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Gerbwmu commented on Shovel Knight amiibo Confirms "Evolving" Relat...:

Uhhhhh Nintendo......why are you locking something so pointless as co-op behind an amiibo.....I mean I want value from my $12.99 figurine before I put it back in it's container and sell it for $35.99......good thing I have 2 so the unopen Shovel Knight Amiibo can go on my collection shelf.



Gerbwmu commented on Review: Runbow (Wii U eShop):

I really wish i could get the 15% off the indie games that had the E3 demo......sadly I took a family vacation then so I guess no discount.

This looks like a game that would be a ton of fun though when the house is full of people. May have to download it tomorrow



Gerbwmu commented on Super Robot Wars BX Battles Its Way to Number ...:

@rjejr - if NX is some sort of handheld hybrid that will play on the TV then I'm probably getting 2 or 3 as well. As someone who can't get into the handheld iterations of Nintendo products, if I had a gamepad that would go anywhere and still play on my big screen I'd be a buyer. I feel like I miss out on a lot of great games but the GBA (which I had and never used) games on VC have proved that I will sit on my couch and play them for hours when given the chance.



Gerbwmu commented on Review: Devil's Third (Wii U):

So proof of concept but technical issues due to its development history?

Seems like Devils 4th might be something worth looking into for Valhalla Games. Maybe they can avoid some of the uncertainty that plagued this game.



Gerbwmu commented on Pokémon Brawler Pokkén Tournament Coming To ...:

Queue up all the Wii U isnt dead yet followed by what the (bleep) is Nintendo thinking sending NX out to die.

This is good news for Pokémon and Fighter fans alike. I'm surprised they didnt have a Direct to announce this. I wonder if Directs will be shelved for the time being?



Gerbwmu commented on Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Director's Cut G...:

I'm wondering if this is brilliant or a waste of money.......the Wii U retail release schedule is bare and some 1 million new holiday Wii U owners will be looking for games. I doubt it would take many sales to make the venture worth it.



Gerbwmu commented on Splatoon eSports Tournament Series To Be Launc...:

I'm good in the context of general online play with Splatoon but I doubt I could hang with the elite. Still nice to see Splatoon getting constant hype and marketing for 4 straight months. Imagine if the Wii U was given this kind of exposure.



Gerbwmu commented on It's Autobots vs Decepticons in the Upcoming T...:

@rjejr - Maybe we can start rumors that this is going to follow a Nintendo Direct where a Nintendo made Transformers game will be coming to Wii U in 2016. It is being made by Retro and is cell shaded and based on the early 80's cartoon. It is titled Transformers (Not Metroid) Prime



Gerbwmu commented on Mario History: Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Lev...:

Kinda surprised at the number of people talking about not beating SMB so they are ignoring this. I guess SMB was really all I had for a year so we played it to death and then would play duck hunt for 5 mins.

SMB2 is incredibly hard though. I dont think I could beat it anymore but a long time ago I managed it on SNES



Gerbwmu commented on Chris Prangar, Nintendo Treehouse Staffer Who ...:

I had to sign confidentiality agreements with companies I didnt even work for just because I was in their facilities. It is a part of the working world. I feel bad for him losing his job, you dont want anyone to do that but he knew it was a possibility and I'm guessing his appearance on the show was in no way approved by his employer.



Gerbwmu commented on Mario History: Super Mario Bros. - 1985:

I remember drawing out areas on paper in 6th grade trying to explain secrets such as the negative world to show other friends how to get there.

It is still a great game. I actually think I appreciate it's graphics more now then I did back then.



Gerbwmu commented on DeNA West CEO Believes Nintendo Smart Device R...:

I want them to do well enough that it helps fund and support console games......I dont want them to do so well that they abandon the stuff I like for the profit of mobile. It's a weird when you discover an emerging band and you have the chance to see them in tiny clubs for $10......but a year later it's at an arena and $40.



Gerbwmu commented on Nintendo: Wii U GamePad Is The Only Real Innov...:

The gamepad is either a love or a hate it seems. I love it. I really want it as my controller going forward but I don't think it will be the main for what's next.

Public perception isn't good for the controller though.



Gerbwmu commented on Exclusive: Check Out Runbow's Complete Cast of...:

@rjejr - I think a lot of it is play style. I don't have issues with any weapons......except chargers. At this point if the team I'm playing has 2 or more chargers I might as well quit. Either I get splatted 10 times or i hide so much I become a useless teammate.



Gerbwmu commented on Exclusive: Check Out Runbow's Complete Cast of...:

Game looks like fun. I wish I would have been around for the E3 demo this point I feel Nintendo should give them a little love......maybe the guy from pushmo and dillards rolling western just as a fun cameo.



Gerbwmu commented on Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Dominates...:

@Peach64 - relatively speaking on my part. Still the highest current gen base in Japan. I'm not expecting huge franchise japan only game just surprised we haven't seen a few more retail releases from that side of the ocean as of late.

Could be a ton of eShop releases though that I dont know about. I know the VC is much healthier in Japan then the west.



Gerbwmu commented on Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Dominates...:

Good to see the numbers remaining strong in Japan. Too bad the Wii U just hasnt hit a stride in the west. It really should be up over 100K a month in US. Too much "It's a dead console" talk I guess.

I'm surprised we aren't seeing more exclusive Japan Wii U titles at this point. Its Japanese base seems relatively healthy and I would think 1 of the Japanese publishers would be trying to take advantage of it.



Gerbwmu commented on Soapbox: It's A Tragedy That Rare Replay Isn't...:

It would be nice to have a Rare Anniversary game for the Wii U. Get rid of the XBox exclusive games. Add in some of the Nintendo catalog and sell it as a seperate title with majority of the same games but a few tweeks. That is business though and Microsoft isnt gonna hand a game to its rival just because of history.

Still it is a pretty cool compilation of work, and despite the "What Rare is now vs then" debate, it shows the quality of works they have produced over 30 years



Gerbwmu commented on Here's Exactly What's Changing In This Week's ...:

Lately I can't seem to stay in a match more then a minute and even if I do the lag is horrible. Wondering if my internet is behaving badly or if everyone is having connection issues? Don't really wanna call the cable company but maybe I need them to semd me a new router?



Gerbwmu commented on The Legend of Zelda on Wii U Still Has a TBC R...:

It is entirely possible that Zelda will make it to both Wii U and NX. I guess it depends on how far along NX really is. Though they could easily release it for Wii U next Summer and then NX in 2017.....worked well for Sony and The Last of Us.

At this point every thing about NX is a guess though. Could be a gamepad 2.0 that allows you to play 3DS games through your Wii U in upscaled HD.



Gerbwmu commented on Yo-Kai Watch Busters and 3DS Continue to Rule ...:

2 full months of increased hardware sales for Wii U off the back of Splatoon. I wonder what could have been if Splatoon and Mario Maker were launch titles for Wii U. I have a feeling Mario Maker will sell more hardware then is expected.



Gerbwmu commented on Nintendo Download: 30th July (Europe):

No VC at all means a surprise is on the way? What could Nintendo be up too. Or I'm wrong and they just didnt have anything ready VC wise this week for NoE.

I'm guessing a Thursday morning Direct that will include some sort of surprise VC release. Maybe Mother 3?



Gerbwmu commented on Splatoon's Big Update is Coming on 6th August:

New levels up to 50 and S+ ranking, 2 new weapon types and over 40 different weapons and types of gear I think is the gist of the press release. Also the ability to make your own team of friends for ranked battle vs other random teams and the all important friends lobby for NLife tourneys.

I wonder if we will see a small spike in sales of Wii U's and Splatoon for the update?



Gerbwmu commented on Nintendo TVii Service Ends In North America On...:

TVii seemed incomplete to me and I just didn't use it which is probably why 3 years later it is shutting down. I have a feeling most people never even tried it.

The universal remote is awesome though. So glad they included that. Between my phone and the gamepad, I always have a remote with me.



Gerbwmu commented on Video: Translation of Tomonobu Itagaki's Devi...:

Rabble Rabble Rabble grrr grrr grrr........
The clan thing actually seems quite interesting but I dont see myself purchasing this game. I just dont get enough time by myself to play games like this and XCX is gonna take all of the time I have when it arrives