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Yoshi's New Island Review

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Posted by Dave Letcavage


Back in 1995, Yoshi's Island turned heads when it was announced as the successor to the masterful Super Mario World. Appearing to be more of a spin-off than a direct sequel, there was skepticism as to whether such a departure could live up to the Mario name and please fans of the series. Fortunately the unique gameplay mechanics, breathtaking art style, and imaginative cast of characters came together to offer an unforgettable experience absolutely bursting at the seams with creativity and impeccable craftsmanship. Now, nearly 20 years and one sequel later, comes Yoshi's New Island. Can it expand upon the wonderful ideas established by its predecessors?

Unsurprisingly, the storyline that sets our characters forth on their adventure is simplistic — a norm for Nintendo platformers; in fact, the setup in this outing is nearly identical to that of the original Yoshi’s Island. As a stork is delivering Baby Mario and Baby Luigi to their parents, Baby Luigi gets intercepted by Kamek; in the commotion Baby Mario is knocked loose, sending him tumbling down to a mysterious island. This of course is Yoshi’s New Island. From here, the Yoshi clan assists Baby Mario in searching for his captured bro.

Anyone familiar with either previous game in the series will immediately have a grasp of the controls, as they haven’t changed a bit. Yoshi’s distinct repertoire of moves is intact, and you should be flutter jumping, egg throwing, butt stomping, and babysitting like a pro within minutes. If you find that the initial mapping of the buttons is off-putting, accessing the options and switching to “B-Style” controls should settle you right into your comfort zone. Also, we found the D-Pad to offer much more reliable movement than the analogue stick.

Doing away with the baby-switching element and dual-screen-spanning view introduced in Yoshi's Island DS, Yoshi’s New Island sticks to the formula established in the SNES original. The basic goal is for Yoshi to safely transport his baby companion from the start to finish of each stage, but you’ll also be scored according to the percentage of items gathered. Twenty red coins will be disguising themselves as standard coins, five smiley flowers are tucked away in devious places, and retaining thirty stars when finishing a stage all contribute to a completion rating. This is where the real challenge lies, though it’s not always for the right reasons — questionable item positioning being the main culprit.

The levels are more streamlined than ever before, lacking the intricate design of past instalments. While there are still plenty of hidden pathways and out-of-reach platforms, their presence is not only noticeably scaled back, but they're not as expertly placed as they could have been. Coming across any challenging platforming segments is also quite rare, and when a complication does arise it feels like the result of claustrophobic/narrow corridors too clogged with environmental obstructions and/or enemies; navigating these sections is clumsy and can prove quite frustrating. Granted, these aren’t extremely common scenarios, but the level design overall evokes little wonder and is often average at best.

For younger gamers the straightforward design should ensure that finding their way to the goal shouldn't be too daunting of a task. Although, getting familiar with the game mechanics — which are slightly more complex than, let's say, a Mario game — may require a little practice. If pools of lava and bottomless pits start eating up lives, a Warp Pipe will present itself to propose Flutter Wings to the player. These will allow for consistent, horizontal fluttering to lend a hand when the going gets tough — the game will penalize you for using them by marking the stage unfinished, even though you're allowed to advance.

Other new additions, although sparsely used, come in the form of Eggdozers and Yoshi Stars. When Yoshi consumes an extra-large Shy Guy he produces one of these Eggdozers, which can then be used to crumble barriers interfering with progression or allow Yoshi to walk around underwater by weighing him down. The Yoshi Star, on the other hand, grants invincibility, allowing Yoshi to blast through enemies, run on walls/ceilings, and in a couple of situations even rocket through the air like Superman. These are all nice additions, but since they can never be used outside of contained situations we were left wanting more.

The same goes for Yoshi's transformation abilities. As advertised, you'll have the opportunity to morph into six vehicles, such as a minecart, submarine, hot-air balloon, jackhammer, bobsled, and helicopter. These sections remove you from the level, briefly, akin to participating in a minigame. Each one adopts use of the gyroscopic controls, and requires tilting the 3DS to the left or right to move while utilizing a single button to jump or come to a stop, depending on the transformation. For the most part they all play and handle identically, foregoing exploration and depth to ensure accessibility.

Some of the most impressive moments from the original Yoshi’s Island came in the form of the memorable boss battles that popped up twice in each world – stages 4 and 8, respectively. To this day we still reminisce about driving stumps into Raphael the Raven while orbiting a moon and ricocheting eggs around the inside of Prince Froggy’s belly. While Yoshi’s New Island has a couple of promising ideas involving shooting switches to flip panels and reacting to the environment in interesting ways, the bosses mostly feel shallow, simple, and uninspired, often ending before they really begin.

There are six worlds in total, each comprised of eight levels – completionists will find more to be discovered. Being very thorough, but not replaying levels if we didn’t earn a 100% rating, it took us about 10 hours to complete a playthrough. If you’re the type of gamer that isn’t interested in investigating every corner of the game to collect all items, the adventure may be quite a bit shorter. As long as you don't expect to marathon through the island, it should be said that there's a solid amount of content here.

In addition you can unlock six download-play minigames as you progress through single player; we imagine these won't entertain for long due to their cooperative nature conflicting with the lack of a score to chase. For example, Enemy Eat-Off will find you and a partner devouring as many enemies as possible before time runs out, where Ground-Pound Pop will have you both maniacally popping balloons with your bums. There is no set number of enemies to eat or balloons to pop, nor are there leaderboards to provide players with a clear goal, so the motivation to keep playing isn't really there — unless you're simply looking to goof off and kill time. It's merely fluff.

That brings us to the lingering elephant / dinosaur in the room – the controversial art style. Contrary to what a static image might suggest, the visuals aren't all that rough on the eyes. We’re happy to report that the stereoscopic 3D has been smoothed out since our initial hands-on with the game back in June last year, and its subtle presence mostly limits the depth to only two layers — background and foreground. That's not to say that the overall art style isn't a bit sterile when compared to the stunning hand-drawn look of previous Yoshi's Island titles, because it is. Levels blur from one to the next, and the difference between the first few worlds feels more like a swap in colour palettes than a full shift in theme. Environments appear under-decorated and lack the same level of personality, charm, and attention to detail we've come to expect from the series.

And that sentiment could blanket how we feel about the entire experience. It's watered-down, occasionally providing a good time but almost never impressing. There might be a couple of minor noteworthy inclusions and changes that compliment the established form, though none of these are substantial enough to take things to the next level or shake things up. In the end you'll feel like you've been there, done that, and the important point is that it was much better the first time around. Kids or inexperienced gamers may extract the most satisfaction due to the simplified design, but those well-versed in all things Yoshi will likely be disappointed.


The biggest problem with Yoshi’s New Island is that it feels stripped of the style, substance, and ingenuity that once made the series such treasured property. By watering down the game design and failing to incorporate new ideas that enhance the established mechanics in any meaningful way, you're left with an egg that's not necessarily bad, just dull and unimpressive. It’s completely functional and could serve as filler while waiting for the next big 3DS or Wii U release, but there’s little denying that it’s an underwhelming outing for Yoshi.

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User Comments (325)



Peach64 said:

This is a shame, but not a big surprise. I think most people thought it looked pretty bad when first shown, and then hearing it was Artoon staffers working on it just seemed to confirm that. Ah well, Yarn Yoshi should be great!



Captain_Toad said:

This is an egg that should been salted, served with hash browns pancakes and with mountains of birthday cake and ice cream on the side. Lots and lots of ice cream.....yum. I have an egg but it needs substance.



DiscoGentleman said:

Such a shame. I'll still pick this up in the near future, because I'm sure I'll still enjoy it a lot. It's just that I hold Nintendo games to such high standards.

Also, I like the art style.



Emblem said:

This was never on my radar but damn a 5/10? Sucks for anyone who was hoping this would be awesome.



DiscoDriver43 said:

Any one notice how off Yoshi's design is in the game? Anyway, unfortunately the score didn't seem to be a surprise. The guys who made it also made Yoshi's Island DS and i thought that one was quite mediocre with some horrible music like this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqMAhVltrKo

Anyway, i might New Yoshi's Island get if i get a gift card, but i won't expect it to be as good as the original Yoshi's Island.



Knux said:

I totally expected this. It looks like utter crap with Yoshi's name slapped on it. Come on Yarn Yoshi because you're my only hope!



readyletsgo said:

God, IGN gave it 7.9/10, wasnt expecting 5/10 from NL.

Cancelled my pre-order yesterday anyway, just not into the art style anyway.



NintyMan said:

That's too bad. A 7 or even a 6 would have made me feel confident to still seriously consider, but the trend doesn't look favorable with Edge giving it a 4. Now the only thing that will make me consider getting it is if it's better than Yoshi's Island DS.



sinalefa said:

As the rest of the posters, not surprised one bit. Usually when a review embargo lasts this long it smells like a rotten egg.

I guess the game is good for its intended audience, as they are probably very young to have played the original game, so all of this is new.



Mommar said:

So a bunch of former Sega guys who spent their lives watering down Sonic are now in charge of watering down Nintendo properties too?



Melkac said:

The review embargo was more than enough to tell me this game wasn't gonna be very good. Isn't this like...the first bad Nintendo exclusive on the 3DS?



ThomasBW84 said:

Ultimately, review scores for this seem to be all over the place so far. I think Dave explains well why it's a 5 from his perspective and there are others also scoring it in that sort of range. I was certainly deeply unimpressed by level design in a preview build last year, so my limited time with it makes this no surprise to me.

Anyhoo, nice work Dave



Karakato said:

To be expected and for a game like this, the score is justifiable for someone who has played the original. It will be a harmless game for the kids, sure, but there are way better platformers on the 3DS as it is. I'll be getting kirby anyway.



WingedSnagret said:

I knew it wasn't going to be that good the moment I first saw the game, but still...

It's a shame that every single Yoshi game has failed to match the level of the original.



Giygas_95 said:

Kind of disappointing, but I may still get it. IGN gave it a 7.9 which isn't bad. One of my biggest concerns is the music...



alLabouTandroiD said:

So the reservations were justified, quite a bummer there.
From the trailers i got the impression that this could be a good evolution of the original but i read the previews before so i knew i'm better off with a careful approach.
Will wait until i can get it for cheap then.



memoryman3 said:

The 3DS surely is in the prime of it's life. With excellent titles such as Mario Golf, One Piece and this game, the 3DS advanced processing power and innovative gimmicks are shining through!



Rezalack said:

Surprisingly Jose gave this a 7.9 on IGN.. I actually trust that dudes reviews, too. What's not surprising is that most other sites that I check are giving it 5's. Oh well, I didn't really plan on getting this unless it got really good reviews anyway. It sucks for the big fans of the series though.



DreamyViridi said:

Yarn Yoshi should be better as that game's being made by Good-Feel. They typically make good games. As for Yoshi 3DS, well; it's a shame but at least it's mediocre than flat-out bad. If I see it on the cheap later on, I might give it a shot. That's sadly a pretty big "if" though.



XFsWorld said:


I guess I'll just stick with my free Yoshi GBA game on my 3DS that Nintendo gave me.



jhohaness said:

@Lohe what did you expect? is a game for kids...Nintendo was not trying to please older gamers with this one...actually Nintendo doesn't care too much about a mature audience....they are like "oh are you mature? we don't want to have anything to do with you" Lol...



jhohaness said:

As a 3DS owner I was never interested in this game...I'm tired of platformers...there are just too many out there and besides games aimed so clearly at children don't get my atention one bit...



Morph said:

Im surprised nintendo let this out in this state, usually you can bank on a nintendo release to be at least an 8. I cant recall a nintendo game scoring this low, what makes it worse is, i remember all the previews about 12 months ago being completely unimpressive. They've had a year to try and sort it and it would appear they didnt use the time wisely, instant bargain bin for me, might pick it up when it's £10



Superiorspider said:

There was nothing in the world that could stop this inevitable train wreck. Like Donkey Kong, this game was just a waste of resources. Nintendo could have made a Starfox or Metroid. Well, all we can do is just forget about this disaster.



bizcuthammer said:

I've been skeptical of this game since it was announced, so i cant say i'm surprised. The original game was great, but it was the type of game that you will never reproduce in terms of originality and success. The art style was cool back then, but it has lost that factor now. The gameplay of the series is exactly the same as it was back then with nothing new or interesting added. In short, i think Nintendo used up any cool, innovative ideas they could think of for a Yoshi game in the original. If there's nothing meaningful or creative to add to a series for a sequel, then a sequel just doesnt need to be made. (I'm looking at you, NSMB, CoD and Assassin's Creed).



mystman12 said:

A 5?! Wow, from the review I thought it would at least get a 6. Well, it's not like I was looking forward to this game, but wow, a 5 is pretty horrible for a Nintendo game. And the fact that it has the same score as games like Frozen: Olaf's Quest and Imagine Fashion Designer just makes things even worse.



Detective_TeeJay said:

Well that's unfortunate. Perhaps low sales will drive it to get a price drop in the eShop, but until that happens this is a no-go for me.



Denkou said:

Darn. I know I was pessimistic about this for a while, but I was sincerely hoping that I would be pleasantly surprised. Well at least now I have the bittersweet satisfaction of being able to say "called it."



mystman12 said:

@Superiorspider Did... Did you just say Donkey Kong was a waste of resources?! Tropical Freeze was amazing! Just because it won't sell a million Wii Us does NOT make it a waste of resources.



Pichuka97 said:

Meh, that's what I thought but I'll still probably pick it up anyway. I knew that this game would probably not live up to the original just because of the first trailer and impressions people gave after playing it.



19Robb92 said:

Pretty much what I expected. I don't trust Artoon (or Arzest, as they're called now apparently) after Yoshi's Island 2/DS. That game was no where near as good as the first, this seems to be in the same boat.

I don't get why they outsource projects to that studio to begin with.



DreamOn said:

Been playing Yoshis Island GBA 3DS Ambassador version. It's original awesome. This "New" game however was pooped out to be consumed by young newcomer gamers and not even for a mixed audience like Mario Bros. titles.

It's really a lame lame lame lame super lame deal considering the platforming and design revelation that was the SNES original.



SparkOfSpirit said:

Does this mean the Yoshi Island games can go back to EAD now? Because Artoon/Arzest simply can't seem to match the original.



spn-x said:

I already got the game today and playing it right now. I can't say too much because I'm still in world 1 but from what I've seen I wouldn't give it a 5/10 .. come on, there are games out there wich are really bad, but this one isn't. 5/10 almost sounds like it's not worth buying.
I can't give a rating myself now, but I guess it would be similar to the ign one.



Nintenjoe64 said:

let's hope that this turned out to be poor because they were busy putting effort into some better Wii U games. I've seen a lot of love for the mysterious 'Yarn Yoshi' but I don't think it really exists. That was just Nintendo clutching at straws for last year's Nintendo Direct.



Spartacus3765 said:

My thoughts exactly. I swear, if they "focused" on this title and ended up pulling the plug on the Yarn Yoshi, someone needs to be fired. Nintendo clearly needed to step in on this one in a big way.



Dark-Luigi said:

Expected score. Nintendo better not screw up Yarn Yoshi because this is just embarrassing.



bbve said:

Can't the New Super Mario Bros developers leave Nintendo or somethin? Or at least take development time for F-Zero and Metroid. Just think these "revivals" are pretty sad.



willobee said:

@spn-x 5/10 doesn't mean really bad though. It's right in the middle of good and bad.

Expected a score like this just from Artoons past work, but still going to get it, as it looks enjoyable enough.



JCnator said:

After seeing more disappointing reviews for this game, I think I'm going to keep my hard-earned money for something better. 45$ CAD for that game is a bit too much to ask considering the quality of the game. And that is coming from someone who played Yoshi's Island to death.



Dragonxflame323 said:

More or less expected but I still feel I need to judge the game for myself. Hence still excited to play it. I find it interesting that IGN claims there's still good level design to be found while NLife says there's not much. Hm...



drgfl said:

I had higher hopes on this one I hope it's not that mediocre though.



larry_koopa said:

Disappointing, but this seems like a very fair review. I guess I'll just wait until the original Yoshi's Island is available on the eShop.



donkeykong64 said:

Will Yoshi ever return to greatness?
I guess Yarn Yoshi will determine that.
Nice review though.



Phantom_R said:

3DS Mario games have been playing it WAY too safe... Though I never liked Yoshi's Island anyway. I can only see it appealing to the most hardcore completionists out there.



DreamOn said:

@JCnator You said it, $45 + Tax CAD would feel like a crazy bad purchase at that price. Really dislike the exchange adjustment in the Canadian eShop now.



spn-x said:

@ willobee I know, but compared to other 5/10 games this one is much better in my opinion..
But as always people will have to play it on their own to find out if they like it.



RedYoshi999 said:

Now I'm torn between keeping my $60 or spending it and taking the chance that I'd enjoy it anyway, considering that I love Yoshi's Story.



Yoshi said:

So sad and disappointing....but I was expecting it.

Maybe this will be a wake up call to Nintendo to finally ditch Artoon/Arzest. But, at least Good-Feel is making Yarn Yoshi.



sinsalaca said:

I don't know what to think know. I had been on the fence about the game as many others were. I just don't understand how the reviews can be all over the place. I mean it would be one thing if there were consistent 5's, 6's across the board, but there are some sites going with 7, 7,9, 8, even 8.5. Now I have to decide whether to give into nostalgia or possibly look the spend that $40 on another game and maybe wait for a price drop.



kuribo4 said:

I trust this 5 more than the one from Gamespot.
Did you know this game was made by guys from the Sonic team?



Buduski said:

A 5 out of 10 is still average for those that are thinking twice about there pre orders, I wasn't planing on picking this up right away but I did wanted it to impress some what so I could possibly pick it up at a later date



jakysnakydx said:

The original Yoshi's Island is one of my favorite games. The sequel on the DS I actually didn't care for as it stripped the difficulty of loosing Mario to instead have instadeath traps everywhere. I'm ashamed and disappointed to hear this promising sequel falls drastically short.



unrandomsam said:

There is lots of comments in this review that are things I would have put in a NSMB2 review.

(Hard to know especially as it was almost pre decided this would score poorly).



Porky said:

Disappointed, but still getting this. I like collecting goodies in a game lol. Tag Nintendo or the developers so they can read what should had been worked on next time.



Einherjar said:

Well, i started playing it a few moments ago and i have to say:

  • The graphics overall arent as "ugly" as they seemed in the trailers, the graphical style is really pretty, but the 3D models are rough and minimalistic.
  • The music and overall sound design is downright awefull. Some sound effects that got remixed from the original now sound tinny, flat and simply cheap. The music definitly does NOT meet nintendo levels of quality, at least not from what ive heard so far.


TonLoco said:

I'll skip this one and get the original when they release the GBA remake on the Wii U. I loved the SNES original back the day. The last boss battle was epic.



Socar said:

@Phantom_R What about 3D World?

I'll take my time getting this game or I'll probably not get it even.......

That said this was made by Arzest so what do you expect from someone who's made their first video game?



MasterWario said:

The DS one wasn't this bad! Well I think they are releasing the original on VC soon-ish, I'll pick that up as I've been DYING to play it.



NintyMan said:

I'm confident Yarn Yoshi will be the game that will redeem Yoshi. This makes me look forward to when we finally see new gameplay footage of that game!



Phantom_R said:

@Artwark 3D World, on the Wii U? That was great. But 3D Land, its origin on the 3DS, was very sterile. The stages are short and simple, enemies aren't aggressive at all, and new/returning obstacles were all toned down considerably compared to their other appearances. 3D Land still managed to be a good game, but 3D World is what it should have been in the first place.



Socar said:

@Phantom_R You do know that the 2011 earthquake affected 3D Land's development. Had it not have been for the earthquake, it would have been better. Even then 3D Land saved the 3DS and its my personal favorite so I don't really care if 3D World( Still need to play it btw) is miles better than 3D Land because if it wasn't for 3D Land, 3DS would've suffered and 3D World wouldn't exist. So be happy that the original exists to improve the sequel (Although that doesn't work all the time......).



andreoni79 said:

Are you people still wondering why you don't get GBA games on 3ds? Because you'd realize how much better they are then their brand "new" sequels... Instead of buying my niece this _____, I rather borrow her my 3ds with Ambassador's games... because yes, I have the almost perfect Yoshi's Island on my 3ds VC, it exists, it is ready since 2011, but you first should spend $ 45 for Yoshi's NEW Island. Have fun, and please understand me.



Einherjar said:

Played a bit further, to the ones who already played it: PLEASE tell me that the underground music is supposed to be a joke O.o
God, that music is awefull...



Starwolf_UK said:

Ah the supermarket own brand. Sometimes it is a perfect substitute but sometimes it leaves something to be desired. It makes me start to wonder if the original Yoshi's Island was a fluke or heck Yoshi Island DS for its faults...

@DiscoDriver43 You mean Yoshi is supposed to be like the artwork and not have giant feet?



electrolite77 said:

Don't worry everyone, if this platformer is a disappointment you can play the one they released last month, and there's another one due in May! Hurray!!



Kirk said:

"It’s completely functional and could serve as filler while waiting for the next big 3DS or Wii U release, but there’s little denying that it’s an underwhelming outing for Yoshi."

This was what I saw from the very first footage and that was the whole problem I had from the very first footage.

"In the end you'll feel like you've been there, done that, and the important point is that it was much better the first time around."

This too...and considering the original game is roughly 20 years old that makes this new game even less impressive and more disappointing imo.

I think the low scores are totally justified and I actually blame Nintendo for letting this happen more than the developer they outsourced this game to because those guys were probably doing the best they could with the talent and resources they had whereas Nintendo could have made sure this game was actually given the proper love and attention it truly deserved.

All the new Kirby games have been heaped with love and attention but for whatever reason Nintendo decided Yoshi's New Island, the supposedly true sequel to one of it's best and most beloved platform games ever made, wasn't worthy.

Well, to that I say f**k Nintendo and bring on the 4s and 5s.

@Jazzer94 More precisely, Jose Otero gave the game a 7.9 and we all know he's a little bit of fan[add appropriate three lettered word] so we can all assume his score is a little bit higher than the game probably deserves.



MuchoMochi said:

the 5's and 4's this game is getting really doesn't seem fair, sure the level design and pacing may not be up to par to other platformers but Yoshi games are hardly action packed games. They are intended to be short, explorative, and charming experiences. Is it fair to compare this game to the original so often? I think people need to be more objective. Sequels are supposed to change and add a little but Yoshi games don't have much room to grow if they are to stay in their creative paradigm. I think the art style is fine, the new power ups controlled by the gyroscope will be fine; the only thing that jumped at me as lazy as the lack of original soundtracks. I think it's a 6.5 or 7.



DerpSandwich said:

"...foregoing exploration and depth to ensure accessibility."

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why Nintendo games just aren't what they used to be. They're doing away with depth in basically every series.



bofis said:

I'm still picking it up as I enjoyed Yoshi's Story even, and NO ONE liked that game. It's a shame they keep using gyroscope controls in 3DS games though since then you basically have to turn off the 3D or it'll look awful as you're tilting around.



AJWolfTill said:

@Giygas_95 Do you listen to NVC? They really seemed to despise the soundtrack to this game. Everything about this game (even the name) warned me to stay well clear of this even though I think Yoshi is adorable.



Discostew said:

Guess I'll be sticking with Yoshi's Island from the ambassador program. Unfortunately, even that is terrible on my 3DS XL because of the heavy blurring used on all of those games. Why they did that and not give an option to disable that, I don't know.



Nico07 said:

Would pickup day one, but have overcomitted with other things. I will definately be buying this in the next few months. I love how the levels in this series are fun and can be completed in short bursts



WebHead said:

Seems that while for some it may be good, but the odds of it becoming your new favorite 3DS game are slim.



sonicfanatic said:

well this game was certainly a disappointment but I'm still gonna buy it considering I have nothing better to get next month anyways



unrandomsam said:

@shigulicious You can tell from the get go Kirby is inferior to the Wii one. Same tech but with the framerate halved. (And it is far too soon to warrant a sequel - At least this had a reasonable gap).



daggdroppen said:

im sad. i was looking forward to this game!

metascore: 62 % of 25 reviews.. it is probably worse than NSB2 then

I really hope Kirby 3DS will be better!!!! it sure looks much better at least



AdanVC said:

Too bad but it was expected. I think this is the lowest score for a Nintendo 1st party game we've seen in a while...



gatorboi352 said:

@Lohe "edge gave it a 4....out of 10!

Guess Ill send the copy back then, when it arrives. Im really disappointed now. "

LOL and WTF. Yeah god forbid you give the game a chance yourself and judge it on your own merits.



AyeHaley said:

@Superiorspider Have you played DKCTF? I wasn't waiting for it and I thought DKCR was bland (didn't even finish it) but I'm hooked on TF. Best platformer I've played in ages. Sure, I prefer Metroid but DKCTF wasn't a waste of resources. Bad timing? Maybe.

I can't believe people dismiss DKCTF because of a lack of Metroid...I don't know how Retro feels about that after working on such an incredible experience. I hope they know there are people out there who noticed the awesome job they did.



DRL said:

@DestinyMan - After playing majority of Yoshi's New Island, I went back to play Yoshi DS and ended up enjoying it more than I ever have. And to be clear, I wasn't a big fan of that installment.



fluggy said:

This is downright shocking from Ninty. The production team deserve the boot! Yoshis Island is a well loved franchise.... Is this what they call fan service? At a time when their stock has never been lower they NEED to release quality ..... They don't!!!!! Completely unacceptable!!!! I can only hope they raise their game for Yoshis Yarn.



Luffymcduck said:

I liked the DS so I'll wait and see till tomorrow if this one is in the same class as that one or if this is another Universal Gravitation.



Kirk said:


"It’s completely functional and could serve as filler while waiting for the next big 3DS or Wii U release, but there’s little denying that it’s an underwhelming outing for Yoshi."

When the sequel to one of the most beloved platformers ever and one of the greatest platformers ever is considered "filler" you just know Nintendo didn't give this game the respect it unquestionably deserved.

Nintendo NEEDS to be called out for this kind of half-hearted bull.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Honestly, I didn't see that one coming. I never cared about this game at all, since it lacked the general charm of the SNES game, but I still thought the gameplay would prove that it's not just about the looks.

@AyeHaley I wonder if they realize how technically boycotting TF only slims the chances of a new Retro Studios Metroid even more. Also, they clearly stated multiple times that they don't wanna end up being a 'Metroid Developer', but instead use their talent for many different projects. And TF shows how well they can handle pretty much everything thrown into their office.



Giygas_95 said:

@AJWolfTill What is NVC? No, I don't listen to them, but yes the soundtrack has had me concerned for a while, and it looks like I was right. I dunno...part of me thinks I'd still enjoy this, but the other part tells me to stay away...

@AyeHaley I know I did. DKCTF was incredible.



RealPoketendoNL said:

To be honest, I wasn't very impressed by the trailer, and I didn't feel like getting the game (just like with any other Yoshi's Island game so far), but a 5/10 is still a dissapointment. I honestly expected a 7, maybe a 6 out of 10. No, it didn't look good. Yes, it looked pretty boring. But still, I was hoping for the game to have some potential. So this score is really dissapointing if you ask me.



Incognito_D said:

Seems like a fair review to me. I reckon if you go into this with low expectations, it might still be decent. I might pick it up tomorrow if I'm feeling impulsive. One thing that really concerns me though, is how sub-par the music sounds from the preview videos.



SparkOfSpirit said:

Guys, Good-Feel is making Yarn Yoshi. This was made by Arzest. This game has nothing to do with Yarn Yoshi which is on a completely different system and will probably be great.

The question is why Yoshi hasn't been revealed for Smash Bros. yet.



Kirk said:

Here's what really bugs me...

Fundamentally, the Mario and Yoshi platformers just have better and more satisfying underlying platformer gameplay mechanics than the Kirby games (I'm sure some people will argue this point but whatever*). Yet, for whatever reason, Nintendo keeps lavishing far more love, attention and polish on it's new Kirby games than it does on a game like this and imo than it has done on the vast majority of it's recent Mario platformers too. When what it should be doing is applying that full-on love and attention to those games where the underlying design is actually stronger in the first place and then we'd have these games that were truly the modern equivalents of some the greatest platformers from the NES and SNES era.

You can't really change what Kirby is at it's core or else it isn't really Kirby any more but you can polish every single area of a new Mario or Yoshi game to the level seen in something like Kirby's Epic Yarn or Kirby Triple Deluxe and it will only make those games ever better.

What we have however, imo, is unbelievably polished and impressive Kirby games, that fundamentally just aren't as much fun to actually play as the likes of the Mario games, a totally under-realized game like Yoshi's New Island, that could have been a modern masterpiece (just like the original was in it's day), and some decent-great Mario games that still fall short of the true seminal greatness these games could achieve in this modern if they were really done right.

It's frustrating beyond belief for me personally to see this keep happening when all the separate parts are there in various Nintendo games, so I know it's entirely possible for Nintendo to actually get this right.

Maybe, just maybe, there's a chance the guys behind Kirby's Epic Yarn will finally do Yarn Yoshi the justice a new Yoshi game deserves but for whatever reason I'm not fully optimistic about that either (and I absolutely loved Kirby's Epic Yarn for the most part).

*A game that has a fundamental built-in mechanic where you can pretty much cheat at any point and fly through basically a whole level if you want is just never going to feel quite as satisfying or rewarding as a game you know you actually HAVE to use your skill to get through. You're always going to have it in the back of your mind that all the jumping and platforming you're doing is ultimately kind of stupid on your part because you always have the almost success guaranteed ability to float over basically everything and avoid most danger. It's like you're constantly fighting against common sense, which should tell you to fly past the baddies so you don't die, and instead you're basically choosing to put yourself in danger by not floating just because you actually want to "play" the game at some point. To me, it's a bit of a fundamental design flaw in the Kirby games actually, and without it I genuinely feel they would be superior games. Ironically, the one Kirby platformer where they didn't have it, Kirby's Epic Yarn, they choose to make you basically unable to die which is really just the same design flaw in another form. Still a brilliant game in it's own right irrespective of that one core issue however imo, as are most of the Kirby games.



justinluey said:

I'd be very skeptical of this review, especially if you are a fan of the series. The Verge and Ars Technica both gave it excellent reviews. In fact, of the dozen or so reviews I've read only one other review had a score this low.

If you've enjoyed this series in the past, you should give it a shot. If you're the type of person who has to read good reviews before buying, at least read a review that considers the nature of the game and Nintendo's intentions. The Ars Technica review is a good example, it also helps that the reviewer is a huge fan of the original.

The "Yoshi's Island" franchise is different from Mario platformers, and should be reviewed accordingly. It sounds like if you enjoyed the past games, like the gameplay mechanics (shooting eggs and fluttering), and want to explore every nook and cranny of each level, you'll really enjoy this game too.

For me, this series is review-proof. Like everyone else. I loved the original, but I also thoroughly enjoyed Yoshi's Story and Yoshi's Island DS. And both of these had a significant number of bad reviews, especially Yoshi's Story. I play Mario platformers for the time limit and the high level of skill needed to survive the course. I play Yoshi's Island to explore the levels, and try for the perfect score. Two totally different games.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@AdanVC It's not first party. First party would imply that Nintendo owns the studio.

This is more like 2nd party/contracted (like GameFreak with Pokemon). Though it does mean that Nintendo screwed up horribly on outsourcing the game (given Artoon/Arzest's track record). Nintendo has many gifted partners (such as GameFreak, Good-Feel, AlphaDream, etc) so Arzest was a really odd choice.

They seem like a better choice when it comes to supporting development rather than actually leading development.

EDIT: Nevermind, @AdamVC you were referring to the publishing of the game. I was looking at it from actual developer. Well there have been poor Nintendo published games (with worse scores) such as My Pokemon Ranch and Mario/Sonic Winter Games though, yes it is generally rare.



Kirk said:


Anyone who's a fan of the "series" clearly doesn't know a good Yoshi game when they see it because the reality is that the only Yoshi platformer that hasn't been basically average is the original on SNES imo. The series hasn't come anywhere close to that level of brilliance in 20 years. This game is just another game in a growing line of Yoshi games that try to get by on the name and legacy established in Super Mario World and Yoshi's Island but haven't come anywhere close to living up to it or indeed meaningfully adding to it since then.

It would be nice to, at some point, finally get a new Yoshi game that actually did live up to that legacy and indeed meaningfully add to it...



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@unrandomsam Can't say I know too many of their cancelled projects - MegaMan Maverick Hunter is the only one I remember right now. But that's not entirely my point, anyway.



KarateKid1234 said:

What a disappointment. I'm not interested in the Yoshi games at all, but this worsens it. Except I'm positive Yarn Yoshi'll be amazing yet easy.



SparkOfSpirit said:

@Kirk The difference is that Kirby has a dedicated team (HAL) while Yoshi just gets passed around to third party studios for some reason. Good-Feel did a great job with Wario and Kirby with Shake It! and Epic Yarn, so I'm hoping they are able to do the same for Yoshi with Yarn Yoshi. If only Nintendo would show it off again.

Honestly, I wish they'd just let EAD make a Yoshi's Island game. Artoon/Arzest isn't cutting it.



Kirk said:


That's not just the difference...That's the fundamental problem.

Nintendo simply didn't give this new Yoshi game the respect and attention it deserved from the get-go and this is unfortunately the very mediocre and totally disappointing result.

I really do hope Good-Feel can finally do Yoshi justice with Yarn Yoshi...

If they made a game that was basically exactly like Kirby's Epic Yarn but with Yoshi instead of Kirby, Yoshi/Mario enemies/theme/music instead of the Kirby stuff and minus the basically "being impossible to die" part then I actually think they'd have a game finally that lived up to the legacy of the SNES classic.



SetupDisk said:

Otero isn't a fanboy, many of his reviews and comments on the podcast show this. Just because you don't agree with someone doesn't make them a fanboy. Spreading crap is pretty low.



Haxonberik said:

I was expecting a 7, but I definitely saw this coming and wasn't going to buy the game anyway. I am just stuck with a waaay too long backlog to even think about it.



Haxonberik said:

I was expecting a 7, but I definitely saw this coming and wasn't going to buy the game anyway. I am just stuck with a waaay too long backlog to even think about it.



Barbiegurl777 said:

Unless the block size is as big as style savvy - 3ds (Cough..10,000 blocks) i'll be buying the cartridge in april. On the other hand if the game is small enough in block size it'll be a download at 12 midnight tonight.

I have to check the block size before downloading this title. On a plus note if it's to big I can alway's download The Lego Movie 3DS or Life With Horse's 3DS. I've had my eye on both in the e-shop for a while.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



K-Gamer said:

I was expecting this to wow people but I was wrong, had this gotten a better score, I would have bought it down the road. Only handheld game I may get this year that isn't at Christmas is Mario Golf.



Yosher said:

Man, that's harsh. I guess I was right on this looking unfinished, and this score just seems to confirm it. As a Yoshi fan, it kinda pains me to see DK still getting such awesome high quality platforming games, and Yoshi is left with a mediocre developer for half-assed games like this (and I honestly don't really have much with DK). At least we still have Yarn Yoshi to look forward to, I'm definitely getting that one! ( I got this game too today, but still have to properly play it; only played the first couple of levels so far. )



FabioSMASH said:

Not surprising, unfortunately. Shallow reflection of the simply-amazing SNES original.

Shame Nintendo farmed this one out. Yoshi deserves better.



justinluey said:


I agree that the original is the best by a wide margin, but I still enjoyed the other games. All the Star Wars films pale in comparison to 'The Empire Strikes Back', but I still enjoy watching the others.

My only point was: if you have enjoyed the series in the past, you're probably going to enjoy this one too.



Kirk said:


I think the difference imo is that all three of the original Star Wars films are still genuine masterpieces, with the second being widely regarded as the best of them, but only Yoshi's Island on SNES comes anywhere near masterpiece status (well it achieves it imo) and the rest of the games in the Yoshi series are just good at best and often pretty mediocre imo.

Yoshi's New Island is akin to Episodes 1, 2 or 3 imo and those films don't even sniff the *rse of the greatness that was the original trilogy.

I guess you're right though, if someone has actually continued to enjoy the Yoshi games after Yoshi's Island then the chances are they probably will enjoy this too.

Unfortunately for me that's not anywhere near being the same thing as bringing us another seminal Yoshi game that actually comes close to living up to the sheer and utter brilliance of the original, which is what I personally think this series is in dire need of at some point unless it wants to turn into a bit of a joke that only casuals and blindly loyal FANS believe is anything other than phoned-in garbage.

I just think Yoshi and definitely Yoshi's Island deserves more.



Doma said:

Crappy developers like this should be regulated to eShop-only junk. There's no way this abomination deserves the treatment of a full retail release.

@DerpSandwich Yep, that single quote could apply to the majority of Nintendo's modern output. They've lost it.



YoshiTails said:

Most impulsive per-order ever. Might consider trading it in... Towards a Wii u at the weekend



YoshiTails said:

Also I like the way the special edition yoshi 3ds xl doesn't come with a copy of the game... As if Nintendo are conscientious enough not to impose it on anyone.



Linkus said:

From what I've seen of this game I think it looks fun and I will probably buy it. I liked Yoshis story and that game didn't score well either. I have mixed feelings about Nintendo releasing more or less new versions of old games. I love the games (i.e New smb and DKC) but it would be nice to se some more new ideas and more new IP-s.



khululy said:

The original yoshi wasn't a ground breaking game gameplay wise, it had some transformations and a fun egg throwing mechanic but the best thing was the fact that it utterly pushed the SNES to it's limits hardware wise.
That fact alone left such an impact.
I am sure fun can be had with this game. and not every new release needs to innovate the series or genre.

offtopic: Now bring us MGS :Twin snakes to the 3DS with proper optimalization!



8BitSamurai said:

'Eh, about a point higher than I was expecting to be honest. At least there's still Kirby on the way.



sinalefa said:


I really hope the poor review scores are matched by bad sales, to see if Nintendo forgets about Artoon/Arzest altogether. We are sad about Yoshi today, but who knows what other series they may be given to mistreat, not to say butcher, next.



turnmebackwards said:

Saves me some money, I kind of expected it to at least be a 7 but 5 makes this a no buy for me. Need something to feel the void until May 30th I've not turned my Wii U on since Feb when I finished Donkey Kong.



luke88 said:

@memoryman3 Every system has some bad/ mediocre games and I don't think it's fair to include Mario Golf in there yet, it's got online multiplayer and Mario golf on the N64 was immense. The 3ds is an incredible system with a fantastic and diverse library of games as far as I'm concerned, don't you like it?



khululy said:

@luke88 The Mario golf game on GBA was also pretty fun and well done. I'm not into sports but mario always seem to make them better



Whopper744 said:

Why did they not put forth a little more effort on this? Yoshi is my old favorite game character and the original Yoshis Island is great.... Due to the lack of first party titles for the next month and a half, I still may get this. Or Mario Party..



tanookisuit said:

I don't have it yet, but seeing other reviews in the 7-8 range this seems a bit harsh, perhaps yoshi's island rose tinted reviewer glasses at work.



Priejv said:

Well, IGN gave it 7.9 and i really don't think nintendo is paying for reviews...



unrandomsam said:

@luke88 Problem is basically all 3DS games are watered down versions. (If they were all reviewed like this one was then there wouldn't be one above a 7). Maybe a Link Between Worlds would get an 8 but that is still watered down there is one puzzle per dungeon.



Hy8ogen said:

I played the original and absolutely loved it. Played the DS version, meh.....stopped playing half way through.

When I saw the 3DS trailer I was not impressed and after I noticed they were the same dev who made the DS version, I'm dead sure it is going to be horrible. This review just proves me right. 44 dollars for a this? I rather spend it on mcdonalds.



Philip_J_Reed said:

Problem is basically all 3DS games are watered down versions. (If they were all reviewed like this one was then there wouldn't be one above a 7).




Megumi said:

it's funny how everyone thinks Nintendo are the ones who developed this game.



khululy said:

Undrandomsam never touched that watered down port of monster hunter 3 I guess.



Phantom_R said:

@Discostew Hold start and select as you start up a non-3DS game to have it reduced to 1:1 resolution. Why Nintendo doesn't advertise this feature, nobody knows.



HandheldGuru97 said:

I'm disappointed, but I'm glad I waited for reviews. Looks like I'll wait a year or so, wait for it to hit $20ish (maybe 25) and pick it up and judge it then. Even so I still like that art style must be just me



Raylax said:

Called it. Arzest couldn't release a decent platformer if they were handed the complete source code to Super Mario 3D World.



Dyltheman said:

i didn't notice people weren't looking forward to this until recently. wasn't too hyped myself either, espcially after hearing arzest was developing



allav866 said:

Nintendo needs to at least confirm that Yarn Yoshi (and FExSMT) is still in the making, and not a dead project.



BearClaus said:

those well-versed in all things Yoshi will likely be disappointed.

Actually, they'd probably expect this due to this game being made by some of the same people who made Yoshi Topsy-Turvy (and Yoshi's Island DS, but that doesn't as much support my case), and because all Yoshi platformers except for the first and DS have gotten mixed reception at best. Even then, DS is generally held not to have reached the heights of the first game—which is not easy, of course.

But hey, thems is some great art style.



suburban_sensei said:

I had a light interest in the game, but this review really made me decide I am going to pass. If i want a "relaxing" platformer, I will just spring for Kirby.



Discostew said:

@Phantom_R Eh, poor choice of words on my part. Scaling/filtering is fine by me, but this "blurring" is being caused by ghosting. To my knowledge of the GBA hardware, this isn't a function of the hardware, but a side-effect of the original GBA's LCD. This means it is likely being forced (probably using the 3/DS's capture hardware to capture one frame and blending it with the next). Play any physical GBA game on a DS/L, and you won't see this problem.



SphericalCrusher said:

Review scores mean nothing at all to me. I'll be buying the game tomorrow and I am excited. It looks great and I'm sure it will be fun to play. Everyone has their own opinion.



tom_q said:

So that leaves the grand total of good Yoshi games still stuck at one.



WaveBoy said:

Looks at developers name.....Arzest
Yup, gonna fail.

This suffers from the 'new super mario bros' syndrome, it was obvious this was going to be mediocre from the start. Oh well, at least we have the amazing SNES orgiinal!



mamp said:

OMG Nintendolife giving a Nintendo game a bad review!?
In all seriousness though, it just looked terrible from the start. It takes more than just adding a giant egg to make a game better.



WaveBoy said:


I know hey? Usually the bad games are rewarded with an 8.
Seriously, this game looks like stained dino huggies dipers in comparison to the new kirby.



nesvc said:

This review is terrible and I feel NL usually does a good job with their reviews. This game is 10x better the rest of the 5's.



Mikky said:

@19Robb92 They helped develop the game.
I actually thought they were the sole ones in charge of the game until recently. I guess because of the "New."



retro_player_22 said:

Good thing I choose to wait for Kirby instead of Yoshi. I think from now on Nintendo should just end the Yoshi's Island series as they had no good idea for the series anymore, just put Yoshi in the Super Mario series and leave him there. Yoshi's Story was boring, Yoshi's Island 2 was decent, Yoshi's Touch and Go wasn't as fun, and this Yoshi's New Island wasn't so epic or great. In return for ending the Yoshi's Island series, they should revived the EarthBound series and make EarthBound 2 (a.k.a. Mother 4) for Wii U.



SStarFire said:

okay who cares about how high or low a game is rated. If you like the game buy it if you don't then don't. I never let someones opinion stop me from buying a game and i'm not going to start now. WHO CARES ABOUT THE RATING!!!!



FilmerNgameR said:

Can't Nintendo just make a bada$$ 3D platformer with the main character just be Yoshi with no babies like Super Mario 64 DS. That would be awesome!



unrandomsam said:

@WaveBoy New Kirby looks like more of the same but 30fps (So it will feel wrong). Probably even easier than this. Definitely far too soon from the last iteration.



WaveBoy said:

NIntendo's 2D platformers look all the same these days, the last 'shake up' was Epic Yarn. and 30fps? Yuck....That's uneceptable for a side scroller, but that's what happens when you're working with stereocopic 3D.



Henmii said:

Ouch, 50 is pretty low! In fact, the game gets a average of only 64%

Hmm, I might still try it though! I did get some enjoyment out of Wario: Master of disguise, and that one only got a average of 60%! More important, I had quite some fun with Yoshi's island DS, though this one seems a lot easier!



FadedSun said:

@Emblem One bad review shouldn't deter someone from playing the game. It's one gamer's opinion. The game HAS been getting average review scores, however. I think the 5/10 is harsh, because it's a Yoshi game, but it just didn't tread new ground;deciding to play it safe. A 7/10 would have been more fair.



TwilightOniAngel said:

damn first nintendo game this year that gets a horrible score, they better make yarn yoshi awesome cause im looking foward to it.



fluggy said:

I think these games companies shouldn't be charging full price for crap like this..... There should be an independent review board.... If a games average is under 70% ... It goes straight in the bargain bin.... Why should u pay full price for an inferior experience!! Devs might opt for a tad more playtesting and quality control if that was the rule, instead of fleecing kids.



AlbertoC said:

To be honest, the original is still my favorite. Yet I surely didn't expect a first party game to be scored so lowly. And if Yarn Yoshi resembles Yarn Kirby, then i wouldn't be interested. Kirby's Epic Yarn made it IMPOSSIBLE to lose.

This aim at "casual" players is impacting the experience of some Nintendo games, and it's restraining the designers from putting obstacles or making longer / more intrincate stages. I'd say, if it gets hard, it got hard: time to practice. NES games didn't have a super guide, and some were awfully difficult.



Gamer83 said:

I was holding out hope this would turn out well. I don't usually let reviews influence my purchases at all but with these being as all over the place as they are, and the fact that that Kirby: Triple Deluxe looks pretty damn awesome, I may take my $15 I have on this and move it to Kirby.



Aerona said:

Predictable, sadly. I'm not a big fan of the Yoshi's Island series, but I expect better from Nintendo.



Superiorspider said:

@SStarFire You obviously don't understand. This excuse for garbage was never to supposed to have been released. Yoshi's Garbage Island for thd 3DS is simply a waste of time, money, resources that could have been spent elesewhere. Cough cough Metroid, Starfox, F Zero.



mastersworddude said:

So from what I gather with these divisive review scores, it's an okay platformer, it's just not good enough to make up for the lack of creativity, uninspired graphics, bad music, and lack of Yoshi's island charm.



IronMan28 said:

I haven't played a lot of Yoshi games, I might buy this one just because I lack experience in the series. Once again, not being huge into Nintendo during the SNES era is actually paying off for me.



RevolverLink said:

I'll be treating Yoshi's New Island the same way I treat the New Super Mario Bros. series; I'll consider picking up a copy if I ever see a deal where the game is $20-25 off, but otherwise I'm not going to go out of my way to buy a competent, but inessential, platformer.



TwilightV said:

I'll probably pick this up.

Also, hoping the difficulty of Yarn Yoshi isn't as ridiculously forgiving as Kirby's Epic Yarn's was. That was an extremely off-putting element in an otherwise solid game.



Tsuchinoko said:

I feel like im the only one who actually liked Yoshis Island DS.
The art style on this one does look ugly though



BearClaus said:

@Tsuchinoko You're not alone. I actually prefer the DS iteration. It just feels… less overwhelming. And I don't mean from a difficulty standpoint, I mean the game just doesn't stress me out like SMW2 does, even though they follow the same model. I'm not sure what it is, exactly.

@unrandomsam #201

New Kirby looks like more of the same but 30fps (So it will feel wrong). Probably even easier than this. Definitely far too soon from the last iteration.

That is exactly how I feel about that game, as well as about DKC Tropical Freeze and Rayman Legends (I know, it's a Rayman game, but bear with me). I can't get excited for a sequel that soon anymore, especially not when I had no complaints with the original.



JCnator said:

@unrandomsam In fact, Kirby Triple Deluxe is actually running at 60fps. I have played the Japanese version of this game for quite some time, and it's enough to prove that fact.



Bolt_Strike said:

So when Mario and Donkey Kong rehash, it's all right, but when Yoshi rehashes, it's a travesty?

Seems legit.



DarkKirby said:

I have to wonder if this game is the result of a lack of creativity or intentional decisions in an attempt to appeal to kids/casuals.



2Sang said:

I was really thinking of getting this too. Maybe I'll wait a while and see what the consensus is for the game. The footage looked great.



JaxonH said:

Well, I've never played a Yoshi's Island game more than a few minutes, and this one still looks fun. While the review is disheartening, I trust watching gameplay footage more than any review score. Guess I'll find out for myself when the game comes next week.



Franklin said:

Nintendo, stop outsourcing this series to other developers, and make the next one yourself.



ecco6t9 said:

Nintendo, for the next Yoshi game please let Prope or Treasure make it.

This mess of a developer has no real talent.



KeeperBvK said:


So...you obviously didn't even bother reading the review and felt it appropriate to just read the score and make some false allegations?

Seems reasonable.



Bolt_Strike said:

@KeeperBvK No, I don't disagree with the score on the basis of lower difficulty and things of that nature. I just find it hypocritical that people are suddenly crying "rehash" in this game when many other Nintendo games have worse problems with rehashing.



Assassinated said:

Do people not understand what's with the artstyle? It's colored pencils instead of crayons. It's still supposed to be hand drawn, just with a more sophisticated medium.



Action51 said:

I was never a big fan of the original or DS version, and I thought this game looked kinda unappealing. I'm sure the hardcore Yoshi Island fans will enjoy it, but I'll pass on this one.

It's also coming at a point where I think I've truly had my fill of side scrolling plat-formers for a while with Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze having scratched that itch quite expertly and left me feeling satisfied and still excited to try and get all the relics and post game.



Bishasaurus said:

Hmm, from what I have played the game so far (soon finished Wolrd 1 ), I can say that in my opinion this score seems as far fetched as they go. The gameplay's stabile and the controls feels nice, very similar to the original in a good way. And the musics aren't that bad, expect for those random toy-like instruments including tracks. And the level design, I feel it is working nicely and there are new things in every new level as there should be. Even though there isn't that much of new gameplay elements, it is still good and could go for even the "classic Nintendo quality" as for ensured entertainment factor. I found IGN's review much closer to the truth of the quality of the game.

And by the way, the graphics aren't even close as bad as they look in the trailers, in those Yoshi looked like some kind of vague polygon mess, but in the game he looks even cute. Overall I would give it a 7.5 from my current exprience of the game.



Pokefanmum82 said:

i won't be getting my copy of this game for awhile. apparently it's out of stock so my copy is on backorder. if i wasn't getting it for 30 bux i'd cancel my pre-order



JustAnotherUser said:

Nostalgia is a funny thing. The Music in the original version is also repetitive. The level design is also similar but slightly better in the original. The art style is nice, go look at Yoshi's feet in other games. They are big. Maybe only just not as big here but still big.

My point?
You are not the target audience.
The target audience is children.
Remember? Like you were when the first game came out?
Accept it for what it is, a children's game that adults can also enjoy.
It's called "Yoshi's New Island" because the target audience is a new generation of children, not because they are adding new stuff for the fans.

Though whether you like it or not it is still your opinion and it matters.



Vic_Atreides said:

I have to disagree with this review. I got this game early morning and I brought my 3DS to work. I played during lunch and I can say it is a very solid platformer. I would give it 7.5/10. Glad I bought it.



UnseatingKDawg said:

I'll just wait and see how this turns out next week when it arrives in the mail.

I get the gist of this - the original, a masterpiece. The DS sequel, essentially platform hell. This one, trying to be easier due to the DS sequel being platform hell.



FritzFrapp said:

Who cares? Read the words, watch some videos and work out for yourself if the game is appealing or not?
I never could understand the fixation with review scores.



Doma said:

@TwilightPoint Your point is worthless... How does being 'targeted at kiddies' somehow absolve the game from criticism? It's a pitifully, low quality clone of the original. The target audience is irrelevant to that.

Also, why are people listing their scores of it here, when all they've played is the first few levels? lol



Alucard83 said:

Guys a low score on a website doesn't mean a game is bad! Reviewers are people too. It's only opinion! If you do like the style and how the game looks/plays you should get it. Never let a score make think differently! Thanks



Rei7 said:

Polygon give this game a 7.5! I'm getting it and a 5 star here doesn't affect my decision!



Barbiegurl777 said:

For those wanting to know the block size for Yoshi's New Island - 3DS it's 3, 359 blocks on sd card. For the life of me I don't understand when nintendolife reviewed this game they couldn't simply put the block size for this game... Not meant to be rude when I say this but nintendolife put the block size for animal crossing new leaf 3ds when it was released. Not seeing the big issue.

Anyway's downloaded this game at 3 am this morning because couldn't get back to sleep. Over all very cute game.


It may only be an opinion but it does sometime determine whether a person might buy a game or not. I read review's on all of my games & sometimes I'm dead set on downloading/or buying a game then read the review & sometimes my opinion is swayed to take a closer look at the game at hand which I want to buy.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



JCnator said:

The funny thing is, Miiverse opinions are apparently heavily contrasting against those from the reviewers. Does that means the latter were expecting too much from the game?



ZurrrrBlattTron said:

If you send a game back based off reviews of others that aren't even entirely dependable (cmon NL gave OTHER M A 9 ) then you're not allowed to call yourself a gamer



Marakuto said:

I liked the older games and when I saw previews of this, it just didn't have that charm and impression of the older ones somehow...



WaveBoy said:

life's too short, and i just can't be bothered wasting my time playing pointless sequels such as this. This ISN'T worthy of being a sequel to the brilliant SNES original. Shame on nintendo for not caring about this lame uninspired cut & paste entry and handing it over to an inferior developer who has a weak tiny backlog of games behind it's belt...It was obvious from the beginning that this game was going to be a dud.

So what exactly is 'new' about New Yoshi's Island? Not much actually, just big eggs(yippie), disappointing stereoscopic 3D, and 3D crippling gyro controls. I'd rather fork over the Princess Daisy Dollars(They do exist! ) and get a complete copy of the SNES classic.



Unit_DTH said:

I honestly thought the score would be lower, but I'm not getting it anyway so scores don't really matter.



zool said:

I pre ordered this a few days ago and it arrived today. Since there were no reviews I took a chance. Well Yoshi was the next must have 3ds game.

It looks like Nintendo is going from bad to worse.

They knew the game was not up to their usual standard; they even stopped the Official Magazine from sending out copies until yesterday because it had the Yoshi review. They should have not released the game until it meet their usual standards. Now I can't trust that a game from Nintendo will be at least good if not great.

Still I have it now so I will see.



Bass_X0 said:

I can say it is a very solid platformer.

It may well be. But then so was the game it was photocopied from.



sinsalaca said:

Well I was either going to pick this up or Rune Factory 4 depending on how the reviews for this were. With them being all over the place I think I may be going with Rune Factory for now and waiting for a price drop on Yoshi in the future.



gefflt said:

Haven't played the game (still debating) but what from what I've read, the Yoshi Star does not sound like a new addition as it did the exact same thing in Yoshi's Island DS...



ZurrrrBlattTron said:

@JonWahlgren oh I did too xD just not 9 worthy IMO more like a 7.5 all I was trying to say was just because one game got a horrible review doesn't mean everyone will automatically hate it and vice versa if a game gets a good review not everyone will love it sorry if I hurt your feelings Jon xD



JonWahlgren said:

@siconlol Hah, no worries, I know what you mean. We don't pretend to be the only reviewers in town and encourage our readers to check out other sites and chat with community members who have played the game to get as complete a picture as possible.



Senario said:

I think that this game probably deserved a 7 based off of what it is. An average game that has no huge flaws. Anything lower and I feel that those reviews are judging the game for what it is not/what it could have been rather than its own merits. To me, a 6 or 5 implies something is inherently flawed about the game like game breaking bugs or cut scenes that don't play. I am not saying it deserves an 8 or higher. But the game "not being inspiring enough" isn't a great reason to mark it down.



Gridatttack said:

The game looks fun, level looks okay, but there is one flaw, one MAJOR flaw. the music selection SUCKS.
YIDS music had lame music too, but I think its better. Why? Because it has more diversity. Of the videos ive seen. Its the SAME song ALL over, with just remixed slightly/different instruments. If they arent the reusing the overworld theme, its just a boring tune like the boss battle. The cave music...sucks. The castle music...no comment.

I wonder WHY is it so hard for them to get the music right, its already there, on the SNES, waiting to be retouched. Dont get me wrong, I love some of the tunes the games has (overworld theme), but its a huge letdown when you expect awesome themes like the original cave music.



Franklin said:

Enough with the functional 2D platformers. 3DS and Wii U are capable of so much more.



Kid_A said:

I played through the first world of the game. So far, I'd say a 5 is pretty harsh. Like Yoshi's Story, it's a game clearly geared toward young gamers, but I don't know how you couldn't have your pants charmed off by the visuals, music and story (simple as it is). The level design is about as standard as it gets so far, but it's perfectly enjoyable so far.

THOSE VISUALS THOUGH. The screenshots make them look horrible, but they look stunning on the 3DS screen. You can see the brushstrokes on the trees and clouds, the crosshatched pastels on the Yoshis. The game looks amazing.



NorthLightSuplx said:

This game is fun. I am glad I did not listen to the review. I disliked the DS version but this one is a lot more fun in my opinion.



Henmii said:


I agree about the score! I drift more to a 6! The game isn't amazing or essential, but it is decent!

"disappointing stereoscopic 3D"

I agree! A bit in line with New super mario bros 2!



AJWolfTill said:

@Giygas_95 NVC Is Ign's Nintendo Voice Chat Podcast. I thoroughly enjoyed it and they talked about Yoshi's New Island in some detail. They have probably split the audio/video into pieces so you should be able to find the relevant part if you are interested.



Kosmo said:

I didn't listen to the review and got the game.

Honestly, I wish I didn't.

It's just a generic platformer with Yoshi. There is nothing worthy of notice: the levels are bland, the secrets are randomly hidden, I spent my time looking for eggs because of those gazillion bonus coulds... Plus, the tweaks on Yoshi are all bad. He goes too fast, there is a slight delay before he launches his eggs, and his flutter jump just feels weird.
The graphics are ok but by no means great, but that's not the worst.
The worst is THE MUSIC! It sucks. I feel like my 3DS is being sick in my ears. It's dissonant! It's horrible! What the heck?
I just finished DKC:TF, and this Yoshi just doesn't hold on one second when facing the Kongs.
As much as I am a Nintendo fan, I'm giving this game a 4/10.



LittleIrves said:

@Kid_A I've got a feeling I'll be with you on this one, as I tend to love games others dislike. (Wii Music, Other M, Sticker Star...) I even really enjoyed Yoshi's Story. And I wonder how many of the 283 comments on here were written after actually playing the game, and not just reacting to an average score?



NodesforNoids said:

Idea to refresh Yoshi AND move the series away from Mario (as I found the N64 game to be quite fantastic): Yoshi Lost In Dreamland. You could have a Kirby game and a Yoshi game in one!
The twist? A new world where the populace has been invaded by killer foods!
A veggie zone, a fruit zone, a bakery zone and a candy zone before the final encounter: a truly warped version of Deedee's palace where a brand new antagonist waits with his minions. I'm thinking, action platformer, multiple guest appearances from Kirby and 40-60 levels. There'd be plenty of secret paths and hidden items. Maybe even some sort of weird 'the Mushroom Kingdom is being replaced by Dreamland' storyline.
Anything to make these games fresh and fun again!



LindsayPez said:

Okay. I have finally sat down and played a chunk of this game and I seriously don't understand all the negativity. If you enjoyed the first two games, you'll enjoy this one. If you thought the first game was fun and the second game was mediocre, then you'll probably think this one is mediocre as well. If you hated both, you'll hate this one. I feel this game is very charming. I enjoy the story, gameplay and graphics. I even enjoy the goofy music, I think it's cutesy in the Yoshi Island kind of way. I am 29 years old and in no way immature. I don't think this game was necessarily "made for kids" like a lot of people are saying but I do think kids would enjoy this game. I would rate this game a 7.5 or 8 and it was everything I hoped it would be. It's not perfect and it's not amazing, but it's fun and scratches my Yoshi Island itch. I don't understand how people who haven't played the game can be all, "YEAH THIS GAME SUCKS. I KNEW IT ALL ALONG." How can you know how this game is based on others' opinions? You can trust someone's opinion but don't act like people are morons if they feel differently.



Marioman64 said:

i just got to play today. the game is fantastic. bright colorful artstyle and smooth gameplay. it takes a bit to get used to the new acceleration on yoshis movement as well as the delay before throwing an egg, but the game is still really fun. is it as good as yoshi's island? no. but it's a good platformer on its on



Nintendo_Ninja said:

So surprising. I wasn't sure whether to get this or not, but I think this was the nail in the coffin for my chances of getting this.



PorridgeParlour said:

The visuals are stunning. And as for the music, coming from a sound engineer and composer, I have loved it! There's a level in the first world with a catchy tune in 5/4! When's the last time you heard that? And as for visuals, try unlocking the special level in world 1 and look at it. Beautiful. I truly don't understand the hate for this game. It really is baffling.



pyrodoggie said:

Woah. Terrible review score. I bought this before reading this and I am enjoying it now. I don't get the 5/10. I think it deserves a higher score.



TromaDogg said:

I think LindsayPez has smacked the nail right on the head, that's exactly what I think of Yoshi's New Island as well, and I've got/played through all of the Yoshi's Island games along with Yoshi's Story. The biggest crime this game is guilty of is being almost completely unoriginal, it's still a lot of fun to play and an improvement over Yoshi's Island DS (even though I enjoyed that as well). It's a shame at times that people put such blind faith in what one or two reviewers say. I take Edge Magazine's reviews with a pinch of salt now, they were the same magazine that marked Sonic Lost World down because it was 'too hard' (it isn't) and had dodgy controls (it doesn't, the reviewer hadn't read the tutorial properly and didn't understand the difference between A and B button jumps).



3Daniel said:

I find the graphicsto be breathtaking with the 3d on. While they do basically limit to forground background its definately more then 2 layers as various background elements have various depths as well. Even the smudges that filter over most of the environments and characters gives off a neat layering effect. This game is absolutely ugly everywhere else but is beautiful on the 3ds. I also love the unexpected color pallets used and the combinations of assests are visually striking. Granted the bosses are weak odd and some innapropriately shaped, big beanie! And its definately not the masterpiece the original is imo. Beware the Boo Brigade! >_<



ArcanineArco said:

"Like Donkey Kong, this game was just a waste of resources. Nintendo could have made a Starfox or Metroid"

Donkey Kong a waste of resources? By that comment I can CLEARLY tell you have never even played Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze. If you are not keen on the Donkey Kong series then fair enough, but to say it is a waste of resources is just ignorant. It was an AWESOME game and is certainly one of the best games on the Wii U and if not one of the best platformers in years!. Excellent platforming, music, everything. Also recieved sky high reviews. You just wanted a Starfox or Metroid instead. Donkey Kongs sells better than Metroid and Starfox and with the current state of the Wii U, the choice wasn't hard for Nintendo. I love Metroid and Starfox too and I do fully believe there will be both a Starfox and Metroid either on Wii U or 3DS, just be patient.



ouroborous said:

okay, so i was REALLY looking forward to yoshi's new island, then i read this review and got totally depressed about it. that's because this site has always been about 100% accurate in their reviews of upcoming games.
despite that, i decided to watch the extended trailer and keep an open mind.
ultimately i decided to give the game a chance.
and guess what?
granted it doesn't take the franchise to all-new heights but it is a totally solid follow-up to the original game in the series, which frankly, is all that i had ever wanted.
it looks great, sounds great, plays great, is fun, colourful, and not at all a crappy effort. watch the trailer and if it looks good to you, just go for it and disregard the low score on this site (sorry guys!).

i hated the one for DS, switching babies was a royal pain and the two screen levels weren't actually the best idea. i did have fun with yoshi story for N64, though it was a really weird entry in the series.
but all i ever wanted was basically this game. so all in all, i am glad that i bothered to give it a try. i have played through the first world and am very satisfied. i would really have been entirely wrong to have just passed on this game.
for once nlife, i have to disagree with you on the score.




World said:

I wanted to reply to individual people as I was reading the comments, but lots of people seem to be saying the same thing.

I absolutely LOVE this game! But I only vaguely remember the first game (and have no real desire to revisit it), and never played the DS one. My Dad briefly had a copy of the GBA one, but I found it kind of boring and then it disappeared.

I really trust reviews (games are expensive!), and especially those at Nintendo Life. But this time I considered that the reviewer and I were coming from totally different places and went for it.

On Nintendo Life's scale, I could see how this would get a low-ish score. It's hard to recommend to the average person who might be reading this.

In my world, it's a glorious little wonder, but I like games that are "experiences" and that doesn't seem to be contingent on any tangible quality (which is why I don't review games!).

Anyway, if anyone is STILL undecided and reading this, I'd say just go with your instinct on this one! I think it's wonderful, but it's a kind of wonder that does not resonate with everyone.



KnightRider666 said:

I strongly disagree with this review. I picked up the game last night and fell in love with it right away! The graphics are awesome with the 3D on, the controls are tight; and the game is fun to play. This game easily deserves at least an 8 out of 10 in my book. Don't believe the reviews, play the game for yourself. If you liked any of Yoshi's previous games, you'll dig this one.



Nomad said:

Just finished this game. The only thing I didn't really like was the music, though it started to grow on me towards the end. I'd give it around an 8.



sr388survivor said:

I'm glad to see people are starting to post positive things about this game. I decided to give it a go and, while it's not the greatest game in the world, it's solid and I'm enjoying it as much as I enjoy a New Super Mario Bros. game (this is essentially the Yoshi version of that).
It's a shame that people will be turned off by this having an overly harsh score. I could even understand a 6 but 5 is awfully low.

Also, I'm amazed that not one review I've read has mentioned the gyroscopic aiming. It actually works surprisingly well. I like it a lot more than the wait for the cursor method. And I'm not usually a fan of gyro controls.

Anyway, if you think you might enjoy it, give it a shot. It's really a solid game.



Marr_the_Great said:

I picked this up for my wife this Monday and she fell in love with it like no other game in years.

I'm disappointed in this review as a whole, when I started coming to Nintendo Life for my game reviews it was because it seemed to me that you guys were reviewing games for what they are and not what you wanted them to be.

Impartiality would be nice here.

When you consider that Yoshi is designed to appeal to the youngest of gamers (it's a literal baby game) you start to understand that this game not only does its job but does it well. This isn't some shovelware edutainment (stupid Chrome, "gamers" isn't a word but "edutainment" is?) click fest of find the obviously visible items, it's fun and imaginative and perfects the mechanics of Yoshi's island.

The Art is beautiful and cute (which is what it's supposed to be, remember: Literal Baby Game) with backgrounds switching between various classical art styles (Impressionistic and Japanese Ink wash to name a couple.) with an adorable crayon drawing foreground. You can appreciate the art on several levels.

The music isn't bad, I don't even know where anyone is getting this. It's not a grandiose orchestral score or a bad-donkey rock/electronic soundtrack. It's baby music in a BABY GAME FOR BABIES.

That anyone complains about an optional feature like the flutter wing makes no sense at all. "No please Princess in Super Mario 3 I don't want a P-wing, that's insulting." You remember that game? The one everyone here wants so badly? The Flutter Wing is there so that the BABIES FOR WHOM THIS GAME WAS DESIGNED don't get frustrated and quit thus killing future sales for the franchise and consequently Nintendo.




Jamestown said:

I like it, it's way better than the DS one. A few problems I had with the first one were improved too, like the needlessly sprawling levels that gave it a 90s freeware DOS feel.



BigNintendoNerd said:

@KnightRider666 Yeah I grew up with the other two games and still love them!!! I can't imagine that is really as horrible as a 5/10!!! Based on the trailers it looked decent to me.... Yeah I'm going to try this one out for myself! (Maybe I'll wait until I can get it used)



ouroborous said:

this game is by no means for "babies", levels are relatively easy to clear, yes, but if you want to get all of the stars/red coins/flowers, then good luck, they are hidden all over the place and you will find yourself frequently stumped as to where you even missed any of them. the game is definitely challenging enough to satisfy any fan of the original yoshi's island.

as for the platforming itself, its just what it should be really and entirely evocative of the original game.
theres arrow-bounce balls, question mark clouds, and lots of hidden ones too, vines that grow from seeds, hidden pass-through walls, egg-stealing mice, chomp rocks, kamek, lost baby countdown, spin buckets in castles that drop stuff, lots of new transformation mini-levels, lots of baddies from the original, as well as new ones, like the metal shy guy and giant shy guy, poochie is in there somewhere, and the boss fights are stunning looking, if a bit on the easy side (im lookin at you giant bean guy, world 1 boss).

the game is awesome, this review is just plain wrong.
seriously, if you liked the original, don't knock this one till you try it.
odds are, you'll love it too.



kokirii said:

"Ok guys, we need some 'new' ideas for Yoshi."

"Well, we had Mario get really big and plow through the level destroying everything in his path. Why don't we just do the exact same thing with Yoshi's egg?"



Galenmereth said:

If only there was a demo so I could try this out. After the disappointing Yoshi's Island DS, I won't fall for this again, especially considering the mediocre reviews. But a demo would go a long way in potentially convincing myself that I could like it.

Alas, there is no such thing.



ACK said:

All relevant information about this game can be summed up thusly: it's for kids, women, and anyone pining for a cute, easygoing, varied platformer. In that regard, it's a remarkable success.

Having kids and a gamer wife, I'm keenly aware of the lack of appropriate, compelling games in this niche. Few, if any pull it off with such aplomb and Yoshi's appeal is unrivaled to this audience. In this sense, Yoshi's New Island hits all the right notes (barring music, I guess) to make for a harmonious experience for it's target audience. That's a welcome accomplishment.



AkinaChan said:

The sprite used for Yoshi is really bothering me, lol. It looks like an early DS, or even GBA, effect thats trying to look 3d, but is just really pixilated and awrul. I was hoping it would look more polished once released :'<

I reallllly need a good platformer to hold me off until Mario Golf comes out, as thats the next big release I'm getting. Is this game worth the cost, or should i just save my money? Another game I'm looking into is Inazuma eleven, but Ive been playing soo many RPGs lately and kinda want a change of pace. Any suggestions? :3



YoshiTails said:

This is what I wrote to Nintendo in their survey:

To be honest, this game feels sterile. It just isn't anywhere near the quality of previous games in the series. It feels like clever set pieces from the original game were taken and thrown randomly at levels, without any fresh design or gameplay quality.

I think the review at nintendolife.com - 5/10 is right. It is a mediocre platformer and I am disappointed. Yoshi deserves better.



shibbyduckegg said:

I'm almost done with the game, and sadly I feel like I can review the game in six words: A mediocre, lacklustre and boring platformer.

I'd say the 5/10 is pretty much correct, unfortunately.



Kenology said:

I just finished 100%ing the game. I give it an 8 out of 10. What you put in is what you get out of it. By not playing it to completion (meaning finishing each level with 30 stars, 20 red coins, and 5 flowers), you're really missing out on a great challenge that truly makes the game shine.




Ralizah said:

It is! I'm a huge Versailles no Bara fan. Still one of my all-time favorite shows.

I tried this game out a bit, and this review is TOTALLY unfair. This is a fun, solid platformer, and deserves at least a 7.



AkinaChan said:

@Ralizah I knew it! XD I haven't seen it in a loooong time, but it's a really good Anime! A lot of older Anime like Versailles no Bara are under-apriciated, I think.

And, thanks! I actually ended up renting this game, and am really enjoying it



appel said:

I really liked this game. I thought it looked great and in combination with the music I found it very charming and even a little nostalgic. But yes, the original is better. And yes, the main adventure is too easy. But I found it more enjoyable than Yoshi's Island DS.



mauchegou said:

You forgot to say that the soundtrack is really boring...
Buy this game was my first regret with the 3DS.



Yanni said:

I am so sorry to read such a negative review. I was about to buy this one, but not after reading this. Good job for saving me some money, NintendoLife!



ButchManly said:

I also just got this game & I'm really enjoying it. It's pretty challenging to get 100% each level also, which adds to the difficulty. Really don't think this deserves a 5, and I hope it doesn't put people off of what is a really enjoyable game.

Honestly I feel like most people are just bummed about the art style (which I actually like more..) and they're letting nostalgia get in the way. It's definitely a 7-8! : )



PolarKoalaBear said:

Strange, everything in your review made it sound like it was getting a 7/10 at the least. Sounds fun to me.



wiggleronacid said:

I know I'm commenting on this very late, but I just wanted to let people know that this game is still really enjoyable. Yes, it isn't very "new", but I love the art style of the game and the level design is some of the best in franchise history. The levels are relatively easy to go through but the collectibles are insanely well hidden. It's not anything ground-breaking, but I enjoyed the game a lot and I recommend it to any Yoshi's Island fan.

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