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Sun 23rd February, 2014

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Melkac commented on Mario Kart 8 Is Getting A Blisteringly Fast 20...:

@TheLobster Uh...the whole nintendo partnership program or whatever is a huge misunderstanding, if that's what you're referring to. One of the youtubers against it (I think it was ZackScottGaming or something?) started posting Nintendo videos again a few months ago, after not having posted anything in weeks.
There are a few more examples but yeah that's the most public one...



Melkac commented on Game Freak’s Director Explains Why TEMBO THE...:

Great. I sure hope they "forget" about Nintendo next time.
And by next time I mean for the next Pokémon game. Game Freak's lazy ass needs to be replaced with a competent developer, and Nintendo has PLENTY of those (AlphaDream, 1-UP Studio, Intelligent Systems, Monolith...)



Melkac commented on Gallery: Nintendo Decides That Valentine's Day...:

@AshFoxX At least it doesn't say "You want me inside you".

Here in my country Valentine's Day is called "Day of Love and Friendship". So basically we have to spend more money on, not just valentines, but also friends...
Thankfully I have no friends hahaha...ha.... [sob]



Melkac commented on Live-Action Netflix Series For The Legend of Z...:

Season 1 - Skyward Sword
Season 2 - Ocarina of Time
Season 3 - Majora's Mask
Season 4 - Twilight Princess WITH NO GANON AT ALL
Season 5 - Wind Waker
Season 6 - A Link Between Worlds (replacing ALttP because better story)
Season 7 - Oracle of Seasonal Ages (pfft)
Season 8 - Link's Awakening
Season 9 - Spirit Tracks?
Season 10 - Zelda U

@RaphaBoss Ehhh its not like they can get "his" personality wrong. If they do portray Link unproperly, they can always try again with the next reincarnation.