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Male, 28, United Kingdom

It all started with Aladdin and Sonic on the Mega Drive, then Mario arrived with his triple jump and high octane kart racing on the ENNNNSSIIIXXXXTTTYYFFFFOOOUUURRRR. The rest is History. Also Banjo Kazooie. And N64 Magazine. And Beetle Adventure Racing. Awesomeness.

Wed 17th Jul 2013

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YoshiTails commented on The Man Responsible For Sega's Blast Processin...:

That glasses advert is really offensive and misleading.

If people have their glasses taped together, it means they are more focused on their jobs than getting new glasses. Therefore Nintendo were more dedicated than Sega.

Having said that, I had a Mega Drive as a kid and Sonic, Micro Machines, Mega Bomberman and Toejam & Earl were awesome.



YoshiTails commented on Poll: Did The Nintendo Direct Comeback Fire on...:

They need to change the presenters for Europe - seriously , can barely understand Shibata "Let's take a Rook" - why can't we have someone like Reggie, more charismatic and relatable. At least Iwata was understandable.



YoshiTails commented on The Piracy of amiibo Now Seems Possible With t...:

Given that Amiibo only unlock some limited "extras" this really isn't a big deal. If anything, Nintendo are locking what could easily be regular game content and perhaps, arguably, this should be available to All who purchase a given game.



YoshiTails commented on Soapbox: It's A Tragedy That Rare Replay Isn't...:

I guess it's nice that it exists so that gamers relatively new to Rare can witness first-hand the magic that was.

And you could argue this is about the only instance where Microsoft are deriving value from their hefty purchase.

I guess business is business, as much as we'd love more flexibility from Microsoft (e.g. Licensing Banjo-Kazooie IP to Playtonic)



YoshiTails commented on Wii U Squeezes Past 10 Million Lifetime Sales ...:

If only Zelda was coming this year, then the Wii U might hit 15million lifetime sales.

The 3DS is doing terrifically well - given the handheld device market

I guess it's tough to stomach the Wii U doing under 20 million lifetime sales even 2 years from now... NX can't come soon enough!



YoshiTails commented on Review: 3D Streets of Rage 2 (3DS eShop):

In last 24 hours have bought this, fantasy zone 2, sonic the hedgehog and outrun - These M2 remakes are pretty special and a great reminder of just how talented Sega were back in the day