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Sun 1st December, 2013

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khululy commented on Senran Kagura 2 Website Updates With New Gamep...:

come on people this entire game was born out of the idea that 3D boobs on the 3DS would be fun to watch... Yes it's a game about boobs. but instead of making it some weird dating sim they made it a fighting game. Don't like it? don't buy it!
I resent professional sports organisations like Fifa and NHL but I am not gonna cry on their articles because.. grrr sports are corrupted...
This is not created to disrespect women it is created because boobs are fun.
sure it will mostlikely attract teen boys and people who like fanservice.
But don't turn a silly game into a moral coversation because... then stop playing games all toghether because murder and genocide are wrong too.



khululy commented on Stats Suggest That UK Kids Are More Likely To ...:

@SomeBitTripFan Thank God kids don't have the same reasoning as adults... mankind would sprinting to damnation way too fast.

As for the digital nose picking on phones and tablets... they suck idk why a kid would prefer flappy bird over any side scroller Nintendo made.
I tried to play many games on phones/tablets but it's mostly swipe the pictures. Sure the scummvm emulator runs fine but those are point and click adventures. But games like GTA vice city are "playable" but that is where it stops but the experience is not there it's simply lacking on all fronts be it graphics gameplay and audio(blasted phone mics)

And mobile phones being a nessecity of life... come on...(that's why it's good kids don't get the understanding of "adults" right away) that's the biggest nonsense ever. Sure they are used a lot and often but I can do without mine. There is this strange idea that people should be in touch 24/7.

This whole generation is used to being bombarded with with a rapid succession of nonsense and information.
Maybe peope need to just take time and sit down and take some time to play a decent game for once instead of angry flappy candy clans.



khululy commented on Review: Another World - 20th Anniversary Editi...:

@sinalefa well in the 90's we had quite a few of these type of games like flashback, black thorne and one of my favorite: Heart of Darkness (game would do great on the 3DS as a download title i wonder if it could render the original Outcast) But the abe games are quite large have deeper gameplay and more fluid controls and a more clearcut story. but this in the 90's being a one man project it's more of a gaming history novelty these days yet still an interesting game to play.



khululy commented on The World's Largest Video Game Collection is S...:

I try to keep my collection personal on a "these are the games I like" scale not just every cheap or boxed version i come across that i don't own yet
this helps to keep the collection not extremely space consuming but they are also games i have fond memories of playing as a kid or man(child).
These games are for me what pictures are to some. containers of my memories,



khululy commented on Capcom Could Be Up For Sale After Shareholders...:

@smikey maybe Sega could buy Capcom and then with Capcom Sega and Atlus expertise they can reinvent Japanese gaming, release a new console with great graphics and win the console wars of 2020 then 5 years later Sega and Nintendo Join forces to create the best handheld gaming device: 'Game Kami' wich brings about world peace because it uses the power of glove to warm the hearts of all those who are consumed by anger, rage and doubt. Bringing Humanity to it's next level of evolution and... gawd I need my morning coffee...



khululy commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Hints at Star Fox for Wii U S...:

@WiiULoveSquid Well it's clearly Miyamoto venting some ideas maybe some possible direction but they are always limited by deadlines, funds, hardware and other sorts of random things that might hamper all the ambition they want to put in there.
Ofcourse Nintendo always loved hinting at things to keep the curiosity alive
But these days it does indeed pay not to get swept away by the hypes.

I do like the idea of a starfox with a base that lets you choose your form of transport and thus making the same level totally different in experience and gameplay or something
like one time you head for the rivers and underground resevoirs with the battle sub and the next time you soar trought the skies or roam the land in a fox mecha. And maybe multi-player where players can control a support unit or be the gunner . well one can only speculate



khululy commented on E3 2014: Code Name: S.T.E.A.M., A Brand New IP...:

@BenAV I never actually played Majora's mask ever so I certainly wouldn't mind to have it as a 3DS game.
And the N64 graphics don't hold up well on modern screens and having it revamped and portable makes it a lot more accesible plus Nintendo likes to see younger players enjoy their legacy in a fresher way and ofcourse fork money over to do so as well :P



khululy commented on E3 2014: Nintendo Won't Bring Live Twitch Stre...:

@Tsuzura even if it couldn't it's still not fun watching people play a game that you can play yourself.
I myself don't give a hoot about this whole streaming hype.
It's a silly fad for people who think it matters that other people watch other people play games they can play themselves.
I can only see it's appeal when broadcasting contests but I myself am not interested in watching those anyway.



khululy commented on 1001 Spikes Creator Believes Trends Are Shifti...:

@Jumwa the worth and meaning of hard work and it's accomplishment is debetable as is that of games. It can be a nice way to let go of tention after you beat that boss or maybe one would like a nice meaty challenge after another day at the office.

I don't think making a good challenge in a game needs to do away with cinematic or spectacle but both need to be balanced well.
A game like Dark souls 2 isn't really that difficult it just has a good learning curve and it takes a while to understand the way the game is played but it takes some time to master find your way etc. and while I have no problems with games like batman arkham something but I also enjoy my monster hunter tri or a bit of Street Fighter the beauty about games is that they are made by different people for different people and so cater do different tastes, moods and demands and i hope the greedy AAA blockbuster shareholder greedmongers will realize that someday... that it's people, not phiscal year numbers, that keep things afloat and turning.



khululy commented on Review: Double Dragon II: The Revenge (3DS eSh...:

Just a 6...? It's 7 material atleast, sure it might not have the impact the first Double Dragon had but it's still a solid brawler
Stating your moves are limited is not right at all you just get them all from the get go. And using cheap tactics to win the game over and over is not a fault of the game itself it's just a matter of how the players chooses the moveset. Personally i like headgrabbing much more then just power knee all the foes
that said I am a huge fan of side scrolling beat em ups. Double Dragon, Final fight (arcade/GBA version) Streets of rage games and loads of Capcom Cps1/2 games and ofcourse the TMNT arcade brawlers are all up there in my "must plays for fans of the genre" I can't say X is better then Y because I had great fun with all of them.
(Batman returns on the SNES gets an honorable mention because well... Batman!)



khululy commented on Review: Street Fighter Alpha 2 (Wii U eShop / ...:

@JakeShapiro Street Fighter Alpha. The middle entry in the Alpha trilogy, 1996's Street Fighter Alpha 2, came a year after the first and is the only one of the three to see a Nintendo home console release.

but the first entry saw a pretty impressive GBC version and the third a rather well done GBA version thus making the entire series available on nintendo hardware. here's a link for the GBC version be sure to turn down the audio :P



khululy commented on Nintendo Looking To "Harvest" 3DS Success To A...:

@ajcismo Someone new at the helm wouldn't be a bad thing i still think Iwata should not be fired from Nintendo at all just step down as ceo. Yet the problem could arise that the new face has no vision or heart for Nintendo if this person is chosen by shareholders who only think of short term profits E.G. Table/phone games (and I use that term loosely) or let
Mario become a more watered down cash cow that only relies and on brand recognition. There is a lot to be said about Iwata but I still believe his heart is in the right place, something I cannot see in a lot of big companies these days.

The other two aren't sitting on rose petals either, people spend less lately and gaming if for most still a silly past time then a fun hobby. I think big N will abide as always.

Dispite not having the best hardware sales they still inspire developers and encourage some to ensure their games are quality because shinies are nice but not all that glitters is gold.

I do hope we get some gems localized here like level 5's "Time travelers"
And a remake or Majora's mask on the 3DS would also help so I can finally get around playing it.



khululy commented on German Ratings Board Leaks Another World: 20th...:

@Falco You are right, this game does look better in it's original form without that weird pink shade over everything. Felt like Deus EX: Pony revolution.

but seriously it's a great game and people should really appreciate the work that went into it. Gamers these days take so many things for granted...



khululy commented on Feature: The Castlevania That Konami Doesn't W...:

This game is horrible I recall it playing in the past
LoS is not a horrible game the first one just has some interesting design choices even so people call it a "God of war clone" (wich is a statement I hate because God of War is just a succesful Devil may cry clone.) And given entire LoS is from the perspective of Zobek the fixed camera makes somewhat sense as he is following Gabriel. I played the 3DS version while it cannot hold a breakable candle to Iga's entries it's not that godawfull as this stiff piece of pixelated poo.
That put aside LoS2 does seem like a big underwhelming mess due to the studios butchering the cool aspects of being dracula. kinda reminds me of Darksiders 2. while Darksiders was a solid game but build upon tried and true formulas it's prequel felt like arrand boy for divinity simulator.

Maybe double helix should take a swing at the new castlevania :P



khululy commented on How One Man Is Giving Sonic Fans The Game They...:

@mjc0961 That's what i like about the 3D sonic, the senseless speed but i also love good platforming that made sonic generations so much fun for me plus it looks amazing. (Yes the forced challenges are a forced way to get us to play them and it's cheap but so was sonic generations on steam)

The fan game looks nice but some parts have hard to spot platforms and weird spikes in that cave thing are weird.



khululy commented on Industry Veteran Peter Molyneux Warns The Indi...:

@Plutonian Who wants to drink American beer anyway!

"Indie" games will always be there but the indie hype will fade and maybe big publishers will realize people like smaller experience with original ideas better than caucasian brawnybrodudes blowing up cities in the back ground and fighting monsters the size of skycrapers cuz they can render all that, yes, we get that!
Game are like cartoons the only limit there is is imagination. They are allowed to take liberties with physics, reality and all that is conventional and known.
But like with most industries where money is the ruler, the magic dies. I still love gaming as a whole but a lot of todays AAA big budget hype games leave the impression of a balloon on a granite surface. It's all like McDonalds food (or other fast food chains) It's tasty it's edible but lacks substance



khululy commented on Ninterview: TriForce Johnson - A Journey From ...:

@Action51 That's envy for ya.
I don't think the best games where made in the 80's & 90's I mean there was little to compare them with so most innovation or expanding on ideas was more noticable. I am certainly of the opion that the best games where not made " last gen" But some really good game where made none the less.
A lot of crap games flew under the radar back then because magazines didn't care or couldn't cover all at once.
There is a certain saturation but I personally think that is caused by a stale view of gaming as a whole. It is still seen as a time waster rather then a story telling medium suchs as music/novels/theatre.
But there is this trend going on it seems where games need to be for the masses.

I would like to see an opera game where all cutscenses are sang and all gameplay is rythm based kinda like bit trip games and the musical stages in rayman legends.
steps of his soapbox

As for TriForce it was a nice read I liked that bit of ghetto wisdom his dad gave him regarding his name.
I am not really a fan of competative play i mean i like winning but I sure as hell don't mind losing if i had fun playing. I think he has done a great job turning his hobby into his work. He's living the good life. And yes I wish i was in his position earning my pay with games but i couldn't handle the pressure of being in a competition :P



khululy commented on Soapbox: Ignoring The Objectification Of Women...:

"While the games industry has come a long way since the male-dominated days of the '80s and '90s, it's still easy to forget that there are a lot of female gamers out there who could — and indeed will — be offended by such imagery," And they should suck it up and get on with their lives.

I am offended that some offended people want to destroy my option and freedom to play a game with big breasted women.

I get offended about war games with square jawed white dudes with some quasi military nonsense spouting to their token racial buddy. I think it's racist and it draws an image of men being brave heroic and altruistic saviours of the world while most of them are just egocentric testosterone loaded layabouts that eat red meat and watch sports (not(entirely) true, I know but it's just as silly an argument).

Should all games have pop music because lyrics about demons and the devil might offend christians in a game like Devil may Cry? Should we not have black npc's spawn in a GTA chicken diner because it might offend Jessy Jackson?
I think it's(the arguement) simply playing on peoples fears of doing the "right" thing like you should feel guilty enjoying the beauties of the female body.
The real problem is trying to be politically correct and last time I checked politics they where not correct.



khululy commented on Expect Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty To Cost Around ...:

@XCWarrior Judging from the screenshots it's a true remake as it used prerendered backgrounds and sprite animation in the original and from the screenshots it looks like it's now rendered in modern 3D graphics. but all the art animation script etc are there but still a lot of work needs to be done to make such a game and make it true to the original.
This is not a simple retexure job or just amping up the resolution from the original.



khululy commented on Soapbox: Ignoring The Objectification Of Women...:

@Peach64 is metacritic the collective opinion of the world?

I've watched the anime based on these game series but while incredibly silly there is a lot of fun being made about it's presentation and it doesn't take itself as serious as the people who claim the game is harmful.
The game is only harmful for people who are unable to act and think like reasonable adults.
As for those who can, by all means do, or do not, enjoy some bouncy boob brawler bouts.



khululy commented on Ace Attorney Creator Wanted to End Series at O...:

@yoko19191 we were never promised half life 3, only half life 2, episode 3.

I'm not really a veteran of the Phoenix wright series as I only played the 2n game on DS when i found it in a bargain bin then went and bought miles edgeworth investigation wich was totally different but still a charming affair and i recently bought, loved and finished dual destinys



khululy commented on Review: Yoshi's New Island (3DS):

The original yoshi wasn't a ground breaking game gameplay wise, it had some transformations and a fun egg throwing mechanic but the best thing was the fact that it utterly pushed the SNES to it's limits hardware wise.
That fact alone left such an impact.
I am sure fun can be had with this game. and not every new release needs to innovate the series or genre.

offtopic: Now bring us MGS :Twin snakes to the 3DS with proper optimalization!



khululy commented on Nintendo Releases an Extended Gameplay Trailer...:

@Toodles That's the problem I have with most games, they lack anything to remember sure they look play and sound great but after a while... you forget it.
Everyone is playing it safe now(yes also M$ and Sony are.) and risks are not taken. It seems like games nowadays need to be for everyone and it makes them lose a bit of edge and personality.

the reason why they created this more real look, I think, is to make the 3D pop out better rather then looking like SNES 3Dremake. I think this game will look a lot better on an actual 3DS screen same was the case with link between worlds for me.

Edit: Yoshi's Island Redux would be a better title.



khululy commented on Review: Weapon Shop De Omasse (3DS eShop):

@PrincessSugoi so true as with most guild 01/02 titles it's more a focus experience then complex controls mechanics and like Attack of the friday monsters it's just the charm that makes it great to play.

I truely hope level 5 will bring us more of these little gems because I am surely enjoying them.



khululy commented on Interview: Takashi Tezuka on Bringing Yoshi's ...:

Seeying anything yoshi island always reminds me of that horrible day i popped in my SNES cart only to find my save game being bugged and and reset.
I was in the last world with a 100% completion so far (including all bonus levels at that point)

I don't really see a problem with the art style do people have some unrealistic nostalgia goggles on? I bet it al looks a lot better in motion on the 3DS not a day one purchase but I'll keep an eye out for it.



khululy commented on Dedicated Video Game Platforms To Remain Ninte...:

@GunstarHero234: I never said anything about violence used to win over consumers. I've got nothing agains violence in games but I am just tired of a lot of games that feature square jawed military goon type heroes.
I miss characters like Abe or something like lost vikings and even Stubs the zombie come to mind. Why does every protaganist have to be a beefed up white roidmonkey?

And seriously, can someone explain me this "core gaming" thing because I've never understood this term.



khululy commented on Dedicated Video Game Platforms To Remain Ninte...:

@bizcuthammer: what is a "Core gamer"? but a misarable pile of !@#$.

I never liked the Playstation controllers and the Xbox had fuzzy graphics and a lack of a decent variety of exclusives as well and all the multi-platform games looked better on my PC anyway but the Wii had games such as DKC return, Sin and punishment 2, Demon blade Zack & Wiki and Cool version of Okami.
While I am currently not interested in buying a Wii U, mostly because my 3DS drains my gaming funds lately (blasted Eshop! :P)but DKC: TF kinda make me want to buy one in the near future.
The reason, I think, 3rd party drop the Wii U is because it's 'lack' of power does not enable for quick multiplatform releases and making small interesting creative games is not on the minds of Ubisoft, Activsion, EA and Sqeenix and the likes these days.
It's a sad state of affairs and I think the whole game industry needs to make a Uturn or barrel roll. but Nintendo is the first to notice this because of their early release. the other 2 had their big console release to hold of their troubles. but lately I am more and more dissapointed in AAA games with more shine then substance.
I rather play a solid game with "lesser" graphics then a shiny borefest that is not memorable at all.
In the future when systems like ps4 and xbone are old consoles, Their highly promoted features like the bro button and the fingerpad will feel more gimmicky then the offscreen play and the motion controll of the Wii will. They just feel "cool" because lot of people want to be online and share and communicate etc. but once the servers shut down and support is gone I can still rip out peoples hearts in Madworld or play my old Wiiu games ( if I have one by then) on the tv without having to claim it.

Nintendo is not without fault but Sony and Microsoft aren't nintendo's peers because the sales of a single "console generation". People are all to easily sucked into shareholder paranoia ( and by god these guys are full out bonkers I can assure you).
Now that the gap between graphical improvement is getting smaller and smaller people should focus on actual gameplay more and in my opinon nintendo always tried, not always succeeded, To bring something fresh to the table to give our gaming a new spin.
Yes they could take a few pointers from sony and microsoft or dabble in more advanced storytelling mechanics in their games(but then again look how people recieved Other M). But I could also argue that other developers could stop trying to fill every game with beefed up white dudes with huge guns (that are totally NOT fallic symbols) or annual reskins of the same game or have one core mechanic and apply it to all games you release.

I truely appreciate Nintendo's efforts toward the gaming industry sure they trip now and then but atleast they get up and try again.
The attention Nintendo gets for this little stumble is also a sign of how big they still are and, I assume, how many people still care.



khululy commented on Month Of Kong: What Donkey Kong Country Means ...:

@GunstarHero234 I think i'm missing the mark making my point. What I am saying is that your comments come across as if DKC returns is a bad game because it couldn't appeal to you wich is no problem at all but that fact doesn't make the game bad in itself or as you paint it to be.
and I never stated you "are mad" just that you sound so disgruntled to me. Again a personal experience that does not always coincide with that of another yet still remains untouched but that.



khululy commented on Month Of Kong: What Donkey Kong Country Means ...:

@GunstarHero234 Your comments sound so angry, go play some more donkey kong returns :)
The qualitiy of platforming in DKC returns is not better or worse then it is one the original SNES games (yes the wii controls are questionable but on the 3DS it controls like a charm.)
And while the current DKC titles are not as refreshing as the ones from the 90's it's platforming is still up to par with other modern (and old)platforming titles like Rayman or Mario.
I think your expectations conflicted with your experience and thus your opinion of the game is that it is a bad game but even if the game is not for you it's still a damn solid platformer.
The main reason, I think. dkc returns feels the way it does because it tried to bridge the gap between new and old. One can debate if they succeeded or not because there are always nitpicking people who are never satisfied regardless of what people try to do.
Zelda series is a great example of how people want new things but don't want change.



khululy commented on Month Of Kong: What Donkey Kong Country Means ...:

@GunstarHero234 I completely and wholeheartly disagree with everything you've said and will say about Donkey Kong country returns (I haven't played TF yet so can't judge but it looks delightful). That game is amazing and really faithfull to the original series.

The original Donkey Kong games truely felt like a new adventure back in the days I still have all 3 copies and play them now and then to experience them they way the should be, well minus the CRT TV.
My favorite is still the 2nd of the bunch but I love them all and then some,



khululy commented on Video: Experience The Acute Embarrassment Of O...:

@AugustusOxy : Ignore...boobs...??? HOW?
2 ecchi 4 me!
I really don't see the fuss about this game. Sure the anime girls look underage but no one goes to a beach and bans young girls from wearing bikinis (although some would) However you interpret this game is up to you. The game in itself is about busty anime babes fighting their asses off (or clothes of their asses) It's silly titlating fun it's not ment to offend or shock but just to make a game with busty ninja girls.
and if you don't like it? don't play it!



khululy commented on Month Of Kong: The Making Of Diddy Kong Racing:

@tom_q I know this is totally offtopic but I love your Terranigma pic, that game is also a great game of back then, well even more back than, then.

I never got the chance to play this game on N64 I was one of those unlucky kids who had a pc at that time with a 166 mhz cpu and tnt2 graphic card so i was playing on that :P



khululy commented on Bravely Default Producer Outlines a Continued ...:

I really love BD but the world could be a bit more of a whole it didn't gave me the same sense of greatness i had from the worlds i've seen in breath of fire 1 to 4 or Chrono trigger or Terranigma.
I really love the job system but by all means change the darn hunter costumes.
Dispite the shortcomings of a not so immersive(but greatly presented) world and some really grind heavy parts this game deserves it's sequel.



khululy commented on Shinji Mikami Prefers The Sega Version Of Alad...:

I used to play the 'Genesis' version on my pc back then it had better music depending on the quality of your audio card (gotta love midi music)
and it had

one of my favorite tunes from the entire game
The SNES version always felt stiff to me and less like an interactive version of the animated feature. It's still one of my favorite games to date right up there with the SNES version of The Lion king.



khululy commented on Nintendo Download: 20th February (Europe):

I shall wreak havoc upon the 8-bit styled streets of Retro City while I play this title for the first time ever. But I also still need to kill the End and save the world in bravely default...