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tabris95 commented on Deep Silver Parent Company Koch Media Trademar...:

I don't understand why Iga needs 3 million dollars to port to Wii U when Deep Silver is already funding 90 percent of the game. Why are we throwing our money at a guy who shoots his Kickstarter video in a fancy mansion, while sipping on wine, with a publisher already in his pocket? Don't be stupid gamers, fund real Indies that need the money.



tabris95 commented on Freedom Planet Bringing Its Brand of Sonic-Sty...:

@Retro_on_theGo This is very far from just copy and paste. It is meant to embody the golden age of the Genesis era much like Shovel Knight represents what we love about the classic NES era. Yes there are Sonic elements, but there is also Rocket Knight and Gunstar Heroes, and even a little Mega Man.



tabris95 commented on Nintendo Needs To Cut Wii U Cost To Capitalise...:

Hmmm. I think if Nintendo did a temporary price cut just between October and the end of december it could really pay off. If consumers see it is only temporary, it could be that extra push that convinces people to buy the WiiU instead of a PS4 or XboxOne during the holiday season. Things like the Deluxe Digital Promotion and Mario Kart 8 Registration Promotion can help but need to be more well known.



tabris95 commented on Video: Feast Your Eyes On Episode One Of Days ...:

Aonuma: "I am proud to announce the next Zelda game for Wii U, Zelda Wand of Gamelon HD! If you look very carefully, you MIGHT find something mildly related to Majora's Mask hidden in the game!" Watts: "Are...Are you joking?! That is the worst idea ever! Next you'll tell me it's being co-developed by Team Ninja!" Aonuma: "....." Watts: "....." Aonuma: "Well EXCUUUUUSE me princess!"



tabris95 commented on Monolith Soft's X Combat is Shown Off, Based o...:

@Senario lol you just named some of my favorite characters. Love Tear, Natalia, and Franziska. I used a weird team where I main healed as Melia while doing some serious magic nuking. Maxed healing gift worked surprisingly well. Reyn tanked and Shulk dealt damage and back up healed. Also if you're interested, YouTuber RydiaMist uses his favorite characters Melia, Shulk, and Fiora (whoops spoilers) and destroys the hardest endgame bosses with that team.



tabris95 commented on Sega Has "No Plans" To Release Sonic Boom In J...:

So this isn't being released in Japan? Can we assume that this is not the third and final exclusive game in Sega's deal with Nintendo? I mean, if it doesn't even launch in Japan that's kind of only two and a half exclusives lol. I also wonder if Sonic fans in Japan are just as troublesome for the series as the western fans are.



tabris95 commented on Feature: The Biggest 3DS Games of 2014:

I'm honestly not too excited for Smash Bros. on 3DS. We already have the WiiU version to look forward to and until they start showing us how it stands apart from its console version other than stages I am going to consider it the inferior version that I wont be buying.



tabris95 commented on Pokémon Art Director Would Like to Simplify t...:

I wish this article was a little more specific on what he meant by simple. Honestly, the battle mechanics are a little too simple already and in my opinion, in need of an overhaul. Whats the point of double and triple battles when they are barely in the game? Why bother having 6 pokemon in a party when the average trainer you fight only uses 2? Only 69 new pokemon were introduced and I only used maybe two of them. With the new exp. share I was always 10 levels higher than any trainer, giving me no challange. I love all these new features but maybe I wouldn't mind if things were simpler if that meant strengthening the core gameplay and adding worthwhile pokemon to the roster.



tabris95 commented on More Evidence Emerges of a Wind Waker HD Wii U...:

Am I the only one that feels that a better way to add more value to the WiiU would be to offer a model with more memory? In this day and age, 32GB is kind of a joke, especially while they're trying to push indie games and digital downloads. I'd much rather not be forced to buy an external hard drive than be given an HD remake of a game I already own and have beaten.



tabris95 commented on Rumour: Nintendo Is Shaping Up To Acquire Trou...:

I don't understand why everyone is so worried that NoA wouldn't publish Atlus games like Persona 5 for being too mature. Did you all already forget that SMT IV is a 3DS exclusive? Sometimes I think people forget that the SMT series is more than just Persona. Like a bunch of highschool students solving mysteries is really too intense for NoA to bring over lol.



tabris95 commented on Aonuma Is Growing "Tired" Of The Zelda Formula...:

While I do feel that the Zelda franchise has grown a little stale, i think the main contributor to this is oversaturation. Maybe if these developers were also working on a new or even forgotten IP, it would help keep them on their toes. I think this goes for us as gamers as well. If we were exposed to more franchises both new and newly explored, perhaps we'd feel better about playing another Zelda game every now and again. We need more from Nintendo than just Mario and Zelda.



tabris95 commented on Review: Shin Megami Tensei IV (3DS):

Lol Why are there so many people here surprised that it received a 9? Nearly all SMT games are extremely well made, this isn't really an exception. However, I'm glad to see that this is a more accessible entry in the series with its inclusion of Easy Mode. SMT can always use more followers lol



tabris95 commented on Video: Namco Bandai Salutes the Tales Series a...:

I love this series. It's where I've looked to for quality JRPGs since my faith in Final Fantasy died.. I have a soft spot for Tales of Symphonia but it's just not my favorite since so many aspects of the series have been improved upon in later entries, including character progression. That said, picking a favorite is pretty hard but I'd have to say it's a toss up between Vesperia and Abyss. I'm playing Tales of Graces F now and it's fun. Can't wait for Xillia!



tabris95 commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

Possibly attempt to finish Kid Icarus: Uprising if I can manage to tear myself away from Style Savvy long enough to play it. Also trying to pick out a SRPG to play through as my first foray into the genre. Thinking SMT Devil Survivor Overclocked, Fire Emblem Awakening, or Front Mission 3. Any suggestions?



tabris95 commented on Iwata: 10 Key 3DS Titles On The Way This Year:

It'll be tough for any of those games to tear me away from Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate once it releases...that is if I can ever manage to put down Style Savvy: Trend Setters... >///<;; P.S. Goodluck with your Fire Emblem addiction Andy



tabris95 commented on Nintendo Shows Off Monolith Soft's Wii U Project:

@Xilef Namco does not own Xenogears. Square Enix does. Namco Bandai published the Xenosaga trilogy but it still belongs to Monolith. That said, i have a feeling that this title will try to link Xenoblade with the rest of the Xeno universe in the same way that Xenosaga 3 did for Xenogears. So happy for this!



tabris95 commented on Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Getting A Demo In Fe...:

@Jgam Unless you're living in Japan, waiting for MH4 would be unwise. We may not see that game for a couple years if at all, especially if MH3U doesn't do well outside Japan. The way I see it, MH3U is already set to be a more complete game than whatever they will offer in MH4 so it's worth the buy.



tabris95 commented on 3DS Maintains Dominance of the Japanese Charts:

I feel really bad for the Vita. It really is a remarkable handheld that I find to be leaps and bounds better than the 3DS in terms of power, features, capabilities, and above all, comfort. Yet it completely lacks the proper library to be anything but a paper weight. Just sad.