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Tue 6th Jan 2009

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Philip_J_Reed commented on Mario Memories: The Creative Joy of Childhood ...:

@Captain_Gonru solved it. A Google image search turns up exactly what I had. The white version, not the brown. Incredible; I always just assumed it was some kind of professional banner paper. No idea how or why my mother got her hands on a roll of butcher paper, but that's one part of the mystery solved. Thanks!



Philip_J_Reed commented on Nintendo's Super Spring Sale Shines Light on S...:

Lots of great games here...but let me just throw my recommendation behind Siesta Fiesta.

It looks like a simple Breakout clone. But it's a lot more than that, and one of my favorite recent eShop titles. It's one that needs and deserves more love.

(Whoa, Dave is a stone cold masterpiece.)



Philip_J_Reed commented on Meme Run Disappears from the Wii U eShop:

Microsoft didn't buy exclusivity for Meme Run. Even if they were insane enough to want it on their consoles, they could just make their own by importing the same graphics into the same endless runner template NinjaPig did. A whopping 44 seconds of work for any professional dev, I'm sure.



Philip_J_Reed commented on Review: Pokémon Shuffle (3DS eShop):

I really hope they do more Rusty's Real Deal (and Steel Diver) and less of this. I'm not complaining, but when I'm paying piecemeal for the parts of the game that I want, I'm happy to do so. In fact, that's the only reason I took a gamble on Rusty in the first place. (And I'm darned glad that I did. I'm still playing it.) But paying for plays is not my thing. That should have died with the arcade. I'd much rather pay for a game and play it as long as and as frequently as I like.



Philip_J_Reed commented on Majora's Mask 3D Glitch Unlocks Fierce Deity L...:

I don't glitch hunt, but I've already found a few bad ones. (I never seem to find the good ones!) It's majorly improved from the N64 original, which was a buggy mess, but it's still kind of annoying to have to redo all of your progress.

The first glitch was during the second beaver race. As far as I can tell, I swam just over a ring, and it bugged me out of the water, which for some reason counted as a death. (I think it registered me as being crushed somehow.) The area reloaded and I had to start again from the beginning of the first race.

Much more annoying was the Great Bay temple. I was about halfway done (going by number of fairies collected, anyway) and couldn't figure out what to do in a room. I jumped off a ledge figuring I'd explore the water again and...the game froze. When all I did was jump off the ledge. The music kept going, but I had to hard reset the system.




Philip_J_Reed commented on Gunman Clive 2 Delayed for a Few Weeks More:


Man, I think you need to look up the word precisely. Because here is precisely what I said:

"Repeat these words to yourself every night, 99% of developers working right now, until you understand them."

And it means what I've already said it means. It's solid advice, and I think nearly every developer working today would do well to keep it in mind.



Philip_J_Reed commented on Gunman Clive 2 Delayed for a Few Weeks More:

"You said 99% of developers, almost deliberately, release buggy games."

lol no, I didn't, but nice try. I said Horberg's words should be repeated by 99% of developers until they understand them, as it's solid advice.

Agree or disagree, that's fine. But don't put words into my mouth and then spend long rants trying to debunk them.



Philip_J_Reed commented on Gunman Clive 2 Delayed for a Few Weeks More:

Sure, it's cynical. It's cynicism borne out of a career of playing and reviewing buggy games.

And bear in mind Horberg's original quote for context. He's referring to known bugs. Nobody's doubting that video games are so complex that bugs slip through simply because they're impossible to catch before release. I don't, however, think it's too much to ask that known bugs are addressed before you start charging people for your product.

Come to think of it, I don't believe that's cynical at all. I think that's just fair.



Philip_J_Reed commented on Mega Man Zero Arrives Along With More Discount...:

Having them all in one place, not waiting for the next to be released, and (potentially) having them all cheaper.

Otherwise...not really. The bonus features didn't do much for me, but if you're a completionist by nature maybe you'll enjoy unlocking all the art. Then again, there's no shortage of stuff to collect in the actual games, so that may not be much of a selling point.

There's also an easy mode added to these games, but man does it suck the fun out of them.



Philip_J_Reed commented on Mega Man Zero Arrives Along With More Discount...:

Zero is a masterpiece. 2 is even better and refines almost every shortcoming of the first game. 3 and 4 (the latter of which I have a particularly soft spot for) are awesome as well.

Wall to wall it's my favorite Mega Man series, because the quality never dropped and the experience never stagnated. A brilliant set of games.



Philip_J_Reed commented on Guide: How to Unlock the Full Roster in Super ...:

Yeah, I think the unlocks (by number of battles) are random. I got Wario first, and I have Dr. Mario without Lucina or Falco. (And I've beaten Classic mode a bunch of times.) My most recent unlock was Ness, so it has to be random.



Philip_J_Reed commented on Review: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS (3DS):

the online multiplayer can be very hit-or-miss in terms of connection quality

Great review, but after the unplayable nightmare that was online Brawl, I think this is going to be the breaking point for me. Here's hoping the WiiU version is reliable.