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Once known as LuigiMan200, now known as DreamyViridi, both one of the same. LuigiMan dreams of helping Nintendo by suggesting ideas that could be used. DreamyViridi believes that we all have good dreams; what are yours?

Fri 14th Sep 2012

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DreamyViridi commented on Site News: Nintendo Life Turns 10 Today:

Nintendo Life is best life. Happy Birthday, NL. I joined the site a good 3 years ago and since then, its become my part of my daily routine; "Always check out NL". You guys are fantastic!



DreamyViridi commented on Talking Point: As Rumours Come and Go the Desp...:

This article also fooled me into thinking that we were getting a direct, but yes we could really use one. Between the fake hype generated from leaks and rumours and lack of big information from Nintendo themselves; a part of the fan base is falling apart, they're desperate for new info and resort to believing in unofficial tweets that don't mean anything.
Hope everything is well within the company, it's not normal for them to be somewhat quiet for so long.



DreamyViridi commented on Water Temple (Zelda OoT) Part 1:

@Hanakane - I must say I also got confused on what to do here but that's not really a bad thing since this is meant to be the water temple. It made me think of where to go while thankfully not being too complicated, for me at least; though I can see where people may get stuck

With that said, I noticed that I'm the first to beat this (part of the) level so the star's on the house.



DreamyViridi commented on Apparent Confirmation Emerges of Shovel Knight...:

Eh... This is all based on an error, right? Errors have been made on that site before, it had Lucina listed as being usable for Mario Kart 8 one time before that mistake was fixed. So as far as I'm concerned, anything goes, though I must say that I'd rather have Shantae as a indie since she's had more history with Nintendo.

One thing's for sure, a mistake was made...



DreamyViridi commented on Preview: Fabulous Fashion and Questionable Gam...:

A shame that this game is getting some negativity but in the case of Zelda, until I play it myself, that don't mean squat. I enjoyed Wind Waker and Skyward Sword (which often get mixed opinions), and Four Swords Adventures is one of my favourite Zelda games period. So if this game is anything like that, I'll give this game a chance when the time comes.



DreamyViridi commented on Reminder: There's Only One More Week Left To V...:

[sigh] At last, one more week until the vote begging finally stops.
Not very excited as most of the popular candidates are characters I don't care for (aside from the Inklings), but the ballot may not be just based on the most votes so I'll keep an open mind.



DreamyViridi commented on Review: Mario vs. Donkey Kong (Wii U eShop / GBA):

While Tipping Stars is my favourite of the Mini games, it goes without saying that the original GBA M vs. DK is the best one and my favourite game of the whole series. Contrary to the review though, I think Mario properly speaking is one of the game's good points ("Oh, you mum mummy [Italian gibberish]" makes me laugh) . I have it on the 3DS and have completed it at least twice.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong needs a "proper" sequel, level editor and all.



DreamyViridi commented on Video: Mario & Luigi Become Gods in This Lovel...:

Ha, I saw a bit of the title and thought this was M&L RPG-related. XD
This piece of art is amazing, though the nerd in me is bugged by the fact that Mario is the Thunder God, not Luigi. Won't let that take away from the impressive collaboration.



DreamyViridi commented on Mario History: Mario Kart DS and Mario Kart Ar...:

I couldn't get the DS to work for online, it wouldn't accept the connection I had at the time so MKDS was purely a single player experience for me and I really enjoyed it. The mission mode made kept me playing for hours; the fact that missions haven't returned is crazy, it was one of the best things about MKDS.

As for the arcades, I've only played a couple in my life and they're fun too. Though I'd rather play the proper Mario Karts.



DreamyViridi commented on Mario History: Super Mario 64 DS - 2004:

I loved SM64DS, definitely prefer it over the original. It's just a shame that the multiplayer adventure concept was cut, it'd be cool if that concept came back in a future 3D Mario. Granted it was in 3D World, but I mean in a Mario 64-like game. The D-Pad didn't bother me that much, but the game is much more enjoyable with the 3DS Circle Pad.



DreamyViridi commented on European Club Nintendo Has a Lovely Last Hurra...:

Still waiting for that Goodbye Coin. That takes priority but thanks to the free stars I got for linking Club Nintendo with my NNID, I do have enough for this.

So unless the Goodbye Coin comes for less for 500 Stars (or doesn't come at all, any news on that?), I may have to give this a miss. Shame, since I'd gladly pick this up later.



DreamyViridi commented on GAME Confirms Shovel Knight amiibo:

Apparently, it's easy for many to forget that "Nintendo news does not always equal Smash Bros. news". The amiibo looks great though, the fact that Shovel Knight has one shows how far Yacht Club has come with the game.
Wonder if Shovel Knight amiibo will become a series ala Smash and Super Mario, or a one-off? Probably the latter.



DreamyViridi commented on Movie Review: Pixels Proves Once Again That Vi...:

The concept is cool (as is the 2-minute short I saw a while back) but the execution the movie did sounds terrible. A shame, as the potential is there but it sounds like I've already seen the best Pixels has to offer from the trailers while the whole movie is all over the place...



DreamyViridi commented on Guide: Surviving the New Miiverse Update:

Most of the people I follow generally agree that the redesign is alright or at least not as bad as they thought it'd be. Chalk another one up for "overreactions", though the redesign does have a couple of flaws.