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Tue 16th June, 2009

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Tsuchinoko commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Gets Devil May Cry a...:

@Tsurii897 Umm, I think you're mistaken. Japan is getting these as well (all the Nintendo ones at least). What was created to replace the JUMP DLC are Square-Enix inspired materials designed by Tetsuya Nomura though its rumored that Japan might get these as well, just at a later date.

Edit: Okay it does seem like the Street Fighter stuff is western exclusive as well, for now at least. All of the Nintendo stuff, as well as the Sonic and Megaman costumes are released in Japan.



Tsuchinoko commented on Nintendo Shows Off NFC eShop Payments for New ...:

@Aqhu I love calgary! I used to visit my ex for weeks at time and just walk around downtown. Its so comfy there.

I'd be interested to know if the London or Paris Metro cards had that function. The NY, Shanghai and Korean cards are so much thinner than the Japanese ones.



Tsuchinoko commented on Nintendo Shows Off NFC eShop Payments for New ...:

Do other countries have a mass use transportation card system with a chip in it like the IC cards in Japan (like Suica, Icoca, or Pitapa). I've used the NY metro cards, as well as cards in Korea and Shanghai (Shanghai specific, doubt it would be usable in other places like Peking).

In Japan we can use the IC cards for so many things other than transportation. I use it shopping a lot. It will be nice to have the option to use it on my 3DS.

The Smash update can't be far away.



Tsuchinoko commented on Mewtwo Club Nintendo Super Smash Bros. Distrib...:

@Pod You're actually serious. Thats insane. If you're going to pick things to take a stance on there are a lot more pressing issues out there in the world. If a little thing like DLC is going to ruin an entire game for you then you are probably better off doing something else anyway.



Tsuchinoko commented on Mewtwo Returns to Super Smash Bros., Ridley an...:

@RaphaBoss Or the opposite. That's why exclusive portable gaming is such a trend in Japan. Some of us really can't deal with a big bulky piece of hardware that needs a TV to work. I don't own a computer and I don't even remember the last time I actually used my TV. A huge parw of my gaming happens on the train or at a hotel.



Tsuchinoko commented on Weirdness: Sony Fan Creates Petition In Hope O...:

This sounds like parody more than anything. They can set a signature amount to whatever they want, but really what would 1000 signatures do for anything. And citing US antitrust law? Neither Nintendo nor Sony are American companies, this game was funded and created solely in Japan, and even so, Sony is not the one bringing up this issue, some random fan is. Actually I feel like whoever is calling out Nintendo, even if it is a half-hearted joke, should be careful about trying to bring up claims they don't understand.

Anyway, if other companies aren't making these sort of games, thats on them. And btw, Sony does publish cross-franchise brawlers.



Tsuchinoko commented on NicoNico Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Br...:

From what I read, there doesn't seem to be the implication of a new character or mode reveal, only that they will be featuring information about the new characters and modes in the game, similar to Corocoro.

They're going to play the game and share their impressions.



Tsuchinoko commented on Weirdness: Earthbound Designer Shigesato Itoi ...:

Itoi isn't the only one doing this, although he is doing it independently of anyone else. Popular band Tokio has been appearing in commercial advertising vegetables from Fukushima prefecture.

I really feel bad for him. He mostly spends his time writing his wellness and alifestyle column on his website, as well as writing essays on philosophy.



Tsuchinoko commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Introduces the Winge...:

@HappyHappyist No, I live in japan and got MH4 day one. This monster literally does not have wings.

EDIT. I looked at the Japanese description just in case. Nothing about wings at all even just in name. The Japanese name would translate to "squeezing snake dragon", in reference to its method of attack. This looks like a weird translation error or oversight.



Tsuchinoko commented on Target Blast Mini-Game Blows Up on Super Smash...:

@rjejr Angry Birds didn't invent the whole launch physics game, I remember playing indie games exactly like that years ago (like, WindowsXP and earlier, oh god I'm old). Somehow Angry Birds
Got ridiculously popular even though it was a game that had been done dozens of times.



Tsuchinoko commented on This Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Box Art May Get...:

I was going to refrain from commenting, so as not to seem biased, but after looking I can say that yes, the Japanese cover art is much better. There's a huge difference in quality of art, blocking of the hunters and monster, and graphics. That's two games in a row where the flagship monster didn't appear on the western version.