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Tue 11th June, 2013

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The_Ninja commented on Talking Point: The Argument For And Against Re...:

Isn't it completely legal if Nintendo, nor the creator of the game isn't gaining any profit from it?
Which means you can download any game that isn't on the VC, right? I'm fine with people owning retro flash cards as long as they do that.



The_Ninja commented on That Shocking Pokémon Announcement Was Arcade...:

@dumedum Why? Smash is a party game, and this is a REAL fighting game.

Please Nintendo, make it come to Wii U. I'm getting one in January 2015, and this looks so awesome. That would be the most stupid decision ever if they didn't release it on Wii U.
They can even release DLC on the Wii U.



The_Ninja commented on Poll: Which Is The Best Super Mario Platformer?:

64. After that Galaxy.
What I hate in the newer 3D games is the time limit. In SM64 you can derp around, and at the same time exploring stuff, without having tk worry about the time. That game would be awesome with 4 player multi player. Atleast theres a 2 player mod, though



The_Ninja commented on Nintendo Confirms Loads of "Veteran Fighters" ...:

Why no Zelda? Cmon, Ninty. I would buy OOT3D if you made it cheaper...
I don't really care about the other games here.

I wish GBA/DS games were on Eshop. I would have so many good games to choose from.... C'mon Ninty, do it!



The_Ninja commented on The Hyrule Warriors Artbook Catches The Eye Wi...:

She should be Link's sister in Zelda U. I really love her design, but I think Link should stay male. However, every Link has a different body, but still has the same spirit. Link is reincarnated each and every game, which is why they don't look the same each time. It is possible for Link to be a female, but it almost has no chance to happen.



The_Ninja commented on Cyber Gadget Unveils Gigantic Joystick Periphe...:

@JSaario yeah, i think even Nintendo will make some. I would be happy if we got something like this for the circle pad that makes it a normal control stick (like the one on the pro controller, nunchuck and GC controller) and give the 3ds a good grip. I would so buy it.



The_Ninja commented on Super Smash Bros. For 3DS To Feature More Trop...:

Lol at the people who thought Smash couldn't work on the 3DS.

This is great! I wont use play coins though, I never have any. When I take my 3DS with me, it's off unless I'm playing on it. When I need them in a game, I always just shake my 3DS :P
This time I'm just gonna do lots of Smash Run to get more gold.