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AdanVC commented on Talking Point: As Rumours Come and Go the Desp...:

Yes. We're literally desperate for a Nintendo Direct. 3DS and Wii U in particular are going to have their weakest holiday since each console was released and people have hopes that some game can be announced via Nintendo Direct and launched during this months so it can ease the pain of having pretty much nothing this holiday. Mario Tennis Ultra Smash looks cheap and monotone as hell. Animal Crossing amiibo party is nothing but a cash grab to buy amiibo figures wich are going to be a pain in the butt to get. The only decent game left is Xenoblade X but that game certainly will not make Wii U to fly off shelves.



AdanVC commented on Analysts Talk About Nintendo's Upcoming Mobile...:

Too early to say something about the topic considering we have seen NOTHING about their plans and the actual game(s) done by Nintendo for mobile. But I also agree that this is a desperate move by Nintendo considering just a few years ago they explicitely said they will never put Mario on mobile (The thing is, they said that when they were still doing big with Wii and DS). i just wish them the best on this new venture and hope they reveal their first game soon.



AdanVC commented on Aonuma Talks the Legend of Zelda's 30th Annive...:

Judging by Aonuma-San comment's on the status of Zelda U, looks like they are somewhat pressured. It worries me he said "bit by bit" and "takes plenty of time" on the same sentence... What if Zelda U doesn't even make it to release in 2016?? Either way this game is going to be something else I can feel it.



AdanVC commented on Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival Won't Have On...:

Well, I had zero interest in this game to begin with so now my interest somehow decreased even more with this news. Now there's only Mario Tennis Ultra Smash left with the hope of having online multiplayer but I'm definitely not holding my breath with that. Keep up the good work Nintendo...



AdanVC commented on Sony Wishes The NES A Happy 30th Via Twitter:

This is nice. I remember they wrote a nice Tweet dedicated to Iwata when he passed away. Nintendo themselves didn't post anything about it the NES anniversary yesterday... They simply don't care



AdanVC commented on Editorial: A Wii U Price Cut is Still Worthwhi...:

It's been one of the most frustrating years for Nintendo fans. For me at least, it's been like that. Game droughts (especially on Wii U, and especially in America, can you believe we still don't have freaking Yoshi's Wolly World??, I know it comes next week but I just don't even care about that game anymore), expensive products, stock issues (amiibo, New 3DS Xl... etc, etc.) I'm like about to give up with Nintendo because seriously this is not acceptable anymore IMO.

Plus, their weak E3 presentation this year and the fact that they have been dead silent since then increases my frustration. I think I'm going to stop supporting Nintendo with Wii U and 3DS and I'm just gonna wait till NX is revealed to see if at least looks like it will have future and it's worth to purchase. The only remaining game I will buy for Wii U it's going to be Xenoblade X and that if it doesn't become a nightmare to get. As you can see. I'm kinda angry with Nintendo right now .

NX can't come soon enough.



AdanVC commented on Random: Excitable Fans Face Disappointment Whe...:

Yeah I thought a megaton had been announced but it was just that dumb tweet. Nintendo has gone total silence in terms of new announcements after E3 wich was long time ago and pretty much all Nintendo fans are eager -if not desperate- to hear new announcements. I'm one of them since I only own a damn 3DS and Wii U so every new tweet like that is certainly a reason to get hyped but knowing Nintendo, we'll always have to be ready to be massively dissapointed.



AdanVC commented on Nintendo Attempts to Show the Fun Side of Anim...:

Thank heavens I'm skipping this "game" and the amiibos. Too much money there is not worth it IMO. Starting by the fact it's for a game that nobody asked for in the first place. People who think the same should vote with their wallets and let Nintendo know that. And since I'm in America is probably going to be a nightmare to get the AC amiibos so yeah. I'm totally out. Looks like the only remaining game I'm going to buy in 2015 is Xenoblade X...



AdanVC commented on Review: Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer (...:

I used to be a fan of AC but this spin-off games are a clear indicator that Nintendo is just milking this franchise to death since they know how popular AC is. Instead of taking their time to make a huge robust AC New Leaf sequel for Wii U, they made a stupid board game that nobody asked for and it was created only to sell Amiibo. Will skip all of that of course and since Star Fox 0 was delayed as well ... well, what an awful holiday lineup for Nintendo this year when we're supposed to have both Star Fox and Zelda. hah. Never gonna believe those vague announcements again.



AdanVC commented on Rayman’s Creator Is Designing One Of The 60 ...:

This is awesome! I'm so looking forward to play his levels. In fact, I think Nintendo could make an awesome marketing campaign with this game. They could get big celebrities or even famous game developers so they can create levels for Super Mario Maker and everyone would be damn exciting like: "Omg I can't believe I'm playing an actual Mario Bros level created by Obama" for example. Hahah.



AdanVC commented on Poll: What Do You Want From Nintendo's NX Plat...:

Yeah If I remember correctly, Iwata said NX will be a third pillar on it's catalog of consoles and that will not replace Wii U or 3DS... so maybe NX is going to be something completely original and never seen before, and the actual Wii U/3DS succesors will be revealed at E3 2016....



AdanVC commented on Poll: What Do You Want From Nintendo's NX Plat...:

"Hype under control" hahah I loved that. But yeah, after the big dissapointment that was Nintendo at E3 2015, I learned the lesson and I will never get crazy hyped for anything gaming related again. It's better to keep expectations low at this point.



AdanVC commented on Rumour: Nintendo NX Won't Be As Powerful As Pl...:

Sigh... At this point, I'm pretty sure the damn NX is going to be nothing but a slightly enhanced version of Wii U and Nintendo is gonna call it: "New Wii U". Just imagine the meltdowns on the Internet when that happens, hahaha... *cries *



AdanVC commented on Video: Shigeru Miyamoto Visits Jim Henson Studios:

This is fantastic, you can clearly see how excited Miyamoto was by walking through the workshop. I just REAALLY hope they bring those puppets back for future Nintendo Directs. Just imagine Iwata's puppet announcing the new trailer for Zelda U haha it would be amazing!



AdanVC commented on Eight SEGA 3D Classics Get Discounts in North ...:

Awesome!! I'm ashamed to admit that I was holding to purchase all of this SEGA 3D Classics (I only had Outrun and Sonic) until they got some kind of discount. Now there's zero excuses anymore. I'm buying them all now even Altered Beast haha! Thank for the heads up, NL!



AdanVC commented on Talking Point: E3 Highlighted Nintendo's Devel...:

I'm a Wii U owner since day one and I've always been trying to stay optimistic about the future of this console but after last week's E3, I totally lost all the remaining optimism I had for Wii U simply because even Nintendo itself (judging from the upcoming games coming for the console) has lost all hopes as well and they just took the harsh decision to literally pack everything that it was due for Wii U (meaning, AAA unanounced titles such as Retro Studios new game for example) and move it into the next platform wich would be NX. At this point I'm not even excited for Zelda U anymore wich will probably be released in both Wii U and NX but that will probably happen in 2 more years at least. Gosh, I love my Wii U and the current library of games it has is amazing (Splatoon is currently my GOTY) but I have to say that I can't wait to move on to the next Nintendo system now.



AdanVC commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Approach to amiibo is In...:

Excellent writing and opinions as always! Meanwhile, I think I'm done with amiibo for the time being. The 8-bit Mario amiibo is going to be the very last one I will purchase (and only if it doesn't become a nightmare to get). I just spend almost $50 bucks on a Japanese Ness amiibo a few weeks ago and it's at that moment when I realized how crazy this addiction has become. I never had interest on collecting figures before amiibo and now I just bought a damn figure 3 times more expensive. That's just ugh. First and last time I'm doing it. The upcoming Animal Crossing amiibo look cool but thank god I'm not an AC fan to suffer on trying to preorder them.



AdanVC commented on Editorial: Cheer Up, There Are Some Exciting G...:

The digital event itself was awesome and the puppet sections were super funny. The content announced there was the dissapointing part. Why the heck they spend almost ten minutes in such an important video showcase talking abou Yoshi's Wolly World when the game is coming in less than two weeks in Europe. Such a waste of time IMO (but the section was cute though) And also the amount of time they spend talking about how they developed the level 1-1 in Super Mario Bros instead of announcing more exciting stuff such as Fatal Frame localized or the fact that Star Fox is being co-developed by Platinum Games. Stuff like that was the reason most fans (me included) end up with an empty feeling once thee Digital Event finished and now just look at the results, all the dislikes on Youtube and the amount of people watching the Treehouse stream is looooow as hell. Last year they had around 10 to 15k people watching the stream everyday on Youtube at least, and just yesterday there was only 4k. Especially during the Chibi-Robo section it was below 4k, almost 3,500 only This clearly shows how bad the Digital Event was received.



AdanVC commented on Muppets Creator Responsible For Those Amazing ...:

This is awesome. I was already sure this was made by the muppets creators by a confirmation is always nice. IMO this segments were better than the Robot Chicken sections of last year. I've never imagined Nintendo and Jim Henson company working together <3



AdanVC commented on First Impressions: Our Maiden Flight In Star F...:

So not only the game looks really rough visually, but the gameplay is also kinda rough now? Not a good sign at all. I was optimistic saying that gameplay will make this game fun despite the not so attractive visuals and now I'm worried to read the issues it has with controls... Hope they work hard this upcoming months to polish the game as much as they can because what we've seen so far of this game has been average at it's best.



AdanVC commented on The Most Recent Media Create Japanese Charts B...:

Now that STEAM didn't even charted on it's release week in Japan, we're probably not going to see a new IP by Intelligent Systems in another 20 years... I absolutely hope Splatoon doesn't bomb horribly like Codename STEAM considering it's releasing on a dead console. I love my Wii U and it's amazing library of games but right now the console is nothing but dead, especially in Japan. Last NPD numbers shown off terribly low numbers for Wii U and with nothing but Splatoon on the horizon (here in america at least because Europe is getting Yoshi's Wolly World in June), things don't seem to improve for Wii U at all. Sigh. I don't want to see Splatoon online to be a ghost town 1 month after release!! Pretty dissapointing 2015 so far, even more now that Zelda U was delayed till who knows when. E3 can't come soon enough to see what's new from Nintendo.



AdanVC commented on Nintendo and Universal Studios Announce Theme ...:

Insane!! Nintendo droping the bombs this year with this and the partnership with DeNA and Smarthphone gaming... Slowly but surely Nintendo is recovering from this last couple years wich is awesomeeeee. Mario Kart Go Kart attraction, F-Zero Speed Coaster... the possibilities are endless!



AdanVC commented on Nintendo of America Apologises for amiibo Shor...:

Less talk and more action. I'm about to give up on amiibo if this continues... I just want to go into my nearest retail shop and buy a Ness, a Rosalina and a Villager without problems like in most places in Europe, Australia and Japan... America is being amiibo's best market then why it took NoA this long to acknowledge that there's a problem and they are "Planning" to fix it somehow?? It is a very vague message indeed. It should have been using more encouraging and hopeful words such as: "We're working really hard to eliminate all this supply issues so please look forward to see restock of most amiibo figures really soon!" or something like that darn it.



AdanVC commented on Yooka-Laylee Double-Jumps Through Final Kickst...:

Big sassy game publishers always denying and not supporting this type of games in more than 10 years because they think 3D platformers are not going to be supported by customers and here we did it in just 24 hours!! Hope they take this as a strong message that gamers are always going to be ready to support and play a good 3D platformer. Congrats, Playtonic! Now you guys have a ton of work to do. Hope they don't dissapoint us and make Yooka-Laylee an awesome game!



AdanVC commented on Video: Mute City in Mario Kart 8 Just Got Craz...:

This is going to be awesome! Now... the lack of music in this video means that we're also gonna have the option to toggle on/off the music and also turn on the volume? I just freaking hope so so I can turn up the volume all the way on this course because I can barely hear the music and it sucks because the track of F-Zero is so amazing and is unfortunate I can barely hear it.



AdanVC commented on Talking Point: The Legend of Zelda on Wii U Ma...:

I think it's too early to form such bold statements like "omg Wii U is dead now that it will not have Zelda this year" when E3 is almost upon us and tons of new stuff will be announced there. Maybe even a big game that can be release on the holidays. Just like Super Mario 3D World was revealed at E3 2013 and released on november without any problems.

Even an HD remake will do the trick! If there's one company that knows how to make remakes right, is Nintendo. Wind Waker HD was fantastic and it sold relatively well. I don't understand why they haven't done more HD remasters on Wii U...



AdanVC commented on Iwata: Nintendo NX Will Surprise People And Ch...:

I LOVEEEE that Nintendo's vision is to always deliver something unique and fun in an industry where everything is just specs, resolution lame gray looking games and boring Internet fights of why the AA of certain game sucks. That's why I continue supporting Nintendo. I just freaking hope they bring a super strong and no-confusing marketing campaign for NX once it launchs because we don't want another Wii U marketing-like with confusing message and boring happy family playing on the couch commercials.



AdanVC commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Heading For a Period of ...:

Such an awesome editorial, Tom. Much respect. And yeah I think now I'm excited to see what Nintendo will be doing with this major project on the mobile market. I trust on Nintendo they will not be devaluating their awesome IPs with awful software but rather a lite, cool and perhaps addictive title on the app store that could attract the masses and from there, advertise their proper hardware and software and more people (especially children that have iPads and they are not even 5 years old omg) can get to know Mario, Pokémon and all those memorable characters. For me though... well I guess I need to get now a modern smarthphone cuz I'm still using a Nokia phone from 2006 hahah.