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Thu 12th September, 2013

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ReigningSemtex commented on Nintendo Titles Struggle for a Presence in UK ...:

@Sentinator no they are still selling much better in the UK than wii u it's just that ps4 is slaughtering the XBone here even though this was a mainly xbox territory before and they wanted to get everyone hooked on titanfall so they price dropped to match ps4 price.

Yeah Sega never were the same after they exited the console business which is a shame because Sega really were great.
Rare just got bought by Microsoft and half the team ended up leaving they mainly make crappy kinect sports games now which again is a shame because rare made some of the finest games I played growing up.



ReigningSemtex commented on Nintendo Titles Struggle for a Presence in UK ...:

@Sentinator I disagree I am pretty sure XBone is doing much better than wii u in the UK unfortunately.

Also if Nintendo ever developed games for other systems (which I kind of hope doesn't happen) chances are they would develop for Sony not because xbox sucks and nobody has an xbox but because in Japan nobody has an xbox and because they are more likely to work with a fellow Japanese company who they have been in bed with before, nobody likes change especially not Nintendo :)



ReigningSemtex commented on Ninterview: Jason "Mew2King" Zimmerman on Mast...:

Good interview. Makes me want to try that project m mod, also you can get unofficial adapters to use the gamecube controller on the wii u by plugging it into a wii remote and everything works perfect except the rumble they are called mayflash adapter and you can get them on amazon.



ReigningSemtex commented on Super Smash Bros. Hitting 3DS This Summer, Wii...:

Not a bad idea from nintys point of view, Mario kart 8 next month and not a lot else on the horizon from Nintendo on wii u so they are releasing it in winter.

From a wii u owners point of view this is another low blow.

Personally I will probably end up getting both versions and Nintendo know most fans will probably do the same.



ReigningSemtex commented on Review: Quake II (Nintendo 64):

I only ever played quake 2 on n64 and I only found out a few years ago that it has a completely different campaign to all the other versions.

I remember being quite impressed with quake 2 for the 64 when it was released, really fun game.



ReigningSemtex commented on Hardware Classics: Sega Saturn:

I own 2 Saturn's. A pal model 1 and a ntsc u model 2 and it is easily up one of my favourite consoles. Sega did make amazing hardware and software it's easy to forget sometimes just how great Sega were back in the day.



ReigningSemtex commented on Watch_Dogs Delayed Again on Wii U, Will Arrive...:

Unless the wii u version is the ultimate version (which let's face it is doubtful) I will have already bought it for ps4. Ubisoft will not make much money on this for wii u because most people that own one also have a ps4 or Xbox one and will just buy it on one of those consoles. It's a shame this is happening to the wii u :'(



ReigningSemtex commented on Satoru Iwata Confirms That DS Games Are Coming...:

It's a good sign. I hope there is graphics filters or something because they might look pretty horrible stretched out. Hope this is a sign of things to come I want a way to play 3ds games through my wii u as well and more virtual console choice.