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Sun 1st December, 2013

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khululy commented on Mario History: Mario Kart 64 - 1997:

@AshFoxX I just love your GIF !!!
When the N64 came out I was still more of a PC gamer I had the first 3DFX cards and my games looked so much better then on N64 or PSX I have little memory of playing Mario 64 or Mario kart back then. I also prefered Crash team racing over Mario kart at the time but I still had great fun later on with Mario kart 64. The tracks are fun and the multiplayer is great.
Single player wise there are much better experiences like the DS version.



khululy commented on M2's Porting of Gunstar Heroes To 3DS Was Almo...:

@JaxonH we MUST see sonic 3 & knuckles and Streets of Rage 3 maybe toss in Ecco the dolphin 2 : tides of time and a couple of leftover obscure super scaler games they left out and give is golden axe too and a 3rd (maybe final) batch would be possible.



khululy commented on Review: 3D Streets of Rage 2 (3DS eShop):

@davidevoid the First Streets of rage FEELS better then the second one ( the entire theme park level is a bit... out of place) but overall streets of rage 2 builds upon the great foundation layed down by it's predecessor..
Personally this one plays a lot better but the original has a better opening sequel and i love how they both ooze 90's action cheese. ok things oozing cheese sounds wrong unless it's food. but you get my point



khululy commented on Review: LEGO Jurassic World (3DS):

@Drac_Mazoku The biggest issue with Lego games is that their gameplay becomes stale and predictable. They need to reinvent themselves on their current foundation or rather evolve from this point because the core of these games are fun but current tech is capable of more then these games deliver.



khululy commented on Donkey Kong Nearly Missed Out On Pixels Stardom:

While I am never a big fan of adem sandles movies (I only like water boy, little nicky really) I still want to see how this movie works out it seems like a silly popcorn flick without much pretence in it's story and presentation.



khululy commented on Video: Watch Sonic Repeatedly Rescue Tails In ...:

@Peace-Boy There is sonic generations And no it's not as abad as people make it out to be and yes it still has the flaws both sidescrolling and behind the back sonic used to have but it's still a pretty game with fun gameplay.
And I don't see these as mere ports they are perfect ports



khululy commented on Review: Star Fox Command (Wii U eShop / DS):

Bought this game in a bargain bin for 10 euro had some fun with it but missed what I loved about the SNES and N64/3DS versions. It didn't feel like the fun nintendo schmup I came to love.



khululy commented on Obituary: Satoru Iwata:

Rest in peace, May you take the warp pipe to the great bonus level in the sky!

I hope that all the people that wanted him to step down as CEO think... "but not like this..."



khululy commented on Talking Point: Raw Power Isn't Vital to Ninten...:

@EngieBengie Meh I always hate the term 'Hard-core gamer' what does it even mean? Is a hard-core g

I think needs to focus on getting the NX powerful enough to lure in the third parties (you know those bland mainstream every year a sequel games that all feel alike) But more importantly... Marketing.
Making people want it will net more sales then hoping your previous succes will be enough.

Personally I find a lot of third party multi-platform releases to be fun but bland like mcdonalds food.
And as much as succes 2 screens are on a handheld I prefer a regular controller with a single TV in my field of view.
Sometimes experiments with innovation do not always yield the wanted results but it helps to see what works and what not.
The gamecube had a lot of third part support yet failed to be on par with te ps2 in terms of succes.



khululy commented on Review: Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures (3DS ...:

@6ch6ris6 why not? he's been doing this for years and brought many a smile to my face. Sure the profanity is not everyone's cup of tea but the really did his best to make this series something unique and some people have gotten games for lesser things. Like 50 cent or kim kardashian.



khululy commented on Matters Of Import: 3D Gunstar Heroes Is Hypera...:

@-Godot No you are not, I still have the complete package and it is still one of my favorite GBA games and technicly up there with Metroid fusion and Aria of sorrow.

I am mostly looking forward to Streets of Rage 2 and Sonic 2 but this games is on my list as well.



khululy commented on Review: Comic Workshop 2 (3DS eShop):

Bit of a misleading subtitle kinda made it out to be a crummy app seems like it's well suited for drawing stuff

Is this currently the best drawing app for the 3DS or are there better ones at the same price point.?



khululy commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Tackles Metroid Prime: Federa...:

Personally I think they wanted to give players a nice competative FPS game that would hopefully pull in fans of that type of game and fans of metroid alike.
Chances are they used the metroid hunter kind of theme because they could do more with that spin-off IP.



khululy commented on First Impressions: Getting Into the Fold With ...:

@Nintendian I Like the Superstar saga a lot too but it's easier to get a DS cart to play on your 3DS then a GBA but I recommend them both.

seems like a nice game but i also skipped on dream team but I loved inside story and the quirky campy writing always make me smile where most RPG's have dramatic stories mario rpg's tend to have silly stories with lots of silly side characters and selfreferential humor.



khululy commented on First Impressions: Our Maiden Flight In Star F...:

People who claim this game looks like an N64 game have cleary never played N64 or see it's graphics with rosetinted nostalgia goggles. I if anything it looks like a late Wii game and even those looked worse.
not saying these graphics compare to what the wiiU is capable of but they sure as hell aren't as bad as most people make it out to be. it kinda feels like the people complaining about the re done voiceacting in starfox on the 3ds. some people are never pleased



khululy commented on Video: No Matter How Annoyed You Are At Ninten...:

@97alexk geez aren't you being a smart alex.

I personally won't lose a minute sleep over any E3 announcement and while I question some choices made by publishers/developers in their announced games, only my own experience can judge these games for me.
I am fine with not being smothered with tripple A titles It is already a good year for gaming with some great releases in the first half and a lot coming in the 2nd.
Next year there will be a new e3 new games to enjoy in the meantime have fun playing what you got now ( and don't dare say you played all the good games already)



khululy commented on Review: Rival Turf! (Wii U eShop / Super Ninte...:

it looks so sluggish not that Final Fight on snes was butter smooth (certainly no streets of rage) For me one of the best ports of Final Fight is the GBA version. mostly because it has the alpha skins of guy and cody.
Anyway I love me some pummeling from left to right.



khululy commented on Konami Not Turning Its Back On Consoles After ...:

@Igmx Yes I think they have abandoned Castlevania after the lord of shadows games that While not terrible games did not live up to their hype/potential and the side scrolling games kinda faded to the niche catagory around the DS era.
@gojiguy If there is any future in mobile gaming it is in dedicated mobile hardware not on phones that use most of their resources on bloated OS. It's a lot easier to make state of the art games if you know the limits of the hardware you are programming on. But I guess a 1000 copies sold of a 2 dollar game looks better then 50 games sold that cost 50 bucks. I don't understand Economics one bit... sigh...



khululy commented on ​Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Gets a Wi...:

I think the major problem with a WII port is it running on Unreal 4 which does not support the wiiU hardware so they have to make it work under Unreal3 I suppose but that takes time and money.
I still hope we get an equall(y awesome?) game from Iga for the 3DS but one can only dream...



khululy commented on Review: 3D Thunder Blade (3DS eShop):

i bought this game because I like old arcade games and i like the switching from behind to top down. It's quite a tricky game to master and as for most arcade games, finishing it is not the main goal but finishing it with a highscore is.
While I don't regret it I think I was better of buying after burner II instead...



khululy commented on Former Castlevania Producer Koji Igarashi's Ki...:

I am not a kickstarter backer myself but if this game turns out to be great i will get it on PC I would love this game on 3DS but if it cannot run on said hardware I would still be able to play it.
I love games overall more then I love the Nintendo brand name.
While this being sad news it's a choice being made by developers to use a strong modern capable engine that does not run on dated capable hardware
But maybe if people back some more the wii might see a port but i doubt the 3DS will be capable of running this in true form.



khululy commented on The Ocarina of Time Speedrun World Record Has ...:

I think they should start to call these runs glitch runs instead of speed runs I mean it's interesting to see how and where they find the glitches but finishing a game like that is totally different then running a full game in a most effecient and quick manner as possible according to the rules of the developers of the game.



khululy commented on Nintendo's First Smart Device Game With DeNA t...:

@Nintendian Those games are not mobile games but DS games ported to mobile and even on the DS they used to be niche games.

To have succes on the mobile market you need not come with original ideas it needs to be well marketed addictive, simple, fun and rewarding and best of all FREE.

It's like virtual heroin where as 'regular' games are like virtual LSD, they take you on a trip to explore things you haven't seen before.



khululy commented on Video: 'Smashified' Series Adds King K. Rool t...:

I like this, I can see him like the kinda character that doesn't do much fighting himself and let all his flunkies attack you. can you imagine a field full of buzzers and klaptraps and a special where he bombards players with cannon fire from his ship or something.



khululy commented on Rumour: Koji Igarashi's Castlevania Successor...:

Man I haven't played a true castlevania since Order of Ecclesia.
I didn't hate the Lords of shadows games but they just felt like generic action games given the Castlevania property in hopes of more sales and well the console versions had Patrick Stewart and you cannot go wrong with Patrick Stewart.