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BearHunger commented on Guide: All You Need to Know on Mario Kart 8 Ch...:

Weren't Toad and Peach the slowest characters in Super Circuit? I don't know, I always thought they had their attributes lifted from Toad and Koopa Troopa in Super Mario Kart. I know they were the fastest in 64 (the only characters with any speed difference in that game, it seems to me).

Anyway, this guide doesn't cover the hidden stat differences that nobody knows about (e.g. speed underwater), but the note about acceleration is a helpful and unfortunate tip.



BearHunger commented on Review: Internal Invasion (Wii U eShop):

It’s very sad when you consider that the intention of the Web Framework is to allow fledgling developers a chance to showcase their work, but instead it appears to have opened the floodgates for substandard games to appear on the platform.

"Instead"? Those aren't mutually exclusive. This game is an example of a fledgling developer showcasing its work. Considering the accessibility of the platform and the low barrier of entry for release, expecting most of the games to be ≥A would be unrealistic.



BearHunger commented on Review: The Great Circus Mystery Starring Mick...:

I can't say I had much fun with this game. Co-op made it bearable, but as far as 16-bit platformers go, this one's not at all special. And the music is mostly terrible, unless the SNES version's soundtrack is completely different from the Genesis one's. I guess Mickey Mania has spoiled me.



BearHunger commented on Review: Scram Kitty and his Buddy on Rails (Wi...:

@SecondServing The problem with that is that reviews aren't always on the mark. So if a reviewer happens to misunderstand an aspect of the game, or happens to be completely unqualified for the job (note: I am not referring to this review or its writer), then you're barred from a potentially perfectly great game.

Read multiple reviews for a game, and you're golden.



BearHunger commented on Mario Kart Month: Mario Kart 8 Character Profi...:

Here was your Super Mario Sunshine representative. It takes care of Luigi's Mansion, too!

Anyway, the next game needs a baby for every character. ;) Why leave anyone out at this point? Of course, then they'd have to exclude Dry Bones and Dry Bowser, because nobody who's happy wants to play as a dead baby. 😖



BearHunger commented on Cruel and Cuddly Platformer Chubbins Sent to N...:

Looks to be a Percy's Predicament-style indie eShop title. I don't know whether to think, This is damaging to the eShop's quality over quantity image (which is a load of crap anyway)! The eShop is being made into an App Store, and that is not a good thing! or, Nintendo has made it so accessible to create and publish games that anyone can and should get in on the fun! The Wii U could always use more support, after all! The eShop is being made into an App Store, and that is a good thing! * shrug *

EDIT: Oh right, hasn't been approved yet. It could be, though. (Play With Birds was approved for WiiWare, so I'm inclined to think that anything goes.)



BearHunger commented on Mario Kart Month: An Outsider's View Of Super ...:

I never had a problem with the menus. And really, I watch that classic title screen play out nearly every time I boot up the game. And there were a lot of clever things in the deeper menus, like the borders on the Grand Prix screen and the course backgrounds on all the other course select screens. There are way worse things to complain about with this game.

Of course, those get rightfully touched upon later on, so it's all good. It took me forever to start liking this game; for the longest time it was one of those games that I kept coming back to despite it being terrible, until I came to the conclusion that either it wasn't terrible or its terribleness was a good thing.



BearHunger commented on Mario Kart Month: Mario Kart 8 Character Profi...:

I use 'em all, especially in Double Dash‼︎. D.K. Kong tends to be my favorite out of the mainstays, partly for his classic banana-colored (AKA yellow) go-kart. In Mario Kart 7, though, I almost always use Metal Mario, I practically never touch the small vehicles in Wii, and Mario's my favorite in Super Mario Kart.



BearHunger commented on Nintendo Direct: Special Mario Kart 8 Direct S...:

Baby Rosalina… Pink Gold Peach… They're trolling. They get away with it because the game is still awesome.

I really don't like the look of that character select screen, though. I was thinking that that was just a placeholder, but I guess not.



BearHunger commented on Review: Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure (Virtual ...:

We sincerely hope that Activision is planning to release many more games on the service!

Instead, they went and removed this game at the end of last year. Hmph. I had to buy this game in its original cartridge form instead.

I must say, the graphics and especially sound are some of the best on the Genesis! The gameplay is not too shabby either, and the game is a good, long challenge… Seriously, how much money was Activision losing in keeping this game on the Wii Shop?



BearHunger commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

I just beat Disney's Aladdin on Genesis for the third time this week, so I think it's time to move on. Onto Pitfall Pac-Man 2: The New Mayan Adventures, that is! Or maybe that was two separate games. I'll figure it out.

I'll be sure to check out and get pummeled by Chakan: The Forever Man as well.



BearHunger commented on Android Game Inspired by Muramasa Takes Some Heat:

@vonseux The actual art assets themselves would have been copied directly from Muramasa. Drawing the same architectural style of house or the same species of plant is not the same as ripping the backgrounds from the ROM (if that's a thing people do) and placing them in a different game.



BearHunger commented on Feature: How A Team Of Dedicated Fans Is Fixin...:

Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the third game in the series, was by many accounts slower, looser. Creator Masahiro Sakurai had worked to make the game more welcoming to newcomers, but in so doing had sacrificed the precision necessary to foster a competitive fighting game community.

This is exactly what I love about Brawl. I loved Melee too (and played it about as much :) ), but the controls were a bit too sensitive and the gameplay a bit too fast for my tastes.



BearHunger commented on Round Table: Let's Talk Endlessly About Mario ...:

This game looks set to repeat every problem the series has had since Mario Kart DS. It's a shame, because the courses, graphics, and character roster all look amazing. Battle mode will probably continue the recent tradition of no survival matches even in local multiplayer, and local multiplayer itself will still most likely be a snooze fest.

But for how much I whine that those games are missing the point of ol' Mario Kart, they are remarkably fun, addictive, and overall great all the same. This game will be no different, and as bad a thing as that is, that is a good thing. :)



BearHunger commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

I'll be playing the Genesis version of Strider on Virtual Console. If you can get past the subpar sound, sprite flicker, and stiff controls, it's still a mediocre game. But hey, I knew what I was getting into! (Okay, well to be honest I thought the graphics only looked wonky because I was watching a Youtube video at the time.) I'll also be playing Axelay on Virtual Console as well; I was originally planning to download it on Wii U VC, but by the time it gets there it may be gone from the Wii Shop!

I won't be playing much, though, 'cause I have work to do.



BearHunger commented on Preview: Mario Kart 8:

YES! Royal Raceway!

While it supports off-TV play, it does not enable you to play with five players, nor does it allow the GamePad player to use the full screen on the controller while others use the TV in a local race, thus potentially adding an extra player in the process.

What— what the— what— what‽ Did such a feature (which S&ASR Transformed had and was appreciated for) slow the game down too much? Is there some half-butted justification, like that it would make the GamePad player jealous 'cause the visuals are worse on that? This is brain-dead.



BearHunger commented on Features: The Biggest 3DS Games of 2014 - Spri...:

Siesta Fiesta? Conception II? It sounds like you guys ran out of games.

Substitute any two between Friend Collection and Moon Chronicles, exclusive, for Sonic Boom and Disney Magical World and this list would be slightly more accurate. But still, ten is reaching. It doesn't help that Super Smash Bros. is (I suspect) likely to be delayed.



BearHunger commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2014 - Spr...:

This is the first time I've ever been unexcited for a Mario Kart game. Maybe that will change as the launch approaches, but usually the first trailer hooks me in and then every day thereafter is more painful waiting. :)

Huh, I was expecting Sonic Boom to have a higher turnout. Super Smash Bros. is a hype juggernaut, I guess. But still, don't I count as more than one vote?

Also, I don't think Xenogame is coming out this year, and I wouldn't be surprised if Super Smash Bros. is delayed into 2015.



BearHunger commented on Star Parodier Removed From the Wii Virtual Con...:

I just checked—Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure is gone too. Dang, I was gonna get that. I guess I'm not missing that much, but this is still alarming. And this forum post indicates that Shanghai II is gone as well.

I ought to get Strider before Capcom follows suit. The old Strider, that is. The new one's probably not going anywhere for a while. 😌