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Sun 1st December, 2013

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khululy commented on Miyamoto: We Are Working On Ideas For The Next...:

@Quorthon metroid fusion felt more like a squibly line then a straight one yes it was mostly linear but for a handheld game it's fitting in short burtsts you spend less time being lost while playing on the bus or anything. still a fine game imbo.

I do hope that nintendo gets better hardware mainly for the sake of people keeping quiet about that topic. It shows that you can make great games that run fluid on limited hardware and look good to boot instead of sluggish framerates to compete with the graphics of a pc with a videocard that costs as much as the console itself.

I also think Nintendo can learn a few things from the others about online features, sure they are on the right track but seem to try to figure it out their own way which kinda feels sometimes like reinventing the wheel...

I do wish Nintendo the best in the future because regardles of what the awards shows say Nintendo has been my winner of the console wars for 20 years dispite their bumblings.

It's like your old dog, sure it smells a bit funky but you remember the good times the bad times and you realize you have to say goodbye someday but the memories give you comfort. and to me sony and microsoft feel like the neighbours cat, sure they are cute and fuzzy but you are glad you don't have to feed the beasts that crap in your garden. :P

idk why nintendo gets so much flack, sony and M$ have nothing to show for their 1st year that isn't a multi-platform release or a yearly installment. ps2 and ps3 strugled with difficult to program hardware that gave it a sluggish start and xbox had little to no user base in Japan...
But I guess high winds blow on high hills.



khululy commented on Review: Xeodrifter (3DS eShop):

Look allright to burn some money on while it's on discount :P
Maybe we should stop calling them metroidvania and coin a new phrase like "side-xploring platformer" :)



khululy commented on Talking Point: The Time Is Right For A Nintend...:

"I think it's bizarre that anyone would want them not to make a phone. That's tantamount to saying you don't want the company to grow or evolve in any way. I think they should--but I think they won't because they are incapable of understanding the industry or offering anything competitive."

How is jumping on the "phone" bandwagon evolving? Nintendo should make their next handheld matter even more, make it's purchase even more worth it compared to having just a phone.
Mobile phone gaming succes is not gonna last forever there is already a gross oversaturation on that market.
Nintendo could make their handheld a bit more 'web' oriented maybe making it compatible with your phone like say... a streetpass app so you can streetpass while not having your 3DS with you.
Make communication with mobile phones possible etc. rather then just making a phone.
Nintendo is a TOY company not an electronics manufacturer like sony or samsung.



khululy commented on Talking Point: The Time Is Right For A Nintend...:

Why a phone... 3DS plays games, audio and video has a web browser all it needs is good texting support maybe a form of video chat support and you are good to go.
People rarely use phones to call anymore.
Nintendo products should not be used for updating facebook and checking your email in the bus. it's just wrong!



khululy commented on Nintendo Download: 11th December (Europe):

I will be getting the Phoenix games wright away !
I have the 2nd installment on my DS but never played the others but I love the series for they ooze personality ( albeit a quirky one).



khululy commented on Actor Is Suing Nintendo After Suffering Heart ...:

I highly doubt Nintendo is directly responsible for this they probably outsourced the event and all that. But I agree that if the mans claims are true regarding his work condition he has right to complain about that.
Still it's not good press for big N but Regie seems fine working in his ape suit all day



khululy commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Emphasizes the Nintendo Diffe...:

@hydeks Yes, wow sony ans MS are doing great. cough Their first year on the market and they still haven't really showed any reason to own their systems if you have a gaming pc and a wiiU already Sony and MS are getting high on their own succes while Nintendo get smacked down generation after generation as doomed or lost or whatever yet still manages to secure a place in a lot of gamers hearts by trying (not always succeeding) to be more then a "populair" platform.

I don't mean to say Sony and MS are terrible but they are not any better if you disregard sales figures (sales figures are a poor mark of quality) But no one yells MS or Sony are doomed because their first year is about as mediocre as nintendo WiiU's yes there are a lot of 3rd party games that Nintendo is lacking but as I stated before if you own a gaming pc and a wiiU MS and Sony need to do more to make their system worth it's money.



khululy commented on Konami Demands That Hardcore Gaming 101 Presen...:

Usually legal departments do not work hand in hand with the developers of companies.
Those pencil pushers are just doing their jobs it's just standard procedure I suppose same as with a lot of Nintendo Legal issues.

And Konami making a timeline/art-book like nintendo did with Zelda would not be a bad idea and maybe they just want a cut of the books profit.

These are all speculation... I am not informed enough into the madness that is copyright law.



khululy commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Outlines Core Nintendo Philos...:

The rehashing Nintendo does with their IP's is more like a advancement of their series to see how far a concept can go without loosing it's essence.
Compared to EA's sport titles or the muck Activision is vomiting out Nintendo delivers 1 or 2 versions of their series on each console's lifespan we got 3 pikmin in 13 years and 14 fifa's in the xbox 360's lifespan? Now I know that fifa is the pinnacle of milking and pikmin not so much but even if you compare that to NSMB releases it kinda pales in comparison with games like CoD and it's clones.
Yes there might be a sense of arrogance in their way of looking at things but they are still right about the oversaturation of the "me too!" kind of games that flock the market.
Nintendo might not be the big innovator in the entire market anymore as indie devs have much more creative freedom overall, they are still the best of the big publishers as it comes to moving the medium forward instead of pushing it into stagnation solely for monetary gain.

It feels like Nintendo still wants to make games and make money with them rather then make money by using the popular medium (games) as a device.



khululy commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Outlines Core Nintendo Philos...:

If the studios like ubisoft, activision and EA took a bit more ques in creativity from Nintendo and their studios then Nintendo can in turn learn a bit about western busines models and online utility.

I for one love games that just ooze with character not just a realistic looking digitized version of our world with a coat of edgy and urban gray and a causian male around his 30's.
Sure it brings in the greens but like Shigeru said: "it's boring"



khululy commented on SEGA Confirms Second Batch of 3D Classics for ...:

I feel like this line up is not as strong as the first one in terms over overall variety and I truely wanted to see sonic and street of rage 2 being released in this series soon or maybe Comix zone ( I would buy that as a simple 2D port)

Outrun and Afterburner look good I have truely no experience with Fantasy zone but the shooting sound annoys me in the trailer so that kinda throws me off.



khululy commented on Gallery: Gorge Yourself on These Assets For Th...:

@Kirk you are confusing your N64 with your gamecube... there is no way these graphics are close to anything an N64 could produce ever... It's more along the line of the better Dreamcast games or early PS2 titles.

As a fan of the Zelda series and never had the chance to play majora's mask this game is a perfect investment. This game is a rebuild not a retexture people did lots of work remaking all the assest etc a full price for this game is perfectly acceptable.



khululy commented on Review: Donkey Kong Country (Wii U eShop / Sup...:

@RedDevilAde Maybe give 2 and 3 a shot, they offer a lot more then the first game,

DKC will always be a testament of the "console wars" of the 90's It stands like a monolith in time, proof of how ageless games can be and how Nintendo claimed victory over the 16 bit market and managed to keep the SNES alive for 4 more years against CD based consoles like PS1 and the Saturn.



khululy commented on Review: Turtle Tale (Wii U eShop):

Reminds me somewhat of those turtles from jazz jackrabbit.

maybe those two work well as a bundle with enhanced 3D layering.... anyway.

Not having played this but having played my fair share of sidescrollers in my life i can say this score is well deserved.



khululy commented on Shovel Knight For Wii U & 3DS Launches In Euro...:

This is good news a bit late but better late then never.

And to those who "don't care" or "lost interest" You probably never cared enough for this game in the first place but that's my view of things :P

Now lets hope shantae turns out well and together with phoenix wright this could be a good holiday season for my 3DS



khululy commented on Review: Wild Guns (Wii U eShop / Super Nintendo):

@Ootfan98 This game beats sunsetriders in my biased opinion.

This game is so much fun it's light hearted it's fast repsonsive and is easy to learn yet hard to master.
Also maybe in the future the makers of steamworld dig would make a game like this on the 3DS as I imagine 3D would be great in titles such as these.



khululy commented on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Danger of the Oo...:

@XCWarrior: Why do people forget about the GBA game that came with the also mostly forgotten 2007 animated movie? It wasn't TMNT arcade or in time but it was the best TMNT game in ages and the 2004 based ones weren't that bad but it seems turtles work best on 2D plane so I hope Wayforward cares about TMNT ( or atleast as much as the fans do but not the rabid ones)



khululy commented on Reaction: Picking Apart The New Nintendo 3DS A...:

It's a neat upgrade and makes me not want to buy a 3DS XL afterall I will wait for this one and await the reviews.
I do hope this analog nub motivates more developers to make more games like mgs: snake eater :P more console like experiences now that most understand the hardware better.



khululy commented on Matters Of Import: Taking Off With 3D Thunder ...:

Man I love these 3D classics by sega I really hope we get part 2 in the west. I love playing old games and with a bit of 3D sauce and with some extra features to spice things up, they turned out to be a real treat



khululy commented on Talking Point: A History of the Sexualisation ...:

@RedBlueSpot: Don't forget marth for all the homosexuals!

This just in! Women are pretty creatures!!! (most of the times)
she's wearing sports clothing with space pumps... sure she has breasts but isn't that natural for woman to have?

Also she has a space suit that enhances her abilities so she doesn't need to be all athletic.

but in the end have you stopped watching the avengers because scarlet johansen was in it? or sin sity because of jessica alba? Or .. ( pick any movie you like with pretty women in it.)

We all love eyecandy don't we...



khululy commented on Watch Dogs Will be the Only "Mature" Ubisoft G...:

It's not the problem that they care about profits but caring about profits more then delivering products is a bit... it feels like a baker selling you half baked or burnt bread at full price. And Ubisoft has been having some weird business schemes towards their nintendo and pc user base lately that tends to bad for business in the long run.



khululy commented on Review: Double Dragon II: The Revenge (Wii U e...:

@BJQ1972 I think it does fare better on a handheld then it would on the big screen.

I have much nostalgia for the 1st NES Double Dragon as it was one of the first games I ever played.
I never played the 2nd installment until the NES was an old console from years past (N64 era) while it's a lot different in ways it was a fun game and recently I bought it on the 3DS and still think this game is a good side scrolling beat em up and I have played some in my time.



khululy commented on Watch Dogs Will be the Only "Mature" Ubisoft G...:

Ah more proof to support the claim that the game industry is blinded by greed and want all the profit they can squeeze out of it with as little investment as possible... "Who cares if people want it... we make games for share holders not gamers."
That is the vibe I get from these so called "triple A" games ( tripple A meaning outstanding quality not retextured polished versions of previous installments) It is sad that many companies have stooped so low.



khululy commented on The Hyrule Warriors Artbook Catches The Eye Wi...:

There is no such thing as a female link!
The Idea to create a Female link to please some feminist or whatever mongers these days wave that banner is just utterly wrong.

Sure the hero of time might incarnate as a female but then it would be part of the story not for the sake of it, because in many manuscripts and murals the hero of time is male.
Plus it would break the trinity of male, female, beast/monster (yes Ganon has a male form but he is more beastly in his true state) unless you make it prince Zelda. But no one would name their son Zelda so then the whole title of the series would make no sense at all.
So there is that but Link is not a buff over stereotypical gruff heroe nor is he an emotionally scarred collection of severe childhood traumas like in a lot of anime stories ( i know i'm stereotyping stereotypes here...) So i don't see the NEED to make link female to prove you are not sexist.
The legend of Zelda knows plenty of strong female leads inluding Zelda herself.
And no, the whole argument that she is kidnapped because of her womanhood is wrong it is what she represent is why she is kidnapped.

now, forgive me I have to worship the triforce in the temple of time.



khululy commented on Senran Kagura 2 Website Updates With New Gamep...:

come on people this entire game was born out of the idea that 3D boobs on the 3DS would be fun to watch... Yes it's a game about boobs. but instead of making it some weird dating sim they made it a fighting game. Don't like it? don't buy it!
I resent professional sports organisations like Fifa and NHL but I am not gonna cry on their articles because.. grrr sports are corrupted...
This is not created to disrespect women it is created because boobs are fun.
sure it will mostlikely attract teen boys and people who like fanservice.
But don't turn a silly game into a moral coversation because... then stop playing games all toghether because murder and genocide are wrong too.



khululy commented on Stats Suggest That UK Kids Are More Likely To ...:

@SomeBitTripFan Thank God kids don't have the same reasoning as adults... mankind would sprinting to damnation way too fast.

As for the digital nose picking on phones and tablets... they suck idk why a kid would prefer flappy bird over any side scroller Nintendo made.
I tried to play many games on phones/tablets but it's mostly swipe the pictures. Sure the scummvm emulator runs fine but those are point and click adventures. But games like GTA vice city are "playable" but that is where it stops but the experience is not there it's simply lacking on all fronts be it graphics gameplay and audio(blasted phone mics)

And mobile phones being a nessecity of life... come on...(that's why it's good kids don't get the understanding of "adults" right away) that's the biggest nonsense ever. Sure they are used a lot and often but I can do without mine. There is this strange idea that people should be in touch 24/7.

This whole generation is used to being bombarded with with a rapid succession of nonsense and information.
Maybe peope need to just take time and sit down and take some time to play a decent game for once instead of angry flappy candy clans.



khululy commented on Review: Another World - 20th Anniversary Editi...:

@sinalefa well in the 90's we had quite a few of these type of games like flashback, black thorne and one of my favorite: Heart of Darkness (game would do great on the 3DS as a download title i wonder if it could render the original Outcast) But the abe games are quite large have deeper gameplay and more fluid controls and a more clearcut story. but this in the 90's being a one man project it's more of a gaming history novelty these days yet still an interesting game to play.



khululy commented on The World's Largest Video Game Collection is S...:

I try to keep my collection personal on a "these are the games I like" scale not just every cheap or boxed version i come across that i don't own yet
this helps to keep the collection not extremely space consuming but they are also games i have fond memories of playing as a kid or man(child).
These games are for me what pictures are to some. containers of my memories,



khululy commented on Capcom Could Be Up For Sale After Shareholders...:

@smikey maybe Sega could buy Capcom and then with Capcom Sega and Atlus expertise they can reinvent Japanese gaming, release a new console with great graphics and win the console wars of 2020 then 5 years later Sega and Nintendo Join forces to create the best handheld gaming device: 'Game Kami' wich brings about world peace because it uses the power of glove to warm the hearts of all those who are consumed by anger, rage and doubt. Bringing Humanity to it's next level of evolution and... gawd I need my morning coffee...



khululy commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Hints at Star Fox for Wii U S...:

@WiiULoveSquid Well it's clearly Miyamoto venting some ideas maybe some possible direction but they are always limited by deadlines, funds, hardware and other sorts of random things that might hamper all the ambition they want to put in there.
Ofcourse Nintendo always loved hinting at things to keep the curiosity alive
But these days it does indeed pay not to get swept away by the hypes.

I do like the idea of a starfox with a base that lets you choose your form of transport and thus making the same level totally different in experience and gameplay or something
like one time you head for the rivers and underground resevoirs with the battle sub and the next time you soar trought the skies or roam the land in a fox mecha. And maybe multi-player where players can control a support unit or be the gunner . well one can only speculate



khululy commented on E3 2014: Code Name: S.T.E.A.M., A Brand New IP...:

@BenAV I never actually played Majora's mask ever so I certainly wouldn't mind to have it as a 3DS game.
And the N64 graphics don't hold up well on modern screens and having it revamped and portable makes it a lot more accesible plus Nintendo likes to see younger players enjoy their legacy in a fresher way and ofcourse fork money over to do so as well :P



khululy commented on E3 2014: Nintendo Won't Bring Live Twitch Stre...:

@Tsuzura even if it couldn't it's still not fun watching people play a game that you can play yourself.
I myself don't give a hoot about this whole streaming hype.
It's a silly fad for people who think it matters that other people watch other people play games they can play themselves.
I can only see it's appeal when broadcasting contests but I myself am not interested in watching those anyway.