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Mon 6th July, 2009

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vonseux commented on Review: Fairune (3DS eShop):

It looks adorable and well crafted. Already on my wishlist until I have some spare time. I think it looks like a GBC game.



vonseux commented on Review: Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship E...:

Good game but toooo many buttons and too much repetitive even under 6 hours. Level design cant hold a candle to any Metroid game. And you can get metroid 3 and 4 for the same price of this - a much better choice.



vonseux commented on Nintendo Reportedly States That No First Wave ...:

In brazil people are happyly buying amiibo for 40 dolars. Even tough we dont make as much as a normal american. The scarcity argument is winning any logical thinking and reason. Fun to think most amiibos sold will never be oppened.



vonseux commented on Teslagrad to Arrive at Retail on Wii U in Earl...:

We all know many many moms and dads only buy games at stores or as gifts. Im pretty sure they will sell it all and soon thd game will be out of print and "rare" altough I find pointless spectlation on games as collector itens. There are many better ways to multiply your money than keeping your games sealed.



vonseux commented on Review: Shantae And The Pirate's Curse (3DS eS...:

I believe this is a Mandatory game for all you out there. The DSi game is Amazing and this seems to be every bit better. The price tag is high tough considering other download only offers. But it shouldnt be missed!



vonseux commented on Siesta Fiesta:

This game is very adictive, well made, with many many diferente levels and play styles, GET IT!