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Fri 30th October, 2009

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Froggievilleus commented on Review: I am an Air Traffic Controller Airport...:

The DS game was fun. This game demo was not. And the Engrish sprinkled throughout was distracting. I am not going to spend $20 for a game that couldn't get the language correct. Seriously, when the 'Red Arert' popped up, that guaranteed I would pass on this title.



Froggievilleus commented on Review: Hands On! Tangrams (DSiWare):

I found a copy of this, with box and book, at GameStop not too long ago for $2. Not a bad price for a rather easy game. I will be giving to my son when he gets his 2DS for Christmas. :)



Froggievilleus commented on Hardware Review: Nintendo 2DS:

I took my kid to Toys R Us yesterday where the Nintendo rep was having a demo day. I let him try out the 2DS and he loved it and did try to walk off with it :) Glad I preordered it for him for his birthday.



Froggievilleus commented on Hardware Review: Nintendo 2DS:

I got to try out the 2DS last week when I met up with a Nintendo rep. It was smaller than I thought it would be. For some reason I pictured it as a large unit - I have no idea why. Anyway it felt great and I preordered one for my 6 year old for Christmas. I'm sure that he will be super happy when he unwraps it on Christmas morning. :)



Froggievilleus commented on Mario Golf: World Tour Pushed Back To 2014:

I was wondering why I saw zero evidence of the game while at the Nintendo booth at E3. I am quite busy with Animal Crossing and there are other great titles coming soon, so as long as the game is great when it comes out, I don't mind.



Froggievilleus commented on Review: Mahjong 3D - Warriors of the Emperor (...:

Glad to see this got a great review. I am confused about how the game is controlled. We just move the stylus at the touch screen and hope it touches the tile we want up top? I would like to see a video of this since that control scheme doesn't seem to make too much sense to me. Why not have the tiles on the bottom screen as well as the top?



Froggievilleus commented on Review: Puzzler World 2012 3D (3DS):

I picked this up day 1 since I am a fan of the series and for the $20 I paid for it, it is well worth it for fans of the series. I am close to finishing the main set of puzzles and will soon move on to the master set. A definite must buy for the Puzzler fan :)



Froggievilleus commented on Review: Mario Golf (Game Boy Color):

I would have given it a 9/10 myself. It's a great game. And using the save states is the best. I've really improved my game by saving before each hole during a tournament, just in case I mess up. Beautiful.

Now Camelot and Nintendo need to come out with Mario Golf 3DS, and it needs to have the RPG-esuqe flavour. :)



Froggievilleus commented on Game Boy Advance Games Pop Up On Nintendo Euro...:

Oh Nintendo, please don't tease so. All three are day 1 insta-downloads. Especially the golf. The hours I spent playing that and then linking with the Cube version. It got to the point where no one would play with me anymore since my stats were insane. :)



Froggievilleus commented on Zelda II Strides Towards Euro 3DS Virtual Console:

When is Nintendo gonna start doing other NES games? It's great that they are bringing out the Amabassador games (which I have and will be glad to get the restore feature and manual) but Nintendo has a great library and needs to bring more titles out.