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Thu 19th Jan 2012

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Wowfunhappy commented on Soapbox: Ignoring The Objectification Of Women...:

I don't find the game "offensive" per se, but I think it's pretty darn tasteless, and I do kind of wish Nintendo Life was giving it less coverage.

I'm not saying that the game as a whole should be "banned" or anything, for the same reason I don't think porn should be banned. It's free speech, and it has a right to exist. But porn also has it's own time and place... it's given a certain distance from other types of media. I think the same should apply with a game like this.



Wowfunhappy commented on Feature: Lifting the Curtain on Game Ratings a...:

Hey, so while I appreciate NintendoLife not wanting to put developers in a tough position, have any non-employees done any research into the matter that they could independently share? I haven't found much myself and, unfortunately, I feel like I'm still missing a lot of the picture here without hard numbers.



Wowfunhappy commented on News Site Claims That Zelda "Takes A Dim View ...:

@BlatantlyHeroic You make a valid point, and that may well have been what Nintendo was thinking when they were designing the game. I certainly don't think they were being purposefully racist, but a lot of racism is subtile and unintentional.

What you said notwithstanding, you don't think it's at all odd that these people are literally the ONLY non-white characters in the entire game?



Wowfunhappy commented on News Site Claims That Zelda "Takes A Dim View ...:

I'm all for looking at games through this type of societal lense (and I really like the work Anita Sarkeesian has been doing!), but most of the things mentioned here strike me as a bit silly.


The race issue is completely legitimate. I don't think the developers INTENDED to be racist per se, but SERIOUSLY, just LOOK at the characters.

One one side, we have all of the morally righteous characters: Link, Zelda, the Kokiri, the residents of Lon Lon Ranch and Kakariko Villiage... honest, hard working people. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM is white.

Now, let's look at the NON WHITE characters... we have the middle-eastern Garudo in the desert (we know they are middle eastern because of the original symbol in the mirror temple), a band of THEVES who live by STEALING FROM OTHERS.

And then there's the one truly dark skinned, "black" character in the game: Ganon. Freaking Ganon.

I'd never actually noticed it before this article but... no one else sees a problem with this? It's actually quite disturbing...



Wowfunhappy commented on Doodle Jump Adventures Is Getting Physical In ...:

I would totally buy this for $5-10 on the eShop, maaaaybe even a little more, but I wouldn't pay $22, and I wouldn't buy it as a cartridge for any price, as it's the kind of game that's to small to be worth the trouble of inserting and removing a cartridge.



Wowfunhappy commented on Weirdness: Say Hello to the Cross Plane, a Gam...:

@mystman12 Remember that, BECAUSE it's a niche product, they can't use economies of scale to bring costs down. Buying parts is a lot more expensive when you can't commission mass quantities of them.

From a consumer standpoint, it's pricey, but if you're a super dedicated cross platform gamer who wants to be able to play in bed before falling asleep, there's nothing else on the market like it.



Wowfunhappy commented on Weirdness: Say Hello to the Cross Plane, a Gam...:

This isn't really trying to compete with the Wii U. It's a super niche product for a small, but possibly very sizable audience.

And it's a nice product. Yes, the Wii U can play (most) games on the controller, but not Xbox 360 or PS3 games. The Nvidia Shield can only stream PC games, and only if you own specific graphics cards. Likewise, the PS Vita can only stream certain PS3 games, and because of how Sony designed remote play, it also has some issues with latency that the other devices I mentioned don't.

This should work with pretty much everything in time, so it's a pretty neat product. I'm certainly not interested, as I don't own a PS3 or Xbox 360 and usually don't use off tv play on my wii u either, but I think it has an audience.

Edit: From their own Kickstarter page:
"We're not Nintendo, we're not Sony, we don't have the resources to compete on a level like that, and we're not trying to do that, it's not our goal to make millions of these. We just had an idea, one that we really think people would like, something that would be refreshing and we wanted people to get a hold of one."



Wowfunhappy commented on Talking Point: The Wii U's Limited Hard Drive ...:

I hate the idea of having to do an install before playing a game. I think I'd rather just deal with longer loading times, as long as they aren't TOO overly horrendous. And if they are that horrendous, the developers should be held accountable for designing the game that way.

The reason I like playing on consoles as opposed to a PC is because I can just insert a game and begin playing. There aren't any hoops to jump through. Things like data installs become to erode away at that simplicity.

I kind of wish we could all just go back to cartridges. That'd DEFINITELY fix loading times, but I know full that it's never happening. Sigh...



Wowfunhappy commented on Senran Kagura Burst Confirmed For North Americ...:

Okay, I was actually still interested in this even after hearing about the whole taking-damage thing.

Then I watched the video Windy linked to (

I'm sorry... look at the size of the breasts on those poor girls... the game just lost all credibility to me. Not only is it completely distracting and unnecessary, but quite frankly it also just makes all the characters look deformed and ugly. Sigh...



Wowfunhappy commented on Review: Cloudberry Kingdom (Wii U eShop):

@ueI I really don't agree with the review in this respect. The game is perfectly enjoyable on easier difficulties, all that matters is what is hard for you personally? The random level generator is great; you can tweak it however you want.



Wowfunhappy commented on Looks Like Batman: Arkham Origins Isn't Gettin...:

@jayclayx But that's just life. It's the result of using the less popular platform. PC gamers have experienced it for years (although it is finally getting somewhat better). And outside of gaming, Mac users often get inferior versions of software compared to their Windows counterparts, and/or the software comes out later.

If WB sells a lot of copies of the game, they'll probably put more effort into the port next time around. But right now, Wii U has a lower install base, and games sell less, so it makes sense that they'd leave some features out.



Wowfunhappy commented on Looks Like Batman: Arkham Origins Isn't Gettin...:

Were people really planning on buying this for the multiplayer? Isn't it a primarily single player game?

Fun fact: Sometimes, the games on less-popular platforms have slightly fewer features. That's just life. If you were going to buy this game for the multiplayer, then of course you shouldn't buy the Wii U version. If you don't care that much, then get the game and have fun with singleplayer. There's no reason to start boycotting.

Personally, I don't care about mutliplayer and really, really like having a map on the GamePad screen. So I'll be getting this game most likely.



Wowfunhappy commented on Soapbox: Why We Should Expect More From The Le...:

You know what? I can forgive the lack of additional dungeons and gameplay changes, although I fully agree with the article that they should have done more, but its kind of understandable.

You know what isn't understandable? The midi music. I just don't get it. I can't even begin to describe what a missed opportunity it is. I've heard the orchestrated versions of the Wind Waker music. We all have. It's mind blowingly incredible. Why are they using midi in this remake? It DOESN'T MAKE SENSE.

I'll still be buying the game because I never actually the original (shame on me I know). But... arrrgh why midi why?



Wowfunhappy commented on Talking Point: The Wii U's Third-Party Concern...:

This past generation, the only console I owned was a Wii. However, I used my desktop PC to play non-Nintendo multiplatform titles, such as Portal 2 and Mirror's Edge.

This all changed now that I"m in college. My desktop would take up too much space in my small dorm room. My only computer is a Macbook Air which isn't very good for gaming. I own a Wii U, but with 3rd party support the way it is, it would seem I would need to buy another console...


Out of all the games shown off at this year's E3, there are 13 that I'm excited for. They are:

Bayonetta II
Assassins' Creed IV
Super Smash Brothers
Mario Kart 8
Batman: Arkham Origins
Wind Waker HD
Rayman Legends
Mirror's Edge 2
Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze
The Wonderful 101
Final Fantasy XV
Mario 3D World

Out of those 13 games, only two are not coming to Wii U: Final Fantasy XV and Mirror's Edge 2. That's it.

While Final Fantasy XV looks good, I can definitely live without it if it means not having to buy a $400 console.

Mirror's Edge 2 I CAN'T live without. I loved the first game and have been waiting for a sequel for forever. However, there's going to be a PC version, and even though I can't bring my PC to college, I'll be able to use it when I come home from school breaks. So I'll just play it then. I'll have more than enough other Wii U games to play during the school year. I can't imagine playing that game on a console anyway. It needs a mouse, it's too fast paced for a joystick.

So as of right now, I'm not really worried. If Ubisoft and Warner Brothers abandon the Wii U, that could become an issue, but as of right now it's looking just fine.



Wowfunhappy commented on Atlus USA States That It's Currently "Unaffect...:

@MasterWario Yes, but only thanks to chance. Sony doesn't have any type of exclusivity agreement with the Persona franchise.

There WAS a Persona game in development for the 3DS at one point, although no one's heard anything about it since it was announced years ago, so it's probably not happening anymore.



Wowfunhappy commented on Evidence of a Functional 3DS Flashcard Emerges:

I take back my earlier comment. From what I can tell from the video, this flashcart isn't actually going to allow for homebrew, just pirated games. Notice how there isn't any game select menu. Chances are, the menu doesn't exist because they weren't able to create one.

Products that do nothing but enable piracy, without any legitimate use-case whatsoever, have no excuse to exist.



Wowfunhappy commented on Evidence of a Functional 3DS Flashcard Emerges:

I don't intend to pirate anything, but I will statch one of these up asap. If others use it for piracy, screw them. I love playing with homebrew.

I can't tell you how much fun I had back in the day, when I was still a pre-teen, getting homebrew software on my Nintendo DS. It wasn't even the homebrew itself that made it so much fun, although being able to listen to music and watch movies on my DS was undoubtedly cool. It was the experience.

I still remember the night I got DSVNC working, remotely operating and using my computer from my small Nintendo DS Phat. It was laggy and not overly useful. But to me, it was an amazing accomplishment.

I remember the first time I ran DSLinux. I remember finding a crappy Smash Brothers DS homebrew game and showing it off to all of my friends. So many memories.

I love homebrew.



Wowfunhappy commented on Oh Snap, Now Rayman Legends Is Coming To PS Vi...:

I don't really think this is a big deal. Does anyone really care about a Prince of Persia costume?

And how many people actually own the Playstation Vita? Last I checked it wasn't selling that well. A bit better than the Wii U, maybe, but a whole lot worse than the Xbox 360 and PS3, which we already knew this game would be releasing on.



Wowfunhappy commented on Talking Point: The Wii U's Next-Gen Challenge ...:

@ThomasBW84 When Microsoft bought Skype, they committed to continue supporting the app on other platforms.

I do think it's very, very unlikely, given Nintendo's history and the fact that MS never committed to developing for new platforms, just supporting existing ones. But I don't think you can rule it out completely.