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An Island Egg-venture Starring Yoshi

The third installment in this beloved franchise makes its way to the Nintendo 3DS system. The new Yoshi's Island carries on the series' core gameplay mechanics — we saw the flutter jump, ground pound and egg-throwing, alongside some new 3DS gyroscope features.


  • Yoshi’s New Island keeps the series’ fun game-play mechanics, such as Yoshi’s Flutter Jump, Ground Pound and Egg Throw, while also offering new abilities. For example, use the giant-sized Mega Eggs to destroy objects, obtain coins and reveal hidden doors.
  • Using the Nintendo 3DS system’s gyro sensor functionality and the new binocular ability, players can move the system around to uncover hidden areas as well as better aim Mega Egg throws.
  • Throughout the game, different worlds feature a variety of art styles, including oil, watercolor and crayon.

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Posted by Dave Letcavage


Back in 1995, Yoshi's Island turned heads when it was announced as the successor to the masterful Super Mario World. Appearing to be more of a spin-off than a direct sequel, there was skepticism as to whether such a departure could live up to the Mario...

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User Comments (30)



Yellowkoopa said:

I will definitely get this.
Edit: After actually seeing some gameplay footage of it, I lost interest in the game.



3dcaleb said:

walmart is taking pre-orders for $60 bucks! please tell me thats not right. thats got to be the most expensive game yet. theyre saying its here 12-31-13.



SparkOfSpirit said:

@Sqirm64 Mainly because that game was fairly average and this game doesn't look all too hot either. I would rather they got EAD to do it, honestly.



Blue_Yoshi said:

Whats up with all the "New" games like really? This was just as bad as when they changed Yoshi's Island 2 to Yoshi's Island DS



2Sang said:

I want to know more about this game, it's supposed to come out before the year ends and nothing still.Not that the 3ds doesn't already have me preoccupied but I would like to see something new about this game soon unless it's going to be delayed in which case we'll certainly see it in the january direct possibly under the year of yoshi.



Knux said:

How can anyone be excited for this? It honestly looks like utter crap.



Goginho said:

How can anyone not be excited for this? Oh wait, I forgot. People are spoiled and never satisfied and also tend to oversee quality, because they can't recognize what's good -what's art
Can't wait till this little beaut hits my 3DS this spring!! [no review required for me, thank you]



Goginho said:

@SparkOfSpirit Nope, it's being made by the guys who made Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island ..but you probably know that by now

[P.S. Yoshi's Island DS is great imo.]



ICEknight said:

@Goginho, no.

It's being made by Arzest Corporation, a company that was built by former members of Artoon (makers of Yoshi's Island 2/DS).

Not holding high hopes for this one, since the DS sequel felt like an inferior hack of the original...

"How can anyone not be excited for this? Oh wait, I forgot. People are spoiled and never satisfied and also tend to oversee quality, because they can't recognize what's good -what's art"
Or perhaps they can and this isn't.

Seriously, the original looks way better, and that was made in the 90s. By now, in-game Yoshi should look like he does in the cover, not like a filtered 3D model (and with clown feet, for some reason).



Goginho said:

@ICEknight All I know is that Takashi Tezuka, the man who had nothing to do with the DS game, is back for this one
Plus, judging from the trailers (whose task isn't meant to showcase anything too climactic and revealing, thus ruining surprises and spoiling the overall experience, but just enough to draw people in cough SM3DW cough ..duh) the game looks pretty darn fun to me, and doesn't seem to have anything significantly wrong with it. But then again, it's all a matter of taste, you know. Different strokes for different folks

As for how the game "should" look, I personally love it (sure, arguably everybody has some minor/major gripes here and there) and I don't feel like I'm the one to judge how a game "should" or shouldn't look, but you seem like an expert on this subject, so I'll take your word for it



ICEknight said:

Tezuka is a producer here, not the director, designer or anything of the like.
And he was senior producer in Yoshi's Island 2/DS, please stop giving false information.



unrandomsam said:

@ICEknight Thing about it is I haven't played Yoshi's Island for ages. I have played Kirby's Adventure fairly recently. Same with Donkey Kong Country Returns that was not too long ago. Better chance of me enjoying it for what it is. (On the videos it looked smoother as well. Kirby looks worse than the Wii one in terms of how it plays and looks).



Nintendo_Ninja said:

This looks good, but I don't see myself getting it, because there are tons of other things I need to get first.



WebHead said:

Um any idea when the reviews are coming? the game is releasing this Friday.



Samus_Aron said:

Hey Did You Guy Notice How There's No Yoshi's New Island On The Wii U Know Why Because It's Failing SOOOOOOOOO Hard And Don't Ask Why I All Caps.



pek727 said:

I got this game for my birthday and I thought it was REALLY fun. Maybe i'll play the original and change my opinion on whether its good or not.

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