendo life but this game is challenging at best. Maybe not totally frustrating but these puzzles do cause a Lil bit of head scratching. Nevertheless this game is surprisingly and pleasantly fun! Glad I caught it on sale! I only paid 1.99 for this! Yaay



Andremario commented on Review: 3D Streets of Rage 2 (3DS eShop):

This is definitely a 10/10 but 9 is good too! Thank u M2 for bringing my childhood to the palm of my hand! Classic game! Keep up the good work and if u can give us Streets of rage 3 and more that would be great! Now time to hunt down Mr. X! 😏



Andremario commented on We Can't Release Virtual Console Games Any Fas...:

@Luna_110 There might be if I am poor. I am unemployed and searching for a job or available spot for career. Trust and believe if I had 299 dollars for one game that I want on Wii u and maybe GBA games I would have paid for one yesterday. I just can't afford 300 to 500 u.s. dollars for a home console. That's why I have a 3ds. Not the new one either. 😁lol



Andremario commented on Capcom's Spring Sale Offers Up Six eShop Disco...:

Already got RE:Revelations great game for anyone who doesn't have it. It's fun! I just got street fighter. Had to get it for 7.99 (8.49 tax). The online matches extend the playtime a lot. I had this as a game card and online was always fun but then I lost it. Now I won't lose this game on my system! Yaay!



Andremario commented on Nintendo Celebrates Its 125th Anniversary:

Happy birthday ninty! See? Nice guys may finish last but he who laughs last laughs last! Here's to 125 more years! Bringing fun to your home and the palm of your hand for over a century! Cheers 2u guys and gals in kyoto japan. Support the innovators who singlehandedly resurrected the games industry. Without nintendo there would be no xbox or playstation. #respect



Andremario commented on Miyamoto Thinks That Nintendo Are in a Genre o...:

Nintendo is the genre and they specialize in fun. They already have separated themselves from everyone else. People will eventually tire of first person shooters being so abundant and nintendo will be there when people are looking to get their "fun" fix. You can only make so many bro games before it gets redundant. This is why I will always be a nintendo gamer and why others will eventually choose quality over (status) quo.



Andremario commented on A Fresh Super Mario Bros. Infinite Lives Trick...:

I agree with Lebon14 these people obviously have nothing to do with themselves so they figured this trick out. Heck i couldn't even think of stuff like this with my insane backlog. I got too many games man! Too many! This is a cool trick nonetheless. I think it's possible to pull off manual without tas.



Andremario commented on Review: Monster Shooter (3DS eShop):

This game is awesome. Just picked me up a copy at the bargain price of $ 1.99! Its very satisfying blasting aliens. I wish they would've made the blood red tho'. It is addictive. Go get this game if you like shooters.



Andremario commented on 2DS Hardware Bundle With New Super Mario Bros....:

The game wasn't that bad. Try out the dlc packs unless you have nothing but time on your hands you will die on some of the dlc worlds. NSMB 2 may not be everyone's cup of Tea but one thing you can't say that it's not challenging.



Andremario commented on Review: Ittle Dew (Wii U eShop):

when i heard tippisie's name i immediately thought alcoholic not that she gives tips! lol classic! then you all confirmed it for me! hahahahaha I gotta get a wii u!



Andremario commented on Mario Kart Month: What Mario Kart Means To Me:

@Chubblings: Sorry i just had to do a little venting to the cod fans who only think cod is best. I don't knock anybody who likes it. I like them too but i don't think that's the Alpha and omega of gaming either. I'm glad they were able to experience the whimsical delight of nintendo games such as mario kart. I think half the problem with those hardcore or bro gamers is that they are so busy trying to look cool that they forget that the main purpose of playing a video game is to have FUN and it sounds like you guys on the bus sure had a lot of that! Kudos!



Andremario commented on Mario Kart Month: What Mario Kart Means To Me:

Playing video games has always been a great way to escape. Hell i lived outta my car for awhile and it didn't feel so bad because at the time i had a gameboy adavance sp and i would just escape the pain of no money and no job.I was even limited to the amount of games i could play but the few that i did were like dave said my go to medicine. I of course had been gaming since the nes days! I'm a golden age gamer. As far as mario kart goes that has always been more of a masochistic thing for me...I'd get my butt whipped and i was coming back for more! It's one of those games that don't make you content on just giving up. Mario 64 is where i had the fondest of memories! Me and 3 other neighborhood kids would veg out for hours playing 4player grand prixs! I always came in second but boy was it fun! Goodtimes!