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Tue 7th February, 2012

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Klimbatize commented on Guide: How to Transfer from a 3DS to a New Nin...:

Has anyone else transferred wirelessly? I've seen two differing reports on how long it takes. One person said 4 gbs took about an hour. Another person said 4 gbs took closer to 5. That seems insanely long.

Can anyone else who has done a wireless transfer remember how long it took?



Klimbatize commented on Review: Gunman Clive 2 (3DS eShop):

@Kaze_Memaryu Respectfully, there is no way you 100%ed all three characters in two hours. I assume you are not including No Hit Runs and Speed Badges.

The only thing I can assume you mean is you beat it with all three characters on Easy in two hours, and even that seems highly unlikely for the first time through the game.

Anyway, after playing Gunman Clive 2 some more, I actually prefer it to the original, which is saying something. Much more dynamic gameplay, variety of environments, and I really like the visuals. 9/10 is just right, especially considering it's only $3.

I also laughed at the homage to a certain puzzle game. Love those little surprises.



Klimbatize commented on Hands On: We Check Out The New Nintendo 3DS XL :

I don't like that the wireless switch now requires a trip to the Home Screen. Sometimes I use it to get off of online play fast in particularly laggy/glitchy games, but you usually can't even access the Home screen in those situations.

Still, a minor gripe, I suppose. I'm a big fan of the 3D effect (I have it on 100% almost all of the time), so I'm glad to see it becoming more stable.

Going to Best Buy today to pre-order the Majora's Mask one, if they're still accepting them.



Klimbatize commented on Gunman Clive 2 Delayed for a Few Weeks More:

Day 1 buy, no matter when it comes.

Also, it's not a "rip-off" of Mega Man, but more an homage to that and many other classic video games. But not in a "hey look, references!" type of way. It just emulates the gameplay. It's a fun game.



Klimbatize commented on Lucky New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Gamers Jump ...:

"These people are perfectly entitled to do this, but that doesn't mean it's not cynical capitalism at its worst."

Uh, a touch overstated. I can think of far worse examples. Instances where, for example, lives are in play.

It's a video game system.



Klimbatize commented on Donkey Kong Grabs a Place in List of Highest-G...:

I loved arcades when I was a kid. Of those ten, I spent a lot of quarters on Street Fighter II, both Mortal Kombats, and NBA Jam. The first time I saw Mortal Kombat at a nearby gas station I was mesmerized. I would spend the next several months there nearly everyday with my friends.



Klimbatize commented on Review: MindFeud (3DS eShop):

It's Qwerkle basically (except with bonus squares and five symbols/colors rather than six) which is a fun board game against a good opponent. That's rare for me to find in person, so I'll get this when it hits NA. Even against AI it sounds fun. Puzzle mode sounds interesting, too.



Klimbatize commented on Latest Steel Diver: Sub Wars Update Takes Comm...:

The outrage over the change was silly to me. 4.0 didn't change the Dive/Surface speed, just the angle. I kind of liked it because it made it easier to see incoming torps. I think it made people /feel/ like the D/S was slower, so they complained.

Still, I love this game and it's great to see it continually get support. Hope 5.0 is in the works.



Klimbatize commented on Video: Don't Feel Bad If You Self Destruct in ...:

I had something similar to this happen when playing with a friend of mine on the 3DS version just the other day, and both of us were cracking up so much. I saved the replay. Video is better, but I'll try to describe it.

We were both down to our last life, and he launched me high into the air. Enough that I was in the exit animation, where my fighter was slowly spinning away into the distance. After launching me, his Luigi fell forward (his victory move). However, he was on a moving platform that quickly zoomed off the screen to the left. Luigi couldn't move, and because he reached the side of the screen before I officially disappeared from the screen, the game gave me the victory.



Klimbatize commented on Steel Diver: Sub Wars Version 4.0 Is Now Avail...:

Always glad to see an update, though I was hoping for some sort of content boost, even if it was DLC. New missions, maps, subs, etc. But at least some things have been improved. They got rid of the glitch where you took damage after collecting a dropbox from a defeated opponent. I liked the play coin requirement originally because it virtually eradicated teamkilling, but now that they've removed friendly fire anyway I don't mind them dropping the play coin requirement to get more players in the water.

They need to advertise this better to current owners who were turned off about the play coin rule. That should bring some back. It was nice to see a lot of new players last night. Got a 24 streak! Haven't had one of those since September. Granted, I haven't been playing as much.



Klimbatize commented on Feature: The Wii U is Two Years Old, But How's...:

@Kobeskillz I've played various games on it for approximately 40 hours. I was also referring to the overall sales and games. I don't need to buy and play every game to say the system is a disappointment. Any rational person who can read the news about the system would understand (and likely agree) with the term "disappointment" when it comes to the Wii U.



Klimbatize commented on Mad Men Football Shows Off Its New N64-Inspire...:

LOL, Damien is the king of click bait. And it worked on me!

I'd be willing to bet a couple bucks that NL is in on this joke and will stretch it out until April Fool's for the final, dramatic reveal. That would explain the amount of space and credence given to this guy.