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TonLoco commented on Nintendo Download: 18th September (North America):

Since I'd rather not just drop the last code I have in the forum if any nintendo life user that did not join a couple days ago just to beg would like my last NAcode just reply with an email address and I will gladly gift it to you. Preferably someone who hasn't got a chance to try it yet



TonLoco commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Brings Circ...:

The only issue I've had with the 3ds is the home button on my aqua blue original model. It won't register sometimes. Luckily the xl fixed that by making it one button instead of a long bar. The bottom portion scratching the top screen is annoying also but I've learned to live with it.



TonLoco commented on A 3DS Can be Used as a Controller in Super Sma...:

So future Wii U games will probably support a New 3DS as a controller instead of adding second game pad support. It seems more and more likely that the next nintendo console will be a handheld/console hybrid. That would be so awesome.



TonLoco commented on Nintendo Download: 11th September (North America):

My vita is coming today so I'm not disappointed by the lack of sales that interest me. My wallet needs a break. Lots of good games coming soon for wii u so I can start saving without worrying about impulse buys.



TonLoco commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Will Suppor...:

I got a CCP when I picked up monster hunter 3 in march of 2013 but stopped using it after a couple months. The digital pad works very well( especially on the XL). I will probably trade it in soon because it sounds like it will be useless sooner rather than later. Ill probably get 20 cents for it at gamestop. Maybe 21 cents with the pro member trade in.



TonLoco commented on Feature: We Put Bayonetta 2's Nintendo Outfits...:

I Think I'm going to preorder this weekend. The battle mechanics look like a lot of fun. The first game included is a nice incentive since I never played the original. Looks like a truly unique game for the wii u. I will probably have to play late at night or week days I have off when my sons at school though. Seems a bit much for a five year old lol.



TonLoco commented on Talking Point: Mario Kart 8's Diverse DLC Sets...:

After 20 plus years I don't think expanding the character roster is a bad thing. It freshens the series up a bit. I did see a comment in the other article about toon link being used instead and I agree. Link just seems a little out of place.



TonLoco commented on Hardware Classics: Sega Master System:

Never had the master system but after the NES my dad owned the Genesis and later on the Dreamcast. It was fun as a kid having my SNES at my moms and then going to my Dads and getting to play Sega games with him.



TonLoco commented on Nintendo Goes Download-Only With The 2014 Club...:

Game and Wario or DKCR3D? I tend to play my 3ds more but the file size is huge. The DDP points for Wario would be a nice plus but the single player aspect seems limited. Tough decision. I'm sure I will regret not choosing the other game when I decide but hey it's a nice bonus for buying games and filling out a few surveys once in a while.



TonLoco commented on Off-TV Play Coming to 1001 Spikes on Wii U:

Off-tv play is a major part of my gaming. I cant see my tv while sitting on the couch and my wife and son can use the tv while I play. Games without the feature isn't a deal breaker for me but a game like this where precision is needed I would probably play almost exclusively on the game pad. Glad they are listening to their fans.



TonLoco commented on Pikmin 3 Update Adds New Stylus Control Style:

Still on the fence with this one. It's between this and wind waker. I already played through most of the original wind waker and loved it but this game looks good also. Never played one or two. I wish there was a demo to try.



TonLoco commented on NPD Results Bring Solid 3DS Numbers as Wii U S...:

There may be a drought in games released on Nintendo consoles right now but between my 3ds and Wii u ill never play all the games that I want to in their respective lifetimes. My backlog is pretty big right now.



TonLoco commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

Darksiders 2 on the wii u and Project X Zone on the 3ds. PXZ has got me hooked now that I understand all the strategy elements that I can implement. Thinking about Advance wars but ill probably keep saving for DKTF or Mario 3d world instead. I need to finish fire emblem awakening first anyway.



TonLoco commented on Ludosity Founder Favours the Wii U Version of ...:

Makes me wonder at the amount of content/length of the game when they talk about speed running. I can't help but think it will be a shorter experience when finishing the game quickly is a big replay feature. Still interested though.



TonLoco commented on Review: Yoshi's New Island (3DS):

I'll skip this one and get the original when they release the GBA remake on the Wii U. I loved the SNES original back the day. The last boss battle was epic.



TonLoco commented on Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Reduced to $19.99 on...:

@GloryQuestor @GloryQuestor thanks I forgot I asked that question lol. I may consider downloading the wii u version and continuing my game. It really is a fun and challenging game and has a ton of repeatability with all the different weapon types. I use the longsword mostly but I heard it teaches bad battle habits. I might try switching it up and keep practicing to master a different weapon.



TonLoco commented on UK Retailer Argos Drops Wii U Premium to £179.99:

Nintendo needs more of their unique first party games on the Wii u. I buy Nintendo consoles for nintendo games because they make some of the most enjoyable games ever. I'm playing Mario and Luigi dream team on 3ds and despite playing all the others in the series I think its one of the best most unique games I've played in a while. Some nintendo games are just that perfect balance of enjoyment, relaxation, and some challenge. Its why they have lasted as a game company only. Hopefully the wii u will get more of those types of games this year.



TonLoco commented on Talking Point: An Unplanned Flash Sale Looked ...:

I'd like to see sales on eshop cards from nintendo's own site or on amazon. Best buy ran a 20% off all eshop cards around the holidays but I unfortunately missed the sale. I would enjoy being able to choose what amount and what game to save some money on. I think it's a nice strategy to push digital sales on both consoles.



TonLoco commented on Club Nintendo Rewards Updated for January:

@SMW seems like it would have made more sense to have the wii u pro controller work universally with all wii and wii u vc games but I guess having the backward compatibility is enough. Ill probably pick up a classic controller tomorrow.Can't wait to see how f-zero and 1080 hold up in this day in age.



TonLoco commented on Club Nintendo Rewards Updated for January:

Going to download both wii/wii u vc games as I haven't redeemed coins in a while and I remember both being pretty fun back in the day. Can't go wrong when the price is free I guess.