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Mon 21st October, 2013

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marnelljm commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2015 - Q4 ...:

Xenoblade and Mario Tennis for me. AC Amiibo Festival I will get if it is free because I was planning on purchasing the AC amiibos anyway. I have yet to see an offical confirmation from Nintendo the game will be free however.



marnelljm commented on Analyst Thinks Nintendo Is Already Winding Dow...:

Why is everyone getting bent out of shape on software? So far this year on Wii U we've got Bayonetta 1+2, Captain Toad, Kirby Rainbow Curse, and coming out this year Xenoblade X, Yoshi Wolly World, and Star Fox.....If you're really hurting for games, go out and get a 3DS XL they're pretty cheap now and has and excellent library of games.



marnelljm commented on Nintendo Has "Lost Its Way" But Should Never B...:

What worries me is that Nintendo is being mighty conservative lately...the Wii U was a risk that didn't work out. I think Peter has somewhat of a point. I wouldn't say they've lost their way but they don't seem to be willing to take any risks right now, even though a risk might be needed to jumpstart the Wii U (make gamepad optional, price cut, massive Nintendo Direct only focusing on Wii U, etc.)



marnelljm commented on Nicalis Boss Tyrone Rodriguez Thinks The Wii U...:

Actually, I 100% agree with him. I've said since the system came out I will not purchase it until they make the gamepad optional. If I want two screens when I play, I will play on my 3DS XL. I absolutely love the games I have played on the Wii U using the pro controller, but I will never use the gamepad OR own it. I just do not like it. I don't even like looking at it.



marnelljm commented on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Only Sell...:

It pains me to say this about the WIi U, but as Porky Pig once said "That's all folks!" Seriously, the Wii U is about finished. When a MAJOR first party release doesn't even sell 50K in it's first week, in it's home country.......I don't know how else to put it, and this is coming from a borderline Nintendo fanboy.