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Wed 27th Oct 2010

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JustAnotherUser commented on Nintendo Japan Announces Plans for YouTube Aff...:

@Captain-Falcon I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have said what I said.
Though I never stated you said "nintendo have lost their touch".
There was a line break to show it was a separate comment.

I still find it hard to believe anyone can think this is a bad thing.
There are already affiliate programs offered by others but Nintendo isn't allowed to do it and if they do it's a bad thing?



JustAnotherUser commented on Nintendo Japan Announces Plans for YouTube Aff...:

@Captain-Falcon I completely agree. It's not like Lets Players are part of a affiliate program already or anything.
I think Nintendo should be ashamed of themselves to start being the man in the middle to compete with those who are already the man in the middle.

They should also drop that policy of advertising Nintendo games on Nintendo videos.
Nintendo has so lost their touch.



JustAnotherUser commented on Hyrule Warriors Confirmed for 14th August in J...:

Team Ninja did an amazing job.

"Furthermore, Sakamoto-san said that 'In this game, I want to depict the emotions of a woman called Samus'. The way we'd been working previously, it would have been impossible for us to depict a woman's world."


Oh, but yes... Rar team ninja eval can't do good rar.

To be on topic though, I am greatly looking forward to Hyrule Warriors.



JustAnotherUser commented on Nintendo Reports Financial Losses As Expected,...:

That is quite the sales forecast drop and some bad numbers.
Though this could also be good for both Nintendo and us, the consumer / fans, depending if Nintendo survives this generation.

The lower sales forecast tells me they are being more realistic because at this point as it is very unlikely they will "save" the Wii U.
They are probably going to focus on making a profit before this generation ends and appease their existing fans.

Hopefully Nintendo will learn from this and drop their arrogance down a flight of stairs or two.
No I'm not talking about "listin too us da fanz" but rather making their console easier to develop and port for for third parties as well as themselves, X86 is probably the way to go, and advertise.
Drop the happy family playing and show gameplay or game OP's.
Imagine the donkey kong tropical freeze OP as an advert. (Even though that would probably be very expensive..)

Adding some "media hub" features would probably also help public / gamer perception.
Also an Ethernet and optical audio port..



JustAnotherUser commented on Review: Yoshi's New Island (3DS):

Nostalgia is a funny thing. The Music in the original version is also repetitive. The level design is also similar but slightly better in the original. The art style is nice, go look at Yoshi's feet in other games. They are big. Maybe only just not as big here but still big.

My point?
You are not the target audience.
The target audience is children.
Remember? Like you were when the first game came out?
Accept it for what it is, a children's game that adults can also enjoy.
It's called "Yoshi's New Island" because the target audience is a new generation of children, not because they are adding new stuff for the fans.

Though whether you like it or not it is still your opinion and it matters.



JustAnotherUser commented on Former Criterion Boss Alex Ward Laments Issues...:

He raises valid concerns but of course Nintendo wouldn't do the publishing duties, EA was the publisher.
It would be like moaning Dark Souls on PC was garbage, very close to it, and that Microsoft should start caring about game developers.



JustAnotherUser commented on Pokémon X & Y Online Battles Vulnerable to "B...:

This doesn't bode well, hopefully and update can be issued.

@ThomasBW84 also a small typo:
"The post on [ur.external=]NeoGaf[/url] provides social network details for prominent members of the Game Freak team. By spreading the word — and not links to the software itself — it's hoped that Game Freak will act to block the workaround, through encryption or any means possible."



JustAnotherUser commented on Nintendo Of Korea Embroiled In Twitter Drama O...:

I'm shaking my head reading some of these comments.
How many of you had this same stance when it concerned Microsoft saying "Deal with it".
This was a personal comment made about someone on a professional account.

On an even more serious note, darn those pesky north Korean hackers.



JustAnotherUser commented on Operation Friidom Petitions Nintendo For Great...:

They certainly have a point but do we REALLY need an operation for this?
I mean, they already said users will be able to use your NNID on other Wii U systems in the future.
Just wait. "Gamers" don't seem to have any patients now days.
And when they do make the change, they'll claim it was all thanks to them..



JustAnotherUser commented on Live: Wii U Preview:

"Activision provide great blockbuster titles." LOL.
The call of Suty presentation killed the end of it for me.
Other than that great presentation.
Now, how about those European details?



JustAnotherUser commented on Review: Picross E (3DS eShop):

Great review.
It's yet another title among many that is on my watch list.
Having a level editor and QR codes would mean they couldn't sell us any DLC or new Picross games. Great for us, terrible for them.



JustAnotherUser commented on Rayman Creator: Wii U Is For The Core Gamer:

I know it's not relevant but for me "Hardcore" means someone who plays a variety video games and knows about them and other games that are available and coming up.

This is shaping up to be a great game.
I'm glad Ancel is happy with the Wii U, unfortunately he doesn't know if it will hold up to his vision of Beyond Good and Evil 2.