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Female, 22, United States

My name is Akina Okada ( 岡田 明菜 ) I've loved Nintendo ever since my parents got me a Super Famicom when I was little. I am 100% Japanese and from Nagoya City. While I'm a devoted fangirl of Nintendo, I also LOVE Anime, MLP:FiM, and 80's Jpop XD

Sun 6th Apr 2014

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AkinaChan commented on First Footage of Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha S...:

I wanna see it!!! (≧∇≦) I know a few YouTube channels that post these TV broadcasts... Usually raw... But I'm Japanese, so that's no problem. If I find this broadcast, I'll probably leave a loose translation of the details on the video I find it on ^^;



AkinaChan commented on Review: Yoshi's New Island (3DS):

@Ralizah I knew it! XD I haven't seen it in a loooong time, but it's a really good Anime! A lot of older Anime like Versailles no Bara are under-apriciated, I think.

And, thanks! I actually ended up renting this game, and am really enjoying it



AkinaChan commented on Pokémon X & Y Happy Meal Toys Heading to Nort...:

Awwwww, why couldn't they be actual figurines? D': I remember Japan Happy Meals gave out actual Pokemon Plushies a loooong time ago... I think they had to be bought separate... I think... But they where amazing!! They talked! D:



AkinaChan commented on Nintendo Lifts The Lid On Its Plans For E3 2014:

@Falkor it does sound like that. When I marked the event on my iPhone calendar, it covered three days for the event. I know E3 is held that long itself, but I'm thinking this event may be some kind of live feed that keeps streaming for the entire duration of E3 :3



AkinaChan commented on Nintendo Lifts The Lid On Its Plans For E3 2014:

I caught this announcement video, like, seconds before I was about to turn off my computer and go to bed XD Nintendo seems very confident in the fact that they have some big reveals, so I'm totally okay with cranking my hype all the way up now XD My body is ready~~



AkinaChan commented on Guide: Building the Perfect Team in Pokémon X...:

Thanks for the guide! Sites like Smogon are great, but can really get confusing if you just jump into a pokemon page and have no idea what any of it means I've been EV training a competitive team, though am not sure which Pokemon to pick for my main team as I narrowed it down to 8 Pokemon so far. This helped me decide how to weed through them though :3 thanks again!



AkinaChan commented on Feature: A Week of Super Smash Bros. Wii U and...:

Greninja looks like a beast XD I prefer the faster, trickier to control, characters as opposed to the really attack power orientied ones :3 my play style takes advantage of speed and tactics more I guess.

And lol, I already knew Samus would be top vote before looking at the results Xp



AkinaChan commented on Nintendo Joining the White House for its 2014 ...:

@JaxonH Yeah, I had a ton of fun playing Wii Sports with my mom and older brother back when it came out XD

As for Sticker Star... It was fun at first, and the stickers where really fun to try out, but when I figured out the whole game was gonna be that bland level system, it was a bit of a letdown.



AkinaChan commented on NPD Results Bring Solid 3DS Numbers as Wii U S...:

After this dry spell of no Wii U games, I'm sure sales will pick up. I really hate seeing poor sales, as I love my Wii U and see a lot of potential in it. Things will definately pick up with MK8, and Smash later. Maybe even with some reveals at E3 :3



AkinaChan commented on Pokémon Moviegoers in Japan Can Receive Dianc...:

I haven't went to see a Pokemon movie in theaters since the Zoroark one, and that was just because my little niece begged me Though these movies are a big deal in Japan as, when a Pokemon is being distributed, you see pretty much the whole theater lit up with DS backlights of people recieving their Pokemon before the movie :3 I admit, it's a pretty fun experience I do like to catch these movies on tv instead though, as they're not too impressive.



AkinaChan commented on Score One Of These Limited Edition Pokémon-Th...:

I remember Pokemon Centers where having some big soccer Adidas promotion last time I was in Japan. I don particularly like soccer/football, though I'll go to a baseball game from time to time ^^

Now I'm getting off topic (; ̄O ̄)the limited edition console is great and all, but WHYYYY does Satoshi have to be on it?? Nobody wants to see him, they wanna see Lizadon/Charizard or a legendary or something! Not Satoshi seeing a legendary, then forgetting about seeing the legendary in the actual anime Like the movies



AkinaChan commented on Vita Overtakes 3DS in Tough Week for Japanese ...:

Lol at a Shin Chan game being on that list Xp that Anime scared me as a kid ^^;

But seriously, once more big titles come out, people will have that push to suck up the taxes and sales will increase. The tax increase is just something Japan has to adapt to with time... Though I'll admit, as a Japanese person myself, I'm not liking that tax increase at all. Not looking forward to dealing with it when I visit home later this year D':



AkinaChan commented on Nintendo Confirms Five Games That'll be Playab...:

I'm in California for college, but Aneheim is like 4 hours away from me at the least -_- oh well, there's nothing too exciting to play there anyways as these titles are all pretty much ready to be released, except Yoshis New Island :3 though if Team FourStar, LittleKuriboh, or the Nostalgia Critic where there, I would definately have to make the trip



AkinaChan commented on Nintendo Announces a Charming New Princess Pea...:

Awww, I want it! I have the a Peach 3ds kit that came with a matching screen wipe and stylus, so it's obvious I'm a big fan of Peach lol. I still use my gold Zelda remote I got when I preordered Skyward Sword, and I have 3 other standard white Wii Remotes, though, so I'm having a hard time trying to convince myself to buy this ^^;; Plus there are a lot of games comming out soon that I'm interested in, and I wanna put my money towards them first ^^;



AkinaChan commented on Review: Conception II: Children of the Seven S...:

Lol, when I first played this demo, I was just sitting through the conversations with the girls with a deadpan look on my face as they blabbed on about shooting ranges and swimming clubs and junk... Then felt a little awkward with how the black and white haired girl was talking about making star children xp Though I admit, having it the other way around with a female protagonist would probably be a lot more akward lol. BUUUT, when I got to the actual gameplay, I was hooked! Altus really does make great RPGs, and this is a pretty creative concept Speaking of Atlus games, the pic of the the pink haired girl, protagonist, and the red haird guy, reminds me or Rise, Yu, and Yosuke from Persona 4 respectively I'm gonna be playing a lot of this in the next couple weeks x3



AkinaChan commented on First Impressions: Tomodachi Life:

Lol, I love all the crazy visuals in this game Especially in the dream sequences :3 I was up last night making a bunch of Miis for this I already made the whole cast of Free Iwatobi Swim Club (^^)



AkinaChan commented on Review: Pure Chess (3DS eShop):

I have no real interest in this game, but I decided to give the review a look anyways :3 I was in a chess club for a short time in middle school, but switched to swimming club because I couldn't get into it ~_~; While online play sounds a bit fun, I agree with your review in that the game is missing that final touch that makes it look polished and worthwhile ( ´ ▽ ` )



AkinaChan commented on Review: My Exotic Farm (Wii U eShop):

When I loaded Miiverse yesterday, I saw the name Exotic Farm and thought "huh, mayyyybbeee it's, like, a farm where you can raise mythical creatures or something" it was a long shot, but it looks like I was DEFINATELY off target on that one... Should've figured with the deformed giraffe thing on the Miiverse icon -_-



AkinaChan commented on Feature: Time For a Super Smash Bros. New Chal...:

I like how Shiek is her own character especially, because technically, that specific Zelda is more toward the Twilight Princess Zelda while Shiek is Zelda's Ocarina of Incarnation :3 Same thing with Link and Toon Link :3

Samus is the same person in each installment, but it still great to see her standalone. Though I do know a lot of guys who'll be playing as her more than I will With her lookin more fan servicey and hd and stuff



AkinaChan commented on Ninterview: Jason "Mew2King" Zimmerman on Mast...:

@dkxcalibur I bought the Wii U Pro controller a few days ago for Smash Bros So far, I've only had a chance to play it on Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, but it's pretty comfortable and light. I always used the classics controller for Brawl, and so far I'm liking the Wii U Pro a lot more in terms of how comfortable and easy it is for me to orient myself with the layout of it.



AkinaChan commented on Ninterview: Jason "Mew2King" Zimmerman on Mast...:

@Mew2king Hiya! I know where you're comming from, so don't worry I diddnt see your responses in that way at all I'm like that too, but in the way that I can be a bit quiet and awkward in spoken conversation and word things in a way that comes off a bit unintentionally snooty sometimes ^^; Also, English isn't my native language ~_~

Anyways, thanks for the great interview! You're amazing at Smash Bros! I've always wanted to grind and make myself really good at a specific game :3 I'm between Mario Kart, Smash Bros, or Competitive Pokemon Training with which one I should take up seriously though :3



AkinaChan commented on Nintendo's Bill Trinen Discusses Localising To...:

I really excited to see what they change all the Japanese cultural references into. like, the guy at the restaurant who wears that black Kabuki mask... I think something like this needs to be carefully done so they dont pull a 4Kids on everyone and make everything over-westernized, and delete things that dont need to be taken out and junk (~_~;

Lol, but seriously, I trust that Nintendo will do a good job preparing this for western audiences :3 I'm gonna start making Miis for this version of the game. In the Japanese version I made a bunch of popular Japanese Singers and Talents, but once the English version is out, I think I'm gonna make a bunch of anime characters I've always wanted to make a Saeba Ryo Mii :3



AkinaChan commented on Nintendo's Bill Trinen Discusses Localising To...:

@Kaze_Memaryu At this point, I think Capcom just picks a day out of every month, and calls it "Cancel a Game People are Excited For, Preferably Megaman, Day!" (; ̄O ̄)

But yeah, this game has TON of references only the Japanese audience would pick up on. Localizing this probably took a lot of work '(゚▽゚)'



AkinaChan commented on Yo-kai Watch 2 Coming to 3DS in Japan with Two...:

I remember the Digimon Story games for the DS did this too. They had Sunburst and Moonlight versions, though I think they where called something else in Western Releases. I had Sunburst, and remember it being really fun and playing it for hours on end... ( ̄▽ ̄) ahhh, memories...

But yeah, my point being there's a lot if monster franchises that do this in Japan, though I believe Pokemon started the trend. I do really want to play this though :3 I enjoyed the first one; it kinda reminded me of a really cutesy Persona 4 :3



AkinaChan commented on Nintendo Provides Some Context to 2013's Tomod...:

Lol that picture XD I think they should of made it an option, though there are a lot of misconceptions that homosexual relationships are more adult or explicit than hetero ones in the west. At least, that's what I've noticed as they show straight couples explicitly on television, but you rarely see gay couples that way in media. I think it's rediculous, but because of that, the rating of the game could be up for debate in the western releases because of something silly like that. That's just a thought I had... I'm very open minded and would love if this option was brought into Tomodachi Life, but it seems unlikely :< I, myself am straight, but that doesn't mean I'm narrow.



AkinaChan commented on Rumour: Mario Golf: World Tour To Offer Additi...:

Yay! :3 I love when Nintendo does DLC. I have a feeling I'll be spending many hours playing this game :3 I was pretty much addicted to Family Tour as a child Mario Sports Games are the only sports games I've ever liked. Though I did play NBA Jam on a friend's Genesis once a little while back, and that was really fun Boom Shaka-Lacka!!~!(^O^☆♪



AkinaChan commented on Bravely Default Producer Says to Expect Info o...:

I loooove RPGs, especially Pokemon, Phantasy Star, Chrono Trigger, Persona, Dragon Quest, andddddd Fire Emblem, but couldn't really get into this one for some season. Probably because I was playing so many other games and diddint have much time to devote to it :< I should try playing it again